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Sunday, January 8, 2023 Brass HO/N/G/Diecast/Misc. Potluck Toy Train Auction:

Our Brass HO/N/G/Diecast/Misc. Potluck Toy Train Auction starts at 6:00 p.m. (EST) Sunday, January 8, 2023. Bids may be placed on each lot by using AuctionsBy™, the Live On-Line Bidding System on the AmbroseBauer Trains' WebSite or on

A Twelve Percent Buyer's Premium will apply for those entering winning bids on AuctionsBy™. Absentee Bidders must pay by check or money order within ten days of the date of the Auction. A $50.00 administrative fee will be added to each lot that is not paid in full within twenty days of the date of the Auction. AuctionsBy™ does accept bids on each lot until that Lot is sold, but we encourage bids to be left before the Auction is actually conducted in order to eliminate some of the traffic on our Server and to ensure that your bids are actually received and entered into our System. We do not accept credit card payments.

Only lots that contain the language 'All Original in our Opinion' are guaranteed to be original per the Limited Warranty as stated in the Terms and Conditions; otherwise, all lots are sold AS IS. We neither test nor warrant the mechanical operation of any item. As per the Terms and Conditions, we do not warrant our Opinions as to the Condition and expect each Bidder to review all of the photos to determine their own opinion as to the condition of an item.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in Pennsylvania and who do not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

West Virginia Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in West Virginia and who do not have a current Resale Tax.

PLEASE NOTE: UPS has lately increased its shipping rates, especially for large boxes, and especially especially for those going to the West Coast. As such, you should not count on large - if any - discounts on the total shipping charges for multiple lots compared to the charges that are listed in each lot, and bidders that are in the West Coast/Rocky Mountains states should factor in charges greater than those listed even if the lot does not so state. We are not trying to make money on Shipping, but just to recover our substantial expenses.

Please Double-Click on the Lot Numbers in the List Below to see in Detail that Particular Lot with all Pictures of that Lot as well as a Bidding Box to place your Absentee Bids. The Bidding Box to place your Snipe Bids is at the bottom of the Lot Detailed Page. You may also bid live during the auction by clicking the TAKE ME LIVE menu item to your left.

Our Private Internet Auctions are conducted in the State of West Virginia.

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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 1Horizon Hobby #PRB08043T2 Black Jack 42 Catamaran RTR Boat/OB$290.00
Lot: 2Bachmann HO Gauge: #40-140 The John Bull Electric Train Set/OB$35.00
Lot: 37 Assorted Lemax Ceramic Buildings/OBs$35.00
Lot: 4Westside Model Co. HO Gauge: Brass Pennsylvania K-5 4-6-2 Engine and Tender/OB$170.00
Lot: 5Westside Model Co/Katusumi HO Gauge: Brass Pennsylvania J-1 2-10-4 Engine & Tender/OB$160.00
Lot: 6Athearn/Other HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Cars and Kit/OBs$70.00
Lot: 76 Assorted Lemax Ceramic/Plastic Buildings and Carnival Ride/OBs$55.00
Lot: 815 Assorted Hess Trucks/OBs$65.00
Lot: 9Bachmann HO Gauge: #40-130 The DeWitt Clinton Electric Train Set/OB$50.00
Lot: 10United/PFM HO Gauge: Brass Santa FE 4-8-4 Engine And Tender/OB$170.00
Lot: 11Sunset Model HO Gauge: #H0163 Pennsylvania PRR 4-4-4-4 w/Portholes Engine and Tender/OB$340.00
Lot: 12Bachmann N Gauge: #4404 The Old Timer Electric Train Set/OB$45.00
Lot: 135 Assorted Lemax/Collins International Holiday Buildings/OBs$10.00
Lot: 14Tyco HO Gauge: Assorted Engines, Tender, Cars and Kit/OBs$90.00
Lot: 15United/PFM HO Gauge: Brass Pennsylvania 4-6-2 Engine and Tender/OB$140.00
Lot: 16Nice Tyco HO Gauge: #T6709:2998 Petticoat Junction Electric Train Set/OB$230.00
Lot: 17Nice Tyco HO Gauge: #7320 Spirit of 76 Commemorative Steam Passenger Train Set/OBs$35.00
Lot: 18Lemax #65344 Spooky Town Fun House and #64424 Dead Mans Mine/OBs$55.00
Lot: 19Bachmann N Gauge: #50-4405 The American Passenger Train Set/OB$50.00
Lot: 20Westside Model Co. HO Gauge: #6175 Pennsylvania Q-2 Duplex 4-4-6-4 Engine and Tender/OB$270.00
Lot: 21Westside Model Company/Katsumi HO Gauge: #M-1a Pennsylvania 4-8-2 Engine and Tender/OB$160.00
Lot: 227 Assorted Lemax/Hallmark Buildings$10.00
Lot: 23Life Like HO Gauge: #8138/8221 Locomotives and #21378/21968 Kits/OBs$40.00
Lot: 24Sunset Models HO Gauge: Brass #H-8 PRR 2-8-0 Engine and Tender/OB$150.00
Lot: 25Chris Craft Remote Control JA Cross NV Speed Boat w/Display Stand $160.00
Lot: 27Mantua HO Gauge: #5001 Pennsylvania Dixie Belle Passenger Train Set/OB$60.00
Lot: 28Life-Like HO Gauge: Spirit of 76 Bicentennial State Cars Set (14)/OBs$40.00
Lot: 29Vintage AHM HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Engines and Tenders/OBs$320.00
Lot: 308 Dinky #965 Euclid Dump Trucks$55.00
Lot: 31Dinky #972 Orange 20 Ton Lorry Mounted Crane/OB$50.00
Lot: 32Tyco HO Gauge: #214B Main Street Trolley, #214D Nob Hill Trolley and #214G Broadway Trolley/Plastic Cases$50.00
Lot: 336 Assorted Lemax Ceramic Buildings$10.00
Lot: 34Nice Tyco HO Gauge: #T6509:3498 Western Conqueror Western & Atlantic Passenger Freight Set/OB$65.00
Lot: 35Tenshodo HO Gauge: #168 Great Northern 1-C + C-1 Class Y-1 Electric Locomotive/OB$180.00
Lot: 36TID Trains Inc. HO Gauge: Brass Cow and Calf Units AB/OBs$80.00
Lot: 37REA/Aristo Craft G Gauge: 7 Assorted Track and Track Accessories/OBs$110.00
Lot: 38Bachmann HO Gauge: 11 Engine and Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 395 Assorted Victorian Village Collectibles/Lemax Holiday Buildings and Christmas Tree/OBs$15.00
Lot: 40Bachmann 1:20.3 Narrow Gauge (G) : #82397 Yellow/Black Unlettered Motorized Rail Truck/OB$95.00
Lot: 41Westside Model Company/Katsumi HO Gauge: Brass #M-1a Pennsylvania 4-8-2 Engine and Tender/OB$140.00
Lot: 42Vintage AHM HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Cars/OBs$45.00
Lot: 43Bachmann N Gauge: #4670 Spirit of 76 U36B Engine, 6 Bicentennial Box Cars and Caboose/Plastic Cases$55.00
Lot: 44E&B Valley R.R. Co/Eastern Car Works HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Pennsylvania Passenger Cars/OBs$30.00
Lot: 45Fine Art Models G Gauge: #174479 New York Central Flat Car with Wheel Set Boogie Loads/OB$680.00
Lot: 46AHM HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Pennsylvania Passenger Cars/OBs$45.00
Lot: 47Bachmann HO Gauge: Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set/OB$95.00
Lot: 48HO Gauge: #346 Operating Floodlight Car and 11 Buildings and Accessories/OBs$35.00
Lot: 49Athearn HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Pennsylvania Engines & Passenger Cars/OBs$180.00
Lot: 50LGB G Gauge: #338 West Side Lumber Co 3 Truck Shay & Tender w/Sound/Original Wood Case$2500.00
Lot: 51Dinky #563 Red/Black Treads Heavy Tractor$30.00
Lot: 52HO/O Gauge: 70+ Assorted People & Accessories/OB/Blister Packs$500.00
Lot: 53Vintage AHM HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Passenger Cars, Trolleys and Box Cars/OBs$140.00
Lot: 54Athearn HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$75.00
Lot: 55Fine Art Models G Gauge: #1659 New York Central Flat Car with Cables/OB$620.00
Lot: 56Roundhouse/Athearn HO Gauge: 29 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs$110.00
Lot: 57#5447-0 Dinah Drive-In, #95824 Tower Theater, #103-10008 Village House, School Building and Lighted House/OBs$15.00
Lot: 58Vintage AHM HO Gauge: 13 Sets of Straight and Curved Track/Blister Packs$20.00
Lot: 59HO Gauge: 19 Assorted Engines/OB$100.00
Lot: 60Fine Art Models G Scale: 2 Military Tank Cars/OB$180.00
Lot: 61Dinky #962 Yellow Dumper$10.00
Lot: 62Lemax #24472 Yuletide Express Battery Operated Train Set/OB$10.00
Lot: 63Lionel #7401 Alarm Clock, #7183 Train Clock, 2 Sealed Lionel Watches and #22000 Double Crossing Train Game/OBs$25.00
Lot: 64Roundhouse/Mantua/Other HO Gauge: Pennsylvania B Unit and 37 Assorted Freight Cars and Kits/OBs$100.00
Lot: 65Fine Art Models G Gauge #925059 Pennsylvania Flat Car with Dunage for Tank Load/OB$680.00
Lot: 66Athearn/Other HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 67Walthers HO Gauge: #0302 Sealed CAT Trainline Train Set/OB$50.00
Lot: 687 Assorted Lemax Ceramic Village Collection Holiday Buildings/OBs$20.00
Lot: 69Dinky #561 Yellow/Gray Blade/Black Treads Blaw Knox Bulldozer$40.00
Lot: 70Bachmann On30 Gauge: #28706/48 Colorado Mining Company Steam Locomotive & Tender$130.00
Lot: 718 Assorted Lemax Lighted Buildings and Accessories/OBs$65.00
Lot: 72HO Gauge: 60 Assorted Cars$55.00
Lot: 7318 pieces of Midwest Products 35 Inch Cork Roadbed Strips/OB$15.00
Lot: 74Dinky #563 Orange/Green Treads Heavy Tractor$10.00
Lot: 75Accucraft G Gauge: #8121 West Side Lumber Co Heisler #3 Shay/Original Wood Case$1100.00
Lot: 76Dinky #561 Red/Black Treads Bulldozer$5.00
Lot: 77HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Steam Engines and Tenders$110.00
Lot: 7811 Assorted Dickensville Collectibles Porcelain Buildings and Bridge/OBs$20.00
Lot: 79N Gauge: 5 Assorted Union Pacific Passenger Cars and Parts$10.00
Lot: 804 Dinky #561 Blaw Knox Yellow Bulldozers$50.00
Lot: 81Dinky #561 Black/Black Treads Blaw Knox Bulldozer/OB$85.00
Lot: 82HO Gauge: 55+ Assorted Tractor Trailers, Tractor Frame and Cab and Containers$75.00
Lot: 8310 Assorted Hess Trucks/OBs$45.00
Lot: 84Lemax/Life-Like/Other 4 Mountain Backdrops with Trees, Set of 3 Trees and 4.5 Volt Power Cord/OBs$30.00
Lot: 85G Scale: Operating Ferris Wheel$40.00
Lot: 86Dinky #300 Red Tractor$20.00
Lot: 877 Assorted Buildings and Collectibles/OBs$20.00
Lot: 88HO Gauge: 60+ Assorted Freight Cars/OB$100.00
Lot: 897 Assorted Buildings and Collectibles/OBs/Blister Pack$20.00
Lot: 90Kyoto #34053 Chevy 55 Radio Control Car$30.00
Lot: 91Dinky #563 Orange/Green Treads Heavy Tractor/OB$25.00
Lot: 92Life-Like HO Gauge: #21420 Blazing Rails Train Set/OB$25.00
Lot: 93Helena/Suydam HO Gauge: 4 Assorted Building Kits and Misc Items/OBs$20.00
Lot: 94AHM/Rivarossi HO Gauge: #4929 2-C-C-2 Maroon Pennsylvania GG-1 Locomotive/Plastic Case$30.00
Lot: 95Bachmann On30 Gauge: #32 Greenbrier & Big Run Steam Locomotive & Tender$100.00
Lot: 96Dinky #980 Light Yellow Coles Hydra 150 ton Crane$35.00
Lot: 97Dept 56/Other #56.52867/56.55072/56.55111/56.55121/#P708TX Assorted Buildings/OBs$15.00
Lot: 98Athearn/Tyco HO Gauge: #9769 Pennsylvania Green ABA Units #3006/3364/No #/4902 Non-Powered Brown B Unit/OBs$60.00
Lot: 99Dinky #563 Red/Green Treads Heavy Tractor$5.00
Lot: 100Fine Art Models G Gauge 250 Ton NYC Bucyrus Erie Railroad Crane/Original Wood Case$3500.00
Lot: 101Athearn HO Gauge: #78987 Pennsylvania Diesel 6 Car Passenger Set/OB$75.00
Lot: 102Walthers/Ulrich HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$20.00
Lot: 10310 Assorted Noma International Hearthside Village Lighted Buildings/OBs$30.00
Lot: 104HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Plasticville Kits/OBs$25.00
Lot: 105LGB G Gauge: #2076D 0-4-0- Steam Switcher Engine/OB$120.00
Lot: 106Dinky #965 Light Yellow Euclid Rear Dump Truck$20.00
Lot: 1079 Assorted Lemax Hearthside Village Buildings and Accessories/OBs$30.00
Lot: 108Lemax #46020 Lighted Christmas Trees Set of 10, 2 #54106 Animated Skating Ponds, #85295 Lighted Bowling Alley and River Bell Ship/OBs$20.00
Lot: 1092 Dinky #14A Blue BEV Electric Trucks w/Blue Hubs$5.00
Lot: 110Early 1930s Gilbert Erector Set/Wood Box$25.00
Lot: 111Dinky #562 Yellow Dumper Truck/OB$10.00
Lot: 112Bachmann HO/N Gauge: #40-0102 Diesel Hustler Electric Train Set, and #4262 Yard Boss Electric Train Set/OBS$55.00
Lot: 11310 Assorted Buildings and Accessories/OBs$25.00
Lot: 114Rivarossi HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Maroon/Black Pennsylania Passenger Cars$30.00
Lot: 115Bachmann On30 Gauge: #1 Three Rivers Steel Steam Locomotive & Tender$70.00
Lot: 116Dinky #563 Light Yellow/Green Treads Heavy Tractor$5.00
Lot: 117HO/N Gauge: 17 Assorted #7549 Little Joe Electric Train Set, Assorted Building and Accessory Kits/OBs$65.00
Lot: 118O/OH Gauge: 15 Assorted Kits and Accessories/OBs$40.00
Lot: 119Athearn HO Gauge #3107/3008/3005 Green PRR ABA Units and #3207/3008/3207 Green PRR ABA Units/OBs$100.00
Lot: 1207 LGB G Gauge Assorted Trolleys and Freight Car/OBs$110.00
Lot: 121Dinky #965 Military Dark Green Euclid Rear Dump (R)$20.00
Lot: 122HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Pennsylvania Streamlined Passenger Cars$25.00
Lot: 123Walthers HO Gauge: 12 Pennsylvania Box Car Kits/OBs$65.00
Lot: 124Dinky #563 Red/Black Treads Heavy Tractor/OB$15.00
Lot: 125ROC Hobby 1:6 Scale 1941 Willys MB Military Jeep w/ #FMMROC1102 M100 Trailer w/Canvas and #FMMROC104 1941 MB Machine Gun/OBs$160.00
Lot: 126Dinky #14C Orange/Green Hubs Coventry Climax Fork Lift Truck/OB$20.00
Lot: 127N Gauge: #982-01-022 Canadian National Engine, 8 Freight Cars and 21 Accessories/OBs/Plastic Cases$75.00
Lot: 128HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Passenger Cars, Cars, Kits and Accessories/OBs$50.00
Lot: 129Dinky #561 Red/Black Treads/Red Blade Blaw Knox Bulldozer$15.00
Lot: 1304 Dinky #563 Heavy Tractors$15.00
Lot: 131Dinky #561 Dark Green/Black Treads/Green Blade Military Blaw Knox Bulldozer (R)$10.00
Lot: 132Lemax/Cavanaugh #64487 Duc Hunt, #64488 Crazy Cars, #19603/17364 Town Square Collections/OBs$60.00
Lot: 133Bachmann HO Gauge: #00626 Chattanooga Train Set/OB$45.00
Lot: 134REA/Aristo Craft G Gauge: 17 pieces of Track/OB$70.00
Lot: 135Bachmann On30 Gauge: Midwest Quarry & Mining Co 50 Ton Central-Cab Switcher$70.00
Lot: 136Vintage AHM HO Gauge: #5070 Virginia and Truckee 4-4-0 Engine and Tender, #6230 Virginia and Truckee Passenger Car and #6239 Kansas City Baggage Car/OBs$50.00
Lot: 137#55144 Stratford School, Bickford Boathouse, Gargary Forge, #52618 Pine Point Pond and Cottage/OBs$20.00
Lot: 138Dinky #401 Orange/Green Hubs Century Climax Fork Lift Truck/OB$20.00
Lot: 139Dinky Light Yellow/Green Treads/Gray Blade #561 Black Knox Bulldozer$5.00
Lot: 1405 Dinky #962 Muir-Hill Dumper Trucks$15.00
Lot: 141Bachmann On30 Gauge #5 Allegheny Iron Works Locomotive & Tender$80.00
Lot: 142HO Gauge: #H-602 0-4-0 Steam Engine, #4100 Baltimore and Ohio AS-16 Engine, #1041 Union Pacific Engine, Spirit of 76 Engine, #2394/0 Southern Pacific Dining Car, 14 Kits and Cars, Track and Electric Power Pack and Accessories/OBs$25.00
Lot: 143Lemax #05073 Brewery, Neighborhood Grocery, Christmas House and Bijou Theatre/OB$20.00
Lot: 144Gesha #360 Meiner Portal Stapler PPH 30/OB$10.00
Lot: 145Bachmann On30 Gauge: #3 Mid West Quarry & Mining Co Steam Locomotive & Tender$80.00
Lot: 146Dinky #980 150T Yellow Crane Coles Hydra Truck$25.00
Lot: 147Grandeur Noel/Lemax #663320 Victorian Village Ensemble and Lighted Firehouse/OBs$15.00
Lot: 148Dinky #563 Orange/Green Treads Heavy Tractor$5.00
Lot: 149Dinky #561 Red/Green Treads/Red Blade Blaw Knox Bulldozer/OB$15.00
Lot: 1505 Dinky #972 Lorry Mounted Cranes $55.00
Lot: 1514 Dinky #965 Light Yellow Euclid Rear Dump Trucks$30.00
Lot: 1526 Assorted Dept 56/Lemax Figures & Buildings/OBs$15.00
Lot: 1532 Dinky #551 Open Farm Wagons$5.00
Lot: 154Dinky #972 Orange/Gray Tires Coles 20 Ton Lorry-Mounted Crane$10.00
Lot: 155Bachmann On30 Gauge: #29203 Yellow/Black Whitchcomb Yard Switcher$85.00
Lot: 156Dinky #965 Euclid Military Rear Dump Truck (R)$10.00
Lot: 157Dinky #965 Light Yellow/Black Tires Euclid Rear Dump Truck$5.00
Lot: 158Dept 56/Lemax/Hallmark #56.55054 Timberlake Outfitters, #85339 Lemax Collectors Club, 21 Piece Pine Trees and Corner Drug Store$20.00
Lot: 159Dinky #401 Orange/Green Hubs Coventry Climax Fork Lift Truck/OB$10.00
Lot: 1602 Fine Arts G Gauge Flat Cars with Timber$90.00
Lot: 1612 Dinky Light Orange #980 150T Coles Hydra Crane Trucks$30.00
Lot: 162Dinky #962 Yellow Dumper$5.00
Lot: 163Dept 56 #54947 Lionel Electric Train Shop, #56.55607 Snow Village Mayors Mansion, and 12 pieces Village Set$20.00
Lot: 164Dinky #563 Red/Black Treads Heavy Tractor$5.00
Lot: 165LGB G Gauge: #2033 Electric Locomotive Work Unit/OB$100.00
Lot: 1667 Dinky #14A BEV Electric Trucks$35.00
Lot: 167Dinky #980 150T Yellow Coles Hydra Truck$5.00
Lot: 168Dinky #965 Light Yellow Euclid Rear Dump Truck$5.00
Lot: 169Dinky #965 Light Yellow Euclid Rear Dump Truck$5.00
Lot: 170Factory Five #93034-4 35 Hot Rod Truck 4TEC 3.0 AWD Chassis/OB$150.00
Lot: 1713 Dinky #561 Military Green/Black Treads/Green Blade Blaw Knox Bulldozers (R)$35.00
Lot: 172Dinky #562 Yellow Muir-Hill Dumper$5.00
Lot: 17321 Assorted 1:43/1:50 Scale Vehicles/OBs$100.00
Lot: 174Dinky #401 Orange/Green Hubs Fork Lift Truck/OB$5.00
Lot: 175Cris Craft Barrell Back Speed Boat w/ RC and Display Stand$200.00
Lot: 176Dinky #561 Yellow/Green Treads/Gray Blade Blaw Knox Bulldozer and #563 Yellow/Green Treads/ Heavy Tractor$10.00
Lot: 177Bachmann Spectrum HO/On30 Gauges: #25155 Hershey Closed Street Cars and #89341/89342/89343/89346 Baltimore and Ohio Passenger Cars/OBs$85.00
Lot: 178Dinky #37C Green & Brown Moto Cart$20.00
Lot: 17930 Assorted Die-Cast 1:43 Scale Assorted Vehicles/OBs$140.00
Lot: 180Factory Five #93044-4 33 Hot Rod Coupe 4TEC 3.0 AWD Chassis/OB$120.00
Lot: 1813 Dinky #971 Light Orange Coles Mobile Cranes$35.00
Lot: 182Dinky Orange/Green Treads #563 Heavy Tractor$5.00
Lot: 183Dinky #965 Light Yellow Euclid Rear Dump Truck$5.00
Lot: 184Dinky #965 Military Euclid Rear Dump Truck (R)$5.00
Lot: 185Dinky #561 Military Blaw Knox Bulldozer (R)$15.00
Lot: 186Athearn/New One HO Gauge: #1776/278/3152/3233/3322/1812 Assorted Engines and Tenders/OBs$100.00
Lot: 1872 Dinky #551 Farm Wagons$10.00
Lot: 1885 Dinky #319 Red Tipping Farm Trailers/OBs$35.00
Lot: 189LGB G Gauge: #41660/4073-C03 Log Cars and #40877 Tank Car/OBs$95.00
Lot: 190Horizon Hobby #PRB08034 Aero Trooper 25 inch Brushless Remote Controller Air Boat RTR/OB$45.00
Lot: 191Marklin G Gauge: #58581 Coal Car w/Horse Drawn Wagon Set/OB$90.00
Lot: 19210 Assorted Manufactures Assorted Collectibles$5.00
Lot: 193Dinky #561 Red/Green Treads/Gray Blade Blaw Knox Bull Dozer$15.00
Lot: 194Horizon Hobby 1:24 Scale #ECX00017T1 Barrage 4WD Crawler/OB$30.00
Lot: 195Piko G Gauge: #38506 Clean Machine Track Cleaner Yard Switcher/OB$95.00
Lot: 196Horizon Hobby 1:24 Scale #AX10002T1 SCX24 Jeep WranglerJLU CRC/OB$35.00
Lot: 197Dinky #971 Yellow Coles Mobile Crane$15.00
Lot: 198HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Freight Cars, Kits and Accessories/OBs$35.00
Lot: 199Horizon Hobby 1:24 Scale #AX100001T2 1967 SCX24 Chevrolet C10 4 Wheel Drive Electric Truck/OB$45.00
Lot: 200Fine Art Models G Gauge Display Track: NYC Lines Bridge in Glass/Wood Display Case$280.00
Lot: 201Tyco/Varney/Imperial HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars & Transformer/OBs$10.00
Lot: 202Dinky Orange Yale Tractor Shovel$35.00
Lot: 20314 Assorted Scales Airplane Kits and Tractor Trailers/OBs$20.00
Lot: 20470+ Assorted Figures, Billboards and other Miscellaneous Items$20.00
Lot: 2054 Dinky #561/563 Bulldozers and Heavy Tractors$25.00
Lot: 206HO Gauge: 6 Assorted #805B/101/2100/10/127/627 Engines$65.00
Lot: 207Assorted Collector Ornaments, Tin Banks and 57 Chevy Bag Clips$10.00
Lot: 2085 Assorted Schuco/Code 3/Carol Town 1:64/Other Scale Fire Engines, Boat and Dioramas/OBs$15.00
Lot: 20913 Assorted 1:43/1:64 Scale Tractor Trailers and Other Vehicles/OBs$25.00
Lot: 2107 Dinky #561/563 Bulldozers and Heavy Tractors$35.00
Lot: 211HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Passenger, Freight Cars and Power Pack/OBs$35.00
Lot: 212Atlas HO Gauge: 120+ Assorted Switch Track, Curved/Straight Track, Switch Controls & Track Clips and a 10 set Needle Files/Bliter Packs$40.00
Lot: 213HO Gauge: 2 #9769 Pennsylvania Engines and 28 Assorted Freight Cars$45.00
Lot: 21420 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs/Blister Packs$50.00
Lot: 2154 Dinky #563 Heavy Tractors$30.00
Lot: 2162 Dinky #561 Blaw Knox Bulldozers$10.00
Lot: 2178 Bachmann/Joeff/Lima HO Gauge Assorted Engines and Tender/Cars$80.00
Lot: 218HO Gauge: 3 Bachmann Trolleys Set of 2, #56-1212 Blinking Oil Tank and #45602 Car Transporter/OBs$10.00
Lot: 219Aristo Craft G Gauge: #ART-46361 Pennsylvania Searchlight Car, #ART50091 Florida East Coast and #ART-42117 New Haven Caboose/OBs$60.00
Lot: 22020 Assorted Manufactures Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs$25.00
Lot: 22158 Assorted Manufactures Assorted Scale Vehicles$40.00
Lot: 2222 Dinky #965 Dark Green Military Euclid Rear Dump Trucks (R)$10.00
Lot: 2234 Assorted Publishers Books & DVD on Railroading$10.00
Lot: 2243 Dinky #561 Blaw Knox Bulldozers$30.00
Lot: 2255 Dinky #965 Euclid Rear Dump Trucks$35.00
Lot: 2266 Dinky #962 Mur-Hill Dumpers$35.00
Lot: 2279 Schuco/Maisto 1:32/1:24 Scale Automobiles/OBs$15.00
Lot: 2284 Dinky #965 Euclid Rear Dump Trucks$30.00
Lot: 22924 Tyco/Bachmann/Others HO Gauge Assorted Diesels, Cars and Accessories/OBs $40.00
Lot: 2302 Dinky #563 Heavy Tractors$20.00
Lot: 231Marx HO Gauge #9942 Allstate New Haven Steam Electric Train Set/OB$10.00
Lot: 2325 Vintage HO Scale Building Kits/OBs$15.00
Lot: 2332 LGB G Gauge #6400 Overhead Catenary Post Brackets Set of 4/OBs$50.00
Lot: 23410 Assorted Manufactures Assorted G Scale Assorted Kits and Accessories/OBs$50.00
Lot: 23516 N Gauge Engine, Cars and Accessories/OBs $45.00
Lot: 236G Scale Passenger Station $50.00
Lot: 2377 Assorted Manufactures Assorted Collectibles/Bric n Brac$15.00
Lot: 23875+ Assorted Manufacturers Assorted Scales Assorted Vehicles & Figures$40.00
Lot: 239G Scale: Aristo-Craft #ART-7103-01 Water Tank and Watch Tower$95.00
Lot: 24040+ Spode Assorted Christmas Tree Dishes, Napkins and Other Items for Holiday Dinner Table$10.00
Lot: 2419 Assorted Toy Trains Collecting Books$50.00
Lot: 242Brass Train Set$5.00
Lot: 2433 Atlantis 1:48 Scale #H1402 Gas Truck Plastic Kits$25.00
Lot: 24424 Lionel Assorted Tractor Trailers and Containers$45.00
Lot: 24555+ LGB-style G Gauge Pieces of Track $120.00
Lot: 2464 Assorted Publishers Railroading Books $10.00
Lot: 24720+ Pieces of Bachmann G Gauge Track$45.00
Lot: 24825 Assorted Manufactures Landscape Accessories/Plastic Containers/Bags$55.00
Lot: 2495 Assorted Vintage 1:25/1:72 Scale Airplane Kit, Signal Set and Cars/OBs$10.00
Lot: 250Gilbert Erector Set/Wood Box$20.00
Lot: 2517 Assorted Train/Railroads Books$10.00
Lot: 252LGB/Lionel G/Large Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars$80.00
Lot: 253LGB/Kalamazoo G Gauge #1862-0-91 North Pole Railway and Emmett Kelly Jr Engine & Tender and Passenger Car$75.00
Lot: 2549 Assorted Toy Train Collecting Books$30.00
Lot: 255Pola/LGB #01258 Merry-Go-Round$55.00
Lot: 256Hawthorne Village/Joeff HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Steelers and International Cars$150.00
Lot: 2577 Assorted Toy Train Collecting Books$15.00
Lot: 25850+ Assorted 1:64/1:43 Vehicles, Airplanes and other Figures$85.00
Lot: 25925 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs - SATURN Missile Battery is not included.$30.00
Lot: 260American Flyer Erector Set/Wood Box$20.00
Lot: 261Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric Engine Toy$90.00
Lot: 262G Gauge: Service Railway Express Train Set/OB$5.00
Lot: 26330+ Assorted Parts of Railroad Lanterns$20.00
Lot: 264American Red Extension Crane$120.00
Lot: 265PH Hobbies #PS10G 180VA Hobby Power Pack$40.00

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