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Sunday, January 29, 2017 Pre-War Potluck Toy Trains Auction:

Our Pre-War Potluck Toy Trains Auction starts at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, January 29, 2017. Bids may be placed on each lot by using AuctionsBy™, the Live On-Line Bidding System on the AmbroseBauer Trains' WebSite or on

A Ten Percent Buyer's Premium will apply for those entering winning bids on AuctionsBy™. Absentee Bidders must pay by check or money order within ten days of the date of the Auction. A $50.00 administrative fee will be added to each lot that is not paid in full within twenty days of the date of the Auction. AuctionsBy™ does accept bids on each lot until that Lot is sold, but we encourage bids to be left before the Auction is actually conducted in order to eliminate some of the traffic on our Server and to ensure that your bids are actually received and entered into our System. We do not accept credit card payments.

Only lots that contain the language 'All Original in our Opinion' are guaranteed to be original per the Limited Warranty as stated in the Terms and Conditions. We neither test nor warrant the mechanical operation of any item. As per the Terms and Conditions, we do not warrant our Opinions as to the Condition and expect each Bidder to review all of the photos to determine their own opinion as to the condition of an item.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in Pennsylvania and who do not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

Please Double-Click on the Lot Numbers in the List Below to see in Detail that Particular Lot with all Pictures of that Lot as well as a Bidding Box to place your Absentee Bids. The Bidding Box to place your Snipe Bids is at the bottom of the Lot Detailed Page. You may also bid live during the auction by clicking the TAKE ME LIVE menu item to your left.

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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 1AF Standard Gauge President's Special #4687 AF Lines Engine & 3 Passenger Cars$940.00
Lot: 2Lionel #262/258 Engine and Tender and #249E/2225W Engine and Tender$170.00
Lot: 3Lionel #259 Engine and Tender and 3 #259E Engines and Tenders$150.00
Lot: 4Marx Joy Line Engine, 2 Tenders and 8 Cars$220.00
Lot: 5T-Reproductions #444 Roundhouse SectionNone$50.00
Lot: 6Lionel #289 Engine and Tender, #1688 Engine and Tender and 2 #1689E Engines and Tenders$250.00
Lot: 73 Lionel #258 Engines and Tenders $90.00
Lot: 87 Assorted American Flyer Electric Engines$160.00
Lot: 9Marx 4 Assorted Engines/Tenders and 8 Passenger Cars$150.00
Lot: 10Lionel #226E Steam Engine & Tender$250.00
Lot: 114 Piece Lionel Repainted Two-Tone Green #636W UP Streamline Set$240.00
Lot: 1215 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 1314 Assorted AF 4 Wheel Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 14American Flyer Engine and Tender and 2 #1121 Engines and Tenders$120.00
Lot: 15McCoy Standard Gauge TCA 4-4-4 Orange ElectricNone $180.00
Lot: 16AF Assortment Motive PowerNone$130.00
Lot: 1710 Assorted Lionel Freight Cars$80.00
Lot: 1821 Assorted Lionel Cars w/Latch Couplers$100.00
Lot: 19Lionel #251/252/253 Electrics$170.00
Lot: 20Lionel #1520E X Red Top Flying Yankee Streamliner/Set & OBsOBs$720.00
Lot: 214 AF Assorted Streamlined Items, Etc.None$230.00
Lot: 2215 Assorted American Flyer Cars$160.00
Lot: 2323 Assorted Lionel Cars w/Box Couplers$180.00
Lot: 245 Assorted American Flyer Engines and Tenders$160.00
Lot: 25Lionel #758W UP Streamliner Outfit/Set & OBsOBs$320.00
Lot: 26Lionel #259 Engine/Tender and #604/609/609/611 Blue/Silver Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 27Lionel 10-Item Assortment Stations, Power Sheds, Water Towers, Etc.None$260.00
Lot: 28Lionel #259E Steam E/T & 6 Assorted Cars$90.00
Lot: 2929 Assorted American Flyer Cars$230.00
Lot: 30Lionel #226E Steam Engine & Tender$300.00
Lot: 31Lionel/American Flyer #318E (R) and #4644 Engines$140.00
Lot: 32Lionel #259E Steam Engine and Tender & #629/629/630 Passenger Cars$110.00
Lot: 3313 Assorted Lionel Freight Cars$120.00
Lot: 34Lionel/American Flyer 3 Engines and Tenders and Engine (some R)$170.00
Lot: 35Lionel 3-Unit #752E UP Streamliner Set$150.00
Lot: 3610 Assorted Lionel Cars$75.00
Lot: 3712 Assorted American Flyer Passenger Cars$95.00
Lot: 38Assortment of American Flyer Accessories$260.00
Lot: 39Lionel #2957 Semi Scale NYC Caboose and #2226W Tender/OBs$320.00
Lot: 40Lionel #267W Flying Yankee Streamliner Outfit/Set & OBsOBs$430.00
Lot: 41Lionel Original #911 Country Estate Mansion PlotNone$140.00
Lot: 4212 Assorted Lionel Cars$230.00
Lot: 43Lionel 4-unit #1700-series Red/Silver Streamliner Set$80.00
Lot: 443 Sets of American Flyer Passenger Cars$130.00
Lot: 453 Lionel #2623 Heavyweight Passenger Cars$290.00
Lot: 46Lionel #224 & #1666 Steam Engines & Whistle Tenders$130.00
Lot: 47Lionel #116 Double Station$110.00
Lot: 48Lionel #1684/1689T Steam Engine & Tender & #609/609/611 Passenger Cars$55.00
Lot: 49Lionel #253 Engine and #607/607/608 Passenger Cars$95.00
Lot: 50Lionel Gunmetal #763E/2263W Hudson Steam E/TNone$560.00
Lot: 51Lionel #1668/1689W Engine & Tender and 4 Cars & Whistle Controller,$70.00
Lot: 52Lionel #261/257T Engine & Tender and (2)#607/608 Passenger Cars (R)$80.00
Lot: 539 Assorted Lionel Engine, Tenders and Freight Cars/OBs$160.00
Lot: 54Lionel #1666/2666W and #238E/2225W Engines and Tenders, 3 Passenger Cars and 4 Freight Cars$230.00
Lot: 55Lionel #260E/260T Cream Stripe Steam E&TNone$210.00
Lot: 5650 Lionel Model Builder MagazinesMagazines$130.00
Lot: 57Lionel #071 Telegraph Post Set/OBOB$70.00
Lot: 58AF Wide Gauge #4007 Gondola, #4012 Flat Car, and #4911 Caboose$110.00
Lot: 5917 Assorted Lionel/Marx Layout Accessories$35.00
Lot: 60Lionel UP #636W Streamliner Outfit/Set & OBsOBs$300.00
Lot: 61Lionel #152 Dk Green Electric Locomotive and 6 Passenger Cars$75.00
Lot: 62Lionel #1685/1685/1686/1687 Passenger Cars$190.00
Lot: 63Lionel #238E Pennsylvania Engine and Tender (R)$110.00
Lot: 64Lionel #256 Electric Engine and #605/605/606 Passenger Cars (repainted)$270.00
Lot: 65Lionel #263E Blue Comet Engine & Tender (Partial Repaint)$240.00
Lot: 66Lionel #252 Engine & #607/607/606 Passenger/Observation Cars$75.00
Lot: 67Lionel #1662/2203T Engine & Tender$110.00
Lot: 68Lionel #613/613/514/615 Blue Comet Passenger Cars (Black bottom restored)$160.00
Lot: 69Lionel #166 Engine (repro # decal) & Tender and #260/2640/2641 Passenger Cars$65.00
Lot: 70Lionel #442 Illuminated Diner/OB$300.00
Lot: 71American Flyer #9900 Burlington Streamline 4 Piece Diecast Set$140.00
Lot: 72Lionel #710/710/712 Two-Tone Blue Passenger Cars (Rusty Wheels)$150.00
Lot: 73Lionel 4-Unit #616 Flying Yankee Streamliner Set$110.00
Lot: 7413 Assorted Lionel/AF/Marx Accessories, Bridges, Towers and Trackside Signals$150.00
Lot: 75Lionel #751E UP Silver Streamliner Outfit/Set & OBsOBs$720.00
Lot: 763 AF #420 Engines and Tenders$170.00
Lot: 77Lionel Approx. 20 UP Streamliner Bodies/Frames & PartsNone$120.00
Lot: 78Scarce Lionel #253E Green Engine, 2 #607/608 Two-Tone Green Passenger Cars$110.00
Lot: 79Ives #3254 Engine, 2 #135 Passenger Cars and #136 Observation$140.00
Lot: 80Lionel #278E Red Vanderbilt Passenger Outfit/Set & OBsOBs$360.00
Lot: 81Lionel #253 Engine (R) and #607/608 Passenger Cars$70.00
Lot: 82Lionel #2640/2640/2640/2641/2630/2630/2631 Assorted Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 833 Lionel Engines and Tenders$90.00
Lot: 84AF Illinois Central Engine and 4 Articulated Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 85Scarce AF #420/428 Tandem Double-Header Steam Engines & TendersNone$180.00
Lot: 86Lionel Modern Standard Gauge #323/324/325 Passenger Cars$75.00
Lot: 87Lionel Assortment UP Streamliner Bodies, Frames & PartsNone$120.00
Lot: 88Ives Standard Gauge #3236R Electric & #184/185/186 Passenger Cars$130.00
Lot: 89Lionel Jr. 14-Item Assortment StreamlinersNone$85.00
Lot: 90Lionel #227 Semi-Scale 0-6-0 Switcher Steam Engine & Tender (R)$290.00
Lot: 91Lionel 4 #259E Engines and Tenders and #259 Engine and Tender$170.00
Lot: 92Lionel #224 Engine and Tender, #1684 Engine and Tender and #1666 Engine and Tender$140.00
Lot: 935 Lionel #259E Engines and Tenders $140.00
Lot: 94Marx #M-10000 Union Pacific Engine and 5 Vestibule Passenger Cars$55.00
Lot: 95Lionel Hiawatha Orange/Silver Streamlined Engine & 3 Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 96Lionel #238E Pennsylvania Engine and Tender, #265-E Commodore Vanderbilt Engine & Tender and #1689E Engine and Tender$160.00
Lot: 97Lionel #617/618 Flying Yankee Group w/VestibulesNone$140.00
Lot: 98Lionel #E636-W3 Union Pacific Engine and (3)#637/638 Streamlined Passenger Cars (Repainted)$170.00
Lot: 99Lionel 2 #258 Engines and Tenders and 2 #262 Engines and Tenders $230.00
Lot: 100Rare Lionel #55 Airplane/OB+OB+$370.00
Lot: 101AF #3013 Bluebird Engine & 3 Passenger Cars$210.00
Lot: 1022 Lionel #752 Union Pacific Engines and #753/754 Streamliners w/Vestibules and Parts$65.00
Lot: 103Lionel #248 Red Engine w/4 Passenger Cars and #252 Green Engine w/3 Passenger Cars$190.00
Lot: 104Marx 2 #M10005 Engines & 7 Passenger Cars$85.00
Lot: 105AF #1730RW Engine & 3 Streamline Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 10610 Assorted AF Passenger Cars$35.00
Lot: 107Lionel/Ives #1661E Engine & Tender and #1690/1690/1691 Passenger Cars$65.00
Lot: 108Hafner #M-10000 4-Item Union Pacific Streamliner Set $35.00
Lot: 1095 Assorted Lionel Lines Rail Chief Jr. Streamlined Passenger Cars$30.00
Lot: 110Lionel #300 Hell Gate Bridge$500.00
Lot: 11112 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 112Lionel/MTH Flying Yankee Streamliner Bodies & VestibulesNone$90.00
Lot: 113Lionel #224/2224T, #1684/1689T and 2 #229/2666T Engines and Tenders$110.00
Lot: 114Lionel Lines 2 #1688/1689T, #1668/1689T, #1668/2689W and #1668 Engines and Tenders$150.00
Lot: 1156 Assorted AF Passenger Cars$25.00
Lot: 11612 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars$35.00
Lot: 1177 Assorted AF Cars$30.00
Lot: 118Lionel #262 Engine and Tender, 2 #259E Engines and Tenders, #1664E Engine$170.00
Lot: 119Lionel 2 #249 Engine and Tender and #224E Engine and Tender $140.00
Lot: 120Lionel #250E Hiawatha Steam Engine & Tender (R)None$240.00
Lot: 121Lionel #1688E Engine and Tender, #1688 Engine and Tender, 2 #1689E Engine and Tender and #1689e Engine Shell and Tender$110.00
Lot: 1225 Assorted Maker Electrics$150.00
Lot: 1239 Assorted Lionel/Ives Passenger Cars$35.00
Lot: 1247 Assorted AF Passenger Cars$65.00
Lot: 125Lionel Jr. #1069W Steam Passenger Outfit/Set & OBsOBs$280.00
Lot: 126Lionel 4-Item Flying Yankee Streamliner w/Vestibules$45.00
Lot: 1277 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars$80.00
Lot: 128Lionel NYC #254 Engine Shell, 3 Passenger Cars and Motor$35.00
Lot: 1299 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars$110.00
Lot: 130Scarce Lionel/Ives #253 ElectricNone$70.00
Lot: 131Lionel Standard Gauge #8E Electric Engine, #384 Tender and 6 Assorted Passenger Cars$200.00
Lot: 132Lionel #1688 Engine and Tender, #1688E Engine and Tender, 2 #258 Engine and Tender and 2 Tenders$110.00
Lot: 13323 Assorted Lionel 600/800 Series Tank, Log and Searchlight Cars$150.00
Lot: 13416 Assorted Lionel 600/800 Series Hoppers and Dump Cars$100.00
Lot: 135Lionel 6-Item #800-Series Freight Car Set/OBOB$320.00
Lot: 13612 Assorted Lionel Box and Stock Cars$150.00
Lot: 137Lionel/McCoy Standard Gauge 2 Electric Engines and 3 Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 13816 Assorted Lionel 800 Series Cars$180.00
Lot: 13911 Assorted Lionel Standard Gauge Cabooses and Cars$160.00
Lot: 140Exceptional 5-Item Bing Steam/Electric Passenger Set/OB+OB+$290.00
Lot: 141Lionel #98 Coal Tipple/OB$120.00
Lot: 14217 Assorted Lionel Gondolas$100.00
Lot: 143Lionel #1717 Gondola, #1719 Box Car and #1722 Caboose$25.00
Lot: 144Lionel #93 Water Tank/OB$50.00
Lot: 145Lionel #752/753/753 Two-Tone Green Streamliner Set (R)/OBsObs$290.00
Lot: 146Lionel #92 Floodlight Tower/OB$160.00
Lot: 147Lionel #291W 226 Semi-Scale Freight Outfit BoxSet Box$130.00
Lot: 148Lionel #155 Freight Station (Late Colors)$100.00
Lot: 149Lionel #94 Hi-Tension Tower/OB$75.00
Lot: 150AF Hudson Steam Engine Erector Set and Number A Erector Set/Wood OBsOB$660.00
Lot: 151Lionel Jr. Red/Silver 3-unit Streamliner Set$100.00
Lot: 1522 Lionel Boulevard Lamps & 5 Assorted BoxesOBs$50.00
Lot: 1537 Item Assorted Maker Accessory Group/OBOBs$70.00
Lot: 1544 Assorted Lionel Lines Rail Chief Red Streamlined Passenger Cars$80.00
Lot: 1553 Lionel 1680-series Red Passenger CarsNone$100.00
Lot: 1562 Standard Gauge Ives (R) Passenger Cars$25.00
Lot: 157Ives #3235 NYC & HR Electric Engine, #171-3 Passenger Car and #173-3 Observation Car$55.00
Lot: 158American Flyer Wide Gauge #4644 Electric Engine, #4011 Caboose, #4017 Gondola and #4022 Flat Car$180.00
Lot: 159Lionel Standard Gauge #219 Crane, #512 Gondola, #517 Caboose and Flat Car with Wood$100.00
Lot: 160Mint Lionel #604 Orange Observation Car/OBOB$120.00
Lot: 161Hafner/Lionel #115041 Engine and Tender, Engine and Tender and 6 Assorted Cars$45.00
Lot: 162Lionel Orange 4-Unit Hiawatha Orange Articulated Streamliner$150.00
Lot: 163Lionel #1630/1630/1631/2630/2630/2631/2640/2640/2641/2642 Passenger Cars$140.00
Lot: 164Lionel #252 Electric Engine and 12 Assorted Cars$130.00
Lot: 1655 Lionel #259/259E Steam Engines & TendersNone$180.00
Lot: 166Lionel Engine and Tender, 2 Tenders and 10 Assorted Accessories $130.00
Lot: 1675 Assorted Rail Chief Red Lionel Streamlined Passenger Cars$130.00
Lot: 168Lionel 2 #224 Engines and Tenders, #224E Engine, #225E Engine and #2224W Tender$210.00
Lot: 169Lionel #313 Dark Gray Bascule Bridge/OB$70.00
Lot: 1703 Lionel #2623 Manhattan Heavyweight Pullmans/OBsOBs$720.00
Lot: 171Lionel #1688/1689E Lionel Lines Engines & Tenders and #229/1666 Engines & Tenders$120.00
Lot: 172American Flyer Electric Engine, Engine & Tender and 10 Passenger Cars$70.00
Lot: 173Lionel #204/1664/1666/1666E/1668 Engines and Tenders$160.00
Lot: 1749 Assorted Lionel Cars and 5 Passenger Cars/OB$85.00
Lot: 175Rare Lionel #801 Freight Car Set/OBExcellent/Excellent PlusOBs$270.00
Lot: 176Lionel #251E Gray Electric$130.00
Lot: 177Lionel NYC/Lionel Lines #35 Pullman and #36/338 Observation Cars$20.00
Lot: 178American Flyer O Gauge #565 Engine & Tender and 3 Assorted Cars$35.00
Lot: 179Lionel Engine and 2 Streamlined Passenger Cars$40.00
Lot: 180Lionel Standard Gauge Two-Tone Blue #310 Baggage/Mail, #309 Coach and #312 Observation Cars$500.00
Lot: 1819 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars$90.00
Lot: 1829 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBs3 Obs $130.00
Lot: 18350+ Assorted Tootsie Toy Miniature Die-Cast Vessels$170.00
Lot: 184Lionel Engine & Tender and 6 Assorted Cars$75.00
Lot: 1856 Lionel #2640/2641 Passenger Cars/OBs$170.00
Lot: 186Lionel #512 Gondola and 3 #205 Containers$120.00
Lot: 187American Flyer Standard Gauge #4021 Caboose & Gondola (R) $30.00
Lot: 188Lionel #2613/2614/2615 Blue Comet Passenger Cars$150.00
Lot: 1894 Assorted American Flyer Statesmen Standard Gauge Passenger Cars$250.00
Lot: 190Lionel Standard Gauge #380 Maroon Electric Engine$150.00
Lot: 191Rare 4-item Hoge & Hafner Paper LotPaper$190.00
Lot: 192Lionel 2 #1689E and #1668E/2225W Engines and Tenders$130.00
Lot: 193Rare Lionel Catalog Offer Postcard w/Ad & Mailing EnvelopePaper$95.00
Lot: 194Rare Lionel 1936 -Sales Aids- Price ListPaper$75.00
Lot: 195Lionel Standard Gauge #50 Green Electric Engine$70.00
Lot: 196Unusual Lionel 3-Language Transformer Instruction SheetPaper$40.00
Lot: 197Lionel -Oh Boy- & 1929 Pocket CatalogPaper$50.00
Lot: 198Lionel Single-Sheet Notice Concerning #258 & #1688 Steam EnginesPaper$10.00
Lot: 199Lionel Standard Gauge #10/8 Electric Engines$180.00
Lot: 200Scarce Lionel #437 Switch Signal TowerNone$110.00
Lot: 201Lionel #224E Engine, 3 Tenders and 5 Assorted Cars$240.00
Lot: 20210 Assorted Lionel Orange #603/4Passenger Cars$60.00
Lot: 2039 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars/OBs$130.00
Lot: 204Lionel #313 Bascule Bridge$60.00
Lot: 205Lionel 2 #610 Pullmans and #612 Observation Car/OBs$80.00
Lot: 206Lionel Lines #783/783/782/782/784/784 Milwaukee Road Streamlined Passenger Cars$110.00
Lot: 20711 Lionel Standard Gauge Freight Cars$170.00
Lot: 208Lionel #224/225E/224E Powered Engines & Tenders$200.00
Lot: 2099 Assorted Lionel 800-Series Cars$120.00
Lot: 210American Flyer Wide Gauge #4019 Electric & 3 Passenger CarsNone$200.00
Lot: 211Lionel #262 Engine & Tender$70.00
Lot: 212Lionel Standard Gauge 2 #332 Baggage/Mail, 2 #339 Coach and 2 #341 Passenger Cars$140.00
Lot: 213Lionel #812 Gondola, #3811 Remote Control Lumber Car, #816 Coal Car, and #2817 Caboose/OBs$110.00
Lot: 214Lionel #809 Dump Car/OB$50.00
Lot: 215Lionel #617/617/618/619 Streamlined Blue Streak Passenger Cars/OBs3 Obs $100.00
Lot: 2167 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars/OBs$110.00
Lot: 2172 Lionel #817 Blue Cabooses/OBs$60.00
Lot: 218Assorted O Gauge/Standard Gauge Wheels, Trucks and Truck Parts$200.00
Lot: 2198 Lionel #607 Pullmans and #608 Observation Cars/OBs3 Obs $75.00
Lot: 220Lionel #810 Operating Crane Car/OBOB+$150.00
Lot: 221Lionel/AF Assortment Parts, Motors, & Rheostats$65.00
Lot: 222Lionel O Gauge/Standard Gauge Assorted Restoration Parts$55.00
Lot: 22340+Pieces of Cast Iron Fence (gold and silver tips)$130.00
Lot: 22412 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBs$110.00
Lot: 225Lionel Standard Gauge #390E/390T Steam E&T/OBOB$210.00
Lot: 226Lionel #259E/1668/1688/1588/1684 Assorted Engines and Tenders$160.00
Lot: 22714 Assorted Lionel 1600 and 2600 Series Cars$45.00
Lot: 228Lionel #603/604/607/608 Assorted Passenger Cars $60.00
Lot: 2296 Assorted Lionel Standard Gauge Cars$75.00
Lot: 230Nice Lionel #270 Single Span Bridge & 4 #025 Illuminated Bumpers/OBsOBs$70.00
Lot: 23131 Assorted Lionel 800 and 900 Series Cars$160.00
Lot: 23212 Assorted Lionel 800 Series 8 Wheeled Cars$60.00
Lot: 23370+ Assorted Lionel/Other Passenger Car Parts$20.00
Lot: 234Lionel #3659 Remote Control Dump Car and 2 #2755 Sunoco Tank Car/OBs$110.00
Lot: 235Lionel #224E/2224W Steam Engine & Tender/OBs$90.00
Lot: 236Marklin O 17-item Passenger & Rolling Stock Assortment$140.00
Lot: 23718 Lionel Assorted #2600-series Rolling Stock Items$80.00
Lot: 23813 Lionel #600-series Rolling Stock Items/OBsOBs$100.00
Lot: 2393 Lionel Standard Gauge #320-Series Maroon Passenger Cars$50.00
Lot: 240Lionel Standard Gauge #33 Electric & 3 Passenger Cars None$100.00
Lot: 241Lionel Standard Gauge #8E Electric Engine and #337/338 Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 242Lionel Standard Gauge #339 Passenger Car and #341 Observation Car/OBs$80.00
Lot: 243Lionel Standard Gauge #8 Electric Engine, #337 Passenger Car and #338 Observation Car$110.00
Lot: 244Lionel #384 Engine Shell$25.00
Lot: 245Lionel Standard Gauge #10E Peacock Electric & 3 Passenger CarsNone$160.00
Lot: 246Lionel/Hafner Lionel Jr Engine & Tender and 17 Assorted Freight Cars$70.00
Lot: 24711 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars$110.00
Lot: 248Lionel Standard Gauge #319/319/322 Passenger Cars$90.00
Lot: 249Lionel/AF #752W Engine (cab only) and 6 Streamlined Passenger Cars$150.00
Lot: 2503 Lionel Standard Gauge #10 ElectricsNone$240.00
Lot: 2515 Lionel Standard Gauge #309/332/338/35/36 Assorted Passenger Cars$90.00
Lot: 2522 Lionel #33 Electric Engines$120.00
Lot: 253Lionel #616 Flying Yankee Engine, Lionel Jr. Engine and 14 Assorted Streamliner Passenger Cars$130.00
Lot: 2545 Assorted Lionel/Dorfan/Ives Electric Engines$110.00
Lot: 255Lionel Standard Gauge #10 Electric Engine, 3 #337 Passenger Cars and #338 Observation Car$200.00
Lot: 256Lionel #810 Crane Car, #2755 Sunoco Tank Car and #2641 Observation Car/OBs$110.00
Lot: 257Standard Gauge Track (28 Pieces)$30.00
Lot: 2586 Assorted Lionel Standard Gauge Passenger Cars$85.00
Lot: 25929 Assorted Lionel Rolling Stock Cars$180.00
Lot: 260Lionel Standard Gauge #318 & 318E ElectricsNone$240.00
Lot: 26115 Assorted Lionel/Marx/Ives/AF Tinplate Accessories and Parts/OBs$140.00
Lot: 262 Lionel 3 Engines & 11 Tenders/OB$130.00
Lot: 263AF/Dorfan/Ives/Bing Assorted Cars & Car Parts$35.00
Lot: 26418 Lionel/Bing Assorted Cast Iron Engines, Engine Cabs & Boilers $95.00
Lot: 265RARE Toonerville Trolley (Cab)$60.00
Lot: 266American Flyer Burlington Zephyr Wind Up Engine & 3 Passenger Cars$35.00
Lot: 2679 Assorted Lionel/AF Standard Gauge Cars$130.00
Lot: 268Lionel #248 Electric Engine and 2 #629 Passenger Cars, and #630 Observation Car$60.00
Lot: 269Ives Wide Gauge #3241/3235 Electric Engines, Engine Frame and #185/186 Parlor/Observation Car$350.00
Lot: 270Lionel Standard Gauge #8 Electric & #35/36 Passenger CarsNone $130.00
Lot: 271Nice 1939 AF #4020 O-Gauge Set BoxSet Box$25.00
Lot: 272Lionel #236 & AF #1343RT Set BoxesSet Boxes$10.00
Lot: 27324 Assorted Lionel #1680 and #2680 Series Cars$160.00
Lot: 27421 Assorted Lionel Cabooses (few repainted)/OB$70.00
Lot: 275Lionel Standard Gauge #418/419/490 Passenger Cars$120.00
Lot: 276Refurbished Lionel #124 City Station$55.00
Lot: 2773 Rare American Flyer 3/16 O Gauge Diecast Tenders (Hudson & K4)$45.00
Lot: 278American Flyer Wide Gauge #4694 Tender$130.00
Lot: 279Lionel Standard Gauge #385E/1835T Engine & Tender$220.00
Lot: 280Ives Wide Gauge #3243 Electric & #187/189 Club & Observation Cars$370.00
Lot: 28120 Assorted American Flyer Steam Engine Cabs, Passenger Cars and Rolling Stock Cars$85.00
Lot: 282American Flyer Wide Gauge #4022 Flat Car, #4018 Box Car, #4017 Gondola and #4011 Caboose $65.00
Lot: 283Lionel/Marx 35+ Assorted Lamp Posts, Signals, Etc.None $160.00
Lot: 284Lionel/Ives/AF Assortment Steam, Passenger, Etc.None $65.00
Lot: 285Ives Wide Gauge #3241 Electric Engine and #170/172 Buffet and Observation Car$85.00
Lot: 286European Assortment Rolling Stock, Passenger & Crossings$50.00
Lot: 2874 Nice MTH #1767 Series Standard Gauge Passenger Cars$260.00
Lot: 288102 MTH Assorted Standard Gauge Track$140.00
Lot: 289Standard Gauge Track & Switches$75.00
Lot: 290Scarce AF Wide Gauge #4005 Stock Car, #4008 Box Car, & #4111 Caboose $620.00
Lot: 291Lionel Standard Gauge Fast Track (20 Pieces)$60.00
Lot: 292Lionel Standard Gauge Track$40.00
Lot: 29333 Pieces K-Line Standard Gauge Track$55.00
Lot: 294Special Standard Gauge Track (Gradual Curves)$45.00

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