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Sunday, November 6, 2016 Lionel, MTH, K-Line, Atlas & Williams Modern Toy Trains Auction:

Our Lionel, MTH, K-Line, Atlas & Modern Toy Trains Auction starts at 6:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, November 6, 2018. Bids may be placed on each lot by using AuctionsBy™, the Live On-Line Bidding System on the AmbroseBauer Trains' WebSite or on

A Ten Percent Buyer's Premium will apply for those entering winning bids on AuctionsBy™. Absentee Bidders must pay by check or money order within ten days of the date of the Auction. A $50.00 administrative fee will be added to each lot that is not paid in full within twenty days of the date of the Auction. AuctionsBy™ does accept bids on each lot until that Lot is sold, but we encourage bids to be left before the Auction is actually conducted in order to eliminate some of the traffic on our Server and to ensure that your bids are actually received and entered into our System. We do not accept credit card payments.

Only lots that contain the language 'All Original in our Opinion' are guaranteed to be original per the Limited Warranty as stated in the Terms and Conditions. We neither test nor warrant the mechanical operation of any item. As per the Terms and Conditions, we do not warrant our Opinions as to the Condition and expect each Bidder to review all of the photos to determine their own opinion as to the condition of an item.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in Pennsylvania who not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file at the time of Registration. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

Please Double-Click on the Lot Numbers in the List Below to see in Detail that Particular Lot with all Pictures of that Lot as well as a Bidding Box to place your Absentee Bids. The Bidding Box to place your Snipe Bids is at the bottom of the Lot Detailed Page. You may also bid live during the auction by clicking the TAKE ME LIVE menu item to your left.

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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 1Lionel #31755 The Texas Special Passenger Train Set/OBLike NewObs $600.00
Lot: 2Mint Lionel #18364 Dual Set Pennsylvania BB-1 Electrics/OBsMintObs $280.00
Lot: 39 Assorted MTH Cars/OBsLike NewObs $160.00
Lot: 4Mint MTH #20-98103A/20-98103B/20-98103C West Virginia Log Cars with Logs/OBsMintObs $70.00
Lot: 5Lionel #8952 Pennsylvanian F-3 AA Green Diesels & #8164 Pennsylvania F3B Non Powered Unit with Horn/OBsLike newObs $200.00
Lot: 6Mint MTH Standard Gauge #10-1073 Gondola 212 with Containers, #10-4009 Villa 191 and #10-4010 Villa 189/OBsMintObs $100.00
Lot: 716 Assorted Lionel Cabooses/OBsLike NewObs $210.00
Lot: 812 Assorted MTH/Atlas Cars/OBsLike NewObs$250.00
Lot: 914 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs$140.00
Lot: 10MTH #20-3079-1 Santa Fe 4-6-4 Blue Goose Hudson Steam Engine and Tender W/ Protosound/OBLike NewOb $300.00
Lot: 11Mint Lionel #CP930016 Canadian Pacific 229316 1993 Commemorative Car/OBLike NewOb $40.00
Lot: 1214 Assorted Lionel Reefers/OBsLike NewObs$130.00
Lot: 1318 Assorted Lionel Tractor Trailers and Flat Cars with Tractor Trailer/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 149 Assorted K-Line Engines and Cars/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 15Lionel #12782 Operating Lift Bridge/OBLike NewOb $240.00
Lot: 1613 Assorted Lionel Hoppers. Flat Car with Tractors and Flat Car with Bulkheads/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 17Lionel #17635 Lionel Lines Gold Plated D/C CBS/OBLike NewOb $130.00
Lot: 18Lionel #19066 Pullman Heavyweight 2-pack Set/OBsLike NewObs $45.00
Lot: 19Lionel #19130 Lackawanna 4 Car Passenger Set, #19135 Lackawanna Combo Car and #19136 Lackawanna Passenger Car/OBsLike NewObs $160.00
Lot: 20Lionel #11838 Warhorse AT&SF Hudson Freight Set/OBLike NewObs $240.00
Lot: 21MTH/K-Line #30-9101 Sinclair Gas Station and #K-42450 Operating Sawmill/OBsLike NewObs $100.00
Lot: 2213 Assorted Lionel Cabooses/OBsLike NewObs $140.00
Lot: 2311 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 24Mint Assorted Lionel #18311 Disney Electric Engine and 16 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewObs $290.00
Lot: 25Sunset Models/3rd Rail Brass #5011 Santa Fe 2-10-4 Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb$410.00
Lot: 267 Assorted Lionel Looney Tunes Cars/OBsLike NewObs$130.00
Lot: 2710 Assorted Lionel Tank Cars/OBsLike NewObs$130.00
Lot: 28Lionel Chicagoland #64287/52101 1997 Maxi-Stacks, #52081 Chicago & Northwestern Box Car and #52103 Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose/OBsLike NewObs$130.00
Lot: 2913 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 30Lionel #31748 Santa Fe U28CG Freight Set/OBLike NewOB $460.00
Lot: 3114 Assorted Lionel TTOS Cars/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 3215 Assorted Lionel LCCA Convention Cars/OBsLike NewObs$150.00
Lot: 3312 Assorted Lionel Freight Cars from B&A/NYC Standard O Sets/OBsLike NewObs$150.00
Lot: 3420 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs$210.00
Lot: 35Lionel #18053 726 Berkshire Century Club Engine & Tender/OBLike NewObs $200.00
Lot: 3614 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 377 Assorted Lionel Crane, Floodlight Towers and Station Platforms/OBsLike NewObs$85.00
Lot: 388 Lionel #16045 Illinois Central Passenger Set, #16049/16093 Illinois Central Passenger Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 3912 Assorted Lionel Standard O Cars/OBsLike NewObs$110.00
Lot: 40Sunset Models/3rd Rail Brass #1796 Santa Fe Y-3 2-8-8-2 Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $540.00
Lot: 4111 Assorted Lionel Box Cars/OBsLike NewObs$120.00
Lot: 42Mint Lionel/McCoy Standard Gauge #13700 Caboose, #13200 Searchlight Car and 1978 TCA Caboose/OBsLike NewObs$95.00
Lot: 43Mint Lionel #21754/26948/26995/51301 Cars/OBsLike NewObs$110.00
Lot: 4416 Assorted Lionel TCA Convention Cars, LOTS Cars and Misc Cars/OBsLike NewOBs$150.00
Lot: 45Lionel #18314 (2332 Green) Century Club GG-1 Electric & Case/OBLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 46#K-2232 PA MP-15, #K4680-21000 PRR Business Car, #858B Alco PA Diesel B-Unit and 10 Assorted Cars/OBsLike Newobs $110.00
Lot: 47 Lionel #18219 Chicago & Northwestern Dash 8-40C; #7208 Penn John Hancock Diner and #8558 Milwaukee Electric/OBsLike NewObs $180.00
Lot: 48Lionel #19247 6464 Box Car Series Edition One, #19257 6464 Box Car Edition Two and #19266 6464 Box Car Series III/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 49MTH #20-2447-1 BNSF SD60M Diesel Engine w/Protosounds/OBLike NewOB $140.00
Lot: 50Lionel #38055 Santa Fe Northern 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive & Tender/OBLike NewOb $410.00
Lot: 51Lionel #8006 ACL Silver Shadow Hudson Display Case and Board/OB Like newOB $35.00
Lot: 52MTH #20-2447-1 BNSF SD60M Diesel Engine/OBLike NewOB $130.00
Lot: 53Lionel #18423 On-Track Step Van, #17511 Western Maryland Flat Car W/ Logs Set, #18556 C&IM Set, and 7 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewObs $140.00
Lot: 54Lionel #19292 6464 Box Car Series VI, #29209 6464 Box Car Series VII, #19276 6464 Box Car Series V and #19272 6464 Box Car Series #4,/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 55Lionel #18034 2-8-2 Western Maryland Mikado Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 56Lionel #15542 Santa Fe Heavyweight Passenger Set (2-Car)/OBLike NewOB $80.00
Lot: 5711 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $85.00
Lot: 5817 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 59Lionel #16091 New York Central Passenger Set of 4 Heavyweight Cars/OBsLike NewObs $60.00
Lot: 60Sunset Models/3rd Rail Brass #4199 Santa Fe Berkshire 2-8-4 Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $370.00
Lot: 61 Lionel #8469 Canadian Pacific B-Unit, #8060 PA F-3B B-Unit, #8261 F-3B B-Unit & #8575 Milwaukee F-3 B-Unit (All Non-Powered)/OBsLike New3 Obs $200.00
Lot: 625 Assorted Lionel Engines/OBsLike NewObs $160.00
Lot: 63 Lionel #18813 Duluth Missabe & Iron Range SD-18 Locomotive and 2 #18809 Susquehanna RS-3 Diesel Locomotives/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 6417 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike New11 Obs$140.00
Lot: 65MTH #20-2223-1 Santa Fe Alco DL-109 Diesel And #20-2223-3 Santa Fe DL-110 Powered B-Unit/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 668 Pieces of Lionel Curved FastTrackLike NewNone$30.00
Lot: 67Incomplete Lionel #1579 Milwaukee Road F-3 SSS 1975 Freight Set and 4 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New6 Obs $85.00
Lot: 68K-Line #1990 Proctor & Gamble Freight Set/OBLike NewOBs $30.00
Lot: 6921 Assorted Lionel/MTH Engines, Tenders & CarsExcellent/LNNone$95.00
Lot: 70Lionel #14571 Santa Fe Alco PA AA Diesel Locomotive Set/OBLike NewObs $320.00
Lot: 71Mint Lionel #14295 Legacy Command Control System #990/OBMint/SealedOB $210.00
Lot: 72Lionel #31922 Snap On Racing Freight Set/OBLike NewOB $85.00
Lot: 73MTH #20-95035 T.T.U.X. Spine Car Set/OBLike NewOB $120.00
Lot: 74MTH #30-9034 McDonald's Restaurant/OBLike NewOB $95.00
Lot: 75Sunset Models #3930 Santa Fe 2-10-2 Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $400.00
Lot: 76MTH #20-2529-1 Amtrak (204) Genesis Diesel w/Protosound/OBLike NewOB $220.00
Lot: 77Lionel #24109 Santa Fe Railroad Tugboat/OBLike NewOB $280.00
Lot: 78Lionel #18001 Rock Island Diecast 4-8-4 (5100) Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $110.00
Lot: 79Atlas #20030005 Santa Fe RSD-7/15 Locomotive/OBLike newOB $140.00
Lot: 80Lionel #24504 Santa Fe E-6 AA Set/OBsLike NewObs $400.00
Lot: 81Atlas #1223 Santa Fe FM Erie-Built Non-Powered B-Unit/OBLike NewOB $70.00
Lot: 82MTH #20-6541 Amtrak Five Stripe 2 Car Superliner Sleeper/Diner /OBLike NewOB $65.00
Lot: 83Lionel #11713 Santa Fe Limited Diesel Freight Set/OBLike NewOB $120.00
Lot: 84Atlas #1220 Santa Fe FM Erie-Built Powered A Unit W/ Railsounds/OBLike NewOB $130.00
Lot: 85Lionel #15526 Santa Fe Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack/OBLike NewObs $210.00
Lot: 8650+ pieces of Gar Graves Straight Track$150.00
Lot: 87Atlas #6904 Roundhouse Kit/OBLike NewOB $50.00
Lot: 88Lionel #25512 Texas Special Aluminum Car (2-Pack)/OBLike newOB $260.00
Lot: 89Atlas #6910 O Gauge Turntable/OBLike NewOB $130.00
Lot: 90Lionel #22982 ZW Transformer & Controller Set/OBLike NewOB $100.00
Lot: 91Williams Santa Fe Passenger Heavyweight Set (5-Car)/OBLike NewOB $55.00
Lot: 92 Lionel #25496 Texas Special Diner Car W/ Stationsounds/OBLike newOB $200.00
Lot: 93Lionel #15545 Santa Fe Heavyweight Diner Car W/ Stationsounds/OBLike NewOB $100.00
Lot: 94K-Line #K-25304 Santa Fe F-7 AA Diesel Units/OBLike newOB $200.00
Lot: 95Lionel #18293 Santa Fe U28-CG/OBLike NewOb $150.00
Lot: 96Lionel #17417 Burlington Northern Bathtub Gondola (3-Pack) and #17482 BNSF Bathtub Gondola (3-Pack)/OBsLike NewOBs $190.00
Lot: 97Lionel #18254 Santa Fe (605) Dash-9 Diesel w/Command/OBLike newOB $130.00
Lot: 98Lionel #28270 Santa Fe Dash 8-40BW Diesel Locomotive (Non-Powered)/OBLike NewOB $130.00
Lot: 99Lionel #39129 Santa Fe Hi-Level 4 Car Passenger Set/OBLike NewOB $370.00
Lot: 100Lionel #11155 AT&SF 2-10-10-2 3000 Steam Locomotive & Tender/OBLike NewOb $1600.00
Lot: 101Lionel #15315 Santa Fe Hi-Level Aluminum Passenger Car (2-Pack)/OBLike NewOB $260.00
Lot: 102Lionel #14133 Hobby Shop/OBExcellent/LNOB $200.00
Lot: 103Lionel #28531 Santa Fe Alco S-2 Engine/OBLike NewOB $200.00
Lot: 104Lionel #26769 Santa Fe Command Control Crane Car/OBLike NewOB $120.00
Lot: 105Lionel #18128/18129 Santa Fe F-3 AB Units/OBsLike NewObs $180.00
Lot: 106Lionel #28811 Santa Fe H16-44 Command Diesel/OBLike NewOB $120.00
Lot: 107Lionel #28502 SF GP-9 Merger Command/OBLike NewOB/ (7)$180.00
Lot: 108 Lionel #28598 Santa Fe GP-7 Diesel Locomotive/OBLike NewOB $180.00
Lot: 109Lionel #29144 Santa Fe Aluminum Passenger Car (4-Pack)/OBLike NewOB $220.00
Lot: 110Lionel #18117/18121 Santa Fe F-3 ABA Diesels/OBsLike NewObs $300.00
Lot: 111Lionel #18281 Dash-9 BNSF Command Diesel/OBLike NewOb $140.00
Lot: 112Lionel #18231 BNSF Dash-9 RS Diesel/OBLike NewOB $130.00
Lot: 113Lionel #17433 BNSF Bathtub Gondola 3 Pack and #27189 BNSF ACF 3 Bay Hopper 3 Pack/OBsLike NewObs $210.00
Lot: 114Lionel #18221 Denver & Rio Grande SD-50 Diesel/OBLike NewOb $80.00
Lot: 115Lionel #11909 Warhorse 9-1996 Train Set/OBLike NewObs $210.00
Lot: 116Mint Lionel #34108/34112/34113/34123/34127 Assorted Buildings/OBsMintObs $70.00
Lot: 117Lionel #18952/18965 Santa Fe Alco PA-1 & PB-1 Units/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 118Lionel 34109/34110/34111/34121/34122 Assorted Buildings/OBsLike NewObs $65.00
Lot: 119MTH #20-6537 Amtrak 4-pack of Superliner II Phase IV Passenger Cars/OBLike NewOb $110.00
Lot: 120Lionel #31710 Burlington Northern Coal Train Set/OBLike NewObs $300.00
Lot: 121Lionel #18134 Non Powered Santa Fe F3 Engine, #18136 Santa Fe F3 B Unit and #18122 ATSF F3 B Unit with Sound/OBsLike NewObs $140.00
Lot: 122Like New Right of Way Industries Power SupplyExcellentNone$85.00
Lot: 123MTH #30-9112 Gray W/ Red Trim & Gray Base Operating Fire House/OBLike NewOb $130.00
Lot: 124Lionel #12948 Operating Bascule Bridge/OBLike NewOb $70.00
Lot: 125Mint MTH #20-5511-1 Milwaukee Road E-2 Bi-Polar Electric with Sound/OBMintOBs $300.00
Lot: 126Lionel #36002 Pratts Hollow Passenger Car 4-Pack/OBLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 127Lionel #14105 Lionel Aquarium/OBLike NewOb/ (7) $55.00
Lot: 128MTH #30-9104 Operating Speedy Car Wash/OBLike New MinusOb $60.00
Lot: 129MTH #30-9105 Mel's Operating Drive-In Diner/OBLike NewOB/ (7) $60.00
Lot: 130Lionel #14536 Santa Fe F3 AA Set/OBLike NewObs $200.00
Lot: 131Lionel #18860 The Pratts Hollow Collection I The Phantom/OBLike NewOb $150.00
Lot: 132Lionel #28070 Southern Pacific 4-4-2 Atlantic Engine and Tender/OBLike New MinusOB $200.00
Lot: 133Williams #SN-3001 Baldwin Shark AA Units/OBLike NewObs $95.00
Lot: 134MTH #30-1141-1 Jersey Central (631) 4-6-0 Camelback w/Protosounds/OBLike NewOb$85.00
Lot: 135Mint/Sealed Lionel #1361 Union Pacific Gold Coast Freight Set/OBMintObs $190.00
Lot: 136MTH #30-1133-1 New York Central 4-6-4 Commodore Hudson Steam Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOb $110.00
Lot: 137MTH #30-1125-1 Southern Crescent Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $80.00
Lot: 138MTH #30-2142-1 EMD Demonstrator F-3 AA Set with Sound/OBLike NewOb $110.00
Lot: 139Lionel #28633 JC Penney Berkshire Engine & B&O Tender & Case/OBLike NewOb $95.00
Lot: 140Lionel #14167 (213) Operating Lift Bridge/OBLike NewOb $160.00
Lot: 141MTH #30-1123-1 New York Central 0-8-0 Steam Switcher & Tender/OBLike NewOB $65.00
Lot: 142Lionel #29066 Madison CNJ Passenger Car Set/OBLike NewOb $80.00
Lot: 143Lionel #12944 Sunoco Animated Oil Derrick and #32921 Electric Coal Elevator/OBsLike NewObs $100.00
Lot: 144Lionel #34131/34125/34124/34126/34129 Assorted Buildings/OBsLike NewObs $95.00
Lot: 145Lionel #18089 CNJ Camelback Loco Command/OBLike NewOb $150.00
Lot: 146Lionel/MTH #30-9107/30-9017/34128/34130 Buildings and Accessory/OBsLike NewObs $60.00
Lot: 147MTH #30-9113 Citgo Operating Gas Station/OBLike NewOb $65.00
Lot: 148Lionel #14539 Santa Fe F3 Command B-Unit/OBLike NewOb $95.00
Lot: 149K-Line #K3430-0001 AT&SF B6 Scale Command Steam Switcher/OBLike NewOb $150.00
Lot: 150Mint/Sealed Lionel #18058 773 Hudson Century Club with Case/OBsMintObs $350.00
Lot: 1512 Mint Lionel #18809 JC Penney's Exclusive Susquehanna RS-3 & Display Boards & Glass Cases/OBsMintObs $110.00
Lot: 152 K-Line #K2780-4912RS PRR GG-1, #K2430-3508 AT&SF GP38 Diesel and #K2530-0327 Santa Fe F-7 B-Diesel Engine/OBsLike NewObs $210.00
Lot: 153K-Line #K2403-0334 Amtrak F40PH Diesel Engine W/ Railsounds & Command Control and 3 Passenger Cars/OBLike NewObs $270.00
Lot: 1547 Assorted K-Line Cars/OBsLike NewObs $250.00
Lot: 155MTH #MT-6014 Norfolk and Western 4 Car Passenger Set and #MT-6114 Norfolk and Western Sleeper/Diner Set/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 156Weaver/MTH #1554L Santa Fe VO-1000 Diesel Locomotive and 5 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewObs $180.00
Lot: 15742 Pieces of Lionel/MTH Fast Track and Accessories/OBsExcellent3 Obs $65.00
Lot: 158Lionel Modern Era Service Manual and Replacement Parts CatalogExcellentNone $35.00
Lot: 159Lionel #8104 JC Penney's Exclusive UP #3 General & Display Board/OBLike NewOb $75.00
Lot: 160Mint MTH #30-2210-1 Pennsylvania Aerotrain Set with Sound and Extra Passenger Car/OBLike NewOB $270.00
Lot: 161Lionel #8378 JC Penney's Exclusive Wabash FM Bluebird Diesel & CaseLike NewNone $140.00
Lot: 16215 Assorted Cars, Tractor Trailers and Accessories/OBs/PkgsLike NewObs $25.00
Lot: 163Lionel/K-Line #18932 NWZ Switching Locomotive and 5 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New4 Obs $75.00
Lot: 164Lionel Monopoly #39310/39292/39344 Box Car 3-Packs and #39379 Box Car 2-Pack/OBsLike NewObs $240.00
Lot: 165MTH #30-2009L Union Pacific Gas Turbine Set/OBLike NewOB$120.00
Lot: 166K-Line/Williams #K2480-8507 PRR GP7 Diesel and 8 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewOBs $55.00
Lot: 16790+ pieces of Lionel Fast Track ExcellentNone $150.00
Lot: 16811 Assorted Williams Cars/OBsLike NewObs $80.00
Lot: 16913 Mint Assorted Lionel Fast Track Sections and Left Hand Switch/OBsMintOBs $210.00
Lot: 170Lionel #8406 Diecast Hudson 783 Black Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewObs $180.00
Lot: 171Lionel #18809 JC Penney's Exclusive Susquehanna RS-3 & Display Board & Glass Case/OBExcellent Plus~$55.00
Lot: 172Lionel #8371 New York Central F3 B Unit, #8667 Amtrak Alco B Unit and #52191 TCA Aluminum Duplex Car/OBLike NewOBs $70.00
Lot: 173Lionel #3 W&ARR Engine and Tender, #9551 Baggage Car, #9552 Passenger Car and #9553 Horse Car/OBsExcellent Plus 3 OBs $65.00
Lot: 174Lionel 8702 Southern Crescent Engine/Tender and 9 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBsExcellent/Like New7 Obs $130.00
Lot: 175Mint Lionel #18064 NYC L-3a Mohawk Steam Engine and Tender/OBMintOb $290.00
Lot: 176Mint Lionel #39062 B & O Streamline Passenger Two Car Pack/OBsMintObs $35.00
Lot: 1777 Assorted Lionel Buildings and Kits/OBsLike NewOBs $40.00
Lot: 178Lionel #18446/36702/36739/36740 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewOBs $180.00
Lot: 17918 Assorted Lionel Box Cars/OBsLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 180K-Line #K3790-4009W Union Pacific Big Boy & Tender/OBLike NewOb $230.00
Lot: 181Mint Lionel #19257 6464 Box Car Series 2, #19266 6464 Box Car Series III and #19272 6464 Box Car Series 4/OBsMintObs $85.00
Lot: 182Lionel #19282/19285/19292/29209 Box Cars & Sets/OBsMintObs $85.00
Lot: 183Mint Lionel #21888 IMC Canada Cylindrical Hopper 2 Car Pack/OBMintObs $70.00
Lot: 184Lionel 3 Cabooses and 4 Hoppers/OBsLike NewObs $300.00
Lot: 1852 Lionel #8380 SD-28 Lionel Lines Diesel & 7 Lionel Lines Orange/Blue Cars/OBs$160.00
Lot: 186Lionel #8476 TCA Engine/Tender and 6 TCA Convention Cars/OBsLike NewObs $210.00
Lot: 187Lionel #9589/9590/9591/9592/9593/7204 Southern Pacific Daylight Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs $300.00
Lot: 188 Lionel/Witchcraft Models #524 Pennsylvania Engine & Tender and #12798 Animated Forklift Loader Station/OBExcellent/Like New1 OB $120.00
Lot: 189Lionel 3 #7211 Southern Pacific Daylight Aluminum Vista Dome Car and #19107 Southern Pacific Daylight Full Vista Dome Passenger Car/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 190Lionel #8370/8371 New York Central F-3 ABA Units & 7 Passenger Cars/OBsLike Newobs $290.00
Lot: 191Mint/Sealed Lionel #31904 JCPenney Pennsylvania Flyer Set/OBMint/SealedOB $60.00
Lot: 192Lionel #11737 TCA F-3 ABA Diesels & TCA F-3 ABA Replacement Diesel Shells/OBLike NewOB $170.00
Lot: 193Lionel #8210 Joshua Cowen 7 Piece Commemorative Set/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 194Williams ##AC1000 Santa Fe A-A Set/OBsLike NewOB $75.00
Lot: 195Lionel #8801 Blue Comet Steam Engine & Tender & 6 Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs $280.00
Lot: 196Williams Delaware and Hudson #1205/1216 A-A Units and #2540/2543/2544/2545 Heavyweight Passenger Car/OBs$65.00
Lot: 197MTH #2010 High Industrial CraneLike New MinusNone$210.00
Lot: 198Mint Williams #1401 Southern Ps-4 4-6-2 Engine and Tender/OBMintOB $150.00
Lot: 199MTH/Lionel #40-4000 Z-4000 Hobby Transformer and Remote ControlsLike New MinusNone$190.00
Lot: 200Mint/Sealed Lionel #21782 Pennsylvania Congressional Passenger Set/OBMint/SealedOB $370.00
Lot: 201Lionel #19160/61/62/63 Lionel Lines Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs $70.00
Lot: 2029 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs $110.00
Lot: 203Lionel #2318/2324/12889/14092 Assorted Layout Accessories/OBsLike NewObs $80.00
Lot: 204MTH Amtrak #450 Engine, #44141 Passenger Car and 2 #44219 Passenger Cars Like New MinusNone$65.00
Lot: 205New Jersey Custom Brass Bi-Polar Electric EngineExcellentOB $500.00
Lot: 206Lionel #28633 JC Penney Berkshire Engine & B&O Tender & Case/OBLike NewOb $100.00
Lot: 207Lionel #8309 Eight Piece Southern FARR #4 Freight Set/OBsLike NewOB $260.00
Lot: 208Williams #1524 New Jersey Central GP-9-247, #1550 B&M BL102, #4655 Pennsylvania SD-45 and #9766 FM516 Virginian FM Trainmaster/OBsLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 209Lionel #8215 Nickle Plate Road Berkshire Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $110.00
Lot: 210Lionel #11940 Warhorse Southern Pacific SD40 Coal Set/OBLike NewObs $200.00
Lot: 211Lionel TCA Engine, 2 Passenger Cars, Crane Car and Station/OBsExcellent/Like NewObs $85.00
Lot: 212MTH #30-6240 Southern Crescent Madison Heavyweight Passenger 4 Car Set/OBsLike NewObs $65.00
Lot: 213MTH #30-6112 EMD Demonstrator 4-Car Streamlined Passenger Set/OBLike NewObs $55.00
Lot: 214MTH #30-6256 NYC Madison Passenger 4-Car Set/OBsLike NewObs $55.00
Lot: 215Lionel #11909 Warhorse N&W J Steam Locomotive Freight Set with Command Control/OBsLike NewObs $230.00
Lot: 216MTH #30-6258 Jersey Central 4 Car Madison Heavyweight Passenger Set and Combo & Dining Cars/OBsLike NewOBs$55.00
Lot: 21715 Piece Lionel #1776 Bicentennial Freight Set/OBsExcellent/Like New6 Obs $130.00
Lot: 218Lionel Incomplete #1450 D&RG F-3 SSS Freight Set/OBExcellent/Like NewObs$120.00
Lot: 219Lionel #18352 JC Penney Southern Pacific Daylight Commuter Unit & Case/OBLike NewOB $160.00
Lot: 220Sealed Lionel PostWar Series #38188 Southern F-3 ABA Diesel Locomotive Set/OBMintObs $320.00
Lot: 221Lionel #32989 Saw Mill, #24149 Hobo Hotel And #12916 Water Tower/OBsLike NewObs$85.00
Lot: 222K-Line #K3270-5335 NYC Hudson 700E Diecast Steam Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOb$70.00
Lot: 223Lionel #8307 Southern Pacific Daylight GS-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $170.00
Lot: 224Lionel #18636 Green Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Steam Engine & Tender and 4 Passenger Cars/OBLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 225Lionel #18056 New York Central 763E Steam Engine and Vanderbilt Tender/OBLike NewObs $280.00
Lot: 226Lionel #11934 Virginian Rectifier Freight Set/OBMintObs$150.00
Lot: 227Mint Lionel #21771 Denver & Rio Grande Western Phenolic Cast Stock 4 Car Set/OBMintObs$75.00
Lot: 228Lionel #18872 GP-7 Wabash Triple Lash GP-7 Diesel Set/OBLike NewOb $220.00
Lot: 229Lionel #11843 Boston & Maine GP-9 ABA Diesels/OBLike NewOb $160.00
Lot: 230MTH #20-2192-1 Nickel Plate Road Alco PA ABA Diesel Set/OBLike NewOb $160.00
Lot: 231Weaver #1209 New York Central Baldwin Cigar Band Sharknose AB Set/OBLike NewOb$35.00
Lot: 232Mint Lionel #39119 Southern (4) Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsMintOb $120.00
Lot: 233Mint MTH #10-1044 Terra Cotta/Green Set of 3 #92 Floodlight Towers/OBMintOb $95.00
Lot: 234Williams #22024 New Haven Alco ABA Set with Horn/OBLike NewOb $80.00
Lot: 235Mint/Sealed Lionel #38197 Southern Pacific F-3 ABA Diesels/OBMint/SealedOb $290.00
Lot: 236Lionel #11914 New York Central GP Command Train Set/OBLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 237Lionel #11749 Western Maryland SSS Freight Set/OBLike NewObs$130.00
Lot: 238Mint Lionel #12948 Operating Bascule Bridge/OBMintOb $110.00
Lot: 239Lionel #18228 Southern Pacific (8228) Dash 9 Diesel w/Railsounds/OBLike NewOb $150.00
Lot: 240MTH #MT-2124LP Union Pacific Gas Turbine 3 Piece Engine Set/OBLike NewOb $210.00
Lot: 241Lionel #18234 BNSF Dash-9RS Engine with Sound/OBLike NewOb $180.00
Lot: 242Lionel #8376 Union Pacific SD-40 Diesel and 8 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 243Lionel #8150 Green Five Stripe Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric/OBLike New~OB $140.00
Lot: 244Lionel LTI Standard Gauge: #51900 4400N Signal Bridge & 4400C Control Panel/OBsLike NewObs$85.00
Lot: 245MTH #30-1129-1 UP Big Boy Steam Engine & Tender with Protosound/OBLike NewOb $220.00
Lot: 246Lionel #18582 (6250) Postwar Celebration Seaboard Diesel Switcher/OBLike NewOb $120.00
Lot: 247MTH #1044 Terra Cotta/Green Set of 3 #92 Floodlight Towers/OBLike NewOb $75.00
Lot: 248MTH #20-1117LP C&O 2-6-6-6 Articulated Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $150.00
Lot: 249Lionel #18892 Burlington GP-7 Postwar Celebration Diesel Engine/OBLike NewOb $120.00
Lot: 250Lionel #18107 D&RG Alco PA ABA Scale Diesels/OBLike NewOb $210.00
Lot: 2514 Assorted Lionel Santa Fe A/B Units/OBsLike NewObs$260.00
Lot: 252Lionel #29129 Texas Special 4 Pack of Streamline Passenger Cars/OBLike NewOb$300.00
Lot: 253Lionel #29134 Western Pacific California Zephyr 4 Pack Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs$260.00
Lot: 254Lionel #18053 726 Berkshire Century Club Engine & Tender/OBsLike NewOb $120.00
Lot: 255MTH #30-2009LP Union Pacific Gas Turbine Set/OBLike NewOb $90.00
Lot: 256MTH #30-1144-1 Southern Pacific Cab Forward Steam Engine w/ Proto Sound/OBLike NewOb $150.00
Lot: 257Lionel #11710 Canadian Pacific CP Rail Limited Freight Set/OBLike NewObs$140.00
Lot: 258Lionel #12767 Steam Clean & Wheel Grind Shop Accessory/OBLike NewOB $80.00
Lot: 2594 Mint Western Pacific F-3 A& B Units/OBsMintObs$410.00
Lot: 260MTH #20-2168-1 Seaboard EMD E-8 ABA Scale Length Diesel Set/OBLike NewOb $150.00
Lot: 261(6) Lionel #19080/19081/19082/19083/29040/29005 NYC Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs$150.00
Lot: 262Lionel 6 Pair #5132 & #5133 Remote Control Switches/OBsLike NewObs $190.00
Lot: 263Lionel #28503 Atlantic Coast Line GP-7 Diesel w/Command/OBLike NewOb $250.00
Lot: 264MTH #MT-2135L SOO Baldwin AS-616 Diesel/OBLike NewOb $70.00
Lot: 265Lionel #18117 Blue/Yellow Santa Fe F-3 AA Diesels/OBLike NewOb $170.00
Lot: 266MTH #20-2165-1 Green Bay (#316) RS-27 Diesel w/Protosounds/OBLike NewOb $120.00
Lot: 267Lionel #19167/68/69/70 Four Pack of Northern Pacific Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 26812 Mint Assorted Lionel Tractor Trailers and Tractor/OBsMintObs $65.00
Lot: 269(7) K-Line/MTH/Lionel PRR #7871 Baggage Car, #4045/4019/4001 Passenger Cars And Washington View/Andrew Carnegie Observation CarExcellentNone$140.00
Lot: 270Lionel #11838 Warhorse AT&SF Hudson Freight Set/OBLike NewObs $250.00
Lot: 271Lionel/MTH #4866 PRR GG-1, #4484 PRR Combo Car And #180 Observation CarExcellent/Like NewNone$35.00
Lot: 272Lionel #18321 Post-War Celebration Jersey Central (2341) Command FM Diesel/OBLike NewOb $130.00
Lot: 273Lionel #18231 BNSF Dash-9 RS Diesel/OBLike NewOb $190.00
Lot: 274Lionel #18221 Denver & Rio Grande SD-50 Diesel/OBLike NewOb $95.00
Lot: 275Lionel #29122 Phoebe Snow Erie Lackawanna F-3 AB Diesel Passenger Set/OBLike NewOb $420.00
Lot: 276Lionel #14005 Operating Coal Ramp And #14004 Operating Coal Loader/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 277Lionel #18319 EP-5 (2350) Post-War Celebration New Haven Electric/OBLike NewOb $160.00
Lot: 278Lionel #26936 Set of 4 Diecast Tank Cars/OBsLike NewObs $170.00
Lot: 279Lionel #8970 Tuscan Pennsylvania F-3 AA Diesels/OBLike NewOb $200.00
Lot: 280Mint/Sealed Lionel #18135 (2333 NYC) Century Club F-3 ABA Units/OBMintObs $220.00
Lot: 281Lionel #19160/61/62/63 Lionel Lines Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs $100.00
Lot: 2824 Lionel #5165/5166 072 Left/Right Handed Switches/OBsLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 283Lionel #5132/5133 O Gauge Remote Control Switches/OBsExcellentObs $85.00
Lot: 284Mint Lionel Display Case/OBMintOb $30.00
Lot: 285MTH #MT-2125LP Chesapeake & Ohio EMD F-3 AA Diesels/OBLike NewOb $90.00
Lot: 286Mint Lionel Century Club 2333 NYC F3 A-A Display Case & Board/OBMintOb $60.00
Lot: 287Lionel #726 Berkshire Name Plate Display CaseLike NewNone$25.00
Lot: 288Lionel #11775 Anheuser Busch Limited Edition Replica Train Set/OBLike NewOb $50.00
Lot: 289Lionel #2305/12768/12917/12916/14001 Accessories/OBsExcellent/Like NewObs $130.00
Lot: 290Mint Lionel #11843 Boston & Maine GP-9 ABA Diesels/OBMintOb $180.00
Lot: 291Lionel #18132/18133/18145/18146 Northern Pacific Engines/OBsLike NewOBs $230.00
Lot: 2928 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsExcellent/Like NewOBs $100.00
Lot: 29319 Assorted Lionel Box Cars/OBsLike NewOBs $130.00
Lot: 2946 Lionel #5132/5133 Remote Control Switch Tracks/OBsLike NewObs $55.00
Lot: 295Mint/Sealed Lionel #18057 Pennsylvania 671 Century Club Turbine/OBMint/SealedOb $180.00
Lot: 296Lionel #8370/8371/8372 New York Central F-3 ABA Units/OBsLike NewOBs $180.00
Lot: 29711 Assorted Lionel Box Cars/OBsLike NewOBs $80.00
Lot: 2988 Assorted Lionel Cabooses/OBsLike NewOBs $80.00
Lot: 299Mint Lionel #12877/22999/32920/32921 Accessories/OBsMint/SealedOBs $150.00
Lot: 300Lionel #21759 Post-War Celebration CP Passenger Set/OBLike NewObs $440.00
Lot: 30111 Assorted Lionel Box Cars/OBsLike NewObs $90.00
Lot: 302Lionel #8480/8481/8482 Union Pacific ABA Units/OBsLike NewObs $230.00
Lot: 303Lionel #29267 Assorted 6464 Series VIII, #29282 6464 Archive 3-Pack Set And #29289 6464 BC Series IX/OBsLike NewObs $100.00
Lot: 304Mint/Sealed Lionel #26937 Set of 4 Die-cast Hoppers/OBMintObs $110.00
Lot: 305Lionel #18314 (2332 Green) Century Club GG-1 Electric/OBLike NewOb~$110.00
Lot: 306Mint/Sealed Korber Models #921 JLC Manufacturing Co. Building Kit and #919 Acme Dye Co. Building Kit/OBsMintObs $55.00
Lot: 307 Lionel #18206 Santa Fe Dash 8 40B Diesel Locomotive and #18201 Chessie System SD-40/OBsLike NewObs $85.00
Lot: 308Lionel #11715 90th Anniversary Train Set/OBLike NewOb $45.00
Lot: 309Lionel #11833 New Jersey Transit Passenger Set/OBLike NewOb$100.00
Lot: 310Lionel #8260/8261/8262 Southern Pacific Daylight F-3 ABA Units & 6 Passenger Cars/OBsLike New MinusObs $440.00
Lot: 311Lionel #11837 Union Pacific GP9 Unit Train/OBLike NewObs $210.00
Lot: 312Lionel #11918 Conrail SD-20 SSS 1997 Freight Set/6464OS/OBLike NewObs$110.00
Lot: 313MTH #MT-2129LP Western Maryland (83) EMD BL-2 Diesel/OBLike NewOb $65.00
Lot: 314MTH #MT-2076L Frisco Fairbanks Morse H10-44 Engine/OBLike NewOb$60.00
Lot: 315Mint/Sealed Lionel #38144 C&O F-3 AA Diesels/OBMintOb $290.00
Lot: 316MTH #MT-2120LP Jersey Central FM Trainmaster Engine with Sound/OBLike NewOb $70.00
Lot: 317MTH #7080 Seaboard Coast C30-7 Diesel/OBLike NewOb $70.00
Lot: 318Lionel #18847/36088/19490 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NEwObs $75.00
Lot: 319Lionel #8580 Illinois Central F3-A Powered & Non-Powered Units and #8581 Illinois Central F3-B Non-Powered Unit/OBsLike NewObs$230.00
Lot: 320MTH #20-2177-1 Southern F3 ABA Diesel Set/OBLike NewOb $160.00
Lot: 321Weaver #634 Lehigh Valley C-628 Engine/OBLike NewOb $40.00
Lot: 322Weaver #1322LP Burlington EMD SD40-2 Engine/OBLike NewOb $40.00
Lot: 323Lionel #18313 Pennsylvania Green Single Stripe GG-1 Electric/OBLike NewOb $95.00
Lot: 324Lionel #18322 FM Trainmaster Post War Celebration Maroon-Roof Lackawanna/OBLike NewOb $170.00
Lot: 325MTH #20-5507-1 New York Central P-2 Box Cab Scale Electric/OBLike NewOb $200.00
Lot: 326Mint Lionel #12741 Union Pacific Intermodal Crane/OBMintOB $70.00
Lot: 327Lionel #11903 Atlantic Coast Line F-3 ABA Diesel Locomotive Set/OBLike NewOb $210.00
Lot: 328Lionel #8309 Southern FARR #4 Mikado Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $80.00
Lot: 329Lionel #8002 Union Pacific Diecast Berkshire FARR #2 Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $120.00
Lot: 330MTH #20-3023-1 W.VP.&P. Shay Steam Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOB/ (7) $320.00
Lot: 331Lionel #8101 Chicago & Alton Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $100.00
Lot: 332Lionel #8404 Pennsylvania S-2 6-8-6 Steam Turbine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $180.00
Lot: 333Lionel #11956 Union Pacific GP-9 Power/Non-Power Lash-Up Diesel Set/OBLike NewOb $270.00
Lot: 334Lionel #18327 Post-War Celebration Black & Gold Command Virginian FM Diesel/OBLike NewOb $180.00
Lot: 335MTH # RK-1107 Union Pacific Challenger Two Tone Gray 4-6-6-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $120.00
Lot: 336Lionel #18232 Soo Line (5500) SD-60 Diesel/OBLike NewOb $110.00
Lot: 337Lionel #18222 D&RG SD-50 Diesel w/Horn/OBLike NewOb $75.00
Lot: 338Lionel #18224 Milwaukee Road SD-40 Diesel/OBLike NewOb $80.00
Lot: 339Lionel #12937 Southern Intermodal Crane Accessory/OBLike NewOB/ (7) $95.00
Lot: 340Lionel #11724 Great Northern F-3 ABA Diesels/OBLike NewOb $250.00
Lot: 341Lionel #18215 CSX Dash 8-40-C (7643) Diesel Engine/OBLike NewOb $85.00
Lot: 342Lionel #8157 Santa Fe FM Diesel/OBLike NewOb $85.00
Lot: 343Lionel #18565 Milwaukee Road GP-9 Diesel Locomotive/OBLike NewOb $80.00
Lot: 344Lionel #18569 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy GP-9 Diesel/OBLike NewOb $100.00
Lot: 345Lionel #3100 Seven Piece Great Northern FARR #3 Freight Set/OBsLike NewObs$170.00
Lot: 346Lionel #18574 Milwaukee Road GP-20 Diesel Locomotive/OBLike NewOb $100.00
Lot: 347Lionel #18564 Canadian Pacific GP-9 Command Diesel/OBLike NewOb $100.00
Lot: 348Lionel #39106 Canadian Pacific 2 Pack Post-War Set/CM & BM Pullmans/OBLike NewOb $110.00
Lot: 349Lionel #18505 Nickle Plate Road Double Headed GP-7 Diesels/OBLike NewOb $120.00
Lot: 350Mint MTH #MT-3020LP New York Central J-1e Diecast Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $210.00
Lot: 3516 Lionel Pennsylvania 9570 Series Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs$170.00
Lot: 352Lionel #11738 SOO Line Special Freight Set/OBLike NewOb $140.00
Lot: 353MTH #30-2134-0 Baltimore & Ohio Doodlebug Unit/OBLike NewOb $35.00
Lot: 354Lionel #8056 Chicago Northwestern Railroad FM Diesel/OBLike NewOb $95.00
Lot: 355Mint Lionel #22918 Locomotive Backshop/OBMintOB $250.00
Lot: 356Lionel #8100 N&W Streamlined Die-Cast 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive & Tender/OBLike NewOb $160.00
Lot: 357Lionel #18046 Wabash 4-6-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $120.00
Lot: 358Lionel #18138/39 Milwaukee Road F-3 AB (2378) Diesels/OBLike NewObs$150.00
Lot: 359Lionel #18847 Santa Fe H12-44 Switcher/OBLike NewOb $260.00
Lot: 360Lionel #8702 Southern Crescent Engine/Tender and 6 Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs$170.00
Lot: 361Williams #88703 Delaware and Hudson U 33C Engine, #952925 Santa Fe GP-9 Engine and #941424 Canadian Pacific B Unit/OBsLike NewObs $90.00
Lot: 362Mint Lionel #12982 Culvert Loader (342) And #12983 Culvert Unloader (345)/OBsMintObs $140.00
Lot: 3637 Assorted MTH Cars/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 364Mint #21770 Lionel NYC Phenolic Coast Reefer 4 Car Set/OBsMintObs $80.00
Lot: 365Lionel #18373 NYC S-2 Electric Locomotive/OBLike NewOb$260.00
Lot: 366Mint Lionel #22965/22975/19429 Assorted Accessories/OBsMintObs $160.00
Lot: 367Mint Lionel #19247/19257/19266 Box Cars Series I/II/III/OBsMintObs $110.00
Lot: 368Williams #32024 Missouri Pacific F7 202II ABA Set with Sound/OBLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 36914 Assorted Lionel Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 370Lionel #51008 Pioneer Zephyr Three-Piece Scale Passenger Set/OBLike NewOb $430.00
Lot: 37114 Assorted Lionel Cabooses/OBsLike NewObs $170.00
Lot: 372Lionel #19810/16777/19818 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewObs $90.00
Lot: 37316 Assorted Lionel Cars/Gold OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 37415 Assorted Lionel Cars/Gold OBsLike NewObs $140.00
Lot: 375K-Line #K3270-5343W Scale NYC Hudson & Tender/OB Like NewOB $230.00
Lot: 376Lionel #9224/19828/19800 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 37710 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewOBs $75.00
Lot: 37812 Assorted Lionel Box Cars and Caboose/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 37916 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $160.00
Lot: 380K-Line #K3685-2000 TCA 40th Anniversary GS-4 Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOb $170.00
Lot: 3817 Mint Assorted Lionel Chicagoland Railroad Club Cars/OBsMintObs $100.00
Lot: 38212 Assorted Lionel LCCA Convention Cars/OBsLike NewObs $85.00
Lot: 38310 Mint Assorted Hallmark/Lionel Engines and Cases/OBsMintObs $60.00
Lot: 384Lionel #8264/8459/8578/18411 Assorted Motorized Units/OBsLike NewObs $170.00
Lot: 385Lionel #11734 Erie Alco ABA Fallen Flags Diesels/OBLike NewOb $130.00
Lot: 386Lionel #12719/12847/12862/12915 Assorted Accessories/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 387Lionel #8690/18402/18406/18417/18427 Motorized Units/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 388Mint Lionel #18446 Great Northern (59) Rotary Snowblower/OBMintOb $75.00
Lot: 389MTH #20-2155-1 Canadian National SD-70 (5600) Mac Diesel/OBLike NewOb $95.00
Lot: 390MTH #30-2186-0 Burlington Pioneer Zephyr 4-Piece Passenger Set/OBLike NewOb $120.00
Lot: 39115 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 39216 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 39314 Assorted Lionel Box Cars/OBsLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 394K-LIne/Weaver/Other #K2252IC Kennecott Copper MP-15 Engine, Pennsylvania Imperial Terrace Passenger Car and 12 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New13 Obs $130.00
Lot: 395Lionel Classics: #51010 Pre War Celebration No. 246E Passenger Train Set/OBLike NewObs $260.00
Lot: 3962 Lionel #52078 Southern Pacific TTOS SD-9 Diesels/OBsLike NewObs $220.00
Lot: 397Lionel #18514 Missouri Pacific GP-7 Diesel Engine and #18567 PRR GP-9 Diesel Engine/OBsLike NewObs $95.00
Lot: 398Lionel #18853 AT&SF GP-9 Diesel Engine and #18562 Southern Pacific GP-9 Locomotive/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 399Lionel #8754/8463/8854/8572/8651 Assorted Engines/OBsLike NewObs $170.00
Lot: 400MTH #10-1211-1 Christmas #384 Passenger Set/OBLike NewOb $210.00
Lot: 401Lionel #8265 Santa Fe SD40 Diesel Locomotive, #18121 Santa Fe F-3 B-Unit And #18122 ATSF F-3 B-Unit W/ Railsounds II/OBsLike NewObs$210.00
Lot: 402Lionel #8759/8857/8064/8867/8873 Assorted Engines/OBsLike NewObs$170.00
Lot: 403Lionel #11733 Western Pacific SSS Freight Set/OBLike NewObs$120.00
Lot: 404MTH #MT-6002 Five Car Denver & Rio Grande Painted Passenger Cars/OBLike NewOb $140.00
Lot: 405Lionel #8006 Atlantic Coast Line Silver Shadow Hudson & Tender/Case/ObLike NewOb $100.00
Lot: 406Williams #2515 Southern Crescent Limited Passenger 5 Car Set/OBLike NewOb $55.00
Lot: 407Lionel #35124 Alton Madison Passenger 4-Pack/OBLike NewOb $70.00
Lot: 408Lionel #52447 LCCA 2007 New Haven Add-On Set/OBMintObs$95.00
Lot: 409Williams #40401 PA S-2 Turbine 6-8-6 Locomotive & Tender/OBLike NewOb $70.00
Lot: 410Lionel #18117/18121 Santa Fe F3 ABA Units/OBsLike NewObs $230.00
Lot: 411Lionel #27767 Santa Fe 4 Car Passenger Set/OBMintObs $95.00
Lot: 412Lionel #18119 Union Pacific FA-2 Alco AA Diesels/OBLike NewOb $80.00
Lot: 41312 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $90.00
Lot: 41411 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 415Mint MTH #30-2197-0 Union Pacific M10000 Diesel Passenger Set with sound/OBMintOB $120.00
Lot: 41613 Assorted Lionel/MTH Assorted Cars, Accessories and Automobiles/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 417Lionel #8010 Santa Fe Diesel Switcher, #8352 Santa Fe Engine and #8469 Canadian Pacific B UnitLike New MinusNone$80.00
Lot: 41826 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsExcellent to LN2 Obs $130.00
Lot: 41915 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 420Mint MTH #MT-1105 N&W J Class Steam Engine & Tender/OBMintOb $130.00
Lot: 421(9) Lionel #9507/9508/9509/9510 Pennsylvania Passenger Cars, 4 #9517 and #9519 Baltimore and Ohio Passenger Cars/OBsExcellent/N5 Obs$30.00
Lot: 422Assorted K-Line/MTH #K2628-01 PRR Speeder and 11 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New11 Obs $130.00
Lot: 42318 Assorted Tractor Trailers, Containers and Cars/OBsLike New17 Obs $65.00
Lot: 424Lionel/MTH #18401 Operating Hand Car, #18404 San Francisco Trolley, #30-2557 Pittsburgh Bump-N-Go Trolley and #30-2543-1 Pittsburgh Electric Street Car/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 425MTH #10-1169-0 Ives 1764E Transition Electric Engine/OBLike NewOB $280.00
Lot: 42612 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $50.00
Lot: 427Lionel #9562/9563/9564/9565/9566/9567/7203 Norfolk & Western Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 428Lionel #8759/8760 Erie Lackawanna GP-9 Diesels/OBsLike NewObs $85.00
Lot: 429Lionel #8665 Bangor And Arastook GP-9 Diesel & Matching Caboose and 7 Assorted Bicentennial Box Cars/OBsLike NewObs $50.00
Lot: 430Mint MTH #10-1016 Hellgate Bridge/OBMintOb $90.00
Lot: 43116 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 432Mint Lionel TCA #52062 Skytop Observation, #52155 Baggage, #52191 Duplex, #52220 Vista Dome and #52250 Combo Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs $100.00
Lot: 4337 Assorted Lionel/K-Line TCA Cars and Kit/OBsLike NewObs $65.00
Lot: 434Lionel #38671 Santa Flyer 4-6-0 Engine and Tender/OBLike NewObs $160.00
Lot: 435Lionel #8753 Tuscan Pennsylvania GG1 Electric/OBLike NewOb $80.00
Lot: 436Mint Lionel #12948 Operating Bascule Bridge/OBMintOB $95.00
Lot: 437Mint/Sealed Lionel #30008 NYC Flyer Passenger Car Expansion Pack/OBMintOB $45.00
Lot: 438Lionel #58532 Lou Caponi's Signature Edition Anthracite Blue Coal Train Set/OBLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 439Lionel #19011/19015/19016/19017/19018 Madison Lionel Lines Passenger Cars/OBsMintOBs $220.00
Lot: 440Mint MTH #30-1174-0 Southern Pacific 4-8-4 GS-2 Northern Engine and Tender with Sound/OBMintOb $110.00
Lot: 441Mint Williams #STR02710 Luxury Lines Streamliner 4 Car Set/OBMintOb $45.00
Lot: 442Mint/Sealed Lionel #30091 Santa Fe Freight Set/OBMintOB $130.00
Lot: 443MTH #10-4022 2002 TCA Nat. Convention 436 Powerhouse/OBLike NewOb $45.00
Lot: 44410 Assorted Custom Military Car KitsExcellentNone $580.00
Lot: 445MTH #30-2162-1 MTA 4 Car Subway Set w/Protosound/OBLike NewOb $90.00
Lot: 4465 Assorted Military Car KitsExcellentNone $210.00
Lot: 447Mint Williams #941420 Canadian Pacific F-7 AA Set with Horn and 6 Weaver Alberta ACF Centerflow Hoppers/OBsMintObs $130.00
Lot: 448Lionel #8771/8762 Engines, 2 Wabash Shells and 7 Assorted Cars and TenderExcellentNone $100.00
Lot: 449MTH #20-2125-4 Chesapeake & Ohio F-3 B-Unit (Powered) And #30-1117 Norfolk & Western Die-Cast Water Tender/OBsLike NewObs $80.00
Lot: 450Collectors Models/#3930 Dorfan Lines Orange Crocodile 4-4-4 Engine/OBLike NewOb $410.00
Lot: 451Lionel #18504 Frisco GP-7 Diesel And #18879 B&O GP-9 A-Unit/OBsLike NewOBs $80.00
Lot: 452Lionel #8585 Burlington Northern SD-40 Locomotive and #18501 Western Maryland NW-2 Diesel Switcher/OBsLike NewOBs $85.00
Lot: 453Lionel #18210 Illinois Central SD-40 Diesel and #18211 Susquehanna Dash 8-40B/OBsLike NewObs $75.00
Lot: 454Lionel #19276 Series V, #19272 Series #4, #29209 Series VII and #19292 Series VI Box Car Sets/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 455Mint Lionel #52423 LCCA Remake of Postwar 1608w New Haven Passenger Set/OBMintObs $160.00
Lot: 456Lionel #18226 General Electric (8365) Dash-9 Demonstrator/OBLike NewOb $90.00
Lot: 457Lionel #29281 6464 Over Stamped Box Car 2-Pack and #29286 6464 Over Stamped Box Car 2-Pack/OBsLike NewObs $60.00
Lot: 458Lionel #30039 North Pole Central Expansion Passenger Car Set/OBLike NewOBs $130.00
Lot: 459Mint K-Line #K-2126/2127 Santa Fe ABA Units and 5 Passenger Cars/OBsMintOBs $160.00
Lot: 460Lionel #51014 The Red Comet Prewar Celebration Series/OBLike NewOb $260.00
Lot: 461K-Line #K1923IC Magma Arizona Railroad Classic Train Set/OBsLike NewOBs $40.00
Lot: 462Lionel #1502 NYC Yard Chief Set/OBLike NewObs $80.00
Lot: 463MTH Standard Gauge #10-5030 Orange Dorfan Passenger Set (4-Car)/OBsLike NewObs $270.00
Lot: 464Williams #2010 Electric Train Set/OBLike NewOb$35.00
Lot: 465Lionel LCCA #58600 208P/T Blue & Yellow Santa Fe Alco AA Diesels/OBsLike NewOb $320.00
Lot: 466Lionel #11719 Coastal Freight Special Set/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 467MTH #RK-1109 Nickel Plate Road Berkshire 2-8-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $100.00
Lot: 468MTH #30-1133-0 New York Central Commodore Vanderbilt 4-6-4 Steam Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOB $100.00
Lot: 469Lionel #18662 Pennsylvania 0-4-0 Switcher/OBLike NewOB $65.00
Lot: 470Lionel #6015 Distance Control #279E Steam Passenger Set/OBLike NewOb $280.00
Lot: 471Williams #2601 5 Piece Red Stripes Santa Fe Aluminum Passenger Set/OBLike NewOB $70.00
Lot: 472MTH #MT-6102 Denver Rio Grande 60' Aluminum Sleeper/Diner Set/OBLike NewOB $45.00
Lot: 473K-Line #2701 Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad The Interurbans Set/OBLike NewOB $55.00
Lot: 474Lionel #8659/8571/8572/9165 Engines and Caboose/OBsLike NewObs $90.00
Lot: 475Mint Lionel #51000 Hiawatha Five Piece Streamline Passenger Set/OBMintOb $210.00
Lot: 476Lionel #51201 4-pack Rail Chief Streamline Passenger Cars/OBLike NewOb $110.00
Lot: 47710 Assorted MTH Cars/OBsLike NewObs $100.00
Lot: 47815 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $100.00
Lot: 47915 Assorted Weaver/K-Line/Williams Cars/OBsLike NewObs $65.00
Lot: 480Mint/Sealed Williams #20702 Atlantic Coast Line F-7 AA Powered & Non-Powered Locomotive Set/OBMintOB $70.00
Lot: 4817 Assorted Lionel/Plasticville Building Kits, Control Switches, Structures and Accessories/OBsLike NewObs $90.00
Lot: 482MTH #30-2134-0/30-2505-0/30-2154-0 Units/OBsLike NewObs $210.00
Lot: 483MTH Standard Gauge #10-1100/10-2017/10-1102/10-1098 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 4849 Assorted Lionel TTOS/LOTS Convention Cars/OBsLike NewObs $90.00
Lot: 485MTH #10-1272-0 New York Central #318E Electric Engine/OBLike NewOB $170.00
Lot: 48611 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 487Lionel 4 #5132 Right and 6 #5133 Left Control Switches/OBsExcellent/BetterObs $90.00
Lot: 4887 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $65.00
Lot: 489(10) Mint Assorted MTh/WIlliams Passenger Cars, Snow Plow and Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 490Mint/Sealed Williams #F7107 Amtrak F7 Power A Unit W/ Horn & Non-Powered A Unit/OBMintOb $60.00
Lot: 491Lionel #18908/18925/28427 Units and 4 Assorted Cars and Vehicles/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 49210 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $35.00
Lot: 49315 Mint Assorted Lionel/Ertl Cars, Trucks and Vehicles/OBsMintobs $140.00
Lot: 49410 Assorted MTH Cars/OBsLike NewObs $75.00
Lot: 495Williams #2343 Super Chief Double Diesels/OBLike NewOb $85.00
Lot: 496K-Line #6-22334 Ford Die-Cast Plymouth Switcher & 6 Ore Car Set and 8 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewOBs $180.00
Lot: 49714 Assorted K-Line Cars/OBsLike NewObs $45.00
Lot: 498Mint/Sealed Williams #43155 Chesapeake & Ohio 72' Streamliner (4-Car Set)/OBMintObs $30.00
Lot: 4998 Assorted MTH Cars/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 500MTH #40-4000 Z-4000 TransformerLike NewNone $200.00
Lot: 501MTH Standard Gauge #10-1049/10-4002/10-4001 Tower and Switches/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 50210 Assorted Lionel Tender and Cars/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 503Lionel #18910 CSX Industrial Switcher Engine and 11 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewObs $180.00
Lot: 50413 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs $180.00
Lot: 505MTH #10-8009 Two-Tone Blue Comet 2600 Series 4-Car Passenger Set/OBLike NewOb $150.00
Lot: 5065 Assorted Lionel Engines/OBsExcellent/LN4 Obs $150.00
Lot: 5079 Assorted Lionel/K-Line TCA Convention Cars/OBsLike NewObs $110.00

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