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AmbroseBauer Trains' 5/23/21 New Premium Private Auction.
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  Lot #: Title:
Condition: Box:
Current High Bidder: Current High Bid:
 Lot 1 Great Lionel #2383 Santa Fe F-3 AA Diesels/59 OBs 
Like New  OBs+ 
 Lot 2 Lionel #2321 Lackawanna Gray Room FM Diesel Locomotive/OB+ 
Excellent Plus OB+  
 Lot 3 Nice Lionel #2331 Black/Gold Virginian FM Diesel  
Line New Minus None  
 Lot 4 Rare Lionel #6464-700 Santa Fe 1967 TCA Box Car/OB 
Excellent Plus  OB  
 Lot 5 Nice Lionel #763/2226W Black Semi-Scale Hudson & Whistle Tender/OBs 
Excellent  Obs  
 Lot 6 Nice Lionel #6464-900 Black Doors NYC Box Car/OB 
Like New  OB  
 Lot 7 Scarce Lionel #614 Alaska Switcher w/Yellow Blt By Lionel 
Excellent Plus  None  
 Lot 8 6 Scarce Plasticville/Story Time USA Playsets/OBs 
Excellent Plus  OBs  
 Lot 9 Mint Lionel #6464-250 Western Pacific Box Car/Cellophane OB 
Mint Ob  
 Lot 10 Rare Lionel #6464-300 Solid Shield Rutland Box Car 
Like New Minus  None  
 Lot 11 Lionel #2242 P/T New Haven F-3 AB Diesels/OBs+ 
Excellent Plus  Obs+ 
 Lot 12 Lionel #2954 Semi-Scale Pennsylvania Box Car/OB  
Excellent OB  
 Lot 13 Rare Lionel #6464-450 Great Northern 1967 TCA Box Car/OB 
Mint OB  
 Lot 14 Great Lionel #228P Canadian National Alco A Diesel/OB+ 
Like New Plus OB+  
 Lot 15 Nice Lionel #227/227B Semi-Scale Pennsylvania B9 0-6-0 Switcher & Bell Ringing Tender/OBs 
Excellent Plus  Obs  
 Lot 16 Scarce Lionel #2671W TCA 1968 Whistle Tender/Silver Lettering 
Excellent Plus  None  
 Lot 17 Lionel #2955 Shell Semi-Scale Tank Car/OB+ 
Excellent Plus OB+  
 Lot 18 Mint Lionel #6464-1965 Blue Pittsburgh TCA Box Car and Scarce #6464-1965X TCA Box Car/OB 
Mint OB  
 Lot 19 Nice Lionel #2331 Yellow/Blue Virginian FM Diesel 
Excellent Plus  None  
 Lot 20 Lionel RARE Master Carton with 12 #64 Highway Lamp Posts/OBs 
New OBs  
 Lot 21 Great Lionel #352 Ice Depot/Red Base Set/OB+ 
Like New Plus OB+  
 Lot 22 Lionel #2956 Semi-Scale Black B&O Hopper/OB  
Excellent  OB+  
 Lot 23 Special Lionel #736LTS 1960s Master Cartoon 
Original Box  
 Lot 24 Mint Lionel #3494-550 Monon Box Car (Full Dates)/OB 
Mint OB  
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