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Sunday, May 17, 2009 Pre-War/Classics Private Auction:

Our Private Pre-War/Classics Auction starts at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on Sunday, May 17, 2009. Bids may be placed on each lot by using AuctionsBy™, the exclusive Live On-Line Bidding System on the AmbroseBauer Trains' WebSite, or by using

A Ten Percent Buyer?s Premium will apply for those entering bids on AuctionsBy™. Absentee Bidders must pay by check or money order within ten days of the date of the Auction. AuctionsBy™ does accept bids on each lot until that Lot is sold, but we encourage bids to be left before the Auction is actually conducted in order to eliminate some of the traffic on our Server and to ensure that your bids are actually received and entered into our System. We do not accept credit card payments.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in Pennsylvania who not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file at the time of Registration. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

A Fifteen Percent Buyer?s Premium will apply for those entering bids on Payment must be made by check or money order within ten days of the date of the auction. Results do not become official until certified on the day after the Auction.

Please Double-Click on the Lot Numbers in the List Below to see in Detail that Particular Lot with all Pictures of that Lot as well as a Bidding Box to place your Absentee Bids. The Bidding Box to place your Snipe Bids is at the bottom of the Lot Detailed Page.

If You Want to Print This Page to Act as a Catalog

Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 1Lionel #400E/400T Black Standard Gauge Steam Engine & Tender/Brass TrimVery Good PlusNone$1300.00
Lot: 2Nice Lionel 1931 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$110.00
Lot: 3Ives #1122 Diecast Black Steam Engine & TenderVery Good PlusNone$270.00
Lot: 4Lionel #703 4-4-4 Dark Green Electric w/610/610/612 Passenger Cars (R)ExcellentNone$540.00
Lot: 5Early Lionel #6 Steam Engine & NYC & HRRR TenderVery Good PlusNone$760.00
Lot: 6Nice Lionel 1919 Consumer Catalog FolderExcellentNone$200.00
Lot: 7Ives #3257 Black/Orange O Gauge Electric w/#141/141/142 Matching Passenger Cars (R)ExcellentNone$420.00
Lot: 8Nice American Flyer 1933 Consumer Catalog and EnvelopeExcellentNone$45.00
Lot: 9Ives #11 Clockwork (Sticker Number) Steam Engine & #11 TenderVery Good PlusNone$100.00
Lot: 10Rare Ives 'Saratoga' Trackless Clockwork Tin Steam EngineVery GoodNone$1000.00
Lot: 11Scarce Lionel 1917 Consumer Catalog/Price Withdrawal StickerVery Good PlusNone$220.00
Lot: 12Lionel #10 Orange/Maroon Standard Gauge Electric (R)ExcellentNone$130.00
Lot: 13Ives #3238 Black 2-4-2 ElectricVery GoodNone$300.00
Lot: 14First six editions of Model Railroading - 1934Very GoodNone$210.00
Lot: 15Lionel #212 Green Gondola/Lou Hertz's Paint SampleGood PlusNone$45.00
Lot: 16Lionel #216 Dark Green/Mixed Trim Hopper/OBVery GoodOB/ (8-)$150.00
Lot: 17Bing Black/Silver Bands Clockwork Steam Engine & TenderVery Good Plus/E-None$75.00
Lot: 18Very Rare Ives 1929 Advance Catalog Folder & LetterVery GoodNone$470.00
Lot: 19Nice American Flyer 1934 Consumer Catalog and EnvelopeExcellentNone$45.00
Lot: 20Scarce Lionel #9U Orange Standard Gauge ElectricVery Good PlusNone$980.00
Lot: 21Nice Lionel #38 Dark Green Standard Gauge Electric (R)ExcellentNone$130.00
Lot: 22Nice Bing #2145 Black Electric 4-4-0 Steam Engine & TenderVery Good PlusNone$150.00
Lot: 23Nice Bing Consumer Catalog from the 1930sVery GoodNone$45.00
Lot: 24MTH #10-1015 Hellgate Bridge/Early ColorsLike New MinusNone$200.00
Lot: 25Outstanding Bing Premium 5 Piece Maroon/Black O Gauge Steam #2631 Passenger SetVery Good PlusNone$2450.00
Lot: 26Nice American Flyer 1935 Consumer Catalog ExcellentNone$45.00
Lot: 27Bing Black Clockwork Steam Engine & TenderVery Good PlusNone$65.00
Lot: 28Scarce Ives #3216 Black Electric from 1917Very Good None$200.00
Lot: 29MTH #300 Aluminum & Ivory Hellgate Bridge Excellent PlusNone$170.00
Lot: 30Lionel #300 Aluminum & Ivory Hellgate Bridge (R)ExcellentNone$300.00
Lot: 31Lionel Classics #136 Lionelville StationLike NewNone$80.00
Lot: 32Scarce Dorfan 1929 Consumer CatalogVery GoodNone$55.00
Lot: 33Lionel #154 Dark Green ElectricVery Good MinusNone$45.00
Lot: 34Nice Lionel 1919 Consumer Catalog Folder/ Rare Plus 15% MarkingsExcellentNone$210.00
Lot: 35Lionel #42 Black Standard Gauge ElectricVery Good/VG-None$300.00
Lot: 36Price Lines Standard Gauge Santa's Helper Hand Car with Mickey Mouse/Display BoardExcellentNone$260.00
Lot: 37Bing Black Clockwork Steam Engine & TenderVery Good Plus/E-None$65.00
Lot: 38Ives #25 Clockwork Steam Engine/Odd Factory Misstamping of #20 Steam EngineVery GoodNone$75.00
Lot: 39Nice Lionel #156 Illuminated Platform/Nice Label Box & InsertExcellent/E+OB+/ (8)$85.00
Lot: 40MTH #10-1236-1 Chessie System Standard Gauge Train Set Outfit/OBLike NewOb/ (9)$280.00
Lot: 41Nice American Flyer 1932 Consumer Catalog and EnvelopeExcellentNone$30.00
Lot: 42Scarce Lionel #156 (X) Dark Green ElectricVery GoodNone$150.00
Lot: 43Nice Bing #3238/2990 Cast ElectricVery Good/VG+None$60.00
Lot: 44Early Bing O Gauge Steam Engine & Tender/Electric HeadlightVery GoodNone$100.00
Lot: 45Scarce Bing Early 0-4-0 Large Steam Electric EngineVery GoodNone$190.00
Lot: 46Lionel 1920 Consumer Catalog FolderVery GoodNone$95.00
Lot: 47Scarce Ives 1932 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$80.00
Lot: 48Nice American Flyer 1934 Consumer Catalog and EnvelopeExcellent PlusNone$45.00
Lot: 49Lionel #929 Illuminated Bungalows Plot/ReproductionExcellentNone$75.00
Lot: 50Rare Ives 1880s/90s Trackless Cast Iron Train SetVery GoodNone$2400.00
Lot: 51Beautiful Bing Early 0-4-0 Large Steam Electric Engine & TenderExcellent/E+None$250.00
Lot: 52Nice Ives #3257R Orange Electric Shell (R)ExcellentNone$45.00
Lot: 53Bing Black Clockwork Steam Engine & #1012 TenderVery Good PlusNone$65.00
Lot: 54Nice American Flyer 1939 Consumer Catalog Like New MinusNone$30.00
Lot: 55Scarce Basset-Lowke 2-6-0 Mogul Clockwork Steam Engine & TenderExcellentNone$150.00
Lot: 567 MTH #67 Dark Green Double Gooseneck Lamps Excellent PlusNone$70.00
Lot: 57Nice American Flyer 1938 Consumer Catalog Like New MinusNone$35.00
Lot: 58MTH/Lionel #439 Deluxe Switch Tower (Early Colors)Like NewNone$80.00
Lot: 59Outstanding Lionel #262/262T Black & Brass Steam Engine & TenderExcellentNone$270.00
Lot: 60Lionel Classics #13900/13901 (200/201) Standard Gauge Trolleys/OBsLike NewOBs/ (9)$270.00
Lot: 613 Hafner Green O Gauge Passenger CarsExcellentNone$110.00
Lot: 62Nice American Flyer 1936 Consumer Catalog Very GoodNone$30.00
Lot: 63Scarce Ives Early #1120 Electric Steam Engine & #11 TenderVery Good PlusNone$200.00
Lot: 64Ives 1926 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$35.00
Lot: 66Early Ives #3 Clockwork Steam Engine & F.E.#1 TenderVery Good Plus/VG-None$150.00
Lot: 67Nice American Flyer 1937 Consumer CatalogExcellent MinusNone$35.00
Lot: 68Bing Black/Red Clockwork Steam Engine & #1085 TenderVery Good PlusNone$110.00
Lot: 69Scarce Lionel 1932 Pocket Folder Flyer CatalogExcellent PlusNone$160.00
Lot: 703 Pieces of Marklin 2-Gauge: Engine, Tender & CoachPoorNone$820.00
Lot: 71Rare Lionel 1918 Price List/All Prices plus 10%ExcellentNone$130.00
Lot: 72Nice American Flyer 1941 Consumer Catalog ExcellentNone$30.00
Lot: 73Ives 1922 Consumer Catalog & Price ListVery GoodNone$85.00
Lot: 744 MTH #61 Tall Single Lamp PostsExcellent PlusNone$45.00
Lot: 75Outstanding Lionel #1088W Blue/Silver Steam Passenger Set/Brick OBsLike NewObs/ (9)$1450.00
Lot: 76Scarce early Marklin #2/598/0 Original Engine BoxOriginal BoxOB/ (7)$35.00
Lot: 77Lionel #251E Gray Electric w/#605/#605/#606 Passenger Cars (R)ExcellentNone$140.00
Lot: 78Nice American Flyer 1931 Consumer Catalog Very GoodNone$25.00
Lot: 796 MTH #MT-1019 Maroon #64 Lamp PostsExcellent PlusNone$45.00
Lot: 80Outstanding Lionel #2955 Sunoco Semi-Scale Tank CarLike New MinusNone$720.00
Lot: 81American Flyer #514c EnvelopeExcellent MinusNone$35.00
Lot: 82Mint Lionel #50 World War II Paper Train/OB+MintOB/ (8-)$280.00
Lot: 83MTH #155 Cream/Terra-Cotta/Maroon Illuminated Freight ShedLike New MinusNone$90.00
Lot: 84Incredibly Rare 12/1/35 People & Places Magazine with Lionel Showroom & Layout PicturesExcellentNone$170.00
Lot: 85Lionel #10 Gray Electric w/332/339/341 Passenger Cars/OBsVery Good/VG+Obs/ (8)$210.00
Lot: 86Brick Lionel #7003 Uncatalogued Freight Set BoxSet BoxOB/ (9-)$75.00
Lot: 87Scarce Lionel 1939 Replacement Parts CatalogExcellentNone$75.00
Lot: 88Rare Lionel 1940 Dealer Displays & Price List CatalogLike New MinusNone$150.00
Lot: 898 MTH #54 Maroon Double Gooseneck LampsExcellent PlusNone$70.00
Lot: 90Lionel #305 Early Colors Hellgate Bridge (R)ExcellentNone$310.00
Lot: 91Lionel #610/610/612 Early Maroon Passenger Cars (R)ExcellentNone$65.00
Lot: 92Scarce Ives Early #1118 Electric Steam Engine & #11 TenderVery GoodNone$100.00
Lot: 93Great Lionel #2955 Shell Semi-Scale Tank Car/Nice OB+Like NewOB+/ (8+)$400.00
Lot: 94Lionel #1107 Donald Duck Handcar Original Box LidOriginal LidOB/ (7+)$85.00
Lot: 95Scarce Ives 1906 Consumer CatalogVery GoodNone$140.00
Lot: 96Nice American Flyer 1929 Price ListExcellent PlusNone$95.00
Lot: 97Nice Lionel 1942 Advance CatalogExcellent PlusNone$140.00
Lot: 984 Ives #307 Street Lamps Crisp Original Boxes from the 1920sOriginal BoxesObs/ (8)$140.00
Lot: 99Scarce Ives 1913 Consumer CatalogVery GoodNone$45.00
Lot: 100Lionel #906B Semi-Scale Switcher Outfit/#232/8976 Semi-Scale 0-6-0 w/Magic Electrol/OBsLike New MinusObs/ (8/9)$2000.00
Lot: 101Outstanding Lionel #2955 Shell Semi-Scale Tank Car/Low CouplersLike New MinusNone$290.00
Lot: 102Outstanding Lionel #2957 Semi-Scale NYC CabooseExcellent Plus/LN-None$240.00
Lot: 103Great Lionel #257 Steam Engine Original Box & InsertOriginal BoxOB+ / (8+)$150.00
Lot: 104Nice Original Lionel/J.Hill Lead Figure AssortmentExcellent MinusNone$130.00
Lot: 105D. P. Clark "Hill Climber" Wood & Metal Windup Trolley, circa 1890sGoodNone$160.00
Lot: 1064 Hafner O Gauge Short Passenger Cars/NY Flyer & CPExcellentNone$160.00
Lot: 107Scarce Ives #3254 Orange Electric with Diecast FrameVery Good MinusNone$190.00
Lot: 108Great 9-piece Male-Laborer Lead Figure Assortment with HoboExcellent MinusNone$100.00
Lot: 109Recent MTH #550 Lionel-type Railroad Figures Set Reproduction/OBExcellent(8+)$95.00
Lot: 110D. P. Clark "Hill Climber" Locomotive & Tender, circa 1898FairNone$250.00
Lot: 111Ives #3250 Brown O Gauge ElectricVery Good MinusNone$40.00
Lot: 112Nice Lionel #156 Dark Green Electric (R)ExcellentNone$120.00
Lot: 1132 Great Lionel #257T Tenders Original BoxesOriginal BoxesEarly OBs/ (+)$50.00
Lot: 1146-Piece Lead Railroad-Related Figure AssortmentExcellent MinusNone$85.00
Lot: 115Bing #210 0-4-0 Green Clockwork Steam Engine & TenderVery GoodNone$260.00
Lot: 116Nice Lionel #156 Maroon Electric Shell (R)ExcellentNone$70.00
Lot: 1172 Bing Pennsylvania O Gauge Parlor CarsExcellent MinusNone$50.00
Lot: 118Scarce 8-Piece Lead Cop & Robber Figure AssortmentExcellent MinusNone$240.00
Lot: 119Great Lionel #817 Peacock Blue Caboose Early Original BoxOriginal BoxOB/ (8+)$20.00
Lot: 120Williams #381E Green ElectricLike New MinusNone$270.00
Lot: 121Hafner #110 Overland Express Clockwork Steam Engine & TenderVery GoodNone$60.00
Lot: 1223 Bing Pennsylvania O Gauge Passenger CarsVery GoodNone$75.00
Lot: 123American Flyer Clockwork Steam Engine & #120 TenderVery GoodNone$60.00
Lot: 124Scarce 11-item Farm-Related Lead Figure Assortment w/ScarecrowExcellent MinusNone$80.00
Lot: 125Great Early Williams #408E Pea Green 5 Piece Passenger SetLike New MinusNone$580.00
Lot: 126Early Ives #17 Clockwork Steam Engine & #11 TenderVery Good PlusNone$60.00
Lot: 127Early Ives #17 Clockwork Steam Engine & TenderVery Good PlusNone$95.00
Lot: 128Nice MTH #400T Gray NYC Standard Gauge TenderLike New MinusNone$100.00
Lot: 129Scarce 7-Piece Assortment of Lead Construction-Worker FiguresExcellent MinusNone$60.00
Lot: 130MTH #10-1132-0 (408E) Two-Tone Brown Electric LocomotiveLike New MinusNone$300.00
Lot: 131Nice American Flyer 1926 Consumer Catalog & Price ListExcellent MinusNone$40.00
Lot: 132Great Ives 1927 Consumer CatalogExcellent None$65.00
Lot: 133Nice MTH #400W Black NYC Standard Gauge TenderLike New MinusNone$110.00
Lot: 134Scarce Ives 1931 Consumer CatalogVery GoodNone$40.00
Lot: 135Great MTH #392E Black Standard Gauge Steam Engine & TenderLike New MinusNone$260.00
Lot: 136Wonderful Assortment of Seated Lead Figures and BenchesExcellent MinusNone$160.00
Lot: 137Rare Ives 1930 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$60.00
Lot: 138Marvelous Assortment of Mostly Female Domestic-Related Lead Figures Excellent MinusNone$70.00
Lot: 139Nice MTH #392W Black Pennsylvania Standard Gauge TenderLike New MinusNone$70.00
Lot: 140MTH/Lionel #441 Weight Scale Accessory Like NewNone$210.00
Lot: 141Ives 1915 Consumer CatalogExcellent PlusNone$55.00
Lot: 142Ives 1925 Consumer CatalogExcellent~None$30.00
Lot: 143Nice Ives 1928 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$45.00
Lot: 144Crisp Lionel 1934 Lionel Consumer CatalogLike New MinusNone$65.00
Lot: 145Price Lines #129B Lionel Station Terrace (Late Colors)ExcellentNone$190.00
Lot: 146Rare Ives 1919 Consumer Catalog FolderVery Good/VG-None$110.00
Lot: 147Nice Lionel 1929 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$120.00
Lot: 148Ives 1921 Consumer Catalog (Later Version)Very GoodNone$100.00
Lot: 149Scarce Ives 1911 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$130.00
Lot: 150Rare Ives 1902 Consumer CatalogVery GoodNone$280.00
Lot: 151Scarce Ives 1910 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$160.00
Lot: 152Ives 1921 Consumer CatalogVery GoodNone$110.00
Lot: 153Scarce Ives 1917 World War I FlyerVery GoodNone$110.00
Lot: 154Nice American Flyer 1929 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$50.00
Lot: 155Nice Lionel #2226W Deluxe Diecast Whistle Tender/OBVery Good Plus/E-OB/ (8-)$280.00
Lot: 156Nice American Flyer 1928 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$55.00
Lot: 157Nice American Flyer 1930 Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$45.00
Lot: 158Lionel 1930 Color Consumer Catalog/Uncle Don's ClubExcellentNone$110.00
Lot: 159Nice American Flyer 1927 Consumer CatalogExcellent MinusNone$45.00
Lot: 160T-Reproductions Lionel #444 Roundhouse Section/OBLike NewOB/ (8)$210.00
Lot: 161Marklin Correspondence and Factory PhotoExcellentNone$95.00
Lot: 162Clarette Instruction SheetVery GoodNone$35.00
Lot: 163Nice Daniel Ley JPN 1938 Consumer CatalogExcellent MinusNone$40.00
Lot: 164Nice Bing Werke 1929 Consumer CatalogVery Good PlusNone$40.00
Lot: 165Scarce Bing 4-4-0 Electric Steam EngineVery Good PlusNone$150.00
Lot: 166Scarce Karl Bub 8 Page Newsprint American Catalog from the 1930sVery GoodNone$50.00
Lot: 167Lionel 1938 Color Consumer CatalogVery Good PlusNone$55.00
Lot: 168Nice Lionel 1932 Consumer CatalogExcellent MinusNone$65.00
Lot: 169Nice Lionel 1933 Consumer CatalogExcellent PlusNone$75.00
Lot: 170American Flyer Wide Gauge 1926 Presidential Special Passenger SetVery Good Plus/Excellent MinusNone$580.00
Lot: 171Nice Bing Consumer Catalog from the 1930s IIVery GoodNone$55.00
Lot: 172Crisp Lionel 1942 Lionel Consumer CatalogLike NewNone$110.00
Lot: 173Crisp Lionel 1935 Lionel Consumer CatalogLike New MinusNone$90.00
Lot: 174Lionel #191 Villa MansionVery Good MinusNone$110.00
Lot: 175Amazing Bing four Piece O Gauge Passenger SetVery Good PlusNone$1750.00
Lot: 176Lionel #117 Red/Ivory Station Very GoodNone$110.00
Lot: 177Nice Dorfan Instruction SheetVery GoodNone$15.00
Lot: 178Scarce American Model Builders 1914/15 Instruction BookletVery GoodNone$15.00
Lot: 179Late Ives #11 Clockwork Steam Engine & TenderVery Good PlusNone$100.00
Lot: 180Great Buddy L #50 Industrial Train 6 Piece Set & TrackExcellent MinusNone$460.00
Lot: 181Nice Lionel #156 Dark Green Electric ShellVery Good MinusNone$55.00
Lot: 1824 Hafner Chicago & North Western Overland Flyer Passenger CarsVery Good/VG-None$80.00
Lot: 1834 Hafner Overland Flyer Passenger Cars/2 SF and 2 NYCVery Good/VG-None$120.00
Lot: 1842 Hornby LMS CoachesVery GoodNone$30.00
Lot: 185Rare Buddy L Wood Tool Chest BoxVery Good PlusWood OB/ (8-)$60.00
Lot: 186Nice Lionel OO #004/004W Two Rail Hudson Engine & TenderExcellent MinusNone$250.00
Lot: 187Williams #256 Orange ElectricExcellentNone$70.00
Lot: 188MTH #438 Signal Tower (Late)ExcellentNone$65.00
Lot: 189MTH/Lionel #439 Deluxe Switch Tower (Early Colors) IILike NewNone$95.00
Lot: 190Buddy L Reproduction #1000 Outdoor Railroad Motorized Steam Locomotive and Tender/OBsLike NewObs/ (9)$620.00
Lot: 191MTH #438 Signal Tower (Early)ExcellentNone$55.00
Lot: 192Lionel #929 Illuminated Bungalows Plot/Reproduction IIExcellentNone$90.00
Lot: 193Lionel #914 Park Landscape Plot/Reproduction ExcellentNone$45.00
Lot: 194Lionel #912 Illuminated Suburban Estate Plot/Reproduction ExcellentNone$150.00
Lot: 195Scarce Lionel #1500 Hudson Locoscope with Film & Original BoxExcellentOB/ (8)$380.00
Lot: 196American Flyer #4017 Green (Sand) Gondola (R)ExcellentNone$55.00
Lot: 197American Flyer Flyer Town Depot Station Very Good MinusNone$20.00
Lot: 198Rare Bing Early Transformer with Light BulbsExcellent MinusNone$270.00
Lot: 199Scarce Lionel #260 1924 Passenger Set (152)/OBVery Good PlusSet OB/ (7)$160.00
Lot: 200Great T-Reproductions #129B Lionel Station Terrace (Early)ExcellentNone$150.00
Lot: 201Mintish McCoy 1976 Philadelphia TCA Convention Car/OBsMintishOBs/ (9)$25.00
Lot: 202AF #4644 (No Number) Brigadier Red/Gray Wide Gauge ElectricVery Good MinusNone$45.00
Lot: 203Scarce Ives Wide (Standard) Gauge Manual SwitchesVery GoodNone$30.00
Lot: 204Lionel #350 #8 Maroon Passenger SetVery Good/VG+None$180.00
Lot: 205Lionel #1100 Maroon Base Mickey & Minnie Mouse Hand CarVery Good PlusNone$190.00
Lot: 206Ives #184/186 Dark Green Passenger Cars with Maroon TrimVery GoodNone$40.00
Lot: 207American Flyer #4465 Pair Wide (Standard) Gauge Manual Control Switches/OBVery Good PlusOB/ (7)$15.00
Lot: 208Buddy L #1004 Outdoor Railroad Stock (Cattle) Car Very Good PlusNone$540.00
Lot: 209Nice Lionel #2226WX Whistle TenderExcellentNone$250.00
Lot: 210Lionel #385E Gray Steam Engine & #385T Tender Very Good PlusNone$300.00
Lot: 211American Flyer #4017 Green (Sand) Gondola Very Good MinusNone$25.00
Lot: 212Lionel #418 Mojave Passenger Cars - Six Wheel TrucksVery GoodNone$100.00
Lot: 213Lionel #392E Black Standard Gauge Steam EngineVery GoodNone$210.00
Lot: 214Lionel #114 Orange CM&ST P Box CarVery GoodNone$20.00
Lot: 215Lionel #1103 Peter Rabbit Chick Mobile Hand Car Very GoodNone$170.00
Lot: 216Lionel #390T Black Standard Gauge TenderVery GoodNone$130.00
Lot: 217MTH #10-1125a Ives Circus Freestanding Diorama/OBLike NewOB/ (8)$55.00
Lot: 218Ives #700 1920s Original Set BoxSet BoxOB/ (7+)$20.00
Lot: 219Ives #711 1920s Original Set Box for #3241 Freight SetSet BoxOB/ (8-)$20.00
Lot: 220Buddy L Reproduction #1005 Outdoor Railroad Gondola (Coal Car)/OBLike NewOB/ (8)$200.00
Lot: 221Beautiful Lionel #254E Olive Green Electric/OBExcellent PlusOB/ (8)$160.00
Lot: 222Lionel #763E Semi-Scale Black Hudson Steam EngineVery Good PlusNone$460.00
Lot: 223Lionel #8E Olive Green Passenger SetVery Good MinusNone$150.00
Lot: 224Lionel #217 Red/Green Standard Gauge CabooseVery GoodNone$45.00
Lot: 225Collection of Small Diecast Metal Floor trains/2 Steam Engines & 4 Passenger CarsVery GoodNone$150.00
Lot: 226Lionel #214 Cream/Orange Standard Gauge Box CarVery GoodNone$150.00
Lot: 227Nice Lionel #89 FlagpoleVery Good PlusNone$75.00
Lot: 2283 Hafner O Gauge Freight CarsVery GoodNone$75.00
Lot: 229Ives #692R 1920s Original Set Box for #3236R Passenger SetSet BoxSet OB/ (7)$25.00
Lot: 230Scarce Hafner Empire Express CoachVery GoodNone$15.00
Lot: 231Ives #1/AF #10 Clockwork Steam Boiler TopsVery GoodNone$20.00
Lot: 232Lionel #253 Dark Green Electric EngineVery Good MinusNone$65.00
Lot: 233Lionel #610/610/612 Early Dark Green Passenger CarsVery Good MinusNone$60.00
Lot: 234Lionel #603/603/604 Early Orange Passenger CarsVery Good MinusNone$65.00
Lot: 235Lionel #15 Maroon Pennsylvania Tank CarVery Good MinusNone$50.00
Lot: 236Lionel #33 Black Electric (R)ExcellentNone$85.00
Lot: 237Lionel #10 Peacock Blue Electric (R)Excellent MinusNone$95.00
Lot: 238Lionel #220 Terra-Cotta/Brass Searchlight Car/OBVery Good PlusOB/ (8)$140.00
Lot: 2393 Bing #250 Pennsylvania Observation Cars/VariationsVery Good PlusNone$35.00
Lot: 240MTH #155 White/Red/Gray Illuminated Freight ShedLike New MinusNone$110.00

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