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Saturday, May 29, 2021 American Flyer & Lionel S Gauge & G/Z/HO/N/Brass/Diecast/Toys/Dept. 56 Misc. Potluck Toy Trains Auction:

Our American Flyer & Lionel S Gauge & G/Z/HO/N/Brass/Diecast/Toys/Dept. 56 Misc. Potluck Toy Trains Auction starts at 6:00 p.m. (EDT) Saturday, May 29, 2021. Bids may be placed on each lot by using AuctionsBy™, the Live On-Line Bidding System on the AmbroseBauer Trains' WebSite or on

A Twelve Percent Buyer's Premium will apply for those entering winning bids on AuctionsBy™. Absentee Bidders must pay by check or money order within ten days of the date of the Auction. A $50.00 administrative fee will be added to each lot that is not paid in full within twenty days of the date of the Auction. AuctionsBy™ does accept bids on each lot until that Lot is sold, but we encourage bids to be left before the Auction is actually conducted in order to eliminate some of the traffic on our Server and to ensure that your bids are actually received and entered into our System. We do not accept credit card payments.

Only lots that contain the language 'All Original in our Opinion' are guaranteed to be original per the Limited Warranty as stated in the Terms and Conditions. We neither test nor warrant the mechanical operation of any item. As per the Terms and Conditions, we do not warrant our Opinions as to the Condition and expect each Bidder to review all of the photos to determine their own opinion as to the condition of an item.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in Pennsylvania and who do not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

West Virginia Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in West Virginia and who do not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file. West Virginia Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

Please Double-Click on the Lot Numbers in the List Below to see in Detail that Particular Lot with all Pictures of that Lot as well as a Bidding Box to place your Absentee Bids. The Bidding Box to place your Snipe Bids is at the bottom of the Lot Detailed Page. You may also bid live during the auction by clicking the TAKE ME LIVE menu item to your left.

Our Private Internet Auctions are conducted in the State of West Virginia.

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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 1American Models S Gauge: #090 Baltimore and Ohio Steam Passenger Train Set/OB$280.00
Lot: 2Model Power/Mantua HO Gauge: #6684/6684D/406-47/318-47 Assorted Engines and Tender/OBs$65.00
Lot: 3Aztec N Gauge: 48 Assorted Box Cars and Reefers/Plastic Cases$310.00
Lot: 4Walthers HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Passenger Cars and Reefers/OBs$130.00
Lot: 5Aristo Craft 1 Gauge #CART-22415 CP/Canadian Pacific SD-45 Diesel Engine/OB$360.00
Lot: 6Atlas HO Gauge: #8074 New York Central Alco 2 Engine, #7036/7060 GP-40 Undecorated Engines and 2 #7051 Baltimore and Ohio FP7 Engines/OBs$130.00
Lot: 7Aztec/Micro Trains N Gauge: 30 Assorted Box Cars and Reefer/Plastic Cases$200.00
Lot: 8Aztec N Gauge: 30 Assorted Reefers/Plastic Cases$230.00
Lot: 9AHM HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs$75.00
Lot: 10Lionel/American Flyer S Gauge: #48056 New York Central Dockside Switcher$30.00
Lot: 11Atlas HO Gauge: #7018/7046/8076/8153 Seaboard Engines/OBs$130.00
Lot: 12Micro Trains N Gauge: 19 Assorted Trailers/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 13Con-Cor N Gauge: #0001-041003 Set 1 and #0001-041004 Set 2 1938 New York Central Twentieth Century Car Sets/OBs$170.00
Lot: 14Atlas HO Gauge: #3797 Western Maryland GP-40, #979 Santa Fe SD24 and 2 #7047 Penn Central FP-7 Engines/OB$75.00
Lot: 15Aristo Craft 1 Gauge #REA22002 Canadian Pacific Alco FA-1 Diesel Engine/oOB$230.00
Lot: 16GSB Rail Ltd. HO Gauge: #3704 Santa Fe, #3706 Union Pacific and #3706 Seaboard Partially Assembled SD40-2 Engines/OBs$80.00
Lot: 17HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Old-style Wood Kits/OBs$100.00
Lot: 18N Gauge: 30 Assorted Box Cars/Plastic Cases$190.00
Lot: 19N Gauge: 30 Assorted Reefers/Plastic Cases$220.00
Lot: 20Athearn HO Gauge: 22 Assorted Freight Cars and Tractor Trailer Trucks/OBs$250.00
Lot: 21Kato HO Gauge: #37-01C/37-01D SP EMD SD 40 Engines/OBs$110.00
Lot: 2234 Aztec/Micro Trains N Gauge: 10 Sets of (three cars and 1 Case of 4 Cars)/Plastic Cases$290.00
Lot: 23Life-Like/Aztec N Gauge: 30 Assorted Cars/Plastic Cases$220.00
Lot: 246 Assorted Midge Toy Passenger Sets and Freight Sets/OBs/Blister Packs$40.00
Lot: 25American Flyer S Gauge: #474/475 Rocket AA Units$120.00
Lot: 26Athearn HO Gauge: #95123 SP SD40 T-2 Engine and #91622 SP SD45T-2 Engine/OBs$120.00
Lot: 27N Gauge: 17 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cars$90.00
Lot: 28Aztec/Micro Trains/Deluxe N Gauge: 30 Assorted Freight Cars/Original Box/Plastic Cases$300.00
Lot: 29Aztec N Gauge: 30 Assorted Reefers/Plastic Cases$220.00
Lot: 30AF S Gauge: #342AC Nickel Plate Road Steam Engine and Tender$75.00
Lot: 3180+ Assorted Midge Toy Engines, Tenders, Passenger Cars, Cars and Vehicles$45.00
Lot: 32HO Gauge: #6407-SP Southern Pacific Baggage Car and 12 Assorted Kits and Parts/OBs$80.00
Lot: 33International Hobby/Rivarossi/Other N Gauge: 12 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs$55.00
Lot: 34N Gauge: #101 Santa Fe AB Units and 22 Reefers$120.00
Lot: 35Athearn HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Engines/OBs$180.00
Lot: 36IHC HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Atlantic Coast Lines Passenger Cars/OBs$75.00
Lot: 37Kato/Other N Gauge: #351 Great Northern AB Units, #353 Great Northern AB Units and 21 Passenger Cars$170.00
Lot: 38N Gauge: 34 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$220.00
Lot: 39HO/N Gauge: 45+ Assorted Parts, Accessories and Collectibles/OBs$95.00
Lot: 40AF S Gauge: #370 GM GP-7 Locomotive$60.00
Lot: 41Athearn HO Gauge: 2 #4420 SP Olympic SD40-2 Engines, #1528/2528 SP GP-9 Engines and #4957 SP C44-9W Engine/OBs$85.00
Lot: 42Walthers Silver Streak HO Gauge: 33 Assorted Car Kits/OBs $160.00
Lot: 43HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Freight and Passenger Cars Kits/OBs$110.00
Lot: 44Con-Cor/Micro Trains N Gauge: #2557 Great Northern 4-8-4 Steam Engine and Tender and 10 Great Northern Passenger Cars$180.00
Lot: 45Athearn HO Gauge: 36 Assorted Non-Powered Engines and Freight Cars & Kits/OBs$130.00
Lot: 46Intermountain Railway Company O Gauge: #2941/8409/20415-12/21603-12 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs$60.00
Lot: 47HO Gauge: 22 Assorted Cars and Kit/OBs/Blister Packs$60.00
Lot: 48Magnuson Models/White Ground Model Works HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Building Kits/OBs$85.00
Lot: 495 Assorted Midge Toy Train Sets/Blister Packs$85.00
Lot: 50AF S Gauge: #336 Union Pacific Engine and Tender$250.00
Lot: 51Bachmann/Spectrum HO Gauge: #81703 Atlantic Coast Line 2-10-0 Russian Decapod Steam Engine and Tender/OB$60.00
Lot: 52Model Masterpieces/Fine Scale Miniatures HO Gauge: 114/120/121/185/190 Assorted Kits/OBs$200.00
Lot: 53Campbell Scale Models/Model Hobbies/NJ International HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Building and Accessory Kits/OBs$220.00
Lot: 54N Gauge: #763 Western Maryland Steam Engine and Tender and 18 Assorted Cars$130.00
Lot: 5512 Assorted Midge Toy Military Vehicles Sets and Vehicles/Blister Pack$90.00
Lot: 569 Assorted Die-Cast and Crystal 1:18/1:24 Scale Vehicles/OBs$60.00
Lot: 57N Gauge: 15 Assorted Kits/OBs$85.00
Lot: 58HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Car Kits and Box Car/OBs$110.00
Lot: 59HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Car Kits/OBs$140.00
Lot: 60American Flyer S Gauge: #342AC Nickel Plate Road Engine and Tender$75.00
Lot: 61Atlas HO Gauge: #8402 Atlantic Coast Line EMD GP7 Engine, 3 #8403 Atlantic Coast Line EMD GP7 Engines and #8715 Atlantic Coast Line ALCO S2 Engine/OBs$260.00
Lot: 62HO Gauge: 28 Assorted Car Kits/OBs$85.00
Lot: 63N Gauge: B&O #2784 Steam E&T, #82 Single F Engine and 7 Assorted Cars$90.00
Lot: 64Athearn HO Gauge: 20 Assorted Vehicles and Freight Cars/Kits/OBs$100.00
Lot: 6533 Athearn HO Gauge Assorted Car Kits/OBs$140.00
Lot: 66Accurail HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Cars/Kits (1 3-Pack)/OBs$55.00
Lot: 6711 Assorted 1:18/1:24 Scale Vehicles/OBs$40.00
Lot: 6811 Assorted 1:16/1:25 Scale Assorted Model Car Kits/OBs$65.00
Lot: 6910 Assorted Dept 56/Dickens Village/Heritage Village Assorted Ceramic Buildings and Accessories/OBs$30.00
Lot: 70AF S Gauge: #372 Union Pacific Engine$110.00
Lot: 71Athearn HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs$95.00
Lot: 725 Assorted Kyosho/Ertl 1:18 Scale Vehicles/OBs$230.00
Lot: 733 Framed Train Pictures$10.00
Lot: 7440+ Assorted Midge Toy Engines, Tenders, Passenger Cars and Cars$10.00
Lot: 75AF S Gauge: #332 Challenger Steam Engine and Tender$240.00
Lot: 7612 Assorted Midge Toy Passenger Sets, Freight Sets and Accessories/Blister Packs$50.00
Lot: 77HO Gauge: 43 Assorted Freight Cars$50.00
Lot: 78N Gauge: 46 Assorted Billboard Reefers$270.00
Lot: 79Athearn HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Passenger Cars and Kits/OBs$50.00
Lot: 80American Flyer S Gauge: #21922/21922-1 Missouri Pacific AA Units$270.00
Lot: 81AHM HO Gauge: 12 Assorted SP Passenger Cars/OBs$110.00
Lot: 826 Assorted Ertl Preschool Chevrolet Little Muscle Cars with sound/OBs$10.00
Lot: 83HO Gauge: 31 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$90.00
Lot: 84Deluxe Innovations/Other N Gauge: #12042-10K 12 Burlington Hoppers and 24 Assorted Hoppers/OB$170.00
Lot: 85AHM HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Wabash Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBs$65.00
Lot: 86Model Power HO Gauge: 3 Engines and 5 Assorted Cars/OBs$25.00
Lot: 87N Gauge: 42 Assorted freight Cars$160.00
Lot: 88N Gauge: 44 Assorted Freight Cars$150.00
Lot: 89Life-Like HO Gauge: #23179/23181 Atlantic Coast Line E6 AB Units/OBs$50.00
Lot: 90RARE AF S Gauge: #23780 Gabe the Lamplighter$200.00
Lot: 91Life-Like HO Gauge: 24 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$95.00
Lot: 92N Gauge: 44 Assorted Freight Cars$170.00
Lot: 93AHM HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Cars/OBs$35.00
Lot: 94Scale Models Inc. HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Passenger Cars and Kits/OBs$10.00
Lot: 95AHM HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Engines and Cars/OBs$85.00
Lot: 96N/HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Building Kits/OBs$25.00
Lot: 97N Gauge: 44 Assorted Freight Cars$170.00
Lot: 988 Ertl 1:18 Scale Assorted Die-Cast Vehicles/OBs$75.00
Lot: 99Life-Like HO Gauge: Sealed #23539 Atlantic Coast Line E6 AB Unit Set/OB$45.00
Lot: 100AF S Gauge: #K5364-W The Rocket Passenger Train Set/OBs$470.00
Lot: 101Life-Like HO Gauge: #23543 Seaboard E6 AB Units and #21086 Seaboard E7 B Unit/OBs$55.00
Lot: 102Tyco HO Gauge: #251-01C Electric PA GG-1, #522N/520N Amtrack Passenger Cars, 11 Cars and Tressle Set/brown OBs$65.00
Lot: 10311 Assorted 1:12/1:24/1:25 Scale Assorted Model Car Kits/OBs$65.00
Lot: 104New Bright/EZ.Tech 1:16 Scale #90810/357/357/31654/31654 Radio Control Cars/OBs$15.00
Lot: 105Aristo Craft 1 Gauge #ART-22021C Canadian National ALCO FA-1 Diesel Engine/OB$230.00
Lot: 106Ertl Collectibles HO Gauge: 28 Assorted Freight Cars and Accessories/OBs$120.00
Lot: 1077 Assorted 1:18 Scale Vehicles/OBs$110.00
Lot: 1088 Assorted Vintage Automobile Ceramic Cookie Jars, Clocks and Collectibles/OBs$10.00
Lot: 109Life-Like HO Gauge: #23075 Atlantic Coast Line GP30 Phase II Engine and #21740 Seaboard Coast Line GP9 Phase III Engine/OBs$60.00
Lot: 110AF S Gauge: #360/364 Santa Fe AB Units and 4 Passenger Cars$190.00
Lot: 111Life-Like HO Gauge: #8850//8851 Seaboard GP 18 Engines/OBs$50.00
Lot: 112Jouef HO Gauge: 32 Assorted Track and Accessories/OBs$70.00
Lot: 11315 Assorted Scales/Sizes Vehicles, Remote Control Cars and Collectibes/OBs$170.00
Lot: 1146 Assorted Scale Model Cars and Display Case Kits/OBs$25.00
Lot: 115American Flyer S Gauge: 11 Assorted Cars/OBs$80.00
Lot: 1167 Assorted Hornby/Kyosho Power/Remote Control Accessories/OBs$25.00
Lot: 117ConCor/Life Like HO Gauge: #780E/740E/720E/8078/8091 Amtrack Passenger Cars/OBs$40.00
Lot: 118Marklin HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Accessories/OBs$20.00
Lot: 119Jouef/Lima HO Gauge 7 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$25.00
Lot: 120AF S Gauge: #25061 TNT Car Kit/OB$250.00
Lot: 121Life Like/Proto Power West HO Gauge #31292 Milwaukee RSC2 Locomotive and #56625 Milwaukee SD40-2 Locomotive/OBs$60.00
Lot: 122Jouef HO Gauge: 2 #8856 SBB CFF Electric Engines and 6 Passenger Cars/OBs$110.00
Lot: 123Rivarossi HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Passenger Cars/OB$65.00
Lot: 124Alco/Samhongsa HO Gauge: Brass PRR N-BC Caboose/OB $55.00
Lot: 125Mini-Craft MFG Corporation S Gauge: #700 Wooden Newsstand/OB$210.00
Lot: 12627 Assorted Britains British Figures/OBs$150.00
Lot: 1275 KLC Technology #627358 Barbie AM FM Clock Radios/OBs$50.00
Lot: 128HO/OO Gauge Assorted Controllers and Accessories/OBs$5.00
Lot: 129Cox HO Gauge: 6 Assorted U.S. Army Freight Cars/OBs$35.00
Lot: 130AF S Gauge: #792 Union Station & Terminal/OB$140.00
Lot: 13111 Assorted Atlantic Coast Line Dishes, Glasses and Ashtray$140.00
Lot: 132Jouef/Lima HO Gauge: #2D2-9120 Electric Engine and 7 Passenger Cars/OBs$95.00
Lot: 133Jouef HO Gauge: #8482 Electric Engine and 7 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs$55.00
Lot: 134Kato/Atlas N Gauge: #9506/516/102 Assorted Engines and Tenders and 4 Passenger Cars$80.00
Lot: 13537 Assorted pieces of Atlantic Coast Line China and Seaboard Rail Road Table Cloth$110.00
Lot: 136Life-Like HO Gauge: #23213/23214 Seaboard E6 AB Units/OBs$55.00
Lot: 137Heljan/Jouef HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Building and Accessory Kits/OBs$30.00
Lot: 138HO Gauge: #6922 Union Pacific Engine, SF-4 City Of San Fransisco Engine, 3 Cars, 4 Accessories/OBs$35.00
Lot: 139Faller/Alexander Scale HO Gauge: #B-227/B-265/7200/B-158/B-154 Assorted Building Kits/OBs$65.00
Lot: 140AF S Gauge: #322 NYC Hudson Steam Engine & Tender and PA K-4 Steam Engine & Tender$140.00
Lot: 141Kato HO Gauge: #37-026 CSX EMD GP35 Phase Ia Engine/OB$30.00
Lot: 142Varney/Scale Models HO Gauge: #1956D Engine Kit and 11 Assorted Passenger Cars/OB$30.00
Lot: 143Deluxe Innovations N Gauge: Conrail Predecessor Set/OB$50.00
Lot: 144IHC HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Seaboard Passenger Cars/OBs$80.00
Lot: 145AF S Gauge: #302 Reading Engine and Tender and #290 AF Engine and Tender$55.00
Lot: 146IHC HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Seaboard Coast Line Passenger Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 147HO Gauge: 20 Assorted Freight Cars$10.00
Lot: 1487 Assorted Mattel/Enesco Barbie Accessories and Musical Collectibles/OBs$170.00
Lot: 14919 Assorted Britains British Soldiers/OBs$140.00
Lot: 150American Flyer S Gauge: #755 Blue Roof Talking Freight Station/OB$110.00
Lot: 15118 Cherilea/Britians/Wendal Toys Assorted British Figures/OBs$160.00
Lot: 152Life-Like HO Gauge: #23471 Seaboard F1 AB Units/OBs$65.00
Lot: 15311 Assorted Scale Die-Cast, Plastic, Crystal Vehicles and Paper Holder/OBs$65.00
Lot: 1549 Assorted Scale Model Cars, Airplanes and Boat/OBs$30.00
Lot: 155AF S Gauge: 2 #312 Pennsylvania K-4s Engines and Tenders$75.00
Lot: 156Life-Like HO Gauge: #500/758 Atlantic Coast Line AB Units/OBs$50.00
Lot: 157Rivarossi HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Atlantic Coast Line B Unit and Passenger Cars/OBs$70.00
Lot: 1589 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs$25.00
Lot: 159Athearn HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Passenger Car Kits/OBs$80.00
Lot: 160AF S Gauge: #789 Station and Baggage Smasher$10.00
Lot: 16110 Assorted Scale Solido/Liedo Military Vehicles/OBs$100.00
Lot: 16210 Assorted Scale Hess Vehicles/OBs$45.00
Lot: 163Atlas HO Gauge: #20-000-550 Florida Tile Hopper, #1610-2/1610-3/1605-4/1605-4 Seaboard Coast Line GSC Pulpwood Flat Cars/OBs$50.00
Lot: 164Walthers HO Gauge: #932-915 CSX Work Train #1 Set/Kit and #932-946 Atlantic Coast Line Twin Hopper 6-Pack/OBs$55.00
Lot: 165Aristo Craft 1 Gauge #CART-22415 Canadian Pacific Steam Engine Train Set/OB$180.00
Lot: 166Lemax #45770 Playhouse, #95501 Winter Haven and #95525 Three French Hens Buildings/OBs$25.00
Lot: 16717 Assorted Corgi/Muscle Machines 1:43/1:64 Scale Vehicles/OBs$30.00
Lot: 16810 Assorted Scale Hess Vehicles and Helicopters/OBs$80.00
Lot: 169AHM HO Gauge: #6237 KC StL Old Time Coach and nine Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$30.00
Lot: 170AF S Gauge: #(21)355 Northwestern Baldwin Engine$45.00
Lot: 171Life Like/IHC HO Gauge: #M391/M591 NYC FM Diesel AA Units, #8294 Santa Fe GP-38 Engine and #8528 RF&P Box Car/OBs$35.00
Lot: 172Bachmann HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Engine and Cars/OBs$65.00
Lot: 173Athearn HO Gauge: 20 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs$60.00
Lot: 17430+ Assorted Britains British Figures$25.00
Lot: 175AF S Gauge: #26421 Accessory Pack, includes #25046 Rocket Launcher and #969 Rocket Launcher/OB$170.00
Lot: 176Britians Royal Carriage Set w/King & Queen$75.00
Lot: 177Athearn HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Passenger and Freight Cars/Kits/OBs$50.00
Lot: 178Bowser/Mckean/Stewart Hobbies HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs$55.00
Lot: 179Atlas/InterMountain HO Gauge: 17 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$160.00
Lot: 180AF S Gauge: #343 Nickel Plate Road Engine and Tender, #922 DF Box Car, #921 CB&Q Hopper, #920 Southern Gondola and #938 Caboose$150.00
Lot: 181300+ Assorted GI Joe HO Gauge (Tyco) Engines, Military Vehicles, Figures and Accessories$25.00
Lot: 1826 Assorted Lemax/St Nicholas Square Village Collection Christmas Buildings/OBs$25.00
Lot: 183Athearn/Walthers HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engines, Cars and Kits/OBs$100.00
Lot: 184HO Gauge: 50+ Assorted Train Parts/Packages$10.00
Lot: 185AF S Gauge: #796 Operating Saw Mill and #971 Lumber Unloading Car$110.00
Lot: 186AF S Gauge: S Gauge #300AC Reading Lines Steam E&T, #641 Gondola, #642 Box Car, #638 Caboose and #1 25 Watts Transformer/OBs$5.00
Lot: 187Lemax/St. Nicholas Square Village Collection #45767/45768/VH08005/VH09001 Assorted Buildings/OBs$5.00
Lot: 188Bachmann/Con-Cor/Stewart Hobbies HO Gauge: 17 Assorted Freight Cars and Kits/OBs$75.00
Lot: 189Bowser/Con-Cor HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Freight Cars and Passenger Car Kits/OBs$100.00
Lot: 190Nice AF S Gauge: #653 Combo Red Heavyweight Passenger Car and #654 Observation Car/OBs$75.00
Lot: 191Bachmann G Gauge: #9660 PA Steam E&T and Lackawanna Steam E&T$95.00
Lot: 192Revell/AMH HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Engine, Accessory and Cars/OBs$25.00
Lot: 19330 Assorted 1:43/1:50 Scale Assorted Vehicles/OBs/Blister Packs$40.00
Lot: 19428 Athearn HO Gauge Assorted Passenger and Freight Cars/OBs$120.00
Lot: 195AF S Gauge: #592 Crossing Gate, #767 Roadside Diner and #625 Oil Tanks$120.00
Lot: 19630 Athearn HO Gauge Assorted Car Kits/OBs$140.00
Lot: 197Train-Miniature/Atlas HO Gauge: #8731/918/797/1143 Assorted Kits/OBs$65.00
Lot: 198AHM/Rivarossi HO Gauge #1948 Missouri Pacific EMD E-8 AA Units, #1050 Wabash Engine and 2 #5122 Wabash GM E8 Non-Powered Engines/OBs$45.00
Lot: 19935 Assorted Britains British Figures and other Figures/OBs$45.00
Lot: 200AF S Gauge: #982 State of Maine Box Car, #9200 Chessie Hopper, #9201 B&O Hopper and #24539 Pipe Car/OBs$55.00
Lot: 201The Adlake Non Sweating Lamp Lantern - Chicago Hanging Lamp$110.00
Lot: 20218 Assorted Scale Model Aircraft Kits/OBs$30.00
Lot: 203Athearn HO Gauge #93577 SP SD-40 Engine/OB$55.00
Lot: 204HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Engines and Caboose/OBs$110.00
Lot: 205AF S Gauge: #771 Operating Stock Yard & Car/OB$50.00
Lot: 206AHM HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Steam E&Ts, Passenger Cars and Tank Car/OBs$60.00
Lot: 207AHM HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Missouri Pacific Colorado Eagle Passenger Cars/OBs$70.00
Lot: 208HO Gauge: 30 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs$75.00
Lot: 209Aristo-Craft 1/G Gauge: #740/862/953 Seashore Line Gondolas and 2 #41111 Erie Lackawanna Gondolas$75.00
Lot: 210AF S Gauge: #775 Baggage Loading Platform, #732 Operating Baggage Car, #734 Operating Box Car and #974 Erie Operating Box Car$20.00
Lot: 211Ulrich HO Gauge: 50+ Hoppers/OBs$200.00
Lot: 21213 Assorted Scale Model Aircraft Kits/OBs$25.00
Lot: 2134 The Southern Railroad Look Ahead-Look South Glasses$20.00
Lot: 2144 Amtrak Mugs and 2 Travel Kits$30.00
Lot: 2158 Assorted Manufacturers (Mostly Marx) Assorted Battery Operated Freight Sets/7 OBs$25.00
Lot: 216Tyco HO Gauge: 17 Assorted Atlantic Coast Line Engines and Passenger Cars/OBs$40.00
Lot: 217Roundhouse HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs$30.00
Lot: 218HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Freight Cars and 3 Freight Car Kits/OBs$40.00
Lot: 219HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Engines and Caboose/OBs$45.00
Lot: 2205 AF S Gauge: #629/633/631/925/630 Assorted Cars/OBs$45.00
Lot: 22135 Assorted Britain British Figures$50.00
Lot: 222NW System Safety Award Glass Dish, 2 NW Mugs and 2 NS glasses$20.00
Lot: 223Athearn HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Engine and Freight Cars/Kits/OBs$80.00
Lot: 224Marklin Mini-Club Z Gauge: #8172 Starter Train Set/OB$90.00
Lot: 225AF S Gauge: #282 Chicago Northwestern Freight Train Set/OBs$230.00
Lot: 226Aristo Craft #1 Gauge #ART-28318 Lil Critter CN Train Set/OB$110.00
Lot: 2276 Lemax Signature Collection/Dept 56 Village Accessories/Concord Miniatures Assorted Ceramic Buildings and Accessories/OBs$25.00
Lot: 228Railroad Trenton China Dish and Sterling China Dish$10.00
Lot: 229PRR Lamberton China Dish$10.00
Lot: 230AF S Gauge: #282/283 Engines and Tenders$85.00
Lot: 231Bachmann/Rivarossi/Other HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Steam E&Ts, Single Engine and 4 Tenders$65.00
Lot: 232Rivarossi/IHC/Model Power HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Passenger Cars, Cars and Track Multi-Pack/OBs$50.00
Lot: 233HO Gauge: 22 Assorted Cars, Kits, Parts and Accessories/OBs$30.00
Lot: 23427 Assorted Scale Vehicles/Automobiles$25.00
Lot: 235AF S Gauge: 14 Assorted Switch Track and Track Side Accessories$140.00
Lot: 23611 Assorted Scale/Cartoon Vehicles$80.00
Lot: 237AHM/Bachmann/Charmerz HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Engines and Cars/OBs$60.00
Lot: 238Shenango China/Anchor Hocking Mug and Plate$10.00
Lot: 239HO Gauge: 44 Assorted (Tyco) Engines, Cabs and Track/OBs/Blister Packs$35.00
Lot: 2405 AF S Gauge: #633/637/631/632/630 Assorted Cars/OBs$40.00
Lot: 241Lionel HO Gauge: #0057 Union Pacific Engine, #0561 M.St L Snowplow, #0055 M.St L Engine and 17 Assorted Cars/OBs$85.00
Lot: 242Athearn HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engines and Freight Cars/OBs$30.00
Lot: 243Pemco Railway System HO Gauge: #3304-015/3550/3402-027/3452-005/3452-035 Assorted GG-1 Engine/Tender and Cars/OBs$80.00
Lot: 244HO Gauge: 44 Assorted Engines, Cars, Building and Accessory Kits/OBs$80.00
Lot: 245AF/K-Line S Gauge: #(210)88 Engine and Tender, #20 Passenger Car, #30 Baggage Car, #40 Combo and #65 Flat Car with Cannon/OB$110.00
Lot: 246HO Gauge: 20 Assorted Accessory Kits/OBs$40.00
Lot: 24750+ Assorted Scale Vehicles, Figures and Accessories$25.00
Lot: 248100+ Assorted Scale Plastic and Metal Cars and Accessories$60.00
Lot: 24930+ Assorted Britain Figures$50.00
Lot: 250AF/Lionel S Gauge: #8458/48240/22910 Assorted Cars/OBs$80.00
Lot: 251Aristo Craft #1/G Gauge #ART-41498/ART-41002/ART-22021C/ART-46709 Assorted Cars/OBs$200.00
Lot: 25212 Assorted Hess 1:32 Scale Vehicles/OBs$50.00
Lot: 2538 Assorted Classic Car Radios and Telephones$5.00
Lot: 254HO Gauge: 32 Assorted Freight Cars$85.00
Lot: 255AF S Gauge: #23830 Piggy Back Unloader & Car/OB$75.00
Lot: 256Life Like/Tyco/Bachmann HO Gauge: 14 Assorted Engines and Tenders$60.00
Lot: 257Accurail HO Gauge: 22 Assorted CSX and Seaboard System Assorted Freight Cars$110.00
Lot: 258HO Gauge: 46 Assorted Freight Cars$120.00
Lot: 259Bachmann/AHM HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Engines$30.00
Lot: 260AF S Gauge: 12 Assorted Cars$65.00
Lot: 261ERTL/Spec Cast/Pestige 1:16 Scale #45325 1971 John Deere tracto, #JDM189 John Deere Liedman Crawler and #SCT293 Oliver Super 77 Puller Tractor/OBs$50.00
Lot: 262HO Gauge: 43 Assorted Cars$85.00
Lot: 263HO Gauge: 50+ Assorted Cars$120.00
Lot: 264HO Gauge: 32 Assorted Tank Cars$75.00
Lot: 265AF S Gauge: 14 Assorted Accessories and Track Side Signals$100.00
Lot: 266AHM/Tyco HO Gauge: 5 Atlantic Coast Line AA and AB Engines$15.00
Lot: 267HO Gauge: 38 Assorted Freight and Passenger Cars$110.00
Lot: 268HO Gauge: 24 Assorted Freight Cars$20.00
Lot: 269Varney/Bachmann HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Engines & Tenders, Single Engines, Single Tenders and a Crane$40.00
Lot: 270AF S Gauge: #982 Bangor & Aroostook Box Car, #947 Northern Pacific Refrigerator Car and #625 Shell Tank C$75.00
Lot: 271Mantua/Tyco/Other HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Partial Brass Engines & Tenders and Single Tenders$130.00
Lot: 272Bachmann HO Gauge: 15 Atlantic Coast Line Engines$50.00
Lot: 273HO Gauge: 55+ Assorted Cars$95.00
Lot: 274N Gauge: 50+ Assorted Engines and Tenders and Track/OBs$55.00
Lot: 275AF S Gauge: #779 Oil Drum Loader and #583A Electromagnetic Crane/OB$130.00
Lot: 276HO/O Gauge: 100+ Assorted Decals and Fold Out HO Scenic Display$25.00
Lot: 277HO Gauge: 35 Assorted Cars $10.00
Lot: 278HO Gauge: 21 Freight Cars and Kits/OBs$30.00
Lot: 27950+ Assorted Figures and Wagon$55.00
Lot: 280AF S Gauge: Mint/ Sealed #24549 Floodlight Car and #24569 Wrecker Car/All Aboard OBs$25.00
Lot: 281N Gauge: 24 Assorted Engine and Cars/OBs$10.00
Lot: 282HO Gauge: 300+ Assorted Couplers, Wheels and Parts/OBs$40.00
Lot: 283HO Gauge: 29 Assorted Cars$10.00
Lot: 284HO/N Gauge: 35+ Assorted Cars, Kits, Accessories and Figures/OBs$45.00
Lot: 285Canadian Pacific Little Beaver Framed Collectible with Written Story$45.00
Lot: 286HO Gauge: 29 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs$85.00
Lot: 287HO Gauge: 27 Assorted Freight Cars$85.00
Lot: 288HO Gauge: 34 Assorted Freight Car$55.00
Lot: 2898 Assorted Publishers Hard Back Train Books$50.00
Lot: 290AF S Gauge: #274 Harbor Junction Freight Station/OB$110.00
Lot: 291Atlas/Minitrix/Life-Like/Roundhouse/MRC N Gauge: 21 Assorted Cars/OB/Plastic Cases$75.00
Lot: 292Mantua/Tyco/Other HO Gauge: 16 Atlantic Coast Line Engines and Passenger Cars$50.00
Lot: 293Railroad Mania Atlantic Coast Line Flag and Flairs/Metal Case$5.00
Lot: 294HO Gauge: 15 Assorted Engines, Engine Cab and Passenger Cars$45.00
Lot: 295AF S Gauge: #636 Erie Depressed Center Car, #644 Crane Car and #648 Track Cleaning Car/OBs$75.00
Lot: 29613 Assorted Scale Figures and Vehicles$10.00
Lot: 297Four Assorted Publishers Hard Back Books$5.00
Lot: 298HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Engines and Passenger Cars, Santa Fe AB Unit$20.00
Lot: 299Aristo Craft/USA Trains 1 Gauge #ART-41315/REA-22052/46104/R72192/ART-46510 Assorted Engine and Cars/OBs$90.00
Lot: 300AF/Lionel S Gauge #48008 New Haven EP-5 Electric Engine/OB$130.00
Lot: 301Wooden Display Case w/Plastic Front Window$35.00
Lot: 302ERTL/Spec Cast/Prestige 1:16 Scale #JDM260 1949 MC Crawler Tractor, #45442 1963 5010 Tractor and #45622 Model D Tractor/OBs$50.00
Lot: 303Atlas HO Gauge: 400+ pieces of Assorted Track$25.00
Lot: 304HO Gauge: 30+ Assorted Cars$10.00
Lot: 305AF S Gauge: #785 Coal Loader, #719 Dump Car and #919 Dump Car w/ Operating Track piece$130.00
Lot: 30613 Assorted Scale John Deere Die-Cast Farm Equipment$95.00
Lot: 307HO Gauge: 90 Assorted Cars$160.00
Lot: 308Assorted Railroad Coasters, Match Book Sets and Decals$30.00
Lot: 309Homemade Union RR Coal Tower$5.00
Lot: 3105 AF S Gauge: #633/637/625/632/630 Assorted Cars/O$65.00
Lot: 311Wooden Display Case w/Plastic Front Window II$5.00
Lot: 31280+ Assorted Train Manuals, Documents, Books and Photos$35.00
Lot: 313AHM/Other HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Freight Cars$50.00
Lot: 31427 Assorted Company Dream-Plan-Build DVD Video Series$75.00
Lot: 315AF S Gauge: #600 Crossing Gate w/Ringing Bell, #566 Whistling Billboard and #593 Signal Tower/OBs$80.00
Lot: 31613 Assorted Scale John Deere Tractors$65.00
Lot: 317Revell HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Lumber Cars$50.00
Lot: 318Varney/AHM HO Gauge: 24 Assorted Freight Cars$50.00
Lot: 319ERTL/Spec Cast 1:16 Scale #JDM249 1942 Model LA w/Leaf Spring Cultivator, #5679 1953 Model 60 Orchard Tractor and #5678 620 Orchard Tractor Expo III/OBs$15.00
Lot: 320AF S Gauge: #5016 Gulf Tank Car, #637 MKT Box Car, #802 Illinois Centra Reefer, #8806 REA Reefer and #930 Caboose$20.00
Lot: 321Assorted RR Memorabilia, Ashtray, Date Tracker, Tie Spikes and Plague$15.00
Lot: 32213 Assorted John Deere Die-Cast/Plastic Tractors and Accessories$55.00
Lot: 323Tyco/Other HO Gauge: 24 Assorted Tank Cars$45.00
Lot: 324AF S Gauge: 2 #771 Stock Yards and 2 #976/736 Stock Cars$30.00
Lot: 32520 Assorted 1:24/1:64 Scale Collectible Nascar Vehicles, Magnets, Bear and Coasters$10.00
Lot: 326AF S Gauge: 11 Gondolas$25.00
Lot: 32710 Assorted Hess 1:32 Scale Vehicles/OBs$35.00
Lot: 328Tyco/Mantua/Other HO Gauge: 24 Assorted Cars$50.00
Lot: 329Bachmann/Marklin Mini-Club HO/N/Z Gauges: 8 Assorted Engine, E&T and Freight Cars/OB/Plastic Cases$25.00
Lot: 330AF S Gauge: 9 Assorted Cars/OBs$80.00
Lot: 331Aristo-Craft #1 Gauge 10 pieces of 30 Inch Curved Track/OB$50.00
Lot: 33220+ Assorted Railroad Keys and Hole Punchers$35.00
Lot: 333Varney HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Freight Cars$45.00
Lot: 334Mantua/Bachmann HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Freight Cars$50.00
Lot: 3355 AF S Gauge: #802/647/631/629/630 Assorted Cars/OBs$35.00
Lot: 33616 Assorted Publishers Train Books$10.00
Lot: 337Assorted Railroad Pencil Sets, Pens and Magnets/OBs$40.00
Lot: 338Revell/Tyco/Other HO Gauge: 38 Assorted Freight Cars$55.00
Lot: 33913 Assorted Scale McCormick/Farmall Red & Orange Tractors and Bottle Cap Holder/OB$170.00
Lot: 340AF S Gauge: 26 Assorted Cars$40.00
Lot: 34122 Assorted Publishers Train/Toy Trains Books$30.00
Lot: 3428 Assorted Railroad Collectibles$200.00
Lot: 34320+ Assorted Railroad Calendars, Blue Prints, Paintings and Photos$30.00
Lot: 34410 Assorted Hess 1:32 Vehicles/OBs$50.00
Lot: 345AF S Gauge: #18B and #12B Transformers$20.00
Lot: 346Varney HO Gauge: #2714K Berkshire Locomotive Kit, USRR 2-8-2 Engine Frame, Pacific H-11 and #2230K Diesel Yard Kit/OBs$60.00
Lot: 34716 Assorted Railroad Collectibles$20.00
Lot: 3486 Assorted Train Data Books$5.00
Lot: 349AF S Gauge: New Haven #651 Baggage Car, #651 Passenger and #718 Mail Pick-Up Car/OB$65.00
Lot: 350Showcase Line/AF S Gauge: #01028/01029/01030 Rebuilt NYC Pacemaker Box Cars, #01286 MKT Box Car and #44005 TCA A&P Reefer,/OBs$110.00
Lot: 3519 Assorted Publishers American Flyer/Other Train Books and Catalogs$15.00
Lot: 35250+ Assorted Railroad Collectibles$25.00
Lot: 353AF S Gauge: 22 Assorted Track/Road Bed, Accessories & Locomotive Parts/OB$15.00
Lot: 35410 Assorted 1:32 Scale Hess Trucks/OBs$50.00
Lot: 355AF S Gauge: #17B and 19B Transformers$90.00
Lot: 356AF S/HO Gauge #650 Power Pack, #8 Transformer, 2 Catalogs and Instruction Book/OBs$15.00
Lot: 3578 Assorted Hess 1:32 Scale Trucks and Race Cars/OBs$45.00
Lot: 35830 Assorted Hess 1:64 Scale Vehicles, Boats and Helicopters/OBs$55.00
Lot: 3598 Assorted 1:16 Scale McCormick Farmall Tractors and Light Switch Cover$190.00
Lot: 360AF S Gauge: 7 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$75.00
Lot: 36115 Assorted Hess/K-Line 1:43/1:64 Scale Vehicles/OBs$40.00
Lot: 36224 Assorted Railroad Locks$110.00
Lot: 363Road Builder/Other HO Gauge: Apprx 7+ Trestle Sets/OB$5.00
Lot: 36410 Assorted Hess 1:32 Scale Trucks/OBs$45.00
Lot: 365AF S Gauge: #23791 Cow on Track, #25019 Milk Car w/Partial Platform, and #717 Log Dump Car/OB$100.00
Lot: 36617 Assorted Scale #17 Matt Kenneth NASCAR Vehicles and Collectibles/OBs/Plastic Cases$10.00
Lot: 36717 Assorted Publishers Train Hard and Soft Back Books$10.00
Lot: 3685 Reproduction Prints by Robert West$5.00
Lot: 36911 Assorted Publishers Railroad Train Books$25.00
Lot: 370AF S Gauge: 7 Assorted Cabooses$5.00
Lot: 371AHM/Model Power/MRC HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Diesels/OBs$55.00
Lot: 372300+ Assorted Railroad History Collectors Album, Envelopes, Note Pads, Pins, Keychains and other Miscellaneous Items$75.00
Lot: 373300+ Assorted Railroad Paperwork, Envelopes, Shipping Tags and Note Pads$25.00
Lot: 374Aristo Craft 1 Gauge #ART-22802 Canadian National Rail Budd Car/OB$160.00
Lot: 375AF S Gauge: #372 Union Pacific GP Diesel/Built by Gilbert$70.00
Lot: 376Lionel MPC HO Gauge: #5610 C&O Engine, 11 Cars and 2 Boxes of Track/OBs$50.00
Lot: 37716 Assorted Lanterns and Railway Signal Pieces$130.00
Lot: 37816 Assorted Railroad Locks$100.00
Lot: 3799 Assorted Scale NASCAR Racing Vehicles/Plastic Cases$20.00
Lot: 380AF S Gauge: 12 Assorted Hoppers$140.00
Lot: 381Life Like N Gauge: #7115/7124 Northern Pacific, #7202/7203 Atlantic Coast Line and 2 #6638 CSX Assorted Diesels/OBs/Plastic Cases$80.00
Lot: 38211 Assorted Liberty Classics Vehicle Engine Models$65.00
Lot: 383John Deere Stool$40.00
Lot: 38411 Assorted 1:32 Scale Hess Vehicles/OBs$5.00
Lot: 385HO Gauge: #4806/442/8776/8319/931-114 /96697 Assorted Engines/OBs$130.00
Lot: 386Atlas HO Gauge: #8902 Burlington Northern GP-40 Engine, #150-555014 Canadian National GP-40 Engine and 6 Hart Ballast Cars/OBs$140.00
Lot: 3878 Assorted Scale Franklin Mint/Other Motorcycles$60.00
Lot: 388Farmall Stool$10.00
Lot: 389Homemade Wooden Water Tower$5.00
Lot: 390AF S Gauge: 2 #58 Wayside Station, #780 Railroad Trestle Set, Station Terminal and 2 Cars/OBS$50.00
Lot: 391Aristo Craft 1 Gauge #ART-46802-3 Canadian National Road railer 3-Pack/OB$160.00
Lot: 39213 Assorted Publishers Seaboard RR Books$70.00
Lot: 39332 Assorted Scale NASCAR Race Cars$10.00
Lot: 39411 Assorted 1:24 Scale NASCAR Race Cars/Plastic Cases$45.00
Lot: 395Lionel/American Flyer S Gauge: #48614/48523/48523/49064/49065 Assorted Cars/OBs (TCA & Railsounds)$100.00
Lot: 39611 Assorted 1:32 Scale Hess Vehicles/OBs$45.00
Lot: 3978 Assorted Shirts, Hats, and Accessories$5.00
Lot: 398#17 Matt Kenseth NASCAR Stool$5.00
Lot: 399Marklin/Marklin Mini-Club Z Gauge: #8191 Set E Expansion Pack Set, #82523 Transport Add-On Set and #8827 Steam E&T/OBs$150.00
Lot: 400Great AF S Gauge: #952 Pikes Peak Green Passenger Car, #953 Niagara Falls Green Combo Car and #954 Grand Canyon Green Observation Car/OBs$370.00
Lot: 401Z Scale: 47 Assorted Engine, Cars and Accessories/OBs/Plastic Cases$130.00
Lot: 402Wabco #2Q-90 A.A.R. RR Brake Line$5.00
Lot: 40311 Assorted Collectibles and Train Books$5.00
Lot: 40412 Assorted 1:18 Scale Sports Cars$5.00
Lot: 405Bachmann HO Gauge: #405002 CP Hustler Freight Set and CN Hustler Freight Set/OBs$50.00
Lot: 406Made By Ray Sanders Jr. and Dave Leppar Electric Switch Lamp/ Railroad Lamp/RR Lantern$70.00
Lot: 40740+ Assorted Maisto/Other Motorcycles$55.00
Lot: 40810 Assorted Scale #43 richard Petty's NASCAR Cars/OBs$65.00
Lot: 409Farmall Stool$5.00
Lot: 410AF S Gauge: 22 Assorted Cars, 8 Caboose Cabs and 8 Car Parts$40.00
Lot: 411KATO N Gauge: #176-6008 Canada GE P42 Genesis Engine and #176-7212 CP Rail AC4400CW/Plastic Cases$140.00
Lot: 41245 Assorted Scale Vehicles$40.00
Lot: 4138 Assorted Action Racing Collectables 1:24 Scale NASCAR Die-Cast Vehicles/OBs$10.00
Lot: 414Homemade #Sb-107 Bridge Signal and 38 Penn Central Block Signal$5.00
Lot: 415Lionel/American Flyer S Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars/OBs (TCA & NASG)$35.00
Lot: 416Homemade House$5.00
Lot: 4176 Assorted 1:16/1:24 #8 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Budweiser NASCAR Vehicles/OBs/Plastic Cases$55.00
Lot: 41814 Assorted Revel 1:32 Scale Vehicles/Plastic Cases$170.00
Lot: 41929 Assorted Publishers/Manufacturers Assorted Train Books (Hard and Paper Back) and Collectibles$25.00
Lot: 420Nice AF S Gauge: #953 Niagara Falls Maroon Combo Car/OB$75.00
Lot: 421Aristo Craft 1 Gauge #ART-7206 Completely Assembled Church/OB$35.00
Lot: 422Homemade Thurmond Freight Shed$5.00
Lot: 423Homemade Passenger Station$5.00
Lot: 424Kato N Gauge: #106-3002 Set A/106-3006 Set B Canadian National Rail Budd Diesel Cars/OBs$160.00
Lot: 425Nice AF S Gauge: #343 Nickel Plate Road 8WH Switcher Steam Engine & Tender$210.00
Lot: 426Athearn/Life-Like HO Gauge: Undecorated BUDD Car and #239730 Canadian National D-300 BUDD RDC Locomotive/OBs$25.00
Lot: 42720 Assorted Scale Vehicles, Tractors and Construction Vehicles$60.00
Lot: 42832 Assorted Scale Vehicles$25.00
Lot: 429100+ Assorted Gauges Train Parts/Envelopes/Pkgs/Plastic Cases$25.00
Lot: 430AF S Gauge: #944 Crane Car and #945 Work/Boom Car/OBs$45.00
Lot: 43150+ Assorted Gauges Train Parts/Plastic Cases$25.00
Lot: 432Homemade Wooden Shack$5.00
Lot: 43356 Assorted Scale Automobiles, Farm and Construction Vehicles$20.00
Lot: 434HO Gauge: 16+ Assorted Accessories/Kits and Parts $15.00
Lot: 435AF S Gauge: #766 Animated Guilford Passenger Station with #735 New Haven Passenger Car$55.00
Lot: 436Model Power/InterMountain Railway Co HO Gauge: #3996/3997/1085-3B Assorted Car Sets/OBs$85.00
Lot: 437John Deere Stool$40.00
Lot: 43812 Assorted Homemade Wooden Barn, Figures, Animals and Accessories$5.00
Lot: 43914 Assorted Publishers/Manufacturers Assorted Train Books (Hard and Paper Back) and Collectibles$30.00
Lot: 440AF S Gauge: #322 NYC AC Hudston Steam Engine and Tender/OB$130.00
Lot: 441Atlas/Red Caboose/Micro Trains N Gauge: 16 Assorted Cars/Plastic Cases$90.00
Lot: 44213 Assorted RR Drinking Glasses$5.00
Lot: 443HO/O Gauge: 50+ Assorted Parts and Accessories/Blister Packs$30.00
Lot: 444100+ Assorted Scale Vehicles/Matchbox and Figures$30.00
Lot: 445Lionel/AF/Downs Models/Showcase Lines S Gauge: #1651 Domino Sugar Tank Car, #00006 Boston and Maine Hopper and #12810 Tractor Trailer/OBs$55.00
Lot: 4465 US Mail Train Illustrations w/Stamps$5.00
Lot: 44720 Assorted 1:64 Scale M2/DCP Vehicles and Tractor Trailers/Plastic Cases$10.00
Lot: 448Hobbyist Made Wood Paddle Wheel Ship$5.00
Lot: 449N Gauge: 23 Assorted Freight Cars/OB/Plastic Cases$100.00
Lot: 4505 Volume Triumph! Hardcover Set on History of the PRR$100.00
Lot: 451International Hobby HO Gauge: #M9506 Canadian Pacific 2-8-0 Engine and Tender/OB$25.00
Lot: 452Homemade Wooden Train Shed$5.00
Lot: 453Homemade Wooden Tower$5.00
Lot: 454200+ Assorted Scales Plastic Cars, Vehicles, Figures, Animals and Accessories$30.00
Lot: 455AF S Gauge: 3 Hand Cars$65.00
Lot: 456Bachmann/Rivarossi HO Gauge: #611 Norfolk & Western Steam Engine and Tender and three Streamlined Painted Passenger Cars$10.00
Lot: 457Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Oil Can$50.00
Lot: 458Wooden Steam Engine$5.00
Lot: 45930+ Assorted Train Collectibles/Blister Packs$10.00
Lot: 460AF S Gauge: 6 Assorted Freight Cars$95.00
Lot: 46125 Assorted Publishers Train Books, Pictures and Collectibles$10.00
Lot: 462AF HO Gauge: #31004 Engine and Tender Shell, Nickel Plate Caboose and Assorted Parts and Accessories/OBs$15.00
Lot: 46350 Assorted Metal and Plastic Animals, Figures and Accessories$70.00
Lot: 464HO Gauge: 20+ Assorted Vehicles and Accessories/OBs$20.00
Lot: 465AF S Gauge: #779 Oil Drum Loader/OB$65.00
Lot: 466Intermountain HO Gauge: 10 Hoppers and 2 Box Cars/OBs$110.00
Lot: 467HO/O Gauge: 50+ Assorted Parts and Toggle Switches/OBs$5.00
Lot: 46811 Assorted Marx/Other Accessories/OB$40.00
Lot: 469Atlas N Gauge: #4448-15PA Starter Set/OB$25.00
Lot: 470AF S Gauge: #625 Shell Oil Supply Depot, #571 Truss Bridge, #775 Baggage Loading Platform, #772D Water Tower and Passenger Station/OB$100.00
Lot: 471HO Gauge: Tyco #T327A:1098 New York Central Booster II Switcher, 6 Cars and 27 Pieces of Track and 4 Accessories/OBs$10.00
Lot: 472Farmall Stool$5.00
Lot: 4732 Painted Metal Oil Cans$5.00
Lot: 474Bachmann N Gauge: #AA504360 Amtrak Passenger Train Set/OB$25.00
Lot: 47511 Assorted Frame Photographs/Illustrations and Collectibles, $5.00
Lot: 476AF S Gauge :#790 Trainorama 3 Dimensional Scenic Backround/OB $60.00
Lot: 477Life-Like HO Gauge: Sealed #8883 Santa Fe Freight Train RTR Set/OB$30.00
Lot: 47840+ Assorted John Deere Collectibles$10.00
Lot: 479Kato N Gauge: 10 Packages of Assorted Track and 10 Loose Track/Blister Packs$75.00
Lot: 480AF S Gauge: #772D Water Tower, #625 Oil Supply Depot, #769A Beacon and #774A Floodlight Tower$75.00
Lot: 48145+ Assorted Ornaments, Collectibles, Vehicles and Magnets/OBs$10.00
Lot: 482HO Gauge: 25 Assorted Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 48312 Assorted Frames with Photos of Trains and 20+ Photos$5.00
Lot: 48428 Assorted Kodak Frames with Photos of Trains and 100+ Photos$5.00
Lot: 485Platt Z Gauge? Traveling Train Set In Suitcase$250.00
Lot: 4867 Assorted Stamp Mates Memorabilia Frames w/Collectible Stamps$5.00
Lot: 487Bachmann N Gauge: Figure 8 E-Z Track Pack/OB$20.00
Lot: 48842 Assorted Playing Mantis, Johnny Lightning and Coke Brand 1:63 Scale Die-Cast Vehicles/Blister Packs$30.00
Lot: 48934 Assorted Railroad Rubber Stamps$55.00
Lot: 490AF S Gauge: 7 Assorted Accessories/OB$75.00
Lot: 491USA/LGB/Aristo Craft G Gauge: #R22659 CP Speeder Locomotive, 2 Cars & 3 Accessories/Track/OBs$130.00
Lot: 492A.Y.A. Enterprises Canadian National Mirror Light$35.00
Lot: 49345+ Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs/Blister Packs$10.00
Lot: 49470+ Assorted Marklin HO Boxes$25.00
Lot: 4955 AF S Gauge: #716/928/645A/42597/42597 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs$40.00
Lot: 496Nascar 2006 Tinplate Sunoco Oil Can Display$45.00
Lot: 4974 Framed Pictures of Trains, Clock and 2 Lionel Postors$5.00
Lot: 4987 Assorted Plastic Framed Posters $5.00
Lot: 499AF S Gauge: 21 Assorted Freight Cars/OB$85.00
Lot: 50012 Matchbox/Franklin Mint/Other 1:64 Scale Assorted Vehicles, Collector Plates & Clock and G Scale Accessory/OBs $30.00
Lot: 501AF S Gauge: #302AC Reading Lines Engine & Tender and #300AC PA Engine $5.00
Lot: 5024 Assorted Christmas Accessories/OBs$25.00
Lot: 5036 Assorted Holiday Accessories and Train Set/OBs$10.00
Lot: 504Aristo-Craft #1 Gauge: 15+ pieces of Straight and Curve Track$30.00
Lot: 505AF S Gauge: Green #651 Baggage Car and 2 #650 Passenger Cars/OBs$95.00
Lot: 50645+ Assorted Scale Vehicles/Blister Packs$5.00
Lot: 50750+ Assorted Scale Vehicles/Blister Packs$10.00
Lot: 50832 Assorted Scale Die-Cast Vehicles/OBs$45.00
Lot: 50943 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs/Blister Packs$45.00
Lot: 510AF S Gauge: #751 Operating Log Loader w/ Unloading Car & Track$25.00
Lot: 5118 Assorted American Flyer/American Models Trestle Sets, Transformers, Sound Controller, and Rectifiers/OBs$110.00
Lot: 512Scientific Tory/New Bright G Gauge: #9714 Pennsylvania Engine, #7318 Rio Grand Engine, #2951 Timber Wolf Engine and Tender, 2 Tenders and 4 Cars$5.00
Lot: 513New Bright G Gauge: #189 Timber Wolf and Redwood Train Set and #186 Gold Rush Train Set/OBs$5.00
Lot: 5149 Assorted Framed Train Pictures and Stamps$5.00
Lot: 515AF S Gauge: 9 Assorted Cars$70.00
Lot: 516Danbury Mint Grand Central Station, Gulf Station, #480274 Lionel Bank, #98383 Union Soldier of the War and 2 Beam Tracks/OBs$25.00
Lot: 5179 Assorted Christmas and Train Household Items/OBs$5.00
Lot: 51850+ Assorted Scale Plastic & Die-Cast Vehicles$5.00
Lot: 51945+ Assorted Hot Wheels. T-Shirt and Puzzles/OBs$5.00
Lot: 520AF S Gauge: #775 Baggage Loading Platform and 3 #734 Oper Baggage Cars$50.00
Lot: 521100+ Assorted 1:64 Scale Die-cast Nascar and Sport Vehicles$5.00
Lot: 5223 Framed Train Wills Cigarette Picture$5.00
Lot: 523Aristo Craft 1 Gauge: #ART-11070 36 Inch Straight Track and 2 24 Inch Straight Track/OB$45.00
Lot: 52430+ Moondog Express Track Sheet Pieces/OB$5.00
Lot: 52511 Assorted Manufacturers Assorted Classic Car Framed Pictures, Metal Signs and Calendars$5.00
Lot: 526AF S Gauge: 32 pieces of Straight and Curved Track w/ Rubber Road Bed$55.00
Lot: 52735+ Assorted Scale Vehicles, Tins, Clothing and Memorabilia Items$10.00
Lot: 52835+ Assorted Dept 56/Acme/Hallmark Houses, Tins, Control Race Cars and Magnetic Bag Clips$5.00
Lot: 5293 Display Case Sets, 2 Turtle Wax Sets, Resin Car and Tin Container$5.00
Lot: 530AF S Gauge: 6 Assorted Operating Track Pieces and Trestle Bridge$20.00
Lot: 53111 Assorted Racing Champions/Franklin Mint II Assorted Harley Davidson Motorcycles$10.00
Lot: 53240 Assorted Action-Mcfarlane and Nascar Nascar Figures and Collectibles$10.00
Lot: 53342 Assorted 1:24 Scale Nascar and Sports Vehicles$5.00
Lot: 53418 Assorted 1:58 and 1:64 Scale Assorted Tractor Trailers/OB$95.00
Lot: 535AF S Gauge: #583 Electromagnetic Crane, #787 Log Loader and #714 Log Unloading Car$110.00
Lot: 53650+ Assorted Scale Nascar Memorabilia, Household Items and Replica Gas Tanks$10.00
Lot: 53710 Assorted 1:18/1:24 Scale Race Car Collectibles/OBs$5.00
Lot: 5389 Assorted Carrera/Revel 1:32 Scale Collectible Race Cars/Plastic Cases$280.00
Lot: 53922 Assorted 1:18/1:24 Scale Vehicles$140.00
Lot: 540American Flyer S Gauge: 11 Assorted Freight Cars$50.00
Lot: 54131 Assorted 1:18/1:24 Scale Race Cars$5.00
Lot: 5428 Assorted 1:18 Scale Vehicles/OB/Plastic Cases$70.00
Lot: 54310 Assorted Scale Trailer Trucks, Vehicles and Collectible Tins/OBs$10.00
Lot: 54460+ Assorted Matchbox/Other 1:54 Scale Vehicles/OBs$180.00
Lot: 545AF S Gauge: 18 Assorted Cars$25.00
Lot: 54640+ Assorted Pola Gauges Foliage, Accessories/Figures and Couplers/OBs$110.00
Lot: 5475 Assorted Scale Racing Cars/OBs$110.00
Lot: 54840+ Assorted Scale Cars and Collectibles/OBs$10.00
Lot: 54940+ Assorted Scale NASCAR Cars and Collectibles/Blister Packs$10.00
Lot: 550BUB HO Gauge: #7880/3 Great Western Passenger Train Set/OB$30.00
Lot: 55140+ Assorted Scale Vehicles$45.00
Lot: 55232 Assorted American Flyer/Lionel Accessories and Button Controllers$55.00
Lot: 55330+ Assorted Dept 56/Lemax Lighting/Christmas Accessories and Animated Skating Pond/OBs$10.00
Lot: 554AF S Gauge: #307 Engine & Tender and 12 other items/OB$25.00
Lot: 555AF/Jak Tool & Model S Gauge: 35+ Assorted Bearing Blocks, Motors,E-Units, Relays, and Parts of Signal Poles$65.00
Lot: 556AF S Gauge: 11 Assorted Freight Car, Track and Parts/OBs$20.00
Lot: 557AF S Gauge: 12 Assorted Engine, Power Car, Baggage/Operating Cars and Control Butt$80.00
Lot: 558Lionel/AF O/S Gauge: 2 #750 Trestle Bridges and #317 Trestle Bridge$45.00
Lot: 559Gar Graves S Gauge: 50+ pieces of Wood Track and Curved Track$50.00
Lot: 5606 Assorted Framed Train Pictures and Tin Signs$20.00
Lot: 5617 Assorted Team Caliber/Action Racing Collectibles #17 Matt Kenseth NASCAR Die-Cast Replica Race Vehicles/OBs$10.00
Lot: 56241 Assorted Train Buttons (mostly Lionel)$20.00
Lot: 563AF/Other S Gauge: 20+ Assorted Airtime Whistle, Monon Flat Car and Train/Boat Books & Catalogs$65.00
Lot: 5644 Steel Tec 1:18 Scale #7120 1957 Corvette Kits/ OBs $20.00
Lot: 565Tyco HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Cars and Controller/Brown OBs$20.00
Lot: 56632 Assorted Collectibles and Ornaments/Obs$10.00
Lot: 56765+ Assorted Ornaments and Collectibles$5.00
Lot: 56814 Class of '57 Plastic Cars, Blister Packs$10.00
Lot: 56960+ Assorted Scale Vehicles and Collectibles/OBs$35.00
Lot: 57035+ Assorted Hot Wheels/Winross/Hess 1:64/1:32 Scale Vehicles/OBs$10.00
Lot: 57111 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Airplane/OBs$5.00
Lot: 5728 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Budweiser Beer Stein/OBs$5.00
Lot: 573NC Bridge Co. G Gauge Wood Truss Bridge$35.00
Lot: 57430+ Assorted Accessories, Foliage and People/OBs$65.00
Lot: 575AF S Gauge: 4 #26101 Scenic Curve Track Panels/OBs$35.00
Lot: 57624 Assorted Matchbox/Other Walt Disney & Looney Tunes, Walt Disney Matchbox Playcase and #M# 660 Batter Operated Locomotive/OB$80.00
Lot: 577American Flyer S Gauge: #751 Log Loader/OB$50.00
Lot: 578HO/O Gauge: 400+ Assorted Engines, Freight Car, Train Parts, Accessories, Christmas Decorations and Collectibles/OBs$10.00
Lot: 57950+ Assorted Wooden Kit and Accessories/OBs$5.00
Lot: 580American Flyer Seaboard Coaler$30.00
Lot: 58110 Assorted Train Hats$25.00
Lot: 582 25+ Assorted Scale/N Gauge Dewitt Clinton Passenger Set, Railroad Plaques, Accessories and Figures$40.00
Lot: 583American Flyer Passenger Terminal and Whistle Billboard$10.00
Lot: 584Bachmann/Atlas HO Gauge: Large Lot of Assorted Switch Track and Other Track$15.00
Lot: 585PIKO/LGB G Gauge: #62039 ESSO Diesel Tank/OB$30.00
Lot: 58613 Assorted Gauge Battery Operated Toy Sets, Cars, Accessories and Collectibles/OBs$5.00
Lot: 587N/O Gauge: 20+ Assorted #3066 Miniature Train Set, MTH Wagons, Replica Gas Tanks and Light Bulbs/OBs$45.00

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