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Sunday, January 26, 2014 Lionel, MTH & Williams Modern Toy Trains Auction:

Our Lionel, MTH & Modern Toy Trains Auction starts at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, January 26, 2014. Bids may be placed on each lot by using AuctionsBy™, the exclusive Live On-Line Bidding System on the AmbroseBauer Trains' WebSite.

A Ten Percent Buyer's Premium will apply for those entering winning bids on AuctionsBy™. Absentee Bidders must pay by check or money order within ten days of the date of the Auction. A $50.00 administrative fee will be added to each lot that is not paid in full within twenty days of the date of the Auction. AuctionsBy™ does accept bids on each lot until that Lot is sold, but we encourage bids to be left before the Auction is actually conducted in order to eliminate some of the traffic on our Server and to ensure that your bids are actually received and entered into our System. We do not accept credit card payments.

Only lots that contain the language 'All Original in our Opinion' are guaranteed to be original per the Limited Warranty as stated in the Terms and Conditions. We neither test nor warrant the mechanical operation of any item. As per the Terms and Conditions, we do not warrant our Opinions as to the Condition and expect each Bidder to review all of the photos to determine their own opinion as to the condition of an item.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in Pennsylvania who not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file at the time of Registration. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Seven Percent.

This Auction will not be on

Please Double-Click on the Lot Numbers in the List Below to see in Detail that Particular Lot with all Pictures of that Lot as well as a Bidding Box to place your Absentee Bids. The Bidding Box to place your Snipe Bids is at the bottom of the Lot Detailed Page. You may also bid live during the auction by clicking the TAKE ME LIVE menu item to your left.

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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 1Lionel #8406 Diecast Hudson 783 Black Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $210.00
Lot: 26 Mint Assorted Lionel NYC #17349/17373/17372 Milk Cars/OBsMintObs$240.00
Lot: 3Mint #21770 Lionel NYC Phenolic Coast Reefer 4 Car Set/OBsMintObs$130.00
Lot: 4Mint Lionel #18410 Motorized Pennsylvania Burro Crane/OBMintOB $50.00
Lot: 5Lionel #8404 Pennsylvania S-2 FARR #5 6-8-6 Steam Turbine & Tender/OBLike NEwOB $150.00
Lot: 68 Mint Lionel #17175 Illinois Central PS-2 Scale Hoppers/OBs MintObs$200.00
Lot: 7Mint Unique Lionel #11988 NYC Fire Car/Instruction Command Special Set/OBsMintOBs$85.00
Lot: 8Lionel #8264 Canadian Pacific Snow Plow/OBLike NewOb $55.00
Lot: 96 Mint Lionel #17255 Double Door Chevy Box Cars/OBsMintObs$150.00
Lot: 10Lionel #11711 Santa Fe War Bonnet F-3 ABA Diesels/OBLike NewOb $260.00
Lot: 11Mint Lionel #39157 Southern (2) Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs$150.00
Lot: 12Mint Lionel #17246 NYC 4 Assorted Freight Cars/OBsMintObs$170.00
Lot: 13Lionel #8379 Pennsylvania Motorized Fire Car/OBLike NewOB $45.00
Lot: 144 Lionel Hand Cars/OBsLike NewObs$110.00
Lot: 15Lionel #19109/19110/19111/19112/19113 Santa Fe Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs$290.00
Lot: 164 Lionel #19709 Pennsylvania Work Cabooses w/Smoke & Illuminated Interior/OBs Like NewObs$140.00
Lot: 17Mint Lionel #39185 Rio Grand 2 Streamlined Passenger Car Set/OB MintObs$160.00
Lot: 184 Mint Lionel #29413 Airex Boat Loaders/OBsMintObs$120.00
Lot: 19Lionel #8459 D&RG Rotary Snow Blower/OBLike NewOb $65.00
Lot: 20Lionel #18002 New York Central Gray 4-6-4 Hudson Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $350.00
Lot: 218 Mint Assorted Lione New York Central Wood-Sided Cabooses/OBsMintObs$190.00
Lot: 222 Mint Lionel #18411 Canadian Pacific Fire Fighter Cars/OBsMintObs$80.00
Lot: 23Mint Lionel #39151 Canadian Pacific Combine/Diner Passenger Car Set/OB MintObs$190.00
Lot: 24Mint Lionel #18402 Yellow LL Motorized Burro Crane/OBMintOb $45.00
Lot: 25Mint Lionel #18005 (700E) Scale NYC Hudson Engine & Tender/OB w/Case & Display BoardMintObs$430.00
Lot: 26Mint Lionel #51702 Pennsylvania Scale N-8 Caboose/OB MintOb $230.00
Lot: 274 Mint Lionel #17181 NYC ACF 4 Bay Scale Hoppers/OBsMintObs$130.00
Lot: 28Lionel #18400 Santa Fe Motorized Snow Blower/OBLike NewOb$65.00
Lot: 292 Mint Lionel #17637 NYC Quicker Via Peoria Smoke Cabooses/OBsMintObs$150.00
Lot: 30Lionel #11711 Santa Fe War Bonnet F-3 ABA Diesels/OBLike NewOb $290.00
Lot: 31Mint Lionel #18103 Silver/Red Santa Fe F-3 B Unit/OBMintOb $95.00
Lot: 32Mint Lionel #2306 Operating Ice Depot and PFE Car/OBMintOb $65.00
Lot: 33Mint Lionel #18405 Santa Fe Operating Burro Crane/OBMintOb $45.00
Lot: 34Mint Lionel #2315 Operating (497) Coaling Station/OBMintOb $95.00
Lot: 35Lionel #8215 Nickle Plate Road Berkshire Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $130.00
Lot: 36Lionel #2301 Operating Sawmill/OB (& 2 Bumpers)Like NewOB $45.00
Lot: 374 Mint Lionel #17181 NYC ACF 4 Bay Scale Hoppers/OBs IIMintObs$120.00
Lot: 38Mint Lionel #18447 Red/Cream Executive Inspection Car/OBMintOb $50.00
Lot: 393 Mint Lionel #17637 NYC Quicker Via Peoria Smoke Cabooses/OBsMintObs$210.00
Lot: 40Lionel #8606 Boston & Albany #784 Hudson Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $250.00
Lot: 412 Mint Lionel #19709 Pennsylvania Smoking Work Cabooses/OBsMintObs$70.00
Lot: 424 Mint Lionel #19714 NYC Work Cabooses w/Searchlights & Smoke/OBsMintObs$190.00
Lot: 434 Mint Lionel #6910 NYC Extended Vision Cabooses/OBsMintObs$90.00
Lot: 444 Mint Lionel #19807 Pa Extended Vision Cabooses with Smoke/OBsMintObs$90.00
Lot: 45MTH #30-1337-1 (5015) 2-8-8-8-2 Erie Triplex Engine and Tender w Proto Sound/OBLike NewOB $370.00
Lot: 467 Lionel #9240 New York Central Operating Hoppers/OBsLike NewObs$150.00
Lot: 476 Mint Lionel #17575 New York Central PS-4 Flat Cars/OBs MintObs$190.00
Lot: 486 Mint Lionel #19726 New York Central Bay Window Cabooses/OBsMintObs$120.00
Lot: 496 Mint Lionel #17606 New York Central Standard O Cabooses/OBsMintObs$140.00
Lot: 50Mint Lionel #18029 Scale Gray Dreyfuss NYC Hudson Steam Engine & Tender/Wood Storage Case & Display Glass/ObsMintObs$1100.00
Lot: 514 Mint Lionel #19702 Pennsylvania Porthole Gold Mint Cabooses/OBs MintObs$80.00
Lot: 522 Mint Lionel #19889 Pennsylvania Bay Window Cabooses w/Railsounds/OBsMintObs$210.00
Lot: 53Lionel #18216 Conrail SD-60M Diesel/OBLike NewOb$120.00
Lot: 54Lionel #8578 NYC Ballast Tamper/OBLike NewOb $45.00
Lot: 55 MTH #30-2375-1/30-2375-3 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie SW-1500 Diesel Switcher Engines, Power & Non-power Units/OBsLike NewObs$350.00
Lot: 56Lionel #8368 Alaska Motorized Switcher/OBLike NewOb $65.00
Lot: 57Mint Lionel #8379 Pennsylvania Motorized Fire Car/OBMintOB $65.00
Lot: 58Mint Lionel #19810 Operating Bosco Milk Car Set & #19811 Monon Operating Brakeman Car/OBsMintOBs$75.00
Lot: 59Lionel #18410 Motorized Pennsylvania Burro Crane/OBLike NewOb $60.00
Lot: 60Lionel #18007 Southern Pacific Daylight GS-2 Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $230.00
Lot: 612 Mint Lionel #12791 Animated Passenger Stations/OBsMintObs$45.00
Lot: 62Lionel #12703 Operating Icing Station/OB Like NewOB $40.00
Lot: 63Mint Lionel #8690 Orange/Blue LL Trolley & #18404 San Fransisco Trolley/OBsMintObs$65.00
Lot: 643 Mint Lionel #19707 SP Work Cabooses w/Searchlights & Smoke Units/OBsMintObs$85.00
Lot: 65MTH #30-2372-1 Metropolitan Transportation Authority (white) R-12 4-Car Subway Set/OB Like NewOb $180.00
Lot: 66Lionel #18454 Blue Inspection Car/OBLike NewOB $50.00
Lot: 674 Mint Lionel #18423 On Track Step Vans/OBsMintObs$80.00
Lot: 684 Mint Lionel #18424 Lionel On-Track Pick-Up Trucks/OBsMintObs$85.00
Lot: 694 Mint Lionel #16653 Western Pacific 6 Wheel Crane Cars/OBsMintObs$120.00
Lot: 70Mint Lionel #11584 Conrail 2005 Collector's Train Set/OBs MintObs$220.00
Lot: 717 Mint Lionel #17538 Flat Cars w/1936 Ford Tow Trucks/OBsMintObs$130.00
Lot: 728 Mint Lionel #16983 Pennsylvania RR F-9 Well Cars/OBsMintObs$150.00
Lot: 735 Mint Lionel #17372 NYC Milk Cars/OBsMintObs$230.00
Lot: 744 Mint Lionel #17216 Pennsylvania Double Door Box Cars/OBsMintObs$80.00
Lot: 75Lionel #18043 Semi-Scale C&O Streamline Steam Engine and Tender/OB Like NewOb $360.00
Lot: 765 Mint Lionel #17208 Union Pacific Double Door Box Cars/OBsMintObs$130.00
Lot: 778 Mint Lionel #17222 Western Pacific Railroad Box Cars/OBsMintObs$140.00
Lot: 786 Mint Lionel #17221/17121 Cars/OBsMintObs$90.00
Lot: 79Mint Lionel #14518 Canadian Pacific F-3 B Unit/Command & Railsounds/OBMintOB $160.00
Lot: 80Lionel #8307 Southern Pacific Daylight GS-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OB Like NewOB/No Insert$230.00
Lot: 81Mint Lionel #14520 F-3 B Texas Special w/Railsounds/OBMintOB $160.00
Lot: 824 Mint Lionel #17404 Illinois Central Gondolas with Coil Covers/OBsMintObs$60.00
Lot: 834 Mint Lionel #16539 Western Pacific Square Window Cabooses/OBsMintObs$90.00
Lot: 845 Mint Lionel #17009 New York Central 2 bay Hoppers/OBsMintObs$110.00
Lot: 85Lionel #8100 N&W Streamlined Die-Cast 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive & Tender/OB Like NewOB $180.00
Lot: 868 Mint Lionel #9815 New York Central Standard O Reefers/OBsMintObs$85.00
Lot: 878 Mint Lionel #17551 NYC Flat Cars w/Pick-Ups/OBs MintObs$180.00
Lot: 88Lionel #18454 Blue Inspection Car/OBLike NewOB $45.00
Lot: 892 Mint Lionel #19889 Pennsylvania Bay Window Caboose w/Railsounds/OBMintObs$190.00
Lot: 90Lionel #18018 2-8-2 Southern Mikado Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB/ (7) $240.00
Lot: 914 Mint Lionel #19714 NYC Work Cabooses w/Searchlights & Smoke/OBMintOBs $120.00
Lot: 92Mint Lionel #18447 Red/Cream Executive Inspection Car/OBMintOb $120.00
Lot: 938 Mint Lionel #17263 NYC Double Door Box Cars/OBsMintObs $140.00
Lot: 947 Mint Lionel #17221 NYC Standard O Box Cars/OBsMint6 Obs $150.00
Lot: 95Lionel #8404 Pennsylvania S-2 FARR#5 Steam Turbine & Tender & 6908 Caboose/OBsLike NewObs $150.00
Lot: 967 Mint Lionel #19736/19741 Pennsylvania N5C Cabooses/OBsMintObs $90.00
Lot: 974 Mint Lionel #17617 Denver & Rio Grande Cabooses/OBsMintObs $60.00
Lot: 986 Mint Lionel ##6900 Norfolk & Western Cabooses and #6904 Union Pacific Extended Vision Cabooses/OBsMintObs $130.00
Lot: 99Lionel #8516 New York Central Diecast 0-4-0 Steam Switcher & Tender/OBLike NewOB $65.00
Lot: 100Mint Lionel #18135 (2333 NYC) Century Club F-3 AA Units/OBMint OB $230.00
Lot: 101Mint Lionel #18178 Century Club NYC F-3 B Unit/OBMintOb $130.00
Lot: 102Mint Lionel #14518 Canadian Pacific F-3 B Unit/Command & Railsounds/OBMintOB $130.00
Lot: 103Mint Lionel #14520 Texas Special F-3 B W/RS/OB MintOb $160.00
Lot: 104Mint Lionel #38103 Texas Special F-3 A Powered F-3/OB MintOb $280.00
Lot: 105Mint Lionel #29130/31/32/33 Texas Special Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs $310.00
Lot: 106Mint Lionel #39118 Texas Special Garland Coach/OB - StationSoudsMintOB $170.00
Lot: 107Mint Lionel #39163 Erie Lackawanna 2 Pack of Streamline Passenger Cars/OBMintObs $110.00
Lot: 1084 Lionel #51600 NYC Depressed-Center Loads w/Generator Station Loads/OBsLike NEwObs $120.00
Lot: 109Mint Lionel #15318 Silver Lionel Lines 2 pack Streamlined Passenger Car Set/OB MintObs $170.00
Lot: 110Lionel #8753 Tuscan Pennsylvania GG1 Electric/OBLike New MinusOB $150.00
Lot: 1113 Mint Lionel #19416/16904 TTUX Cars/OBsMintObs $120.00
Lot: 112Mint Lionel 4 #36935 Maersk-Maxi Stacks & 2 #36092 Maersk Flat Cars w/Trailer Frames/OBs MintObs $450.00
Lot: 1132 Lionel #36900 Depressed Center Flat Cars with Back Shops/OBsMintObs $130.00
Lot: 1146 Mint Lionel #19489/29414/29463 Evans Auto Loaders/OBsMintObs $210.00
Lot: 115Mint Lionel #19015/19016/19017/19018 Madison Lionel Lines Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs $210.00
Lot: 116Mint Lionel #39198 Hancock Stations Sounds Pennsylvania Congressional Pullman/OBMintObs $160.00
Lot: 11712 Mint Lionel #9469 New York Central Standard O Box Cars/OBsMintObs $450.00
Lot: 1189 Mint Assorted Lionel Tractor/Trailers/OBsMintObs $85.00
Lot: 1195 Mint Lionel #6232 Illinois Central Standard O Box Cars/OBs MintObs $90.00
Lot: 120Lionel #51000 Hiawatha Five Piece Streamline Steam Passenger Set/OBLike NewOB(7)$430.00
Lot: 1215 Mint Lionel #19427 Flat Car w/Auto Loader & #19428 Flat Car w/Boat Loader/OBs MintObs $180.00
Lot: 122Mint Lionel #39160 Kansas City Southern 2 Pack of Streamline Passenger Cars/OBMintObs$160.00
Lot: 123Mint Lionel #14541 C&O B F-3 Non-Powered Railsounds Diesel Unit/OB MintOB $200.00
Lot: 124Mint Lionel #14542 Kansas City Southern F3 B Unit Railsounds/OB MintOb $240.00
Lot: 125Lionel #8309 Six Piece Southern FARR #4 Freight Set/OBsLike NewOBs (7)$210.00
Lot: 126Mint Lionel #18108 Great Northern Union Powered F-3 B-Unit/OB MintOb $70.00
Lot: 127Mint Lionel #24517 NYC B Powered Odyssey F-3 Diesel/OB MintObs $110.00
Lot: 128Mint Lionel #19899 Pennsylvania Command Control Crane Car/OB MintOb $250.00
Lot: 129Mint Lionel #24528 Rio Grande 2379T F-3 Non-Powered A Unit/OB MintOb $100.00
Lot: 130K-Line #K3715-1601S C&O Allegheny 2-6-6-6 Steam Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOB $280.00
Lot: 131Mint Lionel #29181 NYC Empire State Express Stationsounds Diner Car/OBMintOB $140.00
Lot: 132Mint Lionel #24510 Pennsylvania Sharknose B Unit/OBMintOB $100.00
Lot: 133Mint Lionel #14584 Wabash F-3 #2240T Non-Powered A Unit/OBMintOB $100.00
Lot: 134Mint Lionel #14540 Denver & Rio Grande F3 B Unit R/S/OB MintOB $160.00
Lot: 135Mint Lionel #31726 Century Club II Pennsylvania Coal Train Set/OBMintObs $180.00
Lot: 136Mint Lionel #39118 Texas Special Garland Coach/OB - StationSoudsMintOB $170.00
Lot: 137Mint Lionel #14520 F-3 B Texas Special w/Railsounds/OBMintOb $150.00
Lot: 138Mint Lionel #18178 Century Club NYC F-3 B Unit/OBMintOB $120.00
Lot: 139Mint Lionel #25449 Santa Fe Red-Striped Diner Car w/Station Sounds/OB MintOB $180.00
Lot: 140Mint/Sealed K-Line #K-1405 Conrail 2004 Train of Legend Set/OB Mint/SealedOB $180.00
Lot: 141Mint Lionel #24573 Santa Fe (2383) Silver/Red Post-War Celebration Non Power B Unit/OB MintOb $90.00
Lot: 142Mint Lionel #24573 Santa Fe (2383) Silver/Red Post-War Celebration Non Power B Unit/OB IIMintOB $95.00
Lot: 143Mint Lionel #25449 Santa Fe Red-Striped Diner Car w/Station Sounds/OB MintOB $110.00
Lot: 144Lionel #18004 Reading 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive & Tender/OB Like New MinusOB $130.00
Lot: 1456 Mint Assorted Lionel Lines Madison Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs $160.00
Lot: 146Lionel #8162/8163 Ontario Northern SD-18 Diesels/OBsLike NewObs $180.00
Lot: 147Mint Lionel #14518 Canadian Pacific F-3 B Unit/Command & Railsounds/OBMintOb $140.00
Lot: 1488 Lionel #17247/17248/17249/19754 NYC Standard O Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs $350.00
Lot: 149Mint Lionel #29091/29090/29139 Madison Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs $120.00
Lot: 150Mint Lionel #18340 Century Club II Fairbanks Morse Trainmasters AA Demonstrators/OBsMintOBs $270.00
Lot: 1514 Mint Lionel #19737 2420 Lackawanna Searchlight Cabooses/OBs MintObs $110.00
Lot: 1524 Mint Lionel #19714/19707 Searchlight Cabooses/OBsMintObs $100.00
Lot: 1533 Mint Lionel #17373 New York Central Milk Car #6583/OBs MintObs $140.00
Lot: 1546 Mint Lionel #17275 NYC PS-1 Box Cars/OBsMintObs $300.00
Lot: 1555 Assorted Lionel NYC Heavyweight Scale Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs $160.00
Lot: 1566 Mint Lionel #17349 NYC Milk Cars/OBsMintObs $280.00
Lot: 157Mint Lionel #2324 Operating Switch Tower and #12719 Animated Refreshment Stand/OBsMintObs $75.00
Lot: 158Lionel #12720 Rotary Beacon and #2318 Operating Central Tower/OBsLike NewObs $80.00
Lot: 1594 Mint Lionel #5132/5133 Remote Control Switch Tracks/OBsMintObs$100.00
Lot: 160Lionel #8404 Six Piece Pennsylvania FARR #5 Freight Set/OBsLike newObs$220.00
Lot: 1619 Mint Lionel Standard O #9808 Union Pacific Box Cars and #9824 NYC Gondolas/OBsMintObs$110.00
Lot: 1629 Mint Assorted Lionel Century Club Box Cars/OBsMintObs$65.00
Lot: 1634 Mint Lionel #18440/18436/18439/18438 Dodge Ram Track Inspection Cars/OBsMintObs $90.00
Lot: 1644 Mint Lionel #18430 NYC Crew CarsOBs MintObs $65.00
Lot: 165K-Line #K3499-0028CC Pacific Lumber Shay Command Locomotive/OBLike NewOb $330.00
Lot: 1669 Lionel #9826 N.Y.C Standard 'O' Box Cars/OBs Like NewObs $110.00
Lot: 16712 Mint Lionel #5530 O Gauge Operating Track Sections/OBsMintObs $140.00
Lot: 16812 Lionel Assorted #5545/5530/5132 Track Accessories/OBsLike NewObs $120.00
Lot: 1695 Lionel #19808 N.Y.C Ice Car & #16767 6352 New York Central Cars/OBs Like NewOBs $80.00
Lot: 170Lionel #8002 Union Pacific Diecast Berkshire FARR #2 Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $120.00
Lot: 1714 Lionel #19751/6908/478039 Cabooses/ObsLike New3 Obs $120.00
Lot: 1729 Mint Assorted Lionel #6209/19486/19478/19429/17013 Cars/OBsMintObs $180.00
Lot: 1736 Mint Assorted Lionel #36094/19858/16399/9307 Cars/OBsMintObs $110.00
Lot: 174Mint Lionel #19897 New York Central Command Crane Car/OB MintObs $220.00
Lot: 175Lionel #18053 726 Berkshire Century Club Engine & Tender/OBsMintOBs $380.00
Lot: 176Lionel #29040 Dining Car and 2 #29005 Combine Cars/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 1776 Mint Lionel #19779/19785/19764 Southern Pacific/Conrail Cabooses/OBsMintObs $100.00
Lot: 178Mint Lionel #17635 Lionel Lines Gold Plated D/C CBS/OBMintOB $250.00
Lot: 179MTH #30-7553 Pennsylvania 4 Bay Hopper w/Coal Load 6 Pack/OBLike NewOb $100.00
Lot: 180Lionel #8702 Southern Crescent Engine/Tender and 7 Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs $300.00
Lot: 181Lionel #29400 Diecast Bethlehem Steel 3 Pack of Slag Cars & three extra cars/OBLike New1 OB $240.00
Lot: 182Lionel Classics #51900 Signal Bridge & Control Panel/OBLike NewOB $150.00
Lot: 183MTH #30-7553 Pennsylvania 4 Bay Hopper w/Coal Load 6 Pack/OBLike NewOB $100.00
Lot: 18414 Mint Lionel #12704 Operating Dwarf Signal/OBs MintObs $220.00
Lot: 185Lionel #8970 Tuscan Pennsylvania F-3 AA Diesels/OBLike NewOB $160.00
Lot: 186Lionel #8060 Tuscan Pennsylvania F-3 B Unit Diesel/OBLike NewOB $110.00
Lot: 1875 Assorted Lionel Budd Cars/OBsLike NewObs $170.00
Lot: 188Mint K-Line #K-1113 Conrail 6 Unit Alco AA Passenger Set/OBMintOB $180.00
Lot: 189Mint Lionel #19164 C&O 2 Pack Aluminum Car Set/OBsMintObs $80.00
Lot: 190Weaver #9732 Baldwin Maroon Pennsylvania Sharknose A/B Diesel Set/OB Like NEwOB $100.00
Lot: 191Mint Lionel #19153 4 Pack of Painted C&O Streamline Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs $170.00
Lot: 192Mint Lionel #19272 6464 Series IV Box Cars/OBsMintOBs $50.00
Lot: 193Williams #2802 Pennsylvania Set of 5 Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBLike NewOb $110.00
Lot: 194Mint Lionel #12911/12868 Command Control Base & Remote Control/OBsMintOb $170.00
Lot: 195Mint K-Line #K-1012 Conrail Diesel Switcher Freight Train Set/OB MintOBs $150.00
Lot: 196Mint Lionel #19266 6464 Series III Box Cars/OBMintObs $45.00
Lot: 1975 Mint Lionel #6521 New York Central Std O Flat Car with Stakes/OBsMintObs $60.00
Lot: 1982 Mint Lionel #19991/2000 Gold Member Packages w/9700 Box Cars/OBsMintObs $15.00
Lot: 199Mint Lionel #19257 6464 Series II Box Cars/OBMintOb $60.00
Lot: 200Mint Lionel #28079 C&O 2-10-4 Texas Steam Engine and Tender/OBMintOB $490.00
Lot: 201Mint Lionel #17635 Lionel Lines Gold Plated D/C CBS/OB IIMintOB $240.00
Lot: 2026 Mint Lionel #5132/5133 O Gauge Remote Control Switches/OBsMintObs$170.00
Lot: 2039 Mint Lionel #19720/6903/19724/19706/19716 Extended Vision Cabooses/OBsMintObs$160.00
Lot: 204Lionel #19276 6464 Series V Box Cars/OBsLike NewObs$50.00
Lot: 205Mint K-Line #K-1205 5 Unit Conrail GG-1 Electric Work Train Set/OB MintOB $190.00
Lot: 2068 Mint Lionel #6910/19700/6906 Extended Vision Cabooses/OBsMintObs$130.00
Lot: 2078 Mint Lionel #6907/17600/17611/19739 New York Central Wood Sided Cabooses/OBsMintObs$130.00
Lot: 2087 Mint Lionel #16565/17602/17625 Cabooses/OBsMintOBs$110.00
Lot: 2095 Mint Lionel #26513/16688/26991 Cars/OBsMintObs$100.00
Lot: 210Lionel #12782 Operating Lift Bridge/OBLike NewOB/ (7) $350.00
Lot: 2116 Mint Lionel #19782/17633/19726 New York Central Bay Window Cabooses/OBsMintObs$180.00
Lot: 2124 Lionel #17636 NYC Safety Whatever D/C Cabooses/OBsMintObs$180.00
Lot: 2133 Lionel #51701 NYC Semi-Scale Cabooses/OBsLike NewObs$180.00
Lot: 214Mint Lionel #26795 NYC Stock Car w/Cattle Sounds/OB MintOb $50.00
Lot: 215Lionel #8480 Union Pacific F-3 AA Diesels/OBLike NewOb $160.00
Lot: 2166 Assorted Lionel Box Cars/OBsLike NewOBs$120.00
Lot: 2176 Assorted Lionel Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs$150.00
Lot: 2185 Assorted Lionel Post-War Celebration Freight Cabooses/OBsLike NewObs$90.00
Lot: 21912 Mint Assorted KMT Freight Cars/OBsMintObs$130.00
Lot: 220 Lionel #8610 Wabash Steam Passenger Set/Fallen Flags/OBsLike NewObs$170.00
Lot: 221Mint Lionel #25446 Santa Fe Red Stripe Post-War Celebration 2 pack Passenger Cars/OB MintObs$160.00
Lot: 2229 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$120.00
Lot: 2238 Lionel #9174 N.Y.C Bay Window Cabooses & #9162 Pennsylvania Lighted Cabooses/OBsLike New7 Obs$80.00
Lot: 22412 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$150.00
Lot: 225Lionel #8003 Chessie Special Berkshire & 6 Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs$250.00
Lot: 226Lionel #39104 EL Station Sounds Coach Pocono & #19119 Great Northern Vista Dome Car/OBs Like NewObs$150.00
Lot: 2275 Mint Lionel Motorized Units/OBsMintObs$110.00
Lot: 228Mint Lionel #19276 6464 Series V Box Cars/OBsMintObs$45.00
Lot: 229Mint Lionel #14518 Canadian Pacific F-3 B Unit/Command & Railsounds/OBMintOb$180.00
Lot: 230Mint Lionel #28757 Pa Reading Seashore Railsounds Camelback/OBMintOb$220.00
Lot: 2313 Lionel #17636 NYC Safety Whatever D/C Cabooses/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 2328 Mint Lionel #5132/5133 Remote Control O Gauge Switches/OBsMintObs$180.00
Lot: 23316 Lionel #5530 O Gauge Operating Track Sections/OBsLike NewObs$110.00
Lot: 234Lionel #8864/8851 New Haven F-3 ABA Diesel Units/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 235Lionel #8952 Pennsylvanian F-3 AA Green Diesels/OBLike NewOb $150.00
Lot: 236Lionel #9545/9546/9548/9549/9547 Union Pacific Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsLike New MinusObs$170.00
Lot: 237Lionel #8481 Union Pacific F-3 B Unit Diesel/OBLike NewOb $95.00
Lot: 238Lionel #8463 Chessie & #8562 Missouri Pacific GP-20 Engines/OBsLike New MinusObs$120.00
Lot: 239Mint MTH #20-6614 Norfolk & Western Sleeper/Diner Scale Streamline Passenger Cars/OBMintOb$75.00
Lot: 240Lionel #8260/8262 Southern Pacific Daylight F-3 AA Diesels/OBLike NewOb $180.00
Lot: 241Lionel #7210/19121/19152 Union Pacific Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs$120.00
Lot: 242Mint Lionel #19868 Command Control Shark Aquarium Car/OBMintOb $80.00
Lot: 243Lionel #19846 Command Control Operating Giraffe Car Set/OBLike NewOb $100.00
Lot: 2448 Mint Lionel #5132/5133 Remote Control O Gauge Switches/OBsMintObs$150.00
Lot: 245Lionel #9589/9590/9591/9592/9593 Southern Pacific Daylight Streamline Passenger Cars /OBsLike New MinusObs$210.00
Lot: 246Lionel #7211/7204/19107 Southern Pacific Passenger Vista Dome Cars/OBsLike NewObs$140.00
Lot: 2472 Mint Marx #5193X Canadian Pacific Old Time Passenger Car Sets/OBs MintObs$130.00
Lot: 248Lionel #9562/9563/9564/9564/9565/9566 N&W Streamline Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 249Mint Lionel #21756 6464 Overstamped Box Car Set/OBMintOb $25.00
Lot: 250Mint Lionel #18135 (2333 NYC) Century Club F-3 AA & Case/OBMintObs$390.00
Lot: 251Mint Lionel #19785 SP Bay Window Caboose 2000 & #29835 SP Trainsounds Bay Window Caboose/OBs MintObs$95.00
Lot: 252MTH #20-2147LP Amtrak EMD F40PH Diesel Engine No. 305/OBLike NewOB $75.00
Lot: 253MTH #RK-1111LP N&W 0-8-0 Steam Switcher & Tender/OBLike NewOB $65.00
Lot: 254MTH #30-1142-0 Reading 4-60 Camelback Steam Switcher (#650) and Tender/OB Like NewOB $80.00
Lot: 255Lionel #8210 Joshua Cowen 8 Piece Commemorative Set/OBsLike NewOBs$140.00
Lot: 256Lionel #18009 NYC 4-8-2 Mohawk #3000 L-3 Steam Engine & TenderLike New MinusNone$190.00
Lot: 257MTH #30-1172-0 Jersey Central 4-6-2 Blue Comet Pacific Steam Engine w/Loco-Sound/OB Like New MinusOB $150.00
Lot: 2584 Lionel #7211/19107 Southern Pacific Passenger Vista Dome Cars/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 259MTH #30-1133-0 New York Central Gray Dreyfuss Hudson and Tender /OBLike NewOb $120.00
Lot: 260Williams #4000 NYC (5405) Hudson 4-6-4 Steam Engine and Tender/OBsLike NewObs$110.00
Lot: 261Mint Lionel NYC #16017/16018/16019/16019/16021 Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsLike New MinusObs$110.00
Lot: 262MTH #30-1115-0 Pennsylvania 4-6-2 K-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $70.00
Lot: 263MTH #30-2150-3 Santa Fe Alco Pa Diesel B-Unit/OBLike NewObs$30.00
Lot: 2646 Mint Assorted MTH Cars/OBsMintObs$120.00
Lot: 265Mint Lionel #14105 Lionel Aquarium/OBMintOb $160.00
Lot: 2668 Mint Assorted K-Line West Side Lumber Log Cars/OBsMintObs$190.00
Lot: 26714 Mint Assorted K-Line Cars/OBsMintObs$180.00
Lot: 268MTH #RK-1109 Nickel Plate Road Berkshire 2-8-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb$80.00
Lot: 269MTH #MT-1102 3-Rail Santa Fe Mohawk Die-Cast Steam Engine No. 3700/OBLike New MinusOB/ (7) $75.00
Lot: 270Williams #4001 NYC Gray Dreyfuss Hudson & Tender/OBs Like NewOBs$160.00
Lot: 27110 Assorted K-Line Cars/OBsLike NewObs$190.00
Lot: 272Mint Lionel #32987 Hobo Campfire & #12930 Lionelville TM Oil Derrick/OBs MintObs$60.00
Lot: 2739 Mint Assorted K-Line Cars/OBsMintObs$210.00
Lot: 274Mint K-Line #K6278A D&H Hopper 4 Pack and 3 #K6629 Flat Cars w Cardboard Loads/OBsMintObs$60.00
Lot: 275Lionel #8801 Blue Comet Steam Engine & Tender & 8 Passenger Cars/OBsLike New MinusObs$290.00
Lot: 2766 Mint Assorted Lionel Disney Cars/OBsMintObs$190.00
Lot: 2779 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$100.00
Lot: 2786 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$200.00
Lot: 279Mint Lionel #17171 Lionel 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper & #17155 Shell 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper/OBs MintObs$70.00
Lot: 280Lionel #18003 DL &W 4-8-4 Diecast Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $130.00
Lot: 2816 Mint Assorted Lionel Flat Cars with Loads/OBsMintObs$140.00
Lot: 2826 Mint Assorted Lionel Love State Box Cars/OBsMintObs$80.00
Lot: 283Mint Lionel #19850 Animated Lion Car/OB - Command Control Jungle SoundsMintOB $85.00
Lot: 2847 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$140.00
Lot: 285Lionel #8900 Santa Fe FARR #1 Hudson Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB $110.00
Lot: 2865 Assorted Williams NYC Streamlined Gray Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs$120.00
Lot: 2875 Assorted Williams NYC Passenger Heavyweight Cars/OBsLike NewObs$95.00
Lot: 288Lionel #8463 Chessie GP-20 and #8754 New Haven RectifierExcellent PlusNone$70.00
Lot: 289MTH/other mfg.#30-2543-1 Pittsburgh Electric Street Car w/Proto sound, Pacific Electric Street Car & Milwaukee TrolleyExcellent1 OB $140.00
Lot: 290Mint Lionel #18001 Rock Island Diecast 4-8-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OB MintOb $150.00
Lot: 291Lionel #19108/9567/12003 Norfolk & Western Passenger Cars/OBslLike NewObs$110.00
Lot: 2925 Mint Williams Santa Fe Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs$100.00
Lot: 293Lionel #8315 B&O Blue General and 3 Passenger CarsLike New MinusNone$120.00
Lot: 294Lionel #9589/9590/9591/9592/9593/7204 Southern Pacific Daylight Streamline Passenger Cars /OBsLike New MinusObs$210.00
Lot: 295Williams Pennsylvania #5010 O Gauge PRR K4S 4-6-2 Stream Line Pacific/OB Like New MinusOb $190.00
Lot: 296Lionel #8701 General Steam Engine & Tender and #9551/9552/9553 W&ARR Cars/OBsLike New MinusObs$170.00
Lot: 297Mint Williams #2620/2621/2622/2623/2623/2625 Pennsylvania Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsLike New MinusObs$110.00
Lot: 298Lionel NYC #16016/16018/16019/16020/19020 Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs$85.00
Lot: 299Mint MTH Undecorated (Pre-Production?) Alco PA AA Set/OBMintOB $75.00
Lot: 300Mint/Sealed Lionel #11722 Pink Girl's Steam Freight Set/OBsMint/SealedObs$470.00
Lot: 301Mint MTH #30-1135-0 Texas 4-4-0 Steam Engine and Tender/OB MintOb $80.00
Lot: 302Lionel #18689 Norfolk Southern Dash 8 40-C Diesel/OBLike NewOB $75.00
Lot: 303MTH #30-2141-0 Southern Pacific E-8 AA Diesel Set/OBLike NewOB $110.00
Lot: 304MTH #30-2144-1 Baltimore & Ohio RDC Budd Car Set /OBLike NewOB $50.00
Lot: 305Mint Lionel #18311 Disney Electric & #19723 Extended Vision Caboose/OBsMintObs$150.00
Lot: 3066 Mint Williams Southern Pacific Daylight Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsMintOBs$100.00
Lot: 307Lionel #8903/8904 Amtrak Alco AA Diesel Units & 11 Assorted Cars/OBsExcellent2 Obs$200.00
Lot: 3087 Assorted Lionel Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs$90.00
Lot: 309Lionel #8869 & #8870 Amtrak Budd Cars/OBExcellentOB $65.00
Lot: 310Lionel #8101 Chicago & Alton Engine/Tender & 8 Passenger Cars/OBsLike New MinusObs$260.00
Lot: 311Incomplete K-Line #K-1210 Mining Set/OB Like NewOB $70.00
Lot: 312MTH #10-1160 Operating #165 Crane/OBLike New~OB $110.00
Lot: 313Mint Lionel #52338 TCA 2004 Pittsburgh 50th Mint Car/OBMintOb $50.00
Lot: 314Mint Lionel #19845 Command Control Aquarium Car/OBMintOB $65.00
Lot: 315Lionel #8006 Atlantic Coast Line Silver Shadow Hudson & Tender Excellent PllusNone$100.00
Lot: 31611 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBs$210.00
Lot: 3178 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$180.00
Lot: 31813 Assorted Lionel Holiday Cars/OBsLike NewObs$170.00
Lot: 3198 Mint Assorted Lionel Disney Cars/OBsMintObs$140.00
Lot: 320Lionel #8370/8371 NYC F-3 ABA Diesel Units/OBsLike New MinusSome OBs$220.00
Lot: 3217 Assorted Lionel #9590 Series NYC Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsLike New MinusOBs$170.00
Lot: 32210 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$140.00
Lot: 3239 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$200.00
Lot: 324Mint Lionel #52198/52179/19471/52172 Special Freight Cars/OBsMintObs$80.00
Lot: 325MTH #20-3023-1 W.VP.&P. Prototype Shay Steam Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOB $190.00
Lot: 3266 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars & Tie-Jector/OBs$120.00
Lot: 32711 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$150.00
Lot: 3288 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$110.00
Lot: 3298 Mint Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsMintObs$90.00
Lot: 330MTH #30-2150-1 Santa Fe Alco Pa AA Diesel Set/OBLike NewOb$110.00
Lot: 33110 Assorted Lionel/K-Line/Weaver Cars/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 332Mint Lionel #18563 (2380) New York Central GP-9 Command/Railsounds Locomotive/OB MintOb $130.00
Lot: 333Lionel #18606 NYC Enngine/Tender, #8775 LV GP-9 & #8777 SF B Unit/OBsLike New Minus2 Obs$140.00
Lot: 3346 Mint Assorted MTH Cars/OBsMintObs$90.00
Lot: 335Lionel #1632 Santa Fe Steam SSS Work Train/OBLike New MinusObs/ (7)$85.00
Lot: 3368 Assorted MTH Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Cars/OBsMintObs/ (7)$170.00
Lot: 3378 Assorted MTH Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Cars/OBsLike NewObs $170.00
Lot: 3389 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $140.00
Lot: 3396 Mint Assorted K-Line Cars/OBsMintObs $110.00
Lot: 340Incomplete MTH #30-4101-1 Amtrak F59PH Diesel Set/OB Excellent PlusOBs $85.00
Lot: 341Lionel #12922 New York Central Operating Gantry Crane/OBLike New MinusOB $55.00
Lot: 3429 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs $110.00
Lot: 34310 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBsLike NewOBs $130.00
Lot: 344MTH #30-2140-3/RK-2013B/RK-2012B B-Unit Diesels/OBsLike NewObs $50.00
Lot: 345Lionel #18006 Reading T-1 Diecast Steam Engine & TenderLike New MinusNone$200.00
Lot: 3462 MTH #30-6732 Coach Cars & #30-6731 Canadian Pacific Sleeper/Diner Set/OBs Like New Obs $90.00
Lot: 347Lionel #12847/12818 Stations/OBsLike new~Obs $45.00
Lot: 3485 Assorted MTH Cars & Trolley/OBsLike NewObs $90.00
Lot: 349Lionel #18636 Green Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb $140.00
Lot: 350MTH #263 NYC Blue Comet Tinplate Nickel Engine and Tender 4 Car Nickel Set/OBsLike NewObs $400.00
Lot: 3512 Lionel #17214 RailBox Box Cars w/Diesel Railsounds/OBsLike NewObs $65.00
Lot: 3529 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs $130.00
Lot: 3537 Mint MTH #30-7965 RK Searchlight Cars/OBsMintObs $110.00
Lot: 3545 Mint MTH #30-7539 Dad's Pet Food 4-Bay Hoppers w/Loads/OBsMintObs $45.00
Lot: 355Mint Lionel #19088/89/90/91 Scale C&O Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs$180.00
Lot: 35610 Mint MTH #30-79030 A&GW- Big Mo Crane Tender Cars & #3907539 Dad's Pet Foods 4-Bay Hopper/OBsMintObs $120.00
Lot: 3576 Mint Boxes of Atlas #6058 O Gauge Straight Track/OBsMintObs$250.00
Lot: 3583 Mint Boxes of Atlas #6058/6058/656 O Gauge TrackMintObs$160.00
Lot: 359Mint Lionel #14170 Play World Amusement Park Swing Ride/OBMintOB $110.00
Lot: 360Mint MTH #20-2231-1 Virginian FM TrainMaster Diesel 3-Rail Proto-Sound Cab #2331/OB MintOb $150.00
Lot: 36114 Assorted Lionel/Weaver/MTH/K-Line Cars and some Accessories/OBsLike New~Obs$110.00
Lot: 3628 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs$100.00
Lot: 3634 Assorted Lionel Cars & Trolley/OBsLike NewObs$70.00
Lot: 3646 Mint Assorted Atlas Freight Cars/OBsMintObs$120.00
Lot: 365Mint Lionel #31731 Trainmaster Rolling Stock 5 Pack Set/OBMintObs$140.00
Lot: 366Williams #BL2-202 Chesapeake and Ohio BL2 Power A W/True Blast Horn Cab #82/OB Like NewOb $50.00
Lot: 3676 Mint MTH #30-79030 A&GW Big Mo Crane Tender Cars/OBsMintObs$80.00
Lot: 3685 Mint MTH #30-7965 Big Mo Searchlight Cars/OBs MintObs$85.00
Lot: 3695 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs$180.00
Lot: 370Lionel #19056/19057/19058/19059 Pullman Scale Heavyweight Cars/OBs Like NewObs$120.00
Lot: 3716 Assorted Lionel Special Century Club Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs$65.00
Lot: 3728 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBs Like NewObs$85.00
Lot: 373Incomplete Lionel #11839 Spokane, Portland and Seattle 4-6-2 Steam/Hooker Freight Set/OB Like NewObs$85.00
Lot: 374Incomplete Lionel #11735 Deluxe New York Central Freight Set/OB Excellent PlusOB $45.00
Lot: 375Mint/Sealed #30116 The Lone Ranger Wild West Set Complete Ready to Run 0 gauge Train Set/OB Mint/SealedOB $240.00
Lot: 376Lionel #1463 Coke & #1280 Kickapoo Electric Train Sets/OBsLike NewOBs$90.00
Lot: 377Mint Lionel #17417 Burlington Northern Bathtub Gondola 3 Pk/OBs MintObs$90.00
Lot: 3788 Assorted Atlas/MTH Cars & Dockside/OBsLike NewObs$110.00
Lot: 3795 Assorted Lionel/K-Line Cars/OBsLike NewObs$50.00
Lot: 380Incomplete Lionel #11972 Alaska Railroad Train Set/OB ExcellentOB $140.00
Lot: 3815 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs$55.00
Lot: 382Mint Lionel Display Case and Board/OBMintOb $50.00
Lot: 383Mint Lionel Display Case and Board/OBMintOb $65.00
Lot: 384Mint Lionel #34183/Century Club Hudson Empire State Display Case and Board/OBMintOb $60.00
Lot: 385Incomplete Lionel #31914 New York Central Flyer 027 Scale Train Set/OB Like NewOB $25.00
Lot: 386Mint Display Case and Board/OBMintOb $75.00
Lot: 387Mint Lionel Gold Hudson 2000 Display Case and Board/OBMintOB $75.00
Lot: 388Mint Lionel Gold Hudson 2000 Display Case and Board/OB IIMintOB $110.00
Lot: 389Mint Lionel Display Case and Board/OBMintOB $55.00
Lot: 390Lionel #8030/8254 Illinois Central GP-9 DieselsExcellentNone$55.00
Lot: 391Mint Lionel #18005 700E Scale Hudson Display Case and Board/OBMintOb $55.00
Lot: 392Mint Lionel #34183 Display Case & Board/OBMintOB $70.00
Lot: 3934 Assorted Lionel Passenger Cars/OBsLike New3 Obs $40.00
Lot: 394Mint MTH #30-9111/30-9012/30-90215 Buildings/OBs (includes Isaly's Dairy )MintObs$120.00
Lot: 39515 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike NewObs$160.00
Lot: 3966 Assorted MTH Cars and Accessories/OBsLike NewObs$100.00
Lot: 397Mint Lionel #18005 700E Scale Hudson Display Case and Board/OB IIMintOB $80.00
Lot: 39811 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike New9 Obs$120.00
Lot: 399Mint Lionel Display Case and Board/OBMintOb $75.00
Lot: 40015 Piece Lionel #1776 Bicentennial Freight Set/OBsLike NewObs$260.00
Lot: 401Mint Lionel Display Case and Board/OBMintOB $40.00
Lot: 40212 Mint Assorted Lionel Accessories/OBsMintObs$130.00
Lot: 4035 Lionel #2128/12724/12763 Accessories/OBsLike NewObs$40.00
Lot: 404Assorted Lionel Track Accessories/OBsLike New16 Obs$20.00
Lot: 405Williams #GP207 NYC GP-9 Power A with Horn NYC Cab #5670 & #EP300 New Haven EP5 Electric with Horn Cab #358/OBs Excellent PlusObs$100.00
Lot: 4067 Assorted Lionel Accessories/OBsLike NewOBs$95.00
Lot: 407MTH #20-2146-1 III Cen. Cab No. 6061 SD-40 Diesel/OB Like NewOB $85.00
Lot: 40815 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs$260.00
Lot: 4099 Assorted Industrial/Williams/K-Line/Atlas Cars/OBsLike NewObs$80.00

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