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Sunday, November 14, 2021 Brass/G/HO/N/Z/Diecast/Toys Misc. Potluck Toy Trains Auction:

Brass/G/HO/N/Z/Diecast/Toys Misc. Potluck Toy Trains Auction starts at 6:00 p.m. (EST) Sunday, November 14, 2021. Bids may be placed on each lot by using AuctionsBy™, the Live On-Line Bidding System on the AmbroseBauer Trains' WebSite or on

A Twelve Percent Buyer's Premium will apply for those entering winning bids on AuctionsBy™. Absentee Bidders must pay by check or money order within ten days of the date of the Auction. A $50.00 administrative fee will be added to each lot that is not paid in full within twenty days of the date of the Auction. AuctionsBy™ does accept bids on each lot until that Lot is sold, but we encourage bids to be left before the Auction is actually conducted in order to eliminate some of the traffic on our Server and to ensure that your bids are actually received and entered into our System. We do not accept credit card payments.

Only lots that contain the language 'All Original in our Opinion' are guaranteed to be original per the Limited Warranty as stated in the Terms and Conditions. We neither test nor warrant the mechanical operation of any item. As per the Terms and Conditions, we do not warrant our Opinions as to the Condition and expect each Bidder to review all of the photos to determine their own opinion as to the condition of an item.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in Pennsylvania and who do not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

West Virginia Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in West Virginia and who do not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file. West Virginia Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

PLEASE NOTE: UPS has greatly increased its shipping rates over the summer, especially for large boxes, and especially especially for those going to the West Coast. As such, you should not count on large - if any - discounts on the total shipping charges for multiple lots compared to the charges that are listed in each lot, and bidders that are on the West Coast/Rocky Mountains should factor in charges greater than those listed even if the lot does not so state. We are not trying to make money on Shipping, but just to recover our substantial expenses.

Please Double-Click on the Lot Numbers in the List Below to see in Detail that Particular Lot with all Pictures of that Lot as well as a Bidding Box to place your Absentee Bids. The Bidding Box to place your Snipe Bids is at the bottom of the Lot Detailed Page. You may also bid live during the auction by clicking the TAKE ME LIVE menu item to your left.

Our Private Internet Auctions are conducted in the State of West Virginia.

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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 1LGB G Gauge: #26605 Steam Two Piece Motorized Rotary Snow Blower/OB$2850.00
Lot: 2Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8131 Passenger Train Set/OB$190.00
Lot: 3Aristo Craft HO Gauge: Trolley Bus System Kit/OB$100.00
Lot: 4Marklin HO Gauge: #4866 Flat Car with Van, #43989 Baggage Car and #Museum 2001 Flat Car with Accessories/OBs$40.00
Lot: 5AZL Z Gauge: #AZL-62007 New York Central GP-7 Engine and #AZL-62105 New York Central GP-30 Engine/Plastic Cases$200.00
Lot: 6Marklin HO Gauge: #7051 Remote Controlled Rotary Crane/OB$85.00
Lot: 7Marklin HO Gauge: #49570 Steam Crane Set/OB$490.00
Lot: 8Aristo Craft HO Gauge: 9 Trolley Bus System Kit with Additional Parts/OBs$90.00
Lot: 9Marklin HO Gauge: #47893 Track Laying Train Car Set and #49955 Car Set for the Crane Car Train/OBs$70.00
Lot: 10Marklin Z Gauge: #8887 750 Years of Berlin Set w/Silver Plaques/OB$110.00
Lot: 11Westside Models HO Gauge: Brass #2 NYC J1-E Hudson Engine & Tender/OB$230.00
Lot: 12Bachmann HO Gauge: #00628 Lafayette B&O Passenger Set/OB$75.00
Lot: 13Marklin HO Gauge: #46066 Freight Car Set and #48661 Flat Cars with Tractors/OBs$65.00
Lot: 147 Assorted Framed RR/TCA Memorabilia and Hats$30.00
Lot: 15Micro Trains Z Gauge: #980 01 280/980 02 280 Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Yellow/Silver F7 AB Units/Plastic Cases$80.00
Lot: 16Marklin HO Gauge: 15 Vintage Assorted Cars$60.00
Lot: 17Aristo Craft HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Miniature Trolleys and Trolley Cab/OB$110.00
Lot: 1855 pieces of Atlas 2 Rail O Gauge Track and Switch Track$60.00
Lot: 19Marklin HO Gauge: #1891/1895/1897 Assorted Tractors/OBs$35.00
Lot: 20AZL Z Gauge: #62612-1 Illinois Central E8A-E9A AA Set and 17 Assorted Illinois Central Passenger Cars/Plastic Cases$440.00
Lot: 21Marklin HO Gauge: #2853 6 Car Train Set/OB$60.00
Lot: 2222 Assorted Hallmark/Franklin Mint/Other Ornaments and Collectibles/OBs $10.00
Lot: 23Model Power HO Gauge: #2166 Alaska Metaltrain F7A Engine/OB$30.00
Lot: 24Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8140/8141/81415 Assorted Train Sets/OBs$210.00
Lot: 25AZL Z Gauge: RARE #17052 Union Pacific Challenger Engine and Tender/Plastic Case$2750.00
Lot: 26Marklin Mini-Club Z Gauge: #8103/8145 Steam & Diesel Train Sets/OBs$200.00
Lot: 27Marklin/Faller/Other N/Z Scale: 23 Assorted Buildings and Kits$45.00
Lot: 2814 Assorted Accessories and Kit/OBs$25.00
Lot: 29AZL Z Gauge: 2 #71625-1 D&RGW Baggage Cars/Plastic Cases$25.00
Lot: 30Horizon Hobby #PRB08029 Veles 29 29 inch RTR Catamaran Speed Boat/OB$130.00
Lot: 31Marklin/Mini Club Z Gauge: #8107 City of Berlin Passenger Train Set and #8702 City of Berlin Passenger Car/OB/Plastic Case$110.00
Lot: 32Urbana Manufacturing Constructioneer Metal Building Set with Additional Parts/Metal Cases$30.00
Lot: 33Bachmann HO Gauge: #2000 Acela Electric Engine/OB$50.00
Lot: 34Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: 2 #88982 Steam Locomotives & Tenders/OBs$190.00
Lot: 35Micro Trains/AZL Z Gauge: Western Pacific F-7 AB Engines and 3 Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$170.00
Lot: 36Marklin Z Gauge: 5 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$25.00
Lot: 37Marklin Mini Club Z Gaug: 6 Anniversary Train Packs/OBs$40.00
Lot: 3815 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Accessories$75.00
Lot: 39Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8138 Steam Freight Car Set/OB$95.00
Lot: 40Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88321 Santa Fe F-7 ABA Red/Silver Set with Caboose/OB$160.00
Lot: 41Marklin/Mini Club Z Gauge: #8137 Diesel Freight Train Set/OB$85.00
Lot: 42Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge #88941/88942 Steam Locomotive/OBs$200.00
Lot: 43Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #82339/86303/82431 Assorted Sets/OBs$150.00
Lot: 44Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81411 25 Year Anniversary Mini Club Freight Set/OB$120.00
Lot: 45Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge #81379 Steam 3 Car Freight Train Set and #82379 Freight 6 Car Train Set/OBs$240.00
Lot: 46Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88983 Steam Locomotive & Tender and #88030 Steam Locomotive & Tender/OBs$200.00
Lot: 47Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8130 Steam Freight Train Set/OB$130.00
Lot: 48Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88729 Streamline Passenger Car Set/OB$150.00
Lot: 49Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81420 Steam Passenger/Freight Car Set/OB$95.00
Lot: 50LGB G Gauge: #21382 Third Avenue Transit System Trolley/OB$340.00
Lot: 51Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81416 Steam Passenger Car Set/OB$120.00
Lot: 52Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81438 Steam Passenger Train Set/OB$290.00
Lot: 53Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81409 Diesel Auto Transport Train Set/OB$140.00
Lot: 54Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81400 Diesel 40 Year Anniversary Commuter Train Set/OB$150.00
Lot: 55Marklin/Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81001 Steam 4 Car Freight Train Set and #81352 Coal 6 Car Freight Train Set/OBs$250.00
Lot: 56Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #82599 Flat Car w/Pipe Load 3-Pack Set, #86211/86212 Hot Slag Dump Car 2-Pack Set/OBs$60.00
Lot: 57Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81362 40 Anniversary Steam Snow Blower Set/OB$140.00
Lot: 58Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #86202 Torpedo Ladle Car 2-Pack Set and #86200 Torpedo Ladle Car/OBs$150.00
Lot: 59Marklin Z Gauge #81438 Steam Passenger Train Set/OB$220.00
Lot: 60Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge #88602 Baltimore & Ohio AB Units and #87845 Baltimore & Ohio 6 Car Passenger Set/OBs$200.00
Lot: 61Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge #88276/88856/88985 Assorted Steam Engines and Tenders/OBs$400.00
Lot: 62Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81437 Steam Passenger Car Set/OB$170.00
Lot: 63Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #82436/82802/86238/86307 Assorted Freight Car Sets/OBs$70.00
Lot: 64Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: 11 Assorted Freight Cars/Deluxe Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 65Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88203 Engine, #88791 Engine, #81699 2 Car Freight Train Set and #88145 Rail Car/OBs$340.00
Lot: 66Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: Steam Start Up Set with Extra Freight Car and #82519 2 Freight Cars and Vehicle/OB/Tin Case$40.00
Lot: 67AZL Z Gauge: 13 Assorted Tank Cars/Plastic Cases$180.00
Lot: 68Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8106 Chessie System Diesel Train Set and #82590 Hopper Cars Set of 4/OBs$180.00
Lot: 69AZL Z Gauge: 15 Assorted Heavyweight Passenger Cars/Plastic Cases$230.00
Lot: 70Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88606 Santa Fe F-7 Red/Silver AB Set and #87848 Santa Fe Passenger Cars Set of 6/OBs$280.00
Lot: 71Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88812 2-8-2 Steam Engine and Tender with Caboose/OB$130.00
Lot: 72Marlin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88807B 2-8-2 Steam Engine and Tender and Caboose Set/OB$130.00
Lot: 73AZL Z Gauge: 13 Assorted Cabooses/Plastic Cases$80.00
Lot: 74AZL Z Gauge: #70006-1 Southern Crescent Heavyweight Passenger Cars Set of 8/OB$180.00
Lot: 75LGB G Gauge: #21832 White Pass & Yukon Route Baldwin 2-8-2 Locomotive Works Engine & Tender/Wooden Case$2050.00
Lot: 76AZL Z Gauge: #62612-1 Illinois Central E8A-E9A Engines and #70020-1 Illinois Central Panama Limited Set of 8 Passenger Car/OB/Plastic Cases$280.00
Lot: 77Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81419 Steam Illinois Central Passenger Train Set/OB$290.00
Lot: 78AZL Z Gauge: 10 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$35.00
Lot: 79AZL Z Gauge: 9 Assorted Heavyweight Passenger Cars/Plastic Cases$130.00
Lot: 80Horizon Hobby #PRB08022 Recoil 26 BL Deep-V RTR 26 inch Self Righting/Brushless Speed Boat/OB$130.00
Lot: 81Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8007A Baltimore & Ohio Steam Regional Set/OB$140.00
Lot: 82Marklin Z Gauge: #88075 Commodore Vanderbilt NYC Hudson Locomotive & Tender/OB$250.00
Lot: 83Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge #88974 DB Class 43 0-10-0 Steam Locomotive & Tender/OB$160.00
Lot: 84Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81419 Passenger Car Train Set/OB$280.00
Lot: 85Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: 3 #88601 Santa Fe F-7 Blue/Silver A Engines/OBs$350.00
Lot: 86Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8808 NYC 2-8-2 Steam Locomotive & Tender/OB$100.00
Lot: 87Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8882 Pennsylvania Tuscan Steam Locomotive & Tender and Caboose Set/OB$130.00
Lot: 88Heris/Brawa HO Gauge: 2 #48020 Jay Bay & St B, #50004 Beer Wagon and #50006 Beer Wagon/OB/Plastic Cases$35.00
Lot: 89Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8004A Steam 2-8-2 Rock Island Regional Set/OB$180.00
Lot: 90DieCast Masters 1:20 Scale #28001 CAT 330D L R/C Excavator/OB$320.00
Lot: 91Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8881 Baltimore & Ohio Two-Tone Blue Engine & Tender and Caboose Set/OB$120.00
Lot: 92Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81419 Steam 4-6-0 Illinois Central Passenger Train Set/OB$280.00
Lot: 93Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88627 Union Pacific Engine/Ob$150.00
Lot: 94Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88921 Kay Bay & St. B 4-6-2 Locomotive & Tender/Ob$170.00
Lot: 95Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8139 Milwaukee Road 2-8-2 Steam/Tender Freight 5 Car Set/OB$170.00
Lot: 96Marklin/Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #86355/86581/82623/86618 Assorted Freight Sets/OBs$120.00
Lot: 97Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8776 6 Piece Freight Set, #82503 Bantrans 6 Piece Freight Set and #86955 Piece Freight Set/OBs$130.00
Lot: 98Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #86000 4 Car Freight Car Set, #8768 4 Car Passenger Car Set and #82368 3 Car Freight Car Set/OBs$75.00
Lot: 99Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #81800 HVLE/VTG Diesel Freight Train Set/OB$200.00
Lot: 100LGB G Gauge: #27872 NYC 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Locomotive & Tender/OB$1050.00
Lot: 101Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88980 0-8-0 Steam Locomotive & Tender/OB$100.00
Lot: 102Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #82514 5 Car Freight Set and #82521 4 Car Freight Set/OBs$80.00
Lot: 103Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #88643 Switcher Engine/OB$65.00
Lot: 104LGB G Gauge: #30660 Lighted Furka-Oberalp Panoramic Coach /OB$190.00
Lot: 105USA Trains G Gauge: 5 New York Central Heavyweight Dark Green/Black Passenger Cars/OBs$420.00
Lot: 106LGB G Gauge: #4075 Denver and Rio Grande Caboose/OB$35.00
Lot: 107LGB G Gauge: 100th Anniversary Train Set 1994/OB$140.00
Lot: 108Piko G Gauge: #30108-1 BTOC 0-6-0 Saddle Tank Engine/OB$120.00
Lot: 109LGB G Gauge: #32650/34650 Passenger Cars/OBs$350.00
Lot: 110Horizon Hobbys/Axial 1:10 Scale #AX103002 Electric RTR SCX 10 IIUMG10 6X6 Truck w/All Original Parts/OB$180.00
Lot: 111LGB G Gauge: #2033 Orange Electric Locomotive/OB$110.00
Lot: 112LGB G Gauge: #2030 CL Special Electric Engine for the 16-year MRRC meeting of 1994 in Hyannis/OB$110.00
Lot: 113LGB G Gauge: #2060 H Diesel Switcher/OB$85.00
Lot: 114LGB G Gauge: #20401 Train Set/OB$120.00
Lot: 115LGB G Gauge: #2071 D Steam 0-6-0 Engine/OB$100.00
Lot: 116Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8695/8696/82503/86552 Freight Car Sets/OBs$130.00
Lot: 117Marklin Z Gauge: #8620 Transformer Car, #82270 Flat Car w/Trailer & Truck, 2 #8657 Cranes & Flat Cars and #86191 Level Car/Plastic Cases$85.00
Lot: 118Marklin HO Gauge: #3003 BR24 2-6-0 Steam Locomotive & Tender/OB$45.00
Lot: 119Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: 7 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$75.00
Lot: 120Honglong 1:16 Scale 33898-1 2.4 QHz R/C M4A3 Sherman Main Battle Tank w/All Parts and Extra Ball Bullets/OB$150.00
Lot: 121Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: 13 Assorted Passenger Cars/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 122Marklin/Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #82270/8211/82271/8662/8604 Piggyback Flat Cars w/trailer & Truck/Plastic Cases$65.00
Lot: 123Marklin HO Gauge: #3404 BR 80 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive/OB$35.00
Lot: 124LGB G Gauge: #2095 OBB Red Diesel Engine/OB$140.00
Lot: 125Marklin HO Gauge: 56"L x 40"W Dealer Display $540.00
Lot: 126USA Trains G Gauge: #R22572 Boston and Maine Alco S4 Diesel Switcher/BTO Club/OB$140.00
Lot: 127Micro Trains Z Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$110.00
Lot: 128Marklin/Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: #8618/8603/82270/8211 Piggy Back Flat Cars w/trailers & Trucks and #82325 Kessel Wagon Tank Car w/truck/Plastic Cases$45.00
Lot: 129Marklin Z Gauge: 9 Assorted Red/Tan Passenger Cars/Plastic Cases$110.00
Lot: 130Henglong 1/16 Scale 2.4 GHz R/C German King Tiger Battle Tank w/all Parts/OB$180.00
Lot: 131Z Gauge: #6 West Line Lumber Co Two Truck Shay Steam Locomotive$85.00
Lot: 132Micro Train Z Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$110.00
Lot: 133Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge: 2 #82600 Santa Fe Powered B Units/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 134Micro Trains Z Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 135LGB G Gauge: #2080 D Tank 0-6-0 Steam Engine/OB$130.00
Lot: 136Busch/Hera/Hubner HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Layout Models and Cars/OB/Plastic Case$15.00
Lot: 137Micro Trains Z Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$130.00
Lot: 138Micro Trains Z Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 139Marklin HO Gauge: #3029 Steam Engine and #36337 Electric Engine/OBs$140.00
Lot: 140Micro Trains Z Gauge: Red/Silver #980 01 070 Santa Fe F7 A Unit and 2 #980 02 070 Santa Fe F7 B Units/Plastic Cases$130.00
Lot: 141Micro Trains Z Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$130.00
Lot: 142Micro Trains Z Gauge: 13 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$140.00
Lot: 143Micro Trains Z Gauge: 12 Assorted Cars/Plastic Cases$130.00
Lot: 144Marklin Mini Club Z Gauge:9 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$25.00
Lot: 145AZL Z Gauge: #62907-1 Pennsylvania F3 Phase II AB Set/Plastic Case$120.00
Lot: 146Marklin HO Gauge: #34231 VT 133 009 Bus Engine/OB$45.00
Lot: 147Micro Trains Z Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$140.00
Lot: 148Marklin 1 Gauge: 14 Assorted Track and Accessories/OBs$65.00
Lot: 149Marklin HO Gauge: #33081 BR85 2-10-2 Steam Locomotive/OB$70.00
Lot: 150Rare/Original Smith-Miller Toys Pacific InterMountain Express Mack Truck w/Trailer$330.00
Lot: 151Marklin HO Gauge: #30321 BR81 0-8-0 Steam Locomotive/OB$55.00
Lot: 152Marklin #60045/60195 Switched Mode Power Packs/OBs$10.00
Lot: 153Marklin 1 Gauge: 9 Assorted Track and Accessory/OBs$70.00
Lot: 154Marklin HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Track, Turnouts and Rail Pack/OBs$90.00
Lot: 155Micro Trains/AZL Z Gauge: #980 01 250/980 02 250 Burlington Northern F7 AB Units and #BN12280/BN12610 Cabooses/Plastic Cases$160.00
Lot: 156Milwaukee Road HO: 4-6-2 Hiawatha Steam Engine & AA/AB F Diesels$85.00
Lot: 157Marklin Digital #60226 Central Station 3 With Software/OB$300.00
Lot: 158Marklin 1 Gauge: #5900 Straight Track Set of 10, 2 #5962 Remote Switch Tracks and #5963 Remote Switch Tracks/OBs$55.00
Lot: 159Marklin HO Gauge: 35 Assorted Track and Accessories/OBs$80.00
Lot: 160Key Imports HO Gauge: Brass NYC L-4A 4-8-2 Mohawk Engine & Tender/OB$190.00
Lot: 161LGB G Gauge: #30421 15th Anniversary Lancaster Barrel Car, #44858 Flat Car with Container and 2 #40718 Cabooses/OBs$130.00
Lot: 162Marklin 1 Gauge: 21 Assorted Track and Accessories/OB$30.00
Lot: 163Marklin #6627 Toy Transformer/OB$10.00
Lot: 164LGB G Gauge: #2035/2036 Trolleys$140.00
Lot: 165LGB G Gauge: #2010D/2 10th Year LGB Model Railroad Club White Engine & 3 Cars$75.00
Lot: 166Marklin HO/1 Gauge: #5999 Track Kit and #2205 Flexible Straight Track Set of 10/OBs$45.00
Lot: 167Kibri/Marklin Crane Platform Station and #0202 Figures Set of 10 and #404G Figures Set of 11/OBs$40.00
Lot: 168LGB G Gauge: #30421 Barrel Car, #3007 CC 11th Anniversary Trolley, #3007 8th Anniversary Trolley and #4032 Box Car/OBs$80.00
Lot: 169LGB G Gauge: #4085 CC 30th Anniversary Flat Car with Container, Convention Box Car and 2 #3007 CC 01 12th Anniversary Trolleys/OBs$100.00
Lot: 170LGB G Gauge: #26816 Gray/Black 2-10-2 Steam Engine/OB$1650.00
Lot: 171LGB G Gauge: 4 #43805 25th Anniversary Tank Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 172LGB G Gauge: #2080 99-6001 2-6-2 Tank Steam Engine$100.00
Lot: 173LGB G Gauge: #2030 Blue/White E1 Electric & #2050 Steam Tram$130.00
Lot: 174LGB G Gauge:#2030 White/Blue Electric Steeple Cab Locomotive/OB$110.00
Lot: 175Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #542/6024 New York Central Niagara 4-8-4 Engine and Tender/OB$130.00
Lot: 176Hartland G Gauge: Big Train Operation Club Special Clear/Red Mack Switcher/OB$70.00
Lot: 177Alco Models HO Gauge: Brass #S-114 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie A-2 2-8-4 Engine & Tender/OB$180.00
Lot: 178Hartland G Gauge: Special #2008 30th BTO Club Engine & 2 Flats$100.00
Lot: 179Kato HO Gauge: #38-1005 Erie ACF 70 Ton Covered Hopper 3 Car Pack/OB$20.00
Lot: 180Sunset Models/Samhongsa HO Gauge: Brass NYC K-5 4-6-2 Engine & Tender/OB$150.00
Lot: 181Bachmann HO Gauge: #41-0802-12 Baltimore & Ohio GE 44 Ton Switcher/OB$25.00
Lot: 182LGB G Gauge: #2017 Green Steam Engine/Motorized Tender/2 Passenger Cars$150.00
Lot: 18335+ Pieces of Railroad Mania, Tie Clips, Cuff Links, Pins and many other miscellaneous items$20.00
Lot: 184LGB G Gauge: 4 Special Club Freight Cars$60.00
Lot: 185GEM Models HO Gauge: #SM-101 Pine Valley Lumber Co Baldwin Mallet 2-4-4-2 3 Truck Shay Engine & Tender$170.00
Lot: 186GEM Models HO Gauge: #SM-101 Pine Valley Lumber Co Baldwin Mallet 2-4-4-2 Engine & Tender/OB$240.00
Lot: 187MH Grossman Penn Central Trainman Conductor Cap$55.00
Lot: 188Broadway Limited Imports HO: #5517 4-4-4-4- Pennsylvania T-1 Steam Engine & Tender$130.00
Lot: 189Lambert Associates HO Gauge: Brass #603 Bucyrus Erie 250 Ton Railway Crane/OB$170.00
Lot: 190Key Imports/Samhongsa HO Gauge: Brass NYC L-3B 4-8-2 Mohawk/OB$150.00
Lot: 191Life-Like HO Gauge: #31582 USRA 0-8-0 Steam Engine and Tender with Sound/OB$130.00
Lot: 192Assorted Railroad/Train Portfolio, Christmas Cards, Postcards and Metal Plagues$75.00
Lot: 19310 Assorted Manufacturers Assorted Railroad Insulators$25.00
Lot: 194OP Co Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Diner Plater$110.00
Lot: 195Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #068/5344 New York Central J1e 4-6-4 Engine and Tender/OB$150.00
Lot: 196Homemade #X-16229 Original Caboose End of Train Light/Lamp$10.00
Lot: 1977 Assorted Train Photo Portfolios and a DVD Collection$10.00
Lot: 1987 Assorted Publishers P&LE Train Books and Wood Plaque$50.00
Lot: 199Bachmann G Gauge: #89392/89396/89394/97419 Assorted Cars/OBs$75.00
Lot: 200LMB HO Gauge: Brass NYC Hudson 20th Century Engine & Tender/OB$220.00
Lot: 201Bachmann HO Gauge: #84701 Three Truck Shay Engine and Tender/OB$240.00
Lot: 202Silver Streak Turntable$10.00
Lot: 2035 Assorted Publishers Train Books (Erie/B&O/C&O)$30.00
Lot: 204National Model Railroad Association Data Binder, Catalogs of Manufactures Railroad Products Binder and Shop Theory Binder$5.00
Lot: 205Bachmann HO Gauge: #81909 W.V.P & P Three Truck Shay Engine and Tender/OB$200.00
Lot: 206LMB Models HO Gauge: #7407 New York Central 0-6-0 Engine and Tender/OB$95.00
Lot: 2076 Assorted Publishers Hard Cover Train Books$20.00
Lot: 208Walthers HO Gauge: #920-41410 (8964) New York Central SW9/1200 Engine with Sound/DDC/OB$95.00
Lot: 209HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Building Kits/OBs$35.00
Lot: 210Tamara HO Gauge: Brass NYC 4-6-0 Engine & Tender/OB$90.00
Lot: 211Fuji Models HO Gauge: Brass FM203 NYC 0-8-0 Switcher & Tender/OB$85.00
Lot: 212Lindsey HO Gauge: #L-1050/L-1052 Alco 2000 HP A Units Power/Non/OBs$15.00
Lot: 2137 Assorted Publishers Train Books$15.00
Lot: 214Tenshodo/NWSL HO Gauge: Brass #1025 J&L Tank Car, 2 #423 Log Cars and 2 Cabooses/OBs$160.00
Lot: 215MEW HO Gauge: Brass #261 Cleveland Union Terminal 4-6-6-4 Electric Engine/OB$250.00
Lot: 216HO Gauge: 9 Assorted NYC Passenger Engine and Passenger Cars/OB$100.00
Lot: 217Bachmann HO Gauge: Die-Cast #98 B&O Switcher, Grey Switcher, #36 Three Truck Shay and Black Engine & Tender$140.00
Lot: 218Hobbytown/Stewart Products/MEW HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Engine & Car Kits and Motors/OBs$45.00
Lot: 2196 Assorted Men of the Rails, Statue of Liberty and Johnny Appleseed Festival Plates/OBs$10.00
Lot: 220KTM/Max Gray HO Gauge Brass Western Maryland 3 Truck Shay/OB$150.00
Lot: 221United HO Gauge: Brass #2 Michigan California Lumber Two Truck Shay/OB$230.00
Lot: 222Bowser/Pascale Models/Varney HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engines, Engines & Tender, Trolley & Engine Kit/OBs$55.00
Lot: 223Varney HO Gauge: Streamline Passenger Aerotrain$65.00
Lot: 224United HO Gauge: Brass Class B Two Truck Shay/OB$150.00
Lot: 225LMB Models HO Gauge: Brass NYC Niagara 4-8-4 Engine & Tender/OB$160.00
Lot: 226United HO Gauge: Brass #9405 New York City Berkshire 2-8-4 Engine and Tender/OB$200.00
Lot: 2275 Wendell Forge Bronze and Silver Trays and Plate$10.00
Lot: 228Christian Bell Porcelain Ltd Baltimore and Ohio, Boston and Maine, Milwaukee Rd, White Pass and Erie Railroad Dishes/OBs$10.00
Lot: 229Alco Models HO Gauge: Brass #D-151 P&LE E.M.D. (1516) SW-1500 Engine/OB$70.00
Lot: 230GEM Models HO Gauge: Brass Pine Valley Lumber Co. Two Truck Shay w/Caboose$140.00
Lot: 231Red Caboose HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$40.00
Lot: 232HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Freight Cars$35.00
Lot: 233AHM HO Gauge: #5095 NYC 4-6-4 Streamline Hudson Engine & Tender/OB$90.00
Lot: 234Westside Model Company HO Gauge: Brass New York Central (5451) J3a 4-6-4 Super Hudson Engine and Tender/OB$170.00
Lot: 235Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #218/9519 NYC & PLE H-9D 2-8-2 Engine & Tender/OB$130.00
Lot: 2362 Dresse End of Train Lanterns$260.00
Lot: 237HO Gauge: Assorted Freight Cars$35.00
Lot: 238Suydam/Scale Structure Ltd HO Scale: 5 Assorted Building Kits/OBs$75.00
Lot: 239Train Miniatures HO Gauge: 14 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$30.00
Lot: 240Overland Models/Ajin HO Gauge: Brass #OMI-1453/212 New York Central P&LE H106 2-8-2 Engine and Tender/OB$640.00
Lot: 241Silver Streak HO Gauge: 17 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$55.00
Lot: 242HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Freight Cars$30.00
Lot: 243HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Freight Cars$40.00
Lot: 24410 Kadeem Line HO Gauge: #L-101/L-101B/L-102 40 Ton Logging Cars/OBs$60.00
Lot: 245LMB Models HO Gauge: NYC Empire State Hudson Engine & Tender (unlettered)/OB$160.00
Lot: 246HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Freight Cars$30.00
Lot: 247Pollock/MEW HO Gauge: Brass Log Loading Crane (w/ Bucket kit) and 4 Die-Cast Cinder Cars/OBs$150.00
Lot: 248MEW HO Gauge: Brass #700 NYC Heavy 4-4-4-4 Electic Locomotive/OB$170.00
Lot: 249United HO Gauge: Brass #356/6017 NYC Niagara 4-8-4 Engine & Tender/OB$180.00
Lot: 250MTH HO Gauge: #80-3170-1 NYC 4-6-4(5429) Empire State Hudson & Tender/OB$320.00
Lot: 251Fleischmann: #1 ST Nr.155/1 Steam Engine w/Roller/OB$120.00
Lot: 252Accurail HO Gauge:21 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$60.00
Lot: 253Central Valley HO Gauge: 20 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs$70.00
Lot: 254Life-Like Pronto 2000 Series HO Gauge: #23731 NYC S-1 Locomotive/OB$35.00
Lot: 255Bachmann HO Gauge: #11412 B&O Consolidation 2-8-0 Steam Engine & Tender/OB$50.00
Lot: 256Pola/LGB G Gauge: Operating Bobby Saw Mill$60.00
Lot: 257Mainline Models HO Gauge: 19 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs$20.00
Lot: 258Mantua HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Car Kits (some brass)/OBs$30.00
Lot: 259Adlake Original Railroad Track Switch Lantern$50.00
Lot: 260Mint/Sealed Spectrum HO: #84114/5475 Pennsylvania 4-6-2 Steam Engine & Tender/OB$75.00
Lot: 261HLW G Gauge: 2010 Mack Clear Blue Center-Cab Switcher/OB$30.00
Lot: 262Walthers HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Century Limited and NYC Passenger Car Kits/OBs$30.00
Lot: 263Life-Like HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$50.00
Lot: 2643 Adulate/Dietz Viesta Red Glass Railroad Lanterns$120.00
Lot: 265HLW G Gauge: 2016 Green BTOC Anniversary Engine/OB$70.00
Lot: 266HLW G Gauge: 2012 BTOC Christmas Line Car/OB$50.00
Lot: 267Abroid HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs$15.00
Lot: 2684 Adlake Railroad Lanterns$50.00
Lot: 269HLW G Gauge: 2010 Mack Clear Blue Center Cab Switcher/OB$35.00
Lot: 270New Spectrum HO Gauge: #697/4829 Brunswick Green Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric/OB$160.00
Lot: 271HLW G Gauge: 2009 BTO Black Convention 2 Piece Set/OB$30.00
Lot: 272Oxweld #616 P&LE RR Union Carbide Lamp w/Wood Handle$40.00
Lot: 273HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$30.00
Lot: 274Seth Thoma/USA Antique Clock$40.00
Lot: 275MTH HO Gauge: #80-3169-1 (5426) NYC 4-5-4 Empire State Hudson & Tender/O(B$370.00
Lot: 276HO Gauge: Brass #001 Weyerhaeuser Timber Co Caboose, #AT-100 Tender and 2 NYC Cabooses/OBs$55.00
Lot: 277HLW G Gauge: 2009 BTO Black Convention Two Piece Set/OB$30.00
Lot: 278Varney HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$15.00
Lot: 279Spectrum HO; #81409 Boston & Maine Gas Electric (Doodlebug)/OB$45.00
Lot: 280Athearn HO Genesis: #G9013 C&O 2-8-2 Steam Engine & Tender/OB$70.00
Lot: 281Pronto 1000 HO: R-17 NYC Transit Set/4 Cars/Silver/OBs$160.00
Lot: 282Roundhouse HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs$55.00
Lot: 283Athens HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs$70.00
Lot: 284Spectrum HO: #87023/224 Amtrak F40PH Diesel/Phase II (w/strobe light)/OB$35.00
Lot: 285Athearn Genesis #G2609A/B 4265A/B B&M F-7B Phase I Diesels/OBs$150.00
Lot: 2862 Athearn 2-8-2 Unlettered Steam Engine & Tender$85.00
Lot: 287HLW G Gauge: 2014 Hershey Passenger Car/OB$30.00
Lot: 288HO Gauge: Die-Cast #999 Empire State Express E&T, #5314 E&T, #NYC E&T and #3925 Long NYC E&T$220.00
Lot: 289Mehano Train Line HO: #M804/822 B&O 4-4-0 Steam Engine & Tender/OB$55.00
Lot: 290Spectrum HO: #G9005/5155 New York Central USRA 2-8-2 Light Steam Engine & Tender/OB$60.00
Lot: 291HLW G Gauge: 2007 BTO Rail Bus/OB$65.00
Lot: 292HO Gauge: 50+ Assorted Track Pieces, Block Terminal Connectors and Slow Motion Switch Machine/OBs/Plastic Bags$65.00
Lot: 293HO Gauge: 50+ Assorted Box Cars, Accessories, Trucks and Other Parts/OBs/Plastic Cases/Envelopes$60.00
Lot: 294Mint Tidy Train Group HO: #6026 USRA 6 Box Car Kits/OB$30.00
Lot: 2959 HO Green/White Motorized Multi-Car Trams$150.00
Lot: 296Roundhouse HO Gauge: #481 Southern Pacific 2-8-0 Consolidation Kit and #436 Pennsylvania Atlantic Kit$25.00
Lot: 297Varney HO Gauge: B&O ABA Alco Units and Erie AB Alco Units$10.00
Lot: 298Northwest Short Line/Others HO Gauge: 30 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$60.00
Lot: 299New Spectrum On30 Gauge: #28326 Modern 4-4-9 American Outside Frame Engine & Tender/DCC/OB$150.00
Lot: 300MTH HO Gauge: #80-3166-1 NYC (5448) 4-5-4 Dreyfuss Hudson & Tender/OB$250.00
Lot: 301Spectrum On30: #29/25963 Little River Logging Co. 2-8-0 Steam Engine & Tender/OB$150.00
Lot: 302HO Gauge: Assorted #75 Brass Mack Rail Bus and 21 Assorted Cars/OBs$130.00
Lot: 303HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Cars/OBs$40.00
Lot: 304New Spectrum #89304/89396/89301/89305 Pennsylvania Prewar Heavyweights/OBs$65.00
Lot: 3052 Athearn Genesis #61000A/304 Santa Fe F-7A Phase I Diesels/Obs$140.00
Lot: 306Walthers HO Gauge: Sealed 2 #933-3391 Station Platforms and 2 #933-3175 Platform Shelters/OBs$40.00
Lot: 307HO Gauge: B&O Switcher and 19 Assorted Fright Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 30820+ Assorted Railroad Maps, True Railroad Parts and Railroad Memorabilia$45.00
Lot: 3092 Model Power HO: #96503/52 0-6-0 Steam Dockside Switchers/OBs $45.00
Lot: 310HO: #4929 Pennsylvania GG-1 Tuscan Electric & 3 Heavyweight Passenger Cars$55.00
Lot: 311Pronto 1000 HO: R-17 NYC Transit Set/4 Cars/Red/OBs$160.00
Lot: 312Assorted Precision Tools/OBs$70.00
Lot: 313Walthers HO Gauge: Sealed 3 #933-37654 Ashmore Hotels/OBs$55.00
Lot: 3143 Bachmann HO CN Steam Engines & Tenders/OBS$75.00
Lot: 315Rivarossi/Bachmann HO Gauge: 19 Assorted Blue Comet, Santa Fe & Burlington #9099 Powered Passenger Car and Passenger Cars$80.00
Lot: 3162 Spectrum HO #84609 Peter Witt Streetcars w/Lights and Full Interiors/OBs$75.00
Lot: 317Walthers HO Gauge: 6 Gold Ribbon Servicen Building Kits/OBs$70.00
Lot: 318Walthers HO Gauge: #933-3048 Champion Packing Co, #933-2967 Engineering Office and #933-3466 Argosy Book Sellers/OBs$55.00
Lot: 319Bachmann HO: 2 #60603/98 Louisville & Nashville GE 70 Ton Diesel Switchers/DSC/OBs$80.00
Lot: 320Broadway Ltd. HO: 2 #4103 Southern Pacific 4-8-8-2 Cab Forward Steam Engines & Tenders$250.00
Lot: 321HLW G Gauge: #2006 Christmas BTO Work Caboose, #2007 Christmas BTO Gondola and #40Th Anniversary Christmas Caboose/OBs$55.00
Lot: 322Walthers HO Gauge: Sealed #933-3196 Gateman Tower, #933-3088 Track Swing Bridge and #933-2944 Arched Road Bridge/OBs$40.00
Lot: 323Walters HO Gauge: #933-3706/933-3042/933-3045/933-3519/933-2913 Assorted Accessories/OBs$65.00
Lot: 324Pronto 1000 HO: R-17 NYC Transit Set/4 Cars/Silver/OBs$170.00
Lot: 325MTH HO: #89-3216-1 K Bay St S B Bavarian Steam Engine & Tender/DCS/OB$290.00
Lot: 326LGB G Gauge: 2 #41917 2002 Disney World Convention Cars and 2 #45765 2002 BTO Convention Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 3273 Model Power HO: #96503/52 0-6-0 Steam Dockside Switchers/OBs$55.00
Lot: 328Walthers HO Gauge: 3 #933-3391 Station Platforms and 3 #933-3175 Platform Shelters/OBs$50.00
Lot: 329HLW G Gauge: #2009 Red BTO Convention Caboose/OB$10.00
Lot: 330Broadway Ltd. HO: #5528 Pennsylvania T-1 4-4-4-4 Steam Engine & Tender$95.00
Lot: 331LGB G Gauge: #4003/35190/4028CC/3007CC Assorted Convention Cars/OBs$110.00
Lot: 332Walthers HO Gauge: Sealed #933-3028 Merchant Row I, #933-3029 Merchant Row II and 2 #933-2912 Sttae Line Farm Supply/OBs$55.00
Lot: 333Walthers HO Gauge: 2 #933-3175 Platform Shelters and 4 #933-3188 Wood Station Shed Platforms/OBs$50.00
Lot: 3345 Assorted Publishers Hardback Train Books$10.00
Lot: 335Life Like HO Gauge: 5 #1845 C&O Diesels and 6 Assorted Heavyweight Passenger Cars$75.00
Lot: 3366 Life-Like HO Gauge: B&O Switchers, Boston & Maine and Monon Engines$40.00
Lot: 337Walthers HO Gauge: Sealed #933-2909 Miss Betties Diner, 2 #933-3028 Merchant Row I and #933-3029 Merchant Row II/OBs$60.00
Lot: 338William Middeltn/Emery Gulash Hardback Train Book and NYC Odyssey VHS Tape Collection$10.00
Lot: 339Rivarossi/Life-Like HO Gauge: #52 Ann Arbor AA Units, #5804 Pa Long Alco, #37 NH Electric Locomotive and 2 New Haven Combination Cars$10.00
Lot: 340HO Gauge: Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric Engine and 9 Assorted Passenger Cars$140.00
Lot: 341Mehano HO Gauge: 2 #M9896 B&O 4-6-2 Pacific Engine & Tender and #M804 American 4-40 Engine & Tender/OBs$100.00
Lot: 342HO: 14 Spectrum 44 Ton/Center Car Switchers/Cabs$75.00
Lot: 3436 Assorted Publishers Hardback Train Books$5.00
Lot: 344HO/1:35 Gauge: 7 Assorted Building and Tank Kits/OBs$35.00
Lot: 345Roco/Bachmann HO Gauge: 3 #3806 NYC Diesel Engines, #3430 B Unit and 9 Passenger Cars$20.00
Lot: 346Mehano Train Line HO: 2 #M9868/1380 Southern 4-6-2 Green/White Steam Engines & Tenders/OB$90.00
Lot: 347HO Gauge: 300+ Assorted Trucks, Motors, Assorted Parts and Decals$30.00
Lot: 348HO: 21 Assorted Manufacturers Streamlined Passenger Cars and Stalls$50.00
Lot: 349Mehano Train Line HO: 2 #M9851/5394 B&O 4-6-2 The Royal Blue Steam Engines & Tenders/OB$110.00
Lot: 350Diamond Scale Construction HO Gauge: Steel Truss Turntable Kit/OB$25.00
Lot: 3515 Mantua/Bachmann/Varney HO Gauge: #278/279/3/18/27 Assorted Engines and Tenders $20.00
Lot: 352HO: #603 Pennsylvania 2-8-8-2 Steam Engine & Tender$30.00
Lot: 353HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Passenger Cars and Shell and 1 Passenger Car Kit$10.00
Lot: 354 40 Shinohara HO Switches, Track & Crossings$130.00
Lot: 355Rivarossi/Unknown HO Gauge: #5426 NYC Empire State Engine and Tender and 8 NYC Streamlined Passenger Cars$85.00
Lot: 356HO Gauge: #5445 Engine, 8 Tenders, 2 Tender Kits and 2 Engine and Car Motor Frames/OBs$10.00
Lot: 357Roundhouse HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 358HO Gauge: 29 Assorted Ore Hoppers$60.00
Lot: 359HO: #8800 Pennsylvania 4-8-2 Steam Engine & Tender$25.00
Lot: 360RARE Marklin #PA-5-023(CH) Early Years Handmade Heidi Ott (Real Hair) & Baby Buggy,$60.00
Lot: 36110 Life-Like/Other HO Gauge New York Central Engines and Passenger Cars$25.00
Lot: 362HO Gauge: #53 N.Y.O. & W Engine, 2 #98 Katerskill Engines, #67 Katerskill Engine, Unmarked Engine, Catskill Mountain/54/1251 CMRR Unassembled Engines$20.00
Lot: 363Bowser HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Car Kits and 5 Overhead Wire Kits/OBs$15.00
Lot: 364HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Trolleys and Workers Commuter Train$55.00
Lot: 365Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #5324/5330/5334 NYC Engines & Tenders$190.00
Lot: 366Bachmann On30 Gauge: #26199 Combine, #26399 Coach, #27861 Gondola, #27145 Tank Car and #27799 Caboose/OBs$35.00
Lot: 367Rapido Trains HO Gauge: 3 #200201 and 3 #200202 Penn Central Intermediate Turbo Coach Cars/OBs$190.00
Lot: 368Bowser HO Gauge: #6467 New York Central Engine and Tender, #226 N.Y.O. & W Engine and Tender, #125220 Trolley and 2 Tenders/OBs$60.00
Lot: 369International Hobby HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Canadian National Passenger Cars/OBs$70.00
Lot: 370Special LGB G Gauge: #5132 Operating Work Train Locomotive with Crane, #4141 Gray Four-Wheel Ballast Car, and #4021 Gray Gondola/OBs$460.00
Lot: 371Walthers HO Gauge: Sealed 2 #933-3006 Interstate Fuel & Oil Company, #933-3017 Mining New River Company and #933-3069 Front Street Warehouse/OBs$60.00
Lot: 372Scene Master HO Gauge: B&O Heavyweight Passenger Cars, 2 #8024 Combination Car, 2 #8021 Diner Car, #8022 Coach and 2#8023 Coach/OBs$60.00
Lot: 373Walthers HO Gauge: 29 Assorted Work Train Sets and Cabooses/OBs$140.00
Lot: 374International Hobby HO Gauge HO Gauge #M814 Undecorated 4-4-0 Engine and Tender, #M802 Southern Pacific 4-4-0 Engine and Tender and 2 #M524 Undecorated 2-6-0 Engines and Tenders/OBs$140.00
Lot: 375HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Trolleys, Engines and Tenders/OBs$65.00
Lot: 376International Hobby HO Gauge #M9661 Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric, #M9927 Undecorated 4-6-2 Engine and Tender, #814 4-4-0 Engine and Tender, and #814 CRR of NJ 4-4-0 Engine and Tender/OBs $130.00
Lot: 377AHM HO Gauge: #M514 Central Vermont Engine & Tender, Chicago & North Western Engine & Tender and 2 Wabash Engines & Tenders/OBs$130.00
Lot: 378Walthers HO Gauge: Sealed 2 #933-3041 Roundhouse and #933-3166 Team Track Scene/OBs$55.00
Lot: 379Walthers HO Gauge #933-3040 Car Shop Kit, #933-3045 Vulcan Mfg Company Kit, and 2 #933-3049 Ice House with Platform/OBs$25.00
Lot: 380Tenshodo HO Gauge: Brass #2907 NYC Engine & Tender$75.00
Lot: 3813 Old Railroad Lanterns$75.00
Lot: 382Berkshire Alley/SLM #11010 HO Gauge Union Trust Building, #801 O Gauge Service Station, and #802 O Gauge Brick Freight House/OBs$75.00
Lot: 383Walthers HO Gauge: Sealed 4 #933-3069 Front Street Warehouses/OBs$80.00
Lot: 384Suydam/California Model HO Gauge: #8 3-stall Branch Line Roundhouse and #8X Extra small Roundhouse/OBs$10.00
Lot: 385Megan/Bachmann HO Gauge #998 NYC 4-4-0 Engine & Tender, #175 NY O & W Engine & Tender, and #W3 Climax Shay Steam Engine & Tender$120.00
Lot: 386Atlas HO Gauge: #9583 Central of GA H15-44 Engine/OB$45.00
Lot: 387Hornby HO Gauge: 2 #R254 Thomas Electric Train Passenger Set and #R467 Percy Electric Freight Set/OBs$120.00
Lot: 388Walthers HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Building Kits/OBs$35.00
Lot: 389Bachmann HO Gauge: Sealed #88005 Bus Station Kit, #88004 Variety Store Kit and #88008 Savings and Loan Kit/OBs$40.00
Lot: 390LGB G Gauge #20601 Steam Starter Set/OB$90.00
Lot: 391Dietz New York Central Lantern Lamp$30.00
Lot: 3927 Scale Structures HO Gauge Building Kits/OBs$100.00
Lot: 393Walthers HO Gauge: Sealed 4 #933-3069 Front Street Warehouse Kits/OBs$60.00
Lot: 39410 International Hobby HO Gauge Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs$55.00
Lot: 395Stewart Hobbies/Suydam HO Gauge #712 Waukegan Express Trolley and #7999/5198 Powered Chassis/OBs$60.00
Lot: 3969 HO Fine Scale Miniatures/Micro Engineering/Railroad Ave Models Assorted Building Kits/OBs$160.00
Lot: 397O Scale: 2 Railway Designs #2014 Buzzards Bay Switch Tower Building Kits, OBs$100.00
Lot: 398Bachmann HO Gauge: Sealed #88002 Ambassador Hotel, #88003 Metropolitan Building, #88004 Variety Store and #88005 Bus Station/OBs$70.00
Lot: 399Sealed IHC HO Gauge #47898 NYC 8-Car Silver Streamline Passenger Set/OBs$100.00
Lot: 400Dressel Arlington NJ RR Caboose Lantern$95.00
Lot: 401IHC HO Gauge: #50426 Pennsylvania 8-Car Passenger Car Set/OB$90.00
Lot: 4027 Rivorossi HO: PRR Maroon Streamlined Passenger Cars$15.00
Lot: 403IHC HO Gauge: #48298 NYC 8-Car Passenger Set/OB$100.00
Lot: 4042 Dietz Little Wizard and No 100 Laterns$10.00
Lot: 405Lima HO Gauge: #14-9704 Leopold Military Train Set and 7 Assorted Passenger Cars/OB$120.00
Lot: 406Magnuson HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Building Kits/OBs$85.00
Lot: 407Hornby/Atlas HO Gauge: 15 Assorted Track Switches/Blister Packs$10.00
Lot: 408HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Building Kits and Accessories/OBs/Bags$80.00
Lot: 409IHC HO Gauge: Sealed #50418 Lehigh Valley 8-Car Passenger Car Set/OB$150.00
Lot: 410Lima/Jouef HO Guage: Black Steam Switcher, Green Engine & Tender, #9291 SNCF Electric Engine and #72002 SNCH Engine$35.00
Lot: 4113 Lima #2051 Transformers with European Plug$5.00
Lot: 412Jouef/Lima/Fleischmann HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Track & Accessories/OBs/Blister Packs$25.00
Lot: 413Lima/Trix HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Cars/OB$25.00
Lot: 414LGB G Gauge #20685/3007/4065/4065 Assorted Club Vehicle/Cars /OBs$340.00
Lot: 415LGB G Gauge: #2060 Red Diesel Engine/OB$75.00
Lot: 416Club LGB G Gauge: #4049 Searchlight Car w/Lookout Platform, #3080 1983 BTO Convention Car and #4030 Box Car/OBs$110.00
Lot: 417LGB/Life-Like/Other G Gauge: 11 Assorted Accessories and Parts/OBs$5.00
Lot: 418LGB G Gauge: #4165 Circus Caboose and#3007/3107/31071 Passenger Cars/OBs$75.00
Lot: 419IHC HO Gauge: Sealed #50035 NYC Empire State Express 8-Car Passenger Set/OB$85.00
Lot: 420LGB G Gauge: #2072 D 0-6-4 Steam Engine/Yellow OB$100.00
Lot: 421USA Trains G Gauge: 6 Assorted Club Freight Cars/OBs$50.00
Lot: 422LGB/Bachmann/Other G/Large Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 423Meng Models/Thunder Models 1:35 Scale #35002 U.S. Army Loader Kit and 5 #US-011 MB Military Vehicle Kits/Obs$20.00
Lot: 424LGB/Bachmann G/Large Gauge: #20032 Fireman Tom Motorcycle, #21030 Santa Motorcycle and #96251 LS Speeder/OBs$370.00
Lot: 425Walthers HO Gauge: #933-2840 Corner Stone Turntable/OB$120.00
Lot: 426HelJan HO Gauge: 8 #174 Timber Trestle Bridges/OBs$35.00
Lot: 427LGB G Gauge: 4 #1060 Boxes of Straight Track/OBs$260.00
Lot: 428Noch HO Gauge: 20+ Assorted Accessory Kits/OB/Blister Pack/Plastic Bags$40.00
Lot: 429LGB G Gauge: 4 #1605 Right Switch Track and 2 #1615W Left Switch Track/OBs$100.00
Lot: 430T & OC RY Lantern, B&O Lanterns and NYC Oil Can$30.00
Lot: 431LGB G Gauge: #3013 Dining Car and #3062/3063/3063 Passenger Cars/Yellow OBs$110.00
Lot: 432LGB G Gauge: 2 #1200 Right Switch Track, #1000U RR Crossing Track, #1100 Medium Curve, #1600 Long Curve and #5034 Platform/OBs$120.00
Lot: 433Walthers HO Gauge: 35 Assorted Corner Stone Series Building & Accessory Kits/Plastic Bags$90.00
Lot: 434LGB G Gauge: #5029 Electric Signal and 2 #5030 Manual Switch Signal/OBs$40.00
Lot: 435Diamond Scale Construction HO Gauge: Steel Truss Turntable Kit/OB$10.00
Lot: 436LGB G Gauge: #3064/4010/4042/4011/4066 Assorted Cars/Red OBs$110.00
Lot: 437LGB G Gauge: #4021 High Side Gondola, #4041 Ballast Car and #4061 Gondola/Yellow OBs$60.00
Lot: 438LGB G Gauge: 19 Assorted Accessories/Yellow OBs$75.00
Lot: 439 HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Building & Accessory Kits/OBs$100.00
Lot: 440G Gauge: Highly-Detailed Railroad Storage Shed w/Track Maintenance Car$65.00
Lot: 441Toy Founders Inc Convertible Car Kit w/ Extra Roof$60.00
Lot: 4421st Gear 1:25 #79-0182 International TP-25 Crawler w/Sweeper/OB$75.00
Lot: 443G Gauge Sawmill Shed Building$45.00
Lot: 444LGB G Gauge: Sealed 2019 Score Board w/Park Benches, 2020 Track Keeper Phone and 50th Anniversary Bus Stop/OBs$85.00
Lot: 445Adlake Chicago Caboose Lantern$40.00
Lot: 446Walthers HO Gauge: #933-2968 Transfer Table/OB$100.00
Lot: 447Bachmann HO Gauge: Sealed #BAC00626 Chattanooga Train Set/OB$65.00

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