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Sunday, December 30, 2018 Brass HO/LGB/G Scale/Diecast/Misc. Potluck Toy Trains Auction:

Our Brass HO/LGB/G Scale/Diecast/Misc. Potluck Toy Trains Auction starts at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, December 30, 2018. Bids may be placed on each lot by using AuctionsBy™, the Live On-Line Bidding System on the AmbroseBauer Trains' WebSite or on

A Twelve Percent Buyer's Premium will apply for those entering winning bids on AuctionsBy™. Absentee Bidders must pay by check or money order within ten days of the date of the Auction. A $50.00 administrative fee will be added to each lot that is not paid in full within twenty days of the date of the Auction. AuctionsBy™ does accept bids on each lot until that Lot is sold, but we encourage bids to be left before the Auction is actually conducted in order to eliminate some of the traffic on our Server and to ensure that your bids are actually received and entered into our System. We do not accept credit card payments.

Only lots that contain the language 'All Original in our Opinion' are guaranteed to be original per the Limited Warranty as stated in the Terms and Conditions. We neither test nor warrant the mechanical operation of any item. As per the Terms and Conditions, we do not warrant our Opinions as to the Condition and expect each Bidder to review all of the photos to determine their own opinion as to the condition of an item.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in Pennsylvania and who do not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

West Virginia Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in West Virginia and who do not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file. West Virginia Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

Please Double-Click on the Lot Numbers in the List Below to see in Detail that Particular Lot with all Pictures of that Lot as well as a Bidding Box to place your Absentee Bids. The Bidding Box to place your Snipe Bids is at the bottom of the Lot Detailed Page. You may also bid live during the auction by clicking the TAKE ME LIVE menu item to your left.

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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 1LGB G Gauge: #20892 Sumpter Valley Ry Engine and Tender/OB$760.00
Lot: 2LGB G Gauge: #21988 Circus Train Set/OB$220.00
Lot: 3Jouef/Lima/Penn Line HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs$45.00
Lot: 4Brass HO Gauge: Balboa SF 'Prairie' Steam Engine & Tender/OB$80.00
Lot: 5Brass HO Gauge: Tenshodo Great Northern 2-8-2 'Mikado' Steam Engine & Tender/OB$220.00
Lot: 6Rivarossi HO Gauge: #2508/2710/2711/2718/2743 Passenger Cars/OBs$40.00
Lot: 7Bachmann/Rivarossi HO Gauge #40-0185 Orient Express and #16700 Rivarossi Passenger Car Train Set/OBs$140.00
Lot: 8Hornby HO Gauge: #50011 Electric Locomotive/OB$35.00
Lot: 9European/Hornby O Gauge: #974 Switcher and 9 Assorted Cars$80.00
Lot: 10LGB G Gauge: #27432 Rhb Electric Engine/OB$580.00
Lot: 11LGB G Gauge #21935 HSB Diesel Locomotive/OB$310.00
Lot: 12179 Assorted Building Materials and Accessories/OBs/Bags/Blister Packs$70.00
Lot: 13LGB G Gauge: #20701DC DC&GRWRR Passenger Train Set/OB$85.00
Lot: 14Lionel Large Gauge: #81027 Thomas & Friends Train Set/OB$95.00
Lot: 15LGB G Gauge: #2155S White Pass Engine/OB$280.00
Lot: 16LGB G Gauge: #22301 US Lake George and Boulder Passenger Train Set/OB$120.00
Lot: 17Bachmann G Gauge: Resort at Squaw Creek Engine & Tender and 3 Passenger Cars/OBs$130.00
Lot: 18AZL Z Gauge: 3 #6104 SD-70 Flared and #AZL-61004 SD-70M Union Pacific Engines/Plastic Cases$310.00
Lot: 19AZL Z Gauge: 2 #6106 SD-75l and #63102-1/63102-2 SD-70 ACe BNSF Engines/Plastic Cases$390.00
Lot: 20LGB G Gauge: #24552 Christmas Engine/OB$700.00
Lot: 21LGB G Gauge: #72545 Christmas Train Set/OB$210.00
Lot: 22AZL Z Gauge: 2 #AZL-61014 SD-75M and 2 #AZL-62503 GP-38-2 BNSF Engines/Plastic Cases$250.00
Lot: 23Micro Trains Z Gauge: USAAC #980 01 530 Nose Art Engine and 7 Assorted Cars/Plastic Cases$95.00
Lot: 24AZL Z Gauge: 2 #AZL-62112 GP-30 and #63205-3/63205-4 SD-45 Great Northern Engines/Plastic Cases$290.00
Lot: 25Accucraft On30 Gauge: #AM58-311 D&RG C-16 2-8-2 Southern Engine & Tender/OB$260.00
Lot: 26AZL Z Gauge: #62514-1/-2/-3 GP-38-2 and #AZL-61009 SD-70 Illinois Central Engines/Plastic Cases$290.00
Lot: 27Micro Trains Z Gauge: USAAC #980 01 530 Nose Art Engine and 7 Assorted Cars/Plastic Cases$100.00
Lot: 28Micro Trains Z Gauge: 15 Assorted Reefers/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 29AZL Z Gauge: 3 #AZL-62011 GP-7 and #AZL-62104 GP-30 Denver & Rio-Grande Engines/Plastic Cases$290.00
Lot: 30LGB G Gauge: #2217D Engine & Tender/OB$140.00
Lot: 31AZL Z Gauge: 2 #AZL-61017 SD-70M and 2 #AZL-62507 GP-38-2 NS Engines/Plastic Cases$310.00
Lot: 32Micro Trains/Moster Trains Z Gauge: 15 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 33Micro Trains/Moster Trains Z Gauge: 13 Assorted Cars/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 34Micro Trains Z Gauge: 15 Assorted Reefers/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 35LGB G Gauge: #23252 Columbus Engine/OB$380.00
Lot: 36Micro Trains Z Gauge: 14 Assorted Reefers/Plastic Cases$110.00
Lot: 37Micro Trains Z Gauge: 15 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 38Micro Trains Z Gauge: 14 Assorted Tank Cars/Plastic Cases$120.00
Lot: 39Micro Trains Z Gauge: 15 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$130.00
Lot: 40LGB G Gauge: #27630 White Pass Engine/OB$200.00
Lot: 41Micro Trains Z Gauge: 14 Assorted Tank Cars/Plastic Cases$130.00
Lot: 42Marklin Z Gauge: #88711/88712 ICE Passenger Sets/OBs$340.00
Lot: 43Micro Trains Z Gauge: 16 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$140.00
Lot: 44Micro Trains Z Gauge: 8 Assorted Christmas Cars (Noel Gondolas Sealed)/Plastic Cases$65.00
Lot: 45AZL Z Gauge: #63209-4/63212-4/62515-3/62118 Assorted Engines/Plastic Cases$270.00
Lot: 46Micro Trains Z Gauge: 18 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$180.00
Lot: 47Marklin Z Gauge: #8801/8807/8679/8863/8670 Assorted Engines, Tenders and Cabooses/OBs/Plastic Cases$290.00
Lot: 48Sealed AZL Z Gauge: Bethgon II Coalporter, 3 #9011 Northern Southern (Set 1/2/3) and 3 #9012 CSX (Set 1/2/3)/Plastic Cases$330.00
Lot: 49O Gauge Exceptional German-Made (Hans Heinrichsen?) Winter-Theme Lead Figure Lot$75.00
Lot: 50LGB G Gauge: #22182 The Colorado & Southern RY, CO Engine & Tender/OB$400.00
Lot: 5111-Item 'Dimestore Size' Lead Figure Group$35.00
Lot: 52Micro Trains/Monster Trains Z Gauge: 13 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$100.00
Lot: 53Trix N Gauge: #11444 Tunnel Rescue Train/Bi-Directional/OB$170.00
Lot: 54Marklin Z Gauge: #88226/88126/88126a/82823A Assorted Engine and Cars/OBs$160.00
Lot: 55AZL Z Gauge: #AZL-62105/AZL-62105/AZL-62007/62108-1/62108-2/AZL-61007 Assorted Engines/Plastic Cases$420.00
Lot: 56Marklin Z Gauge: #31964/1989/2009 Assorted Cars/OBs$35.00
Lot: 57Marklin Z Gauge: #2005/1999 Museum Wagen Sets, #80913 Caboose and Nigrin Car Set/Tin Containers$65.00
Lot: 58Marklin Z Gauge: #88091 Mini-Club Insider Set, #82519 Coasters, #1998/2000 Museum Wagen Sets/Plastic/Tin Cases$130.00
Lot: 59Brawa HO Gauge: #Kla 53 Crane and #Kla 03 Flat Car/OBs$65.00
Lot: 60Marklin 1 Gauge: #5511 DB Train Set/OB$160.00
Lot: 61Marklin 1:43 Scale and HO Gauge: #1576 Union Pacific Caboose, 3 #1803 Ford Capri Automobiles & 3 #1818 Chevrolet Corvettes/OBs6 OBs $55.00
Lot: 62Marklin HO Gauge: #83474 Seco/DB Serie 133 Engine, #4506 Transport Wagen Set and 2 #2ST 7047 Lamp Post Sets/OBs$130.00
Lot: 63ESU HO Gauge: #31102 DB Engine/OB$200.00
Lot: 64Marklin HO Gauge: #46573 Horse/Carriage Cars Set/OB$25.00
Lot: 65AZL Z Gauge: #AZL-62511/AZL-62511/AZL-62502/AZL-62502/AZL-1852 Assorted BN & MR Engines$480.00
Lot: 66Marklin HO Gauge: #28970 Trix Wedding Train Set/OB$65.00
Lot: 67Brawa HO Gauge: #42508 DB Epoche IV Locomotive and #40568 DRG BR Epoche II Steam Locomotive/OBs$75.00
Lot: 68Marklin HO Gauge: #2866 Airplane Transport Train of the German State RR/OB$140.00
Lot: 69Marklin HO Gauge: #28451 Strukton Track Laying Train Set/OB$70.00
Lot: 70AZL Z Gauge: 2 #AZL-62001 ATSF GP-7 and 3 #AZL-62106 SP GP-30 Engines/Plastic Cases$320.00
Lot: 71AZL Z Gauge: 11 Assorted Freight Cars/Plastic Cases$140.00
Lot: 72LRW Z Gauge: #4820 SP Engine, #8209 Conrail Engine and #2329 BN Engine/Plastic Cases$230.00
Lot: 73Z Gauge: 10 Assorted Army Engines, Tender and Cars$150.00
Lot: 74Brass HO: NSL #6 Saginaw Lumber Co. 2-6-2T Prairie Tank & Class A Climax w/12-Ton Vertical Boiler/OBs$360.00
Lot: 75Accucraft On30 Gauge: #AM58-314 D&RGW C-16 2-8-2 Engine & Tender/OB$360.00
Lot: 76Minitrix/Roco/Arnold Z Gauge: 2 #2051 Enreich-Ein Fuhrer Engines & Tenders and 8 Assorted German Army Cars/Plastic Case$220.00
Lot: 77Marklin Z Gauge: #88490/88492 PA Electric Engines and #82514 Freight Car Set 4-Pack/OBs$330.00
Lot: 78AZL Z Gauge: #AZL90402-1/#AZL90266-1/AZL90331-1/AZL902411-1 Assorted 4-Packs/OBs$220.00
Lot: 79AZL Z Gauge: #AZL1731/AZL90307-1/AZL90201-1/AZL90308-1 Engine/Tender and 3 4-pack of Cars/OBs/Plastic Case$1850.00
Lot: 80AZL Z Gauge: Canadian National 2 #AZL-62504 GP-38-2 and 2 #AZL-61018 SD-70 Engines/Plastic Cases$360.00
Lot: 81AZL Z Gauge: #AZL90206-3/4 and #AZL 90206-1/2 4-Packs/OBs$260.00
Lot: 82AZL Z Gauge: #AZL90504-1/#AZL90501-1/AZL90915-1/AZL90402-1 Assorted 4-Packs/OBs$270.00
Lot: 83Marklin Z Gauge: #8808 NYC Engine & Tender, #8106 Chessie System Set and #82514 Freight Car Set (4-Pack)/OBs$280.00
Lot: 84Marklin Z Gauge: #8139/88603 Sets/OBs$200.00
Lot: 85REE Models HO Gauge: #MB-051S SNCF Engine & Tender/OB$180.00
Lot: 86Marklin Z Gauge: #88221 OBB Electric Engine, #86352 DB Cargo Cars (3-Pack) and #86221 Auto Carrier Set/OBs$130.00
Lot: 87Marklin Z Gauge: #88690 DB Engine, #82502 EVA 4-Car Pack, #86221 Auto Carrier Sets and #82311 OLEX 3-Car Set/OBs$110.00
Lot: 88Marklin Z Gauge: #8138 EBV Train Set, #82511 BT 3-Car Pack and #82504 4-Car Pack/OBs$110.00
Lot: 89Marklin Z Gauge: #82500 DB Cargo 4-Pack, #82360/82501 3-Packs and #82510 5-Pack/OBs$130.00
Lot: 90Jouef HO Gauge: #HJ2308 DCC Locomotive/OB$200.00
Lot: 91Marklin Z Gauge: #8105/8111 DB Passenger Train Sets/OBs$190.00
Lot: 92Micro Trains Z Gauge: BNSF 4-Car Runner Pack, APL Well Car 5-Pack, BN 4-Pack and Trailer Train 4-Pack/OBs$180.00
Lot: 93Micro Trains Z Gauge: 2 C&O 4-Car Runner Packs and C&O Flat Car W/ Loads 3-Car Runner Pack/OBs$140.00
Lot: 94Marklin Z Gauge: #88714 ICE Passenger Train Set and #87712/87713/87714 DB Passenger Cars/OB/Plastic Cases$220.00
Lot: 95Micro Trains Z Gauge 2 #982 01 191/3 #982 01 192 GN GP9 Powered Locomotives/OBs$400.00
Lot: 96Micro Trains Z Gauge: GN/CSX/CP/NYC 4-Car Runner Packs/OBs$170.00
Lot: 97Micro Trains Z Gauge: #99400 061/#99400 055/99400 805 Sets of Hoppers/OBS$160.00
Lot: 98Micro Trains Z Gauge: GN 3-Car Runner Pack and PA Lightweight 4-Pack/OBs$100.00
Lot: 99Micro Trains Z Gauge: #99400-064/99400-059/99400-023 Union Pacific Passenger Car Sets/OBs$160.00
Lot: 100Accucraft Large Gauge: Live Steam #AC77-210 Mich/Cal Shay/OB$1550.00
Lot: 101Micro Trains Z Gauge: BN 2 #981 01 060 GP35 and #970 01 021/022 SD40-2 Powered Locomotives/Plastic Cases$270.00
Lot: 102Micro Trains Z Gauge: Northern Southern #3408/3367 AA Units and #97001 061/062 AA Units/Plastic Cases$250.00
Lot: 103Accucraft Large Gauge: #AC83-161 DSP & PRR Caboose Way Car/OB$70.00
Lot: 104Aster Hobby #1 Gauge: Truss Log Car/OB$90.00
Lot: 105Micro Trains Z Gauge: Milwaukee Road #970 01 101/970 01 102/982 01 041/982 01 042 Assorted Engines/Plastic Cases$290.00
Lot: 106Micro Trains Z Gauge: Santa Fe #98201 061/062 AA Units, #98101 040 Engine and #98101-020 Union Pacific Engine/Plastic Cases$290.00
Lot: 107LGB G Gauge #3010/3013/3050 Passenger Cars and 3 Tank Cars/Yellow OBs$150.00
Lot: 108Marklin #1 Gauge: #5870 Flat Car with Ties and #85853 Flat Car Set with Tractor and Logs/OBs$120.00
Lot: 109Micro Trains Z Gauge: #98201 201/202/8104/2557 Assorted Engines/Plastic Cases$240.00
Lot: 110AZL Z Gauge: CP Rail #62513 2/3 AA Units and CN #61016 AA Units/Plastic Cases$300.00
Lot: 111AZL Z Gauge: #62109 1/3 Baltimore and Ohio AA Units and #62116-3, #6202 Chesapeake and Ohio Engines/Plastic Cases$260.00
Lot: 112LGB G Gauge: #37800 Passenger Car, #37810 Combo and #37840 REA Cars (all with figures)/OBs$110.00
Lot: 113LGB G Gauge: #41660/41660/4269/41730/45670 Assorted Cars/OBS$130.00
Lot: 114LGB G Gauge: 6 Assorted Circus Cars/OBs$190.00
Lot: 115AZL Z Gauge: #62012 MP AA Units and #62010 CB&Q AA Units/Plastic Cases$280.00
Lot: 116AZL Z Gauge: CSX #62107 1/3 AA Units, #63101-2 AA Units and #62506 Engine/Plastic Cases$400.00
Lot: 117Micro Trains Z Gauge: #98201-211/98101 101/102/98101 111/112/Plastic Cases$330.00
Lot: 118Micro Z Gauge: #3578/98101 141/142/98201 120/98201 130 Assorted Engines/Plastic Cases$310.00
Lot: 119Micro Trains Z Gauge: #6418/97001 201/202/98201 081/08 Assorted Engines/Plastic Cases$370.00
Lot: 120Micro Trains Z Gauge: Santa Fe #98101 040/041 AA Units, #98101 171/172 AA Units and #97001-092 Engine/Plastic Cases$340.00
Lot: 121Micro Trains Z Gauge: #98201 111/112/98101 200/98101 210 Engines/Plastic Cases$280.00
Lot: 122Micro Trains Z Gauge F AB Units: #98001 012/98002 012/98001 101/98002/98001-381/98002 381 Assorted Engines/Plastic Cases$280.00
Lot: 123Micro Trains Z Gauge F AB Units: #98001-382/98002-382/98001-102/98002-106/98001-011/98002-011 Assorted Engines/Plastic Cases$280.00
Lot: 124Micro Trains Z Gauge: #98101 191/192 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy AA Units, IC #98101 131/132 A Units and #6203 Engine/Plastic Cases$290.00
Lot: 125LGB G Gauge: #30900/37670/37673/37690 Passenger Cars /OBs$1100.00
Lot: 126Micro Trains Z Gauge: #98101 181/182 Montana Rail Link AA Units and #520/521 Smokey Bear Forest AA Units/Plastic Cases$270.00
Lot: 127Marklin #1 Gauge: #5437 Flat Car W/ Radio Load, #5415 Flat Car W/ Auto Container and #5806 Shell Tank Car/OBs$140.00
Lot: 128LGB G Gauge: #69772 Tasmanian Coal Company Tender and #426-2317/6 Circus Motored Tender/OBs$200.00
Lot: 129AZL Z Gauge: Southern Pacific #62106 AA Units, #62006 A Unit, #63204-2 Non Powered A Unit/Plastic Cases$270.00
Lot: 130Micro Trains Z Gauge: #97001 11/12/#97001 71/72/98101-81/#18714 Assorted Engines and Caboose/Plastic Cases$310.00
Lot: 131Micro Trains Z Gauge: #97001 081/082 AA Units, 2 #98101 020 and #98201 240 Union Pacific Engines /Plastic Cases$340.00
Lot: 132LGB G Gauge: #33353 RhB Gondola W/ Sound and #42580 Tele Co. Flat Car W/ Cable Reels/OBs$210.00
Lot: 133LGB G Gauge: #34800 C&S Passenger Car and #34810 C&S Combo Car/OBs$80.00
Lot: 134LGB G Gauge: 2 #3082 D&RGW Passenger Cars and #3083 D&RGW Baggage/Express Car/OBs$120.00
Lot: 135Micro Trains Z Gauge: CSX Transportation #97001 11/12 AA Units and #97001 141/142 AA Units/Plastic Cases$280.00
Lot: 136AZL Z Gauge: Norfolk and Western #61008 AA Units and #6101 AA Units/Plastic Cases$390.00
Lot: 137LGB G Gauge: #42720/45600/40735/44750/43650 Assorted C&S Cars/OBs$140.00
Lot: 138Highly-Detailed G Gauge Wooden Coaling Structure$210.00
Lot: 139LGB G Gauge: #35073/36071/47400/4021CT Assorted Christmas Cars/OBs$220.00
Lot: 140Micro Trains Z Gauge: Missouri Pacific #622/660 AA Units and #6002/6070 AA Units/Plastic Cases$270.00
Lot: 141AZL Z Gauge: Union Pacific #6102/6205/61004 and #63100 1/2 Engines/Plastic Cases$450.00
Lot: 1428 Assorted Accessories/OBs$80.00
Lot: 143LGB G Gauge: #37078/36072/35071 Assorted Christmas Cars/OBs$170.00
Lot: 144Micro Trains Z Gauge: #98101-091/97001-110/98101-150 Southern Pacific and #98101-160 Santa Fe Engines/Plastic Cases$270.00
Lot: 145Micro Trains Z Gauge: SOO Line #98101 070/072 AA Units, #97001-160 Engine and #97001 170 Engine/Plastic Cases$260.00
Lot: 146LGB G Gauge: #4070/4072/4074 Assorted Beer Cars/OBs$75.00
Lot: 147Interesting XECX Barrage 1.9 4WD Electric Scaler RTR w/Controller Manual$110.00
Lot: 148LGB G Gauge: #3006/3019/30504/30503/35065 Assorted Cars/OBs$170.00
Lot: 149AZL Z Gauge: Santa Fe #62103 3211/3229 AA Units, #62001 2724/2790 AA Units and #61011 221 Engine/Plastic Cases$370.00
Lot: 150Accucraft Live Steam Large Gauge: #AL87-147 D&RGW K-27 Steam Engine & Tender/OBs$1650.00
Lot: 151AZL Z Gauge: #63101 1/2/3 and #63124 2/3 Norfolk Southern Engines/Plastic Cases$500.00
Lot: 152New #82066-4 Radio Control 'Traxxas' TRX-4 Off-Road Unit/OB $300.00
Lot: 153Nice G-Gauge 'Dolores' Freight Station$55.00
Lot: 154AZL Z Gauge: Milwaukee Road 63208 2/4 AA Units and #62009 AA Units/Plastic Cases$310.00
Lot: 155Micro Trains Z Gauge: Pennsylvania #2359/2365 AA Units and #7000/7608 AA Units/.Plastic Cases$270.00
Lot: 156AZL Z Gauge: #4405/4410/4428 SOO Line Powered Engines and #4032/4038 Kansas City Southern AA Units/Plastic Cases$560.00
Lot: 157Horizon/Hitec 1/10 Scale #VTR03090 1972 Chevrolet K10 Ascender and #44177 X1 Touch AC/DC Multi Charger/OBs$220.00
Lot: 158LGB G Gauge: D&RGW #43670 Box Car, #4068 Cattle Car and #4175 Caboose/OBs$80.00
Lot: 159LGB G Gauge: #47674/4335S/44725 Assorted Christmas Box Cars/OBs$180.00
Lot: 160Overland Models HO Scale: Brass #OMI-3365 25-Ton Double Track Sand Tower Service Center/OB$330.00
Lot: 161LGB G Gauge: #3171 DR Passenger Car, #48110 DR Covered Hopper, #4064 D&RGW Reefer Car and #4061 DR Gondola/OBs$85.00
Lot: 162LGB G Gauge: #47655 Sumpter Valley RY Highly-Detailed Lighted Caboose/OB$130.00
Lot: 163Unusual O-Gauge 3-unit Track Maintenance Set$100.00
Lot: 16415 Assorted Scale Vehicles (many broken pieces)$10.00
Lot: 165Micro Trains Z Gauge: #98201 11/12/12 Northern Pacific AB Units/Plastic Cases$270.00
Lot: 1666 Assorted Newray/Liberty Classics Plastic Airplanes (4 W/ Plastic Stands)$15.00
Lot: 1677 Assorted Plastic/Iron Figurines and Lamp Posts/OBs$25.00
Lot: 1687 Assorted Gauge/Scale Vehicles and Motorcycles/OB$60.00
Lot: 169LGB G Gauge: #46400/44400/4040S Assorted Tank Cars/OBs$95.00
Lot: 170LGB G Gauge: #7 Weathered Powered Engine and 8 Assorted Wooden Cars$480.00
Lot: 171AMS On3 Gauge: #AM55-034 Sumpter Valley RR 0-4-0 Diesel Switcher/OB$140.00
Lot: 172Broadway Limited On3 Gauge: #900 D&RGW 2-8-0 C-16 Engine & Tender/OB$120.00
Lot: 17311 Assorted Railroad-Related Hard-Cover Books$20.00
Lot: 17412 Assorted Railroad-Related Hard-Cover Books$15.00
Lot: 175Amazing Yuneec Typhoon Drone/Rolling Case$270.00
Lot: 176Matchbook Lines 12 Panel Matchbook Signs w/Light and Single Gate Unit w/Lights/Original Paper Bags$20.00
Lot: 177Vintage Remco Dick Tracy Wrist Radio BoxBox$10.00
Lot: 178HO Gauge: #605/4454/4828/6009/9214 Assorted Engines/Tender and 14 Plastic Toy Vehicles$85.00
Lot: 179Schuco/Strombecker 1:32 Scale #9435-395 Road Racing Car Kit, Racing Cars and 3 Controllers/OBs$70.00
Lot: 180Vintage 'Railroadania' Paper Lot w/Stock Certificates $35.00
Lot: 181G Gauge: 100 Ceiling Layout Pieces$160.00
Lot: 182Bachmann Billboard Commemorative Collection G Gauge: Incomplete Valvoline Express Train Set/OB$50.00
Lot: 183Gold Label/Lemax/Other #243952 Worlds Fair Carousel, Starburst Ferris Wheel and Balloon Flag Lamp (incomplete)/OBs$90.00
Lot: 184HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Shay Engines$70.00
Lot: 185Nice Assortment 11 Railroadania Items$45.00
Lot: 186Chapel & Co/Tony #60755 Jingle Bell Rock Santa and #70550 The Village Sledding Slope/OBs$20.00
Lot: 18720 Assorted Figures, Layout Accessories, Paint and Stamp Activity Kit/OB/Packaging$130.00
Lot: 18826 Assorted ERTL/Lionel/Corgi 1:43 Scale Vehicles and Texaco Service Station/OBs$160.00
Lot: 1892 Nice Clinchfield Diesel/Freight Framed Prints$15.00
Lot: 190Interesting 25+ Item Group Framed Railroad Ads, Photos, & Cocoa-Cola Cut-Out$75.00
Lot: 1915 Assorted Aviation & Nautical Prints-on-Board$5.00
Lot: 192Rare 1956 Tyco HO Gauge: #T-8 The General Train Set /OB$75.00
Lot: 19350 Assorted Circuit Boards/Terminal Stripes, G Gauge Rollers, Lights/Fuses and Other Misc items for Building a Layout$190.00
Lot: 194HO/N Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars and Accessories/OBs$20.00
Lot: 195LGB/Bachmann G GAUGE: #91101 Engine and Tender, #3006/3010 Passenger Cars and $4047 Flat Car/OBs$95.00

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