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Sunday, April 19, 2015 Pre-War/Post-War Toy Trains Auction:

Our Pre-War/Post-War Toy Trains Auction starts at 6:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on Sunday, April 19, 2015. Bids may be placed on each lot by using AuctionsBy™, the exclusive Live On-Line Bidding System on the AmbroseBauer Trains' WebSite.

A Ten Percent Buyer's Premium will apply for those entering winning bids on AuctionsBy™. Absentee Bidders must pay by check or money order within ten days of the date of the Auction. A $50.00 administrative fee will be added to each lot that is not paid in full within twenty days of the date of the Auction. AuctionsBy™ does accept bids on each lot until that Lot is sold, but we encourage bids to be left before the Auction is actually conducted in order to eliminate some of the traffic on our Server and to ensure that your bids are actually received and entered into our System. We do not accept credit card payments.

Only lots that contain the language 'All Original in our Opinion' are guaranteed to be original per the Limited Warranty as stated in the Terms and Conditions. We neither test nor warrant the mechanical operation of any item. As per the Terms and Conditions, we do not warrant our Opinions as to the Condition and expect each Bidder to review all of the photos to determine their own opinion as to the condition of an item.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in Pennsylvania who not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file at the time of Registration. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

This Auction will not be on

Please Double-Click on the Lot Numbers in the List Below to see in Detail that Particular Lot with all Pictures of that Lot as well as a Bidding Box to place your Absentee Bids. The Bidding Box to place your Snipe Bids is at the bottom of the Lot Detailed Page. You may also bid live during the auction by clicking the TAKE ME LIVE menu item to your left.

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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 1Ives Wide Gauge #3243 Orange 4-4-4 ElectricNone$250.00
Lot: 2Great Lionel #123 Replacement Lamp Assortment/OBMint~OB$180.00
Lot: 3Mint Lionel #6464-250 Western Pacific Box Car/Cello OBMintOB$200.00
Lot: 4Lionel #400 B&O Powered Budd RDC/OB+Excellent PlusOB+$140.00
Lot: 5Nice Lionel #2338 Milwaukee Road GP7 Diesel/OBExcellent PlusOB$200.00
Lot: 6Nice Lionel #2322 Virginian FM DieselLike NewNone$280.00
Lot: 72 Lionel #75 Tear Drop Street Lamp Sets/Cello OBsMintOBs$45.00
Lot: 8Scarce Lionel #2530 Lg. Doors Baggage Car/OB+Like NewOB$400.00
Lot: 9Mint Scarce Lionel #6520 Green Generator Searchlight Car/OB+MintOB++$270.00
Lot: 10Great Lionel #2331 Black/Yellow Virginian FM Diesel/OB+Excellent PlusOB+$940.00
Lot: 11Rare Lionel #6464-1 WP Box Car w/Interior Roof-RibsExcellent None$230.00
Lot: 12Mint Lionel #6343 Barrel Ramp Car/OBMintOB$90.00
Lot: 13Lionel #2321 Lackawanna Gray-Roof FM Diesel/OB+Excellent PlusOB+$210.00
Lot: 14Nice Lionel #211P/T Texas Special Alco AA DieselsLike NewNone$100.00
Lot: 15Great Lionel #2344 NYC F3 ABA Diesels/OBExcellent PlusOB $350.00
Lot: 16Mint Lionel #6464-250 Western Pacific Box Car/Cello OBMintOB$200.00
Lot: 17Great Lionel #2560 Crane/Rare OB+Like NewOB+$440.00
Lot: 18Lionel #6464-200 PRR Box Car/Hagerstown OBLike NewOB+$100.00
Lot: 19Rare Lionel #3620 Orange-Hood Searchlight CarExcellent PlusNone$300.00
Lot: 20Exceptional Lionel #2348 MStL GP9 Diesel w/Peripherals/OB++Like NewOB++$740.00
Lot: 21Mint Lionel #6801-60, #89, #91, #410 & 2-ea. #71 & 260/OBsMintOBs$150.00
Lot: 22Lionel #6464-375 CofG Box Car/Cello OBLike NewOB$55.00
Lot: 23Lionel #3419 Operating Helicopter Car/OB+Like NewOB+$70.00
Lot: 24Mint Lionel #671-75 18-Volt Smoke Lamp Dealer Display/OBMintOB$270.00
Lot: 25Amazing Lionel #2340-25 Green Pennsylvania GG1 Electric/OB+Like New PlusOB+$1600.00
Lot: 26Scarce Lionel #6464-100 WP Blue-Feather Box CarExcellent PlusNone$500.00
Lot: 27Great Lionel #6519 Allis Chalmers Car/Classic OBLike NewOB$150.00
Lot: 28Lionel # 6464-150 MoPac Striped-Door Box Car/OBLike NewOB$180.00
Lot: 292 Great Lionel #50 Gang Cars/OBs+Like NewOBs$50.00
Lot: 30Lionel Original #2341 Jersey Central FM DieselNone$1250.00
Lot: 31Great Lionel #2544, #2543 & (2) #2542 PRR 'Congressional' Passenger CarsLike NewNone$310.00
Lot: 32Mint Lionel Master Display 12-SP Smoke Pills/OBMintOB$240.00
Lot: 33Mint Lionel #6464-725 Orange New Haven Box Car/Cello OBMintOB$80.00
Lot: 34Mint Lionel #375 Motorized Turntable/OBMintOB$210.00
Lot: 35Great Lionel #2360 PRR Decal GG1 ElectricLike NewNone$490.00
Lot: 36Mint Sealed #760 '072' Track/OBMintOB$55.00
Lot: 37Mint Lionel #6464-900 NYC Box Car/Pix OBMintOB$80.00
Lot: 38Mint Complete Lionel #122 Lamp Assortment/OBMintOB$440.00
Lot: 39Lionel #6817 Flat Car w/Earth Scraper/Perf OBExcellent PlusOB$330.00
Lot: 40Nice Lionel #2353 Santa Fe F3 AA Diesels/Master & OBs+Excellent PlusOBs++$600.00
Lot: 41Exceptional Lionel #1615 Steam Switcher Work Train Outfit #1549/Set & OBsExcellent Plus/LNOBs$880.00
Lot: 42Nice Lionel #6467 & #6511 Rolling Stock Items/OBsLN/MintOBs$55.00
Lot: 43Lionel #6464-475 B&M Type IV Variation Box Car/Remarked Pix OBMintOB$90.00
Lot: 44Mint/Sealed #455 Oil Derrick/OBMintOB$330.00
Lot: 45Lionel #746/746W Streamline N&W Steam Engine & Tender/OBsExcellentOBs$560.00
Lot: 46Mint Complete Lionel #123 Replacement Lamp Assortment/OBMintOB$210.00
Lot: 47Exceptional Lionel #3512 Fireman & Ladder Car/Perf OB+Like NewOB+$230.00
Lot: 48Great Lionel Contents 1946 Steam Turbine Set #2105WS/OBs+Excellent PlusOBs+$230.00
Lot: 49AF Wide Gauge Steam Engine & #4671T Tender$440.00
Lot: 50Scarce Ives #25 Steam E/T & #s 129, 130, 131 LVE Passenger/Baggage Cars None$2950.00
Lot: 51Lionel Standard Gauge #113 Double City Station w/Green Trim$290.00
Lot: 52Scarce Lionel #3650 Dk. Gray Extension Searchlight Car/OB+Like NewOB+$140.00
Lot: 53Nice Lionel #6464-200 PRR Box Car/OBLike NewOB$210.00
Lot: 54Lionel #6464-100 WP Yellow Feather Box Car/OBLike NewOB$150.00
Lot: 55Mint Sealed Lionel #350 Engine Transfer Table/OBSealedOB$330.00
Lot: 56Lionel Standard Gauge #101 Trolley (R)$520.00
Lot: 57Lionel #6464-1 Western Pacific Box Car/OBLike NewOB$170.00
Lot: 58Great Lionel #6464-225 Southern Pacific Box Car/OBLike New PlusOB$130.00
Lot: 59Mint Lionel #123 Replacement Lamp Assortment/OBMintOB$350.00
Lot: 60Lionel 5-Item Mickey Mouse #1536 Circus Set $450.00
Lot: 61Mint Lionel #151, #154, #163 & #252 Trackside Signals/Cello OBsMintOBs$120.00
Lot: 62Nice Lionel #53 Ballast Tamper/OB++Like NewOB++$200.00
Lot: 63Nice Lionel #69 Track Maintenance Car/OB+Like NewOB+$200.00
Lot: 64Mint Lionel #334 Dispatch Board/OB++MintOB++$250.00
Lot: 65Mint/Sealed Lionel #415 Diesel Fueling Station/OBMintOB $170.00
Lot: 66Mint Lionel #6464-475 B&M Dk. Blue-Painted Box Car/OBMintOB++$160.00
Lot: 672 Lionel #6464-650 Rio Grande Box Cars/Cello OBs & Master ShipperLike NewOBs+$540.00
Lot: 68Nice Lionel #3530 Generator Car/OB+Like NewOB+$180.00
Lot: 69Mint Lionel #123 Replacement Lamp Assortment/OBMintOB$170.00
Lot: 70Lionel Standard Gauge #400E Black Steam Engine & Tender/Brass Trim (R)$760.00
Lot: 71Great Lionel Early #50 Gang Car/OB+Like NewOB+$45.00
Lot: 72Mint Lionel #6464-75 RI Box Car/Hillside OBMintOB$80.00
Lot: 73Mint Lionel #6464-700 Santa Fe Box Car/Cello OBMintOB$110.00
Lot: 74Lionel Standard Gauge #113 City Station (R)$45.00
Lot: 75Rare Lionel #2338 Orange-Band Milwaukee Road GP7 DieselLike NewNone$1200.00
Lot: 76Lionel #33 Black Electric w/Mfg. Plates$80.00
Lot: 77Mint Lionel #151 Semaphore & (2) Variations #253 Block Signal/OBs+MintOBs+$90.00
Lot: 78Nice Lionel #6464-275 State of Maine Type III Box Car/OB Like NewOB$90.00
Lot: 79Nice Lionel #397 Coal Loader/OB+Excellent PlusOB+$100.00
Lot: 80Vintage 1870s Era 6-Item Tinplate Passenger Floor-Train$320.00
Lot: 81American Flyer #521/524 Diecast Green Heavyweights$65.00
Lot: 82Lionel #6464-500 Timken Box Car/Hagerstown OBLike NewOB$170.00
Lot: 83Mint Lionel #6361 Log Car/Pix OBMintOB$120.00
Lot: 84Lionel #6464-400 B&O Box Car/Hagerstown OBLike NewOB$70.00
Lot: 85Scarce Lionel #221 USMC Olive Alco A-Unit DieselExcellent PlusNone$340.00
Lot: 86Mint Lionel #262 Highway Crossing Gate/Cello OBMintOB $100.00
Lot: 87Lionel Unusual #7003X Outfit Box$95.00
Lot: 88Scarce Lionel #38 Operating Water Tower/OB+Excellent OB+$130.00
Lot: 89Great Lionel #138 Water Tank/OB++Like NewOB++$45.00
Lot: 90Vintage Ernst Planck Steam-Power Machine Shop/OB$2100.00
Lot: 91Mint Lionel #6464-450 Great Northern Box Car/Cello OBMintOB$120.00
Lot: 92Lionel #6464-475 B&M Type IV Variation Box Car/Pix OBLike NewOB$95.00
Lot: 932 Lionel #163 Block Signals & #195 Floodlight Tower/Cello OBsMintOBs$110.00
Lot: 94Lionel #2328 Burlington GP7 Diesel/OBExcellentOB$160.00
Lot: 95Early Ives Clockwork Steam Engine & LVE Tender$620.00
Lot: 96Sealed Marx #1094 Green Penn Central AA Diesels/Master OBMint OB$720.00
Lot: 97Great Lionel #6464-375 CofG Box Car/Cello OBLike NewOB$130.00
Lot: 98Nice Lionel Box/Insert #42 Picatinny Motorized UnitBox$130.00
Lot: 996 Scarce Hafner 'Peerless' Rolling Stock ItemsBox$240.00
Lot: 100A.C. Gilbert #8 1/2 Erector Hudson Set/OB$1050.00
Lot: 101Lionel 8-Item Mixed-Bag Pre-War Assortment/OBs$40.00
Lot: 102AF O Gauge Steam Engine/Tender & 3 Cars/OBs$120.00
Lot: 103Mint Lionel #3650 Extension Searchlight Car/OB+MintOB+$140.00
Lot: 104Lionel #41 US Army Motorized Unit/OB+ExcellentOB+$70.00
Lot: 105Lionel Standard Gauge #350 3-Item Electric Passenger Set/OB$170.00
Lot: 106Mint Lionel #6419 DL&W Work Caboose/OB+MintOB+$75.00
Lot: 107Scarce Lionel #76 Street Lamps/Hagerstown OB+Excellent PlusOB$100.00
Lot: 108Nice Lionel #6464-75 RI Box Car/Hagerstown OBLike NewOB$110.00
Lot: 109Nice Lionel #6434 Poultry Car/OBExcellent PlusOB$110.00
Lot: 110Scarce Marklin 1-Gauge Clockwork Tinplate Steam E/T$410.00
Lot: 111Pride Lines #1100 Mickey Mouse Hand Car/OB$300.00
Lot: 112Mint Lionel #6415 Sunoco Tank Car/OBMintOB$140.00
Lot: 113Nice Lionel #6823 & #6825 Rolling Stock/Scarce Perf OBsLike NewOBs$120.00
Lot: 114Great Lionel #6812 Yellow Track Maintenance Car/OB+Like New PlusOB+$130.00
Lot: 115AF Wide Gauge 4-4-2 Steam Engine & Tender$480.00
Lot: 116Nice Lionel #455 Oil Derrick/OB+Like NewOB+$150.00
Lot: 117Scarce Lionel #6464-725 BLACK New Haven Box Car/Hagerstown OBLike NewOB$280.00
Lot: 118Lionel Standard Gauge #10E Peacock Electric (R) & #332/339/341 Passenger Cars$140.00
Lot: 119Interesting Group Kalmbach Railroadania Books$15.00
Lot: 120Scarce Issameyer 4-Item Tinplate Steam/Passenger Group$390.00
Lot: 121Scarce Lionel #2435 Elizabeth Red-Letter Passenger Car/OBExcellent PlusOB$100.00
Lot: 122Nice Lionel #6414 Autoloader/OBExcellent PlusOB$75.00
Lot: 12312 Hafner Tinplate Steam Engines/Tenders (R)$150.00
Lot: 124Lionel Standard Gauge #8E Electric & #332/337 Passenger Cars (R)$110.00
Lot: 125Vintage 1870s Era 5-Item PRR Tinplate Passenger Floor-Train$320.00
Lot: 126Unusual Thomas Industries 'Union Line' Snow Plow$150.00
Lot: 127Exceptional Lionel #2426W Premium Whistle TenderLike NewNone$310.00
Lot: 128Lionel #6464-100 WP Box Car/Rare Remarked OBExcellent PlusOB$110.00
Lot: 129Scarce Lionel #6801-50 Flat Car w/Boat/OBLike NewOB$85.00
Lot: 130RARE Toonerville Trolley$330.00
Lot: 131Vintage 3-Piece Wooden Floor Train$5.00
Lot: 132Lionel #6464-525 MStL Box Car/Remarked OBExcellent PlusOB$80.00
Lot: 133Lionel #6050 Savings Bank Car/Rare Label OBExcellent PlusOB$95.00
Lot: 134Ives #195 Caboose (R)$55.00
Lot: 135Vintage Shepard's Wooden 'Rapid Transit/Elevated Railroad/OB$3800.00
Lot: 136Mint Lionel #6464-400 B&O Box Car/Hillside OBMint OB$130.00
Lot: 137Nice Lionel #6464-650 Rio Grande Box Car/Cello OBLike NewOB$75.00
Lot: 138Lionel #122 Station$35.00
Lot: 139Lionel #1875 General Passenger Car/Scarce OBLike NewOB$320.00
Lot: 140Rare Ives #129 LVE 'Philadelphia' Parlor Car$1650.00
Lot: 141Scarce Hafner 5-Item 'Century of Progress' Transition Set$50.00
Lot: 142Lionel #6428 U.S. Mail Car/Cello OBExcellent PlusOB$65.00
Lot: 143Scarce Lionel #395 Yellow Floodlight Tower/OBExcellent PlusOB$150.00
Lot: 144Hafner 'Dixie Queen' 6-Item Steam Passenger Set$120.00
Lot: 145Scarce 6-Item Hafner Green/Copper Streamliner Set$65.00
Lot: 146Nice Lionel #6464-275 State of Maine Box Car/Remarked OBLike NewOB$120.00
Lot: 1479 AF Assorted 5 1/2-inch Passenger & Baggage Cars$110.00
Lot: 148Lionel #6464-500 Orange Timken Box Car/Banner OBLike NewOB$140.00
Lot: 149Scarce Dorfan #99-100 Electric & 2 Tinplate Pullman Cars$460.00
Lot: 150Sirus Varney AF Standard Gauge #4689 Mayflower Replica Electric/OB$410.00
Lot: 151Interesting Lionel Kitbashed European Electric$320.00
Lot: 152Great Lionel #3413 Mercury Capsule Launching CarLike NewNone$140.00
Lot: 153Nice Lionel #210P/T Texas Special Alco AA Diesels/OBExcellent PlusOB$110.00
Lot: 154Interesting Vintage Cast-Iron Horse & Lady Ringing Pull-Toy$160.00
Lot: 1553 Rare Hoge #750 Animated Circus Cars$820.00
Lot: 156Unusual TMC/Bing? Pennsylvania Tinplate Combination Car$35.00
Lot: 157Unusual Cast-Iron Horse & Ringing Bell Pull-Toy$60.00
Lot: 158Scarce Hafner 6-Item Red/Chrome Streamliner Set$100.00
Lot: 159Scarce Hoge #750 Streamlined Tinplate Engine & Tender$200.00
Lot: 160Rare Marx Tinplate Horse-Drawn Milk & Cream Cart$120.00
Lot: 161Hafner 4-Item Union Pacific Articulated Streamliner$45.00
Lot: 162Hafner 5-Item Tinplate Steam Passenger Set$50.00
Lot: 1632 Nice Tinplate Wind-Up Toys$60.00
Lot: 1645 AF #1107 Road Name Passenger Cars$210.00
Lot: 165Amazing Unique Art #500 Mechanical Train Set/Rare Set & OBs+Like New PlusOBs$190.00
Lot: 1665 Hafner 5 1/2-inch Road Name Passenger Cars$240.00
Lot: 1675 Scarce Hafner 6 1/2-inch Passenger/Baggage Cars$260.00
Lot: 1683 Scarce Hafner UP Blue Passenger Cars$70.00
Lot: 169Hafner 5-Item Tinplate Steam Passenger Set$80.00
Lot: 170Scarce Marklin Heinz Reefer$1550.00
Lot: 1714 Lionel/Ives Passenger Cars (R)$85.00
Lot: 172Interesting Chein REA Delivery Truck$120.00
Lot: 173Hafner 7-Item Red/Brass Steam Passenger Set$85.00
Lot: 1744 Scarce Hafner Punched-Door Baggage Cars$65.00
Lot: 175Lionel 4-Item Mickey Mouse Circus Set $210.00
Lot: 176Scarce AF Die-cast O-Gauge NYC Tender$120.00
Lot: 1776 Hafner American Express Baggage Cars$95.00
Lot: 1785 AF Tinplate Hummer-Type Passenger Cars$60.00
Lot: 179Nice 11-Item Joy Line/Marx E/T & Rolling Stock Assortment$430.00
Lot: 180Lionel Standard Gauge Gunmetal #385E Steam Engine & Tender$360.00
Lot: 181Unique Art #102 Passenger Coach & Control Tower/OBLike New PlusOB$170.00
Lot: 182Unique Art Clockwork Engine, Tender & 4 Passenger CarsExcellent None$520.00
Lot: 183Scarce Unique Art 7-Item Tinplate Steam Electric Circus TrainExcellent PlusNone$720.00
Lot: 184Mint Marx/Sears #15630 Pioneer Express Set/OBMint OB$75.00
Lot: 185Great Dorfan #610 Crane/OBOB$150.00
Lot: 1862 AF #1201 & #1218 Black Electrics$85.00
Lot: 187Unusual Vintage 9-Item Lithographed Wooden Blocks w/Trains & Figures$210.00
Lot: 188Complete Joy Line/Marx Tinplate 7-Item Steam Freight Set$360.00
Lot: 189Joy-Line/Marx 14-Item Assortment Engines, Tenders & Rolling Stock$170.00
Lot: 190Early Ives 6-Item PRR/LVE Floor Train$110.00
Lot: 19112 Joy Line Passenger Cars$95.00
Lot: 1927 Hafner Assorted Road Name Passenger Cars$160.00
Lot: 193 7 Hafner Assorted 'Overland Flyer' Passenger Cars$150.00
Lot: 1946 Lionel Assorted Trackside Signals$65.00
Lot: 195Scarce Hoge 'Tom Thumb' 6-Item Tinplate Freight Set$230.00
Lot: 19610 Hafner Assorted #1180-Type Tenders$130.00
Lot: 197Lionel Standard Gauge #8 Electric & #35/36 Passenger Cars (R)$130.00
Lot: 198Scarce Hoge 'Tom Thumb' Electric 3-Item Passenger Set$150.00
Lot: 1998 Hafner 'Overland Flyer' 5-Window Short Passenger Cars$55.00
Lot: 200Unusual Bing 1-Gauge Electric Steam Engine & TenderNone$160.00
Lot: 201Lionel #10 Standard Gauge Maroon Electric (R)$110.00
Lot: 2028 AF 'Hummer' Engines, Tender & Passenger Cars$65.00
Lot: 2034 Lionel Standard Gauge Rolling Stock Items$120.00
Lot: 2048 AF Hummer-Type 'Empire Express' Passenger Cars$60.00
Lot: 205Scarce AF 4-Window 'Chicago' Passenger Car$330.00
Lot: 206Hafner 10-Item Tender Assortment$80.00
Lot: 2075 Lionel Standard Gauge Rolling Stock Items$120.00
Lot: 20812 Hafner 4-Window 'Sunshine Special' Passenger Cars$100.00
Lot: 209AF Wide Gauge #4644 Electric (R) & #4017 Gondola$100.00
Lot: 210Nice Marklin 8-Item Assortment 1-Gauge $420.00
Lot: 2118 Bing/Hafner Rolling Stock Items$160.00
Lot: 2127 AF Assorted Tinplate Rolling Stock Items$35.00
Lot: 2136 Scarce Bing/Hafner Tinplate Box Cars$210.00
Lot: 21413 AF Assorted Engines & Tenders$150.00
Lot: 2153 Scarce Hafner Passenger Cars$95.00
Lot: 21617 Lionel Assorted Rolling Stock Items$50.00
Lot: 2174 AF Assorted Steam Engines & Tenders$110.00
Lot: 218Marklin 7-Item Assortment Rolling Stock & Passenger Coach$760.00
Lot: 219Nice Chein Tinplate Steam E/T & Passenger Car$50.00
Lot: 220Karl Bub Clockwork Steam Engine$110.00
Lot: 221Hafner 'Century of Progress' Steam Passenger Set w/2 Extra Cars$65.00
Lot: 222Ives/Bing Mixed-Bag Assortment $120.00
Lot: 223Vintage Bing (?) 6-Item Tinplate Floor-Train$120.00
Lot: 224Nice Karl Bud Tinplate Electric Steam E/T & 3 Passenger Coaches$150.00
Lot: 225Sirus Varney Wide Gauge AF President's Special Observation Car/OB$130.00
Lot: 226Fleischmann Clockwork Steam Engine & 2 Rolling Stock Items$35.00
Lot: 227Hafner 'Century of Progress' Steam Passenger Set w/2 Extra Freight Cars$85.00
Lot: 2284 AF Steam Engines & Tenders$85.00
Lot: 229Karl Bub 5-Item Group Steam Engines & Tenders$45.00
Lot: 230Met Toy #5452 Clockwork Steam Passenger Set/OBOB$95.00
Lot: 231Lionel 10-Item Mixed-Bag Assortmet$170.00
Lot: 2327 Hafner Assorted Die-Cast Steam Engines$160.00
Lot: 233Hornby 6-Item Assortment/OB $50.00
Lot: 234Interesting Dorfan/Marx 8-Item Assortment (R)$50.00
Lot: 235Interesting Carette/Other 6-Item Mixed-Bag Assortment$150.00
Lot: 2367 Hafner Assorted Steam Engines$95.00
Lot: 2372 Lionel Standard Gauge #216 Hoppers w/Coal Load$90.00
Lot: 238European 6-Item Assortment$55.00
Lot: 239Bing 9-Item Group Steam Engines & Tenders$120.00
Lot: 240Hafner 'Blue Comet' Steam Passenger Set/OBOB$140.00
Lot: 241Ives 18-Item Mixed-Bag Assortment $200.00
Lot: 242Hornby Tinplate Clockwork 4-Item Steam Passenger Set$65.00
Lot: 243Hornby Tinplate Clockwork 4-Item Steam Passenger Set$75.00
Lot: 244Large Assortment Lead & Resin Animal Figures$65.00
Lot: 245Bing 1-Gauge NYC Caboose$100.00
Lot: 2464 Hafner Die-Cast Steam Engine & Tenders$160.00
Lot: 247Hafner 22-Item Assortment Steam E/Ts & Passenger Cars$200.00
Lot: 2484 Lionel Assorted Electrics$130.00
Lot: 24910 AF Assorted Tinplate Passenger Cars$90.00
Lot: 250Mint Marx Green Penn Central F-Type AA Diesels/Master CartonMintOB $720.00
Lot: 251Nice Various Maker Tinplate Accessory Assortment $540.00
Lot: 252Lionel 8-Item Assortment Steam, Tenders & Passenger Cars$50.00
Lot: 253Large Assortment Standard Gauge Lead Figures$150.00
Lot: 2547 AF Assorted 4-Wheel Passenger Cars$65.00
Lot: 255Marklin 1-Gauge Electric Steam Engine & Caboose$1400.00
Lot: 256Large Assortment Standard Gauge Lead Military Figures$250.00
Lot: 257Bub/Bing/Fleischmann 7-Item Assortment$55.00
Lot: 2588 Bing NYC Baggage/Passenger Coaches$50.00
Lot: 2597 Bing Assorted Baggage/Passenger Coaches$90.00
Lot: 260AF Wide Gauge Steam Engine & Tender (R)$220.00
Lot: 26129 Assorted Playthings/Japan HO, S, & O-Gauge Items$40.00
Lot: 262Lionel Standard Gauge #8E Electric, 2 Passenger Cars & Lamposts/Semaphore$130.00
Lot: 263Lionel Standard Gauge #8 Electric & 5 Passenger Cars$110.00
Lot: 264Large Assortment O-Gauge Figures$170.00
Lot: 265Marklin 1-Gauge #2944 & #2945 PRR Passenger Cars$95.00
Lot: 266Lionel #292 Electric Passenger Set & 3 Passenger Cars/OB$130.00
Lot: 267Lionel Mixed-Bag Set Box, Engines, Tender, Rolling Stock, Etc.$160.00
Lot: 268Lionel 11-Item Mixed-Bag Assortment$160.00
Lot: 2693 Bing Semaphores$45.00
Lot: 270AF Wide Gauge #1471 'Trail Blazer' Electric Freight Set/OB$300.00
Lot: 271Rare Ernst Heinrichsen Lead FLAT Figurines & Zulu Warriors$45.00
Lot: 272Lionel/AF Standard & Wide Gauge Cabooses (R)$40.00
Lot: 2735 Lionel Standard Gauge Rolling Stock Items$130.00
Lot: 274Hornby 8-Item Mixed-Bag Assortment$110.00
Lot: 275Lionel Standard Gauge #42 Electric (R)None$150.00
Lot: 2762 Lionel Standard Gauge #219 Cranes$85.00
Lot: 2772 McCoy Milwaukee Road Standard Gauge Passenger Cars$40.00
Lot: 278McCoy Standard Gauge 5-Item Bicentennial Train Set$260.00
Lot: 2799 McCoy Assorted Standard Gauge Convention Cars/OBs$100.00
Lot: 280Lionel Standard Gauge #6 4-4-0 Steam E/T (R)$410.00
Lot: 281AF Wide Gauge #4635 Red Electric$350.00
Lot: 282AF Wide Gauge Box Car & Caboose$35.00
Lot: 2833 McCoy Standard Gauge Convention Cars/OBs$45.00
Lot: 284AF Wide Gauge Red/Gray Electric (R)$110.00
Lot: 285Hornby #502 3-Item Tank Passenger Set/OB$40.00
Lot: 2865 AF Wide Gauge Gondolas & Stake Cars$150.00
Lot: 2872 AF Wide Gauge #4021 Cabooses & #4018 Box Car$120.00
Lot: 288Scarce Hafner 5-Item Navy/Chrome Articulated Streamliner Set$80.00
Lot: 289Rare British G&K Tinplate Jitney Driver w/Side-Seat$620.00
Lot: 290Lionel Standard Gauge #s 309/310/312 Green Passenger Cars/OBsOBs$320.00
Lot: 291AF O Gauge: #1364 'Dixie Queen' Articulated Steam Passenger SetNone$85.00
Lot: 292Lionel Standard Gauge #318E Electric (R)None$120.00
Lot: 293Lionel Standard Gauge Green #10E Electric None$100.00
Lot: 294Lionel Standard Gauge #10E Gray ElectricNone$95.00
Lot: 295Lionel Standard Gauge #318 Light Green Electric (R)None$180.00
Lot: 296Lionel #6464-1970 Chicago TCA Convention Box Car/OBLike NewOB$70.00
Lot: 297Lionel Corner & #120 TunnelsNone$290.00
Lot: 298Lionel Standard Gauge #s 332, 339 & 341 Passenger CarsNone$80.00
Lot: 299Lionel Standard Gauge #s 309, 310 & 312 Passenger CarsNone$140.00
Lot: 300D. P. Clark "Hill Climber" Locomotive & Tender, circa 1898None$55.00
Lot: 301Nice Lionel #6657 Rio Grande SP-type Caboose/OBExcellent PlusOB$120.00
Lot: 302Nice Lionel Original Boxes #s 6112-1, 6562-25, 6511 & 6346Boxes$35.00
Lot: 303Nice Lionel Original Classic Boxes #6464-400, -425 & -650 Box CarsBoxes$140.00
Lot: 3046 Lionel Standard Gauge Signals & BumpersNone$70.00
Lot: 305Lionel O Gauge #256 Electric (R)None$200.00
Lot: 306Lionel Standard Gauge #s 309, 310 & 312 Passenger carsNone$75.00
Lot: 3075 Lionel Standard Gauge Assorted Passenger CarsNone$70.00
Lot: 308Lionel Standard Gauge #219 Crane/OBOB$360.00
Lot: 3092 Lionel Standard Gauge #8 ElectricsNone$210.00
Lot: 310Lionel Standard Gauge #38 Gray ElectricNone$50.00
Lot: 311Nice Lionel Standard Gauge #92 Light Tower/OBOB$110.00
Lot: 312Lionel Standard Gauge #402E ElectricNone$220.00
Lot: 313Lionel #1656/6403B Steam Switcher & Bell TenderNone$130.00
Lot: 314Marx Mercury 4-Item Blue Comet Passenger SetNone$65.00
Lot: 315Lionel Standard Gauge #33 Dk. Olive ElectricNone$70.00
Lot: 31617 Lionel Assorted Rolling Stock Items$240.00
Lot: 3175 Marx CP Steam Engines & Tenders$160.00
Lot: 31810 Marx Various #s State of Maine Box Cars$60.00
Lot: 319Unusual Marx #2260 Guid-A-Train/Great OB$15.00
Lot: 320Lionel Contents 1950 Santa Fe F3 Outfit #2175W/OBs$250.00
Lot: 3213 Lionel Coal Elevators & #145 Gateman $75.00
Lot: 32218 Marx Assorted Scale Tenders$95.00
Lot: 323Lionel Rare Red and Scarce Yellow #395 Floodlight TowersExcellent Minus/VG+ $75.00
Lot: 3244 Lionel Assorted Tower Accessories/OB$75.00
Lot: 325Mint Marx/Sears #15630 Pioneer Express Set/OBMintOB $100.00
Lot: 326Lionel Standard Gauge #217 Caboose/OBOB$120.00
Lot: 327Lionel Standard Gauge #220 Flat Car w/Searchlights/OB OB$210.00
Lot: 328Lionel Standard Gauge #218 Dump Car & #212 Gondola/OBsOBs$200.00
Lot: 329Lionel Standard Gauge #215 Oil Car/OBOB$140.00
Lot: 330Nice Marx New Haven F-Type Diesel/Master Carton$55.00
Lot: 331Lionel Standard Gauge #384T Tender/OBOB$95.00
Lot: 332Lionel Standard Gauge #515 Tank & #511 Lumber Cars/OBsOBs$80.00
Lot: 333Lionel Standard Gauge # 513 Cattle Car & #517 Caboose/OBsOBs$120.00
Lot: 334Lionel Standard Gauge #213 Cattle Car & (2) #214 Box CarsNone$180.00
Lot: 335Vintage Dayton Stamped-Steel Friction Floor-TrainNone$55.00
Lot: 336 21 Assorted Marx Tinplate Tenders$65.00
Lot: 3374 Marx Scarce Rolling Stock Items/OB$120.00
Lot: 33825 Assorted Marx NYC Tinplate Tenders$55.00
Lot: 339Lionel 13-Item Mixed-Bag Rolling Stock, Transformers & Accessories/OBs$120.00
Lot: 340Lionel #726/2426W Berkshire Steam Engine & Premium Whistle Tender$330.00
Lot: 341Marx 8-Item Assortment Tenders$100.00
Lot: 342Lionel 9-Item Group Steam Engines, Tenders & Rolling Stock$80.00
Lot: 3436 Marx Electric Tinplate Steam Engines & Tenders $140.00
Lot: 34417 Marx Assorted Larger Tinplate Rolling Stock Items$65.00
Lot: 345Lionel Contents 1950 Steam Passenger Outfit #2150WS$230.00
Lot: 3463 Original Lionel Diesel Engine Boxes$35.00
Lot: 3477 Marx Clockwork Tinplate Steam E/Ts$70.00
Lot: 3484 Marx #666 Steam Engines & 2 NYC Tenders$45.00
Lot: 34912 Marx Flats Cars w/Trailer, Farm Tractors, Autos, Etc.$55.00
Lot: 350Mint Marx Green Penn Central F-Type AA Diesels/Master CartonMaster Carton$620.00
Lot: 35120 Assorted Plasticville-Type Dwelling Kits/OBs$90.00
Lot: 35225+ Assorted Maker Dwelling Kits & Accessories$100.00
Lot: 35321 Marx Assorted Plastic Cabooses$75.00
Lot: 3544 Marx #999 NYC Steam Engines & Tenders$65.00
Lot: 355Lionel #2345 Western Pacific F3 AA Frames w/Repro Cabs $120.00
Lot: 35615 Marx Assorted Steam E/T & Rolling Stock Items$40.00
Lot: 3577 Marx #M10005 UP Streamline Diesels $95.00
Lot: 3582 Marx UP Diesel Switchers & Santa Fe F-Type Diesel$70.00
Lot: 3592 Lionel #450 Signal Bridges & 5 Light Towers$85.00
Lot: 360Lionel #2245 Texas Special F3 AB Diesels$210.00
Lot: 361Lionel #675/2018 Steam Engines & Whistle Tenders$95.00
Lot: 36239 Marx Assorted Late Rolling Stock Items$40.00
Lot: 3635 Lionel Stations, #145 Gateman & #2560 Crane$45.00
Lot: 364Marx #54745 Old-Time Passenger Set w/Extras/OB+$180.00
Lot: 365Scarce Marx/Allstate (incomplete) Military Set #9631/OB$160.00
Lot: 366Marx (incomplete) Mercury Red Comet Passenger Set/OBOB$40.00
Lot: 36721 Marx Assorted Rolling Stock Items w/Litho Frames$130.00
Lot: 368Lionel #2020/6020W Steam Turbine & Tender$120.00
Lot: 369Lionel #ZW & #KW Transformers/OBsOBs$100.00
Lot: 370Marx Disney Meteor Steam E/T & Caboose$100.00
Lot: 371Nice Lionel #6464-400 & #3484-25 Box Cars/OBsOBs$85.00
Lot: 3729 Marx Assorted Baggage & Passenger Cars$95.00
Lot: 373Lionel #2460 Crane & 8 Assorted Cabooses$100.00
Lot: 37411 Interesting Marx/Japan Tinplate Toys/OBsOBs$55.00
Lot: 3754 Lionel Examples Original Modern Era ArtworkArtwork$100.00
Lot: 37612 Lionel Assorted Box Cars/OBOB$85.00
Lot: 37720 Lionel Assorted Rolling Stock Items$55.00
Lot: 378Marx/Lionel Assortment Trestle & Girder Bridges & Abutments$65.00
Lot: 37921 Marx Assorted Tenders & Rolling Stock Items w/Knuckle Couplers$80.00
Lot: 380Lionel #665/2046W Steam Engine & Tender/OBsOBs$210.00
Lot: 38116 Marx Assorted Rolling Stock Items & 2 Unloading Platforms/OBOB$210.00
Lot: 38225+ Marx Assortment Steam E/T & Rolling Stock$110.00
Lot: 38331 Hafner Assorted Tinplate Rolling Stock Items$180.00
Lot: 3848 Hafner Tinplate Steam Engines & Tenders $190.00
Lot: 385Mint Marx #4040 Electric Steam Freight Set/OBOBs$20.00
Lot: 386Unusual Hafner Tinplate Steam Engines & Tenders$30.00
Lot: 387Lionel #s 6460, 6461, 6462, & 3361 Rolling Stock/OBsOBs$90.00
Lot: 3888 Hafner Tinplate Steam E/Ts$130.00
Lot: 38942 Hafner Assorted Tinplate Rolling Stock Items$180.00
Lot: 390Scarce Lionel #397 Coal Loader w/Yard Light$310.00
Lot: 3917 KMT Event-Related Box Cars/OBsOBs$220.00
Lot: 392Lionel #50 Gang Car & #41 Army Switcher/OBsOBs$65.00
Lot: 39312 Hafner #1010 Red Tinplate Steam E/Ts$140.00
Lot: 394Lionel #455 Oil Derrick, 2 #450, & 2 Light Towers$110.00
Lot: 395Lionel Assortment #671S Smoke Conversion Kits/OBsOBs$140.00
Lot: 39612 Hafner #1010 Tinplate Steam E/Ts$310.00
Lot: 3977 Nice Lionel Rolling Stock ItemsNone$110.00
Lot: 398Marx Scarce 10-Item Assortment Steam, Bridges, Etc.$120.00
Lot: 399Lionel #ZW & #1033 Transformers$85.00
Lot: 400Original Artwork U.S. Navy Fighter Jet Artwork$100.00
Lot: 401Lionel #2430/30-Series Shells & 4 Gargraves Switches w/MotorsOBs$30.00
Lot: 402Lionel #397 Coal Loader & 7 Assorted Short Hoppers$70.00
Lot: 403Lionel 29-Sections Super O Track & Miscellany$95.00
Lot: 404Lionel #1065 UP Alco Diesel & 2 #3656 Cattle Car Sets/OBsOBs$75.00
Lot: 405Lionel #6817 Flat Car w/AC Earthscraper & WindshieldNone$170.00
Lot: 4062 Lionel #364 Lumber Loaders, #456 Coal Ramp & 3 Operating Cars/OBOB$130.00
Lot: 407Lionel #395, Trackside Signals & Miscellany/OBsOBs$65.00
Lot: 408Lionel #726 & #6026W Original Boxes & #6466W Tender w/OBOBs$55.00
Lot: 409Lionel Switches, #1033 Transformer & Miscellany/OBsOBs$80.00
Lot: 410Lionel 1950 Berkshire Freight Set #2163WS/Set & OBsOBs$260.00
Lot: 411Lionel #2353T Santa Fe F3 Non-Power DieselNone$55.00
Lot: 412Lionel #6427-500 Girl's Caboose/OBOB$180.00
Lot: 413Lionel #352 Red-Structure Ice Station AccessoryNone$25.00
Lot: 414Lionel #2056/2046W Steam E/T & 6 Rolling Stock ItemsNone$110.00
Lot: 415Lionel #2023 Silver/Gray UP Alco AA DieselsNone$90.00
Lot: 416Lionel 1958 Super O Outfit Box #2503WSBox$120.00
Lot: 417Lionel/Other Assortment Books, Catalogs, Manuals, Etc. Books$50.00
Lot: 418Lionel #6446 Cement Car & #6801 Flat Car w/Boat/OBsOBs$85.00
Lot: 41910 Mint Marx TCA Passenger Cars & Rolling Stock/OBsOBs$160.00
Lot: 420Original Artwork British WWII Fighter In ActionArtwork$55.00
Lot: 421Lionel/AF Original Service Manuals & Greenberg 4-Volume SetManuals$120.00
Lot: 422Lionel #3435 Aquarium CarNone$80.00
Lot: 423Lionel #3366 Circus Car SetOB$120.00
Lot: 424Lionel Standard Gauge #215 Tank Car & #217 CabooseNone$130.00
Lot: 425Original Artwork WWII-Era Fighter Jet In ActionArtwork$30.00
Lot: 426Lionel Standard Gauge #211 Flat Car & Searchlight CarNone$110.00
Lot: 4274 Lionel Standard Gauge #514/514R Box Cars & ReefersNone$160.00
Lot: 4286 Lionel Standard Gauge Rolling Stock ItemsNone$160.00
Lot: 429Lionel Standard Gauge #280 Single-Span Bridge/OBOBs$100.00
Lot: 430Original Artwork German WWII-Era Dive-Bomber In ActionArtwork$30.00
Lot: 43110 Lionel Assorted Rolling Stock ItemsNone$75.00
Lot: 432Lionel #665 Steam Engine & #2355P WP F3 A-Unit DieselNone$160.00
Lot: 433Lionel #s 2460, 6460-25 & 6560 CranesNone$90.00
Lot: 434Lionel #1688 Steam E/T & 3 Tank CarsNone$45.00
Lot: 435Lionel/Other Assortmemt Replacement Lamps/OBsOBs$55.00
Lot: 436Nice Lionel Assortment Parts EnvelopesEnvelopes$50.00
Lot: 437Nice Lionel Assortment Super O Track-Related Parts EnvelopesEnvelopes$80.00
Lot: 438Lionel Assortment Parts EnvelopesEnvelopes$85.00
Lot: 4392 Lionel #ZW TransformersNone$170.00
Lot: 440Original Artwork U.S. Navy Fighter Jet In ActionArtwork$30.00
Lot: 4412 Lionel #ZW TransformersNone$190.00
Lot: 442Rydin Industries 2-pr. Standard Gauge SwitchesNone$160.00
Lot: 4432 Lionel #ZW TransformersNone$180.00
Lot: 444Lionel #KW, #1044, (2) #1033 Transformers/OBsOBs$75.00
Lot: 4454 Lionel Examples Original Modern Era ArtworkArtwork$130.00
Lot: 4463 Lionel #ZW TransformersNone$230.00
Lot: 447Lionel #2332 GG1 ElectricNone$150.00
Lot: 448Scarce Lionel #2625 Madison & Typical #2625 & 2628 Heavyweight Passenger CarsNone$210.00
Lot: 449Wonderful Lionel Original Graphics 1964 Outfit BoxLike NewArtwork$60.00
Lot: 450Superb Original Lionel 1963 Science Center Large Wall PosterLike newPoster$600.00
Lot: 451Lionel Collage of Trains/PosterboardPoster$20.00
Lot: 452Scarce Original Lionel 1960 Large Wall Layout PosterExcellent Poster$600.00
Lot: 453Mint Lionel #950 Railroad Map/TubeMintOB $50.00

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