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Sunday, February 19, 2006 Private Auction:

Our Private Auctions are open for live-in-attendance bidding ONLY by Registered Bidders who are members of the Train Collectors Association, the Lionel Collector Club of America, the Toy Train Operating Society or the Lionel Operating Train Society and who make prior reservations.

Our Private Auction starts at 7:00 p.m.(Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, February 19, 2006. Bids may be placed on each lot by using AuctionsBy™, the exclusive Live On-Line Bidding System on the AmbroseBauer Trains' WebSite, or by using e-bay LIVE.

A Twelve Percent Buyer?s Premium will apply for those entering bids Live in house or on AuctionsBy™. Live Bidders must pay by check or cash on the Day of the Auction. Absentee Bidders must pay by check or money order within ten days of the date of the Auction. AuctionsBy™ does accept bids on each lot until that Lot is sold, but we encourage bids to be left before the Auction is actually conducted in order to eliminate some of the traffic on our Server and to ensure that your bids are actually received and entered into our System. We do not accept credit card payments. We offer a two percent discount to our Live and AuctionsBy™ High Bidders if they purchase more than $15,000.00 from us on one Auction Date and timely pay us by cash, check or money order.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items sold to individuals who reside in Pennsylvania who not have a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file at the time of Registration. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Six Percent for Washington County, where we are located.

A Fifteen Percent Buyer?s Premium will apply for those entering bids on e-bay LIVE. Payment must be made by check or money order within ten days of the date of the auction. Results do not become official until certified on the day after the Auction.

Please Double-Click on the Lot Numbers in the List Below to see in Detail that Particular Lot with all Pictures of that Lot as well as a Bidding Box to place your Absentee Bids. The Bidding Box to place your Snipe Bids is at the bottom of the Lot Detailed Page.

If You Want to Print This Page to Act as a Catalog

Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 290Great 1920s "Headquarters for Lionel Trains" Store Sign from the 1920sVery Good PlusNone$540.00
Lot: 291Brick Ives #504 The Fort Orange Passenger Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (9)$290.00
Lot: 292Nice Lionel #227/2227B Semi-Scale Switcher Original BoxesOriginal BoxesOBs/ (8/8+)$350.00
Lot: 293Great Original Uncut Label Box for Lionel #122 StationOriginal BoxOB/ (8+)$180.00
Lot: 294Nice Lionel 1927 Color Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$80.00
Lot: 295Scarce Lionel 1921 Color Catalog FolderVery GoodNone$190.00
Lot: 2963 Great Lionel #64 Highway Lamps/Great OBsLike New MinusOBs/ (9-)$300.00
Lot: 297Nice Lionel #249E Freight Set w/Lionel-Ives #1717/19/22 Freights/OBsExcellent6 OBs/ (8)$290.00
Lot: 298Scarce Lionel #98 Coal Tipple Original BoxOriginal BoxOB/ (8)$170.00
Lot: 299Brick Lionel #195W 1939 263E Freight Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (8+)$600.00
Lot: 300Brick Lionel #423E Early Standard Gauge #400 Freight Set BoxSet BoxSet Box/ (9)(i)$5000.00
Lot: 301Mint Sealed Cellophane Bag of CoalMint/SealedSome Wear$80.00
Lot: 302Brick Lionel #291W 1936 Red Comet Passenger Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (9-)$490.00
Lot: 303Very Nice Lionel #79 Silver Flashing Railroad Signal/OB+ExcellentOB+/ (7)$310.00
Lot: 304Rare Lionel Accessories (14 in. Dia) Sign from Dealer DisplayVery Good PlusNone$520.00
Lot: 305Brick Lionel #239E 1932 260 Freight Set Box & Inner BoxesOriginal BoxesObs/ (9/9+)$1020.00
Lot: 306Great Lionel #191 Villa with Rare Original Yellow BoxExcellent/E+OB/ (8-)(1)$440.00
Lot: 307Brick Lionel #440N Signal Bridge Original Box & InsertOriginal BoxOB+/ (9-)$250.00
Lot: 308Brick Lionel #2813 Cattle Car Original BoxOriginal BoxOB/ (9)$200.00
Lot: 309Rare Lionel 1932 Dealer Displays & Price List CatalogExcellent/E-None$430.00
Lot: 310Great American Flyer 1936 O Gauge #1730-RW UP Streamline Set/Brick OBsExcellent/E+Obs/ (9-/9)$1400.00
Lot: 311Rare "Uncle Don" Lionel Engineer Letter & PostcardExcellent PlusNone$310.00
Lot: 312Brick Lionel #1107 Donald Duck Handcar Original Box & TrackOriginal BoxOB+/ (8+/9-)$310.00
Lot: 313Great Lionel #914 Park Landscape Plot Original BoxOriginal BoxOB/ (8/8+)$240.00
Lot: 314Unique Lionel 1915 Catalog inside The Electro Importing Co. TradebookExcellent MinusNone$260.00
Lot: 315Nice Lionel Standard Gauge #366W 1935E Passenger Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (7+/8-)$260.00
Lot: 316Brick Lionel #815 Tank Car Original BoxOriginal BoxOB/ (9)$150.00
Lot: 317Great Lionel 1939 Dealer Displays Catalog & Price ListExcellent PlusNone$280.00
Lot: 318Brick Lionel #1058 Lionel Junior Freight Original Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (8+/9-)$40.00
Lot: 319Nice Lionel #194 Accessory Set Box from 1920sMaster BoxOB/ (8/8-)$160.00
Lot: 320Very Nice Lionel #144 262 Passenger Set from 1932 Original Set Box & Inner BoxesOriginal BoxesObs/ (8)(1)$500.00
Lot: 321Scarce Lionel 4/1/1920 Trade Price SheetVery GoodNone$240.00
Lot: 322Lionel #241E 260 Steam Passenger Set BoxSet BoxOB/ (8/8-)$250.00
Lot: 323Nice Lionel 1917 Consumer Catalog FolderExcellentNone$250.00
Lot: 324Rare Lionel #400TW Tender Master CartonMaster CartonOB/ (8/8-)$180.00
Lot: 325Great Lionel 396E 1933 Blue Comet Passenger Set Box/Inner BoxesOriginal BoxesSet/OBs (8/9-)$4900.00
Lot: 326Nice Lionel #63 Silver Lamp Post/OB+ExcellentOB/ (8)$190.00
Lot: 327Rare Lionel #275W 255E Steam Freight Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (8)$250.00
Lot: 328Neat Baltimore Sun 12/1/35 Color Comics w/Lionel #250E AdLike NewNone$60.00
Lot: 329Great Lionel 1938 Color Consumer Catalog & Mailing EnvelopeLike New MinusEnvelope/ (8)$110.00
Lot: 330Special GE Appliances 1958 Lionel Gold Cigarette CasesExcellentNone$640.00
Lot: 331Rare Lionel 1915 Consumer Catalog FolderVery GoodNone$330.00
Lot: 332Four Great #58 Cream Lamp Posts/Nice ObsLike New/Excellent4 OBs/ (9-)$270.00
Lot: 333Nice Lionel Standard Gauge #377W 1835E Freight Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (8-/7+)$210.00
Lot: 334Great Lionel #865 203 Switcher 1941 Freight Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (8+)$130.00
Lot: 335Rare Lionel 1940 Executive Catalog with Dealer DisplaysExcellentNone$210.00
Lot: 336Philadelphia Inquirer 12/5/37 3 Color Comic Sections w/Lionel AdLike New MinusNone$85.00
Lot: 337Nice Lionel 1926 Color Consumer CatalogExcellentNone$120.00
Lot: 338Rare Lionel #111 Lamp Renewal Box from the 1920sOriginal BoxOB (8)$130.00
Lot: 339Great Lionel #6434 Poultry Car/Nice OBLike New MinusOB/ (8)$140.00
Lot: 340Brick Lionel #2296W Canadian Pacific Passenger Set BoxSet BoxSet OB+/ (8+)$1450.00
Lot: 341Nice Lionel #2373 Canadian Pacific F-3 AA Diesels/Nice OBsExcellent/E+2 OBs/ (8+)$1750.00
Lot: 342Great Lionel #2554 Canadian Pacific Craig Manor Pullman/OBLike New Minus/E+OB/ (7+)$330.00
Lot: 343Great Lionel #2553 Canadian Pacific Blair Manor Pullman/OBLike New Minus/Excellent PlusOB/ (8-)(1)$460.00
Lot: 344Great Lionel #2552 Canadian Pacific Skyline 500 Vista Dome/Nice OBLike New Minus/Excellent PlusOB/ (8/8+)$360.00
Lot: 345Mint Lionel #616 Switcher w/Scarce Master Box & Inner BoxMintMaster (9)/ OB (8+) $ $600.00
Lot: 346Great Lionel #2551 Canadian Pacific Banff Park Observation/OBLike New Minus/Excellent PlusOB/ (8)(i)$380.00
Lot: 347Mint Lionel #76 Set of Boulevard Lamps/Brick 66c OB+Mint66c OB+/ (9)$90.00
Lot: 348Mint Lionel #2443 Brown Observation Car/OBMintSF-1 AT/ OB (8-)(sc)$150.00
Lot: 349Great Lionel #2530 Small Doors Baggage Car/Nice OB+Like NewOB+/ (9-)(i)$370.00
Lot: 350Scarce Lionel #ST325 Screwdrivers Set & HolderExcellent/E-Holder/ (8/8-)$1300.00
Lot: 351Mint Lionel #6430 Flat w/2 Green Lionel Trains Trailers/Brick OBMint56+ OB/ (9)$210.00
Lot: 352Mint Lionel #6411 Flat Car with Logs/Brick 55- OBMint55- OB/ (9-)$100.00
Lot: 353Two Mint Lionel #6457 Illuminated Cabooses/Brick OBsMint55- OBs/ (9-)$200.00
Lot: 354Mint Lionel #314 Dark Gray Diecast Girder Bridge/Brick 55- OBMint55- OB/ (9)$110.00
Lot: 355Great Lionel 1950 #1467W Union Pacific Freight Set/Nice OBsLike New Minus/E+50 OBs/ (9-)$780.00
Lot: 356Mint Lionel #6257-50 Red Circle L Caboose/Brick OBMint56+ OB/ (9-)$320.00
Lot: 357Great Lionel #2559 RDC Budd Passenger Trailer/Great OBLike New MinusOB/ (8+/9-)$330.00
Lot: 358Mint Lionel #6315-50 Chemical Tank Car/Brick OBMintOB/ (9)$160.00
Lot: 359Mint Lionel #70 Yard Light/Brick OBMintOB/ (9)$95.00
Lot: 360Great Lionel #11590 Santa Fe Passenger Set/BrickOB+Like New MinusOB+/ (9-)$540.00
Lot: 361Mint Lionel #6464-1971 TCA Disneyland Box CarMintWhite OB/ (8+)$190.00
Lot: 362Great Lionel #6362 Rail Trucks Flat Car/Sans Serif/Brick 55- OBLike New55- OB/ (9-)$140.00
Lot: 363Mint Lionel later 1960s Purple Border BillboardsMintNone$120.00
Lot: 364Mint Lionel #6464-475 Type IV Boston & Maine Box Car/Brick Pix OBMintPix OB/ (9)$160.00
Lot: 365Nice Lionel #2190W Santa Fe Passenger Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (8)$320.00
Lot: 366Mint Lionel #148 Dwarf Signal/Brick OB+MintOB+/ (9)$75.00
Lot: 367Great Lionel #6427 (64273) Lionel Lines N5C Caboose/Brick OBLike New55- OB/ (9)$140.00
Lot: 368Mint Lionel 1950s #2046 Hudson Steam Engine ShellNewNone$120.00
Lot: 369Mint Lionel #6468-25 Black N New Haven Auto Box Car/Brick OBMint56+ OB/ (9)$220.00
Lot: 370Scarce Lionel 1947 #1432W 221 Passenger Set BoxesSet/Individual BoxesOBs/ (8-/8+)$920.00
Lot: 371Great Lionel 1946 Consumer Catalog Packet & EnvelopeLike NewEnvelope (9)$230.00
Lot: 372Great Lionel #6454 Pennsylvania Box Car/Nice OBLike NewOB/ (8+)$100.00
Lot: 373Scarce Lionel 1950 "Apology" Red & Black Catalog & Price ListLike NewNone$80.00
Lot: 374Great Lionel #6464-150 MP Box Car (Left Eagle)/Brick OBLike New56+ OB/ (9-)$130.00
Lot: 375Rare Lionel #2322 Virginian PAINTED BLUE FM DieselLike NewNone$780.00
Lot: 376Great Lionel #6464-900 NYC Box Car/Nice Pix OBLike NewPix OB/ (8+)$130.00
Lot: 377Two Mint Lionel #260 Red Bumpers/Brick Pix OBsMintPix OBs/ (9)$70.00
Lot: 378Mint/Sealed Lionel #456-5 Envelope for Coal Ramp SetMint/SealedEnv/ (9+)$75.00
Lot: 379Great Lionel 1948 Consumer Catalog Packet & EnvelopeLike NewEnvelope/ (9)$110.00
Lot: 380Mint Lionel #ZW 275 Watts Transformer/Rare White OB+MintWhite OB+/ (9)$490.00
Lot: 381Great Lionel #6356 NYC HS Cattle Car/Nice OBLike NewOB/ (8+)$80.00
Lot: 382Mint Lionel #6464-50 M&SL Box Car/Brick OBMintOB/ (9)$160.00
Lot: 383Nice Lionel #6415 Sunoco Three Dome Tank Car/Brick 55- OBLike New Minus55- OB/ (9)$75.00
Lot: 384Mint Lionel 1966 Happiness Dealer BannerMintNone$200.00
Lot: 385Mintish Lionel #2530 Shiny Baggage Car/Brick59 OBMint59 OB/ (9)$1200.00
Lot: 386Mint Lionel #3484-25 Operating Santa Fe Box Car/OB+Mint55- OB+/ (8/8-)$170.00
Lot: 387Great Lionel #6464-25 Great Northern Box Car/OBLike NewOB/ (8/8-)$90.00
Lot: 388Lionel 1953 At Your Service, the Answer Book on Lionel Trains Booklet Like NewNone$80.00
Lot: 389Mint Lionel #3484 Operating Pennsylvania Box Car/Brick OBMintOB/ (9-)$110.00
Lot: 390Mint Lionel #736 Late Berkshire Steam Engine/Brick OB+MintOB+/ (9)$500.00
Lot: 391Great Lionel #6464-200 Pennsylvania 1969 Box Car/Hillside OBLike New69 OB/ (9)$170.00
Lot: 392Scarce Lionel #76 Set of Boulevard Street Lamps/1969 Hagerstown OBMint69 OB+/ ($160.00
Lot: 393Odd Mint Lionel #6-2260 Black Hillside Bumper on All Red BlisterMintBlister/ (9)$160.00
Lot: 394Mintish Lionel #252 Crossing Gate/Brick 58B OB+Mint58 OB/ (9)$120.00
Lot: 395Rare Lionel 1966 Advance CatalogNewNone$335.00
Lot: 396Great Lionel #2671W 12 Wheel Whistle Tender/Brick OBLike New Minus55- OB/ (9-)$130.00
Lot: 397Scarce Lionel #1047 Operating Switchman with Flag/Scarce OBLike NewOB+/ (8)$130.00
Lot: 398Two Mint/Rare Lionel 1959 Window BannersMintNone$75.00
Lot: 399Nice Lionel #2353 Santa Fe Master CartonMaster CartonMC OB/ (8)$150.00
Lot: 400Great Lionel #1430WS #2025 Passenger Set/Brick OBsLike NewOBs+/ (9)$2500.00
Lot: 401Great Lionel #2343C Santa Fe F-3 B Unit/Nice OB+LN-OB+/ (8)$350.00
Lot: 402Mint Lionel 1950s #685 Hudson Steam Engine ShellMintishNone$110.00
Lot: 403Great Lionel 1951 Consumer Catalog Packet & EnvelopeLike NewEnvelope (9)$150.00
Lot: 404Mintish Lionel #350-50 Transfer Table Extension/Nice OB+MintishOB+/ (8)$180.00
Lot: 405Great Lionel #675LTS Uncut Label Master CartonMaster CartonMC OB/ (8+)$330.00
Lot: 406Great Lionel #3559 Automatic Dump Car/Nice OBExcellent PlusSF-1 AT OB/ (8+)$85.00
Lot: 407Mint Lionel #6572 REA Reefer from 1950s/56+ OBMint56+ OB/ (8+)$200.00
Lot: 408Great Lionel #2353 Santa Fe F-3 AA Diesels/Nice OBs+LN-OBs+/ (8/9-)$1550.00
Lot: 409Scarce Lionel 1948 Advance CatalogExcellentNone$160.00
Lot: 410Very Scarce Lionel #2126WS 671 1947 Heavyweight Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (8-)$1350.00
Lot: 411Mint #T022 Pair of O Gauge Switches/Brick White OB+MintWhite OB+/ (9)$250.00
Lot: 412Great Lionel 1947 Consumer Catalog Packet & EnvelopeLike NewEnvelope/ (9)$180.00
Lot: 413Mintish Lionel #3470 Operating Aerial Target Launcher Balloon Car/OBMintOB/ (9-)$230.00
Lot: 414Mint Lionel #3619 Yellow Reconnaissance Car/OB MintOB+/ (9-)$360.00
Lot: 415Rare Lionel #610 Erie Switcher Original BoxOriginal BoxOB/ (8)$220.00
Lot: 416Large Lionel 10" Sound Effects Promotional Record & SleeveExcellentSleeve/ (8)$540.00
Lot: 417Great Lionel #736W Pennsylvania Whistle Tender/OBLike NewPix OB/ (8+)$150.00
Lot: 418Nice Lionel #6419 DL&W Work Caboose/Brick OB+Excellent Plus55- OB+/ (9-)$80.00
Lot: 419Brick Lionel #2333 Santa Fe 1949 Master CartonMaster CartonMC OB/ (9-)$300.00
Lot: 420Great Lionel #9745 Channel Master/X573NA Uncatalogued Set/Brick OBsLike NewOBs/ (9-)$1850.00
Lot: 421Great Lionel #2549W NP GP Space Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (8/8+)$370.00
Lot: 422Mint Lionel 1952 Catalog Packet w/Mailing EnvelopeMintEnv/ (8+)$230.00
Lot: 423Mint Lionel #151 Semaphore/Brick 55- OB+Mint55- OB+/ (9-)$170.00
Lot: 424Rare/Mint Lionel #321-100 Bridge Set from #2347 C&O Set/Brick OBMintOB/ (9-)$95.00
Lot: 425Very Rare Lionel #681LTS 1950 Master CartonMaster Carton50 OB/ (8)$860.00
Lot: 426Mint Lionel #022 Pair of O Gauge Remote Control Switches/Brick 1950s OB+MintMid 50s/ OB+ (9)$170.00
Lot: 427Great Lionel #6464-475 Boston & Maine Type IIB Box Car/Great OS OBLike New56+ OS OB/ (8)$160.00
Lot: 428Mintish Lionel #253 Automatic Block Signal/Brick OB+Mint~OB+/ (9)$110.00
Lot: 429Nice Lionel #2217WS 682 1954 Freight Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (9)$210.00
Lot: 430Rare Lionel 1950s 36-Piece CTC Lockon Dealer Box Master CartonOB/ (8)$1400.00
Lot: 431Mint Lionel #89 Flagpole/Blue Pennant/Brick OB+MintOB+/ (9)$95.00
Lot: 432Mint Lionel #260 Black Bumper/Brick Hagerstown OBMint69 OB/ (9)$100.00
Lot: 433Very Scarce Lionel #6017 (-100) B&M Caboose Label BoxOriginal BoxLabel OB/ (8+)$100.00
Lot: 434Two Mint Lionel #309 Yard Sets/Brick OBsMintOBs/ (9)$95.00
Lot: 435Nice Lionel #2625/2627/2628 1950 Original BoxesOriginal Boxes3 OBs/ (8+)$600.00
Lot: 436Mint Lionel #2195 Floodlight Tower/Brick Banner OB+MintOB+/ (9-)$65.00
Lot: 437Great Lionel #19229 Uncatalogued Set Box for the #233 ScoutSet BoxSet OB/ (9)$65.00
Lot: 438Great Lionel #1586 Santa Fe Alco 1957 Passenger Set BoxSet BoxSet OB/ (8+)$230.00
Lot: 439Scarce Lionel #2532 Really Uncut Production Sample Vista DomeExcellentNone$410.00
Lot: 440Great Lionel #2115WS 1946 Berkshire Freight Set/OBs+Like New/LN-Obs+/ (8/9-)$3700.00
Lot: 441Great Lionel #2357 Brown SP-Type Illuminated Caboose/Nice OB+Excellent PlusSF-1 AT OB+/ (8)$110.00
Lot: 442Great Lionel #2456 Black Lehigh Valley Hopper/Nice OB+Like New MinusSF-1 AT OB+/ (9-)$60.00
Lot: 443Great Lionel #2457 Red Pennsylvania 1946 Caboose/Great OBLike New MinusSF-1 OB+/ (8+)(i)$180.00
Lot: 444Great Lionel #256 Illuminated Freight Station/1950 OB+Like New50 OB+/ (8+)$70.00
Lot: 445Great Lionel #665LTS 1966 Small Hudson & 736W Tender/Brick OBsLike New Plus3 OBs/ (9)$680.00
Lot: 446Great Lionel #152 Metal Crossing Gate/Nice SF-2 OB+Like NewSF-2 OB+/ (9-)(i)$90.00
Lot: 447Very Scarce Lionel #2532 Uncut Production Sample Vista DomeExcellentNone$410.00
Lot: 448Great Lionel #195 Floodlight Tower/Brick 56+ OB+Like New56+ OB+/ (9-)$80.00
Lot: 449Mint Lionel #163 Operating Single Target Block Signal/Brick 66c OB Mint66c OB+/ (9-)$50.00
Lot: 450Mint Lionel #2525WS 1958 N&W Massive Freight Set/Brick BoxesMintObs/ (9)$7400.00
Lot: 451Brick Lionel #400 Budd RDC Diesel Original Box & InsertOriginal BoxOB+/ (9+)$170.00
Lot: 452Great Lionel #2400/2402/2401Green & Gray Maplewood Passenger Cars/Brick OBsUnrun/Like New OBs+/ (9-)$1000.00
Lot: 453Mint Lionel #3464 Operating Santa Fe Box Car/Brick OB+Mint55- OB+/ (9-)$80.00
Lot: 454Very Scarce Lionel #2542 Production Sample Vista DomeVery GoodNone$520.00
Lot: 455Great Lionel #11720 2024 C&O Alco 1969 Set/OB+Like NewOB+/ (9-)$250.00
Lot: 456Mintish Lionel #6511 Pipe Car/Diecast Base Plates/Brick 55- OBMint55- OB/ (9-)$40.00
Lot: 457Mint Lionel #6465-110 Cities Service Tank Car/Brick OBMint59 OB/ (9-)$330.00
Lot: 458Two Mint Lionel #6465 Sunoco Tank Cars/Nice OBsMint55- OBs/ (9-)$130.00
Lot: 459Great Lionel #118 Newstand with Whistle/Brick OB+Like NewOB+/ (9)$210.00
Lot: 460Mint/Sealed Lionel #11550 1966 Freight Set/Brown Color Picture Set OBMint/SealedColor Pix/ OB (9)$1800.00
Lot: 461Nice Lionel #11222 1962 Vagabond Freight Set/Set OB+Excellent/Excellent PlusOB+/ (8)$210.00
Lot: 462Mint Lionel #908 Grand Central Station Railroad Terminal/BagMintBag (8)$900.00
Lot: 463Scarce Lionel #6827 Separate Sale P&H Power Shovel BoxOriginal BoxOB/ (8)(i)$280.00
Lot: 464Mintish Lionel #1866 W&A General Baggage/Brick OBnear MintOB/ (9)$260.00
Lot: 465Nice Lionel #2344 New York Central F-3 AA Diesels/OBExcellentP OB+/ (9)$820.00
Lot: 466Brick Lionel #2343 Santa Fe AAs 1950 Master CartonMaster Carton50 OB/ (9-)$230.00
Lot: 467Great Lionel #2023 Union Pacific Alco AA 1950 Original BoxOriginal Box50 OB/ (8+/9-)$80.00
Lot: 468Mint Lionel #262 Highway Crossing Gate/Great 66c OBMint66c OB+/ (9-)$110.00
Lot: 469Great Lionel #1500 1954 Freight Set/Great OBsLike NewOBs/ (9)$250.00
Lot: 470Mintish 2331 Black & Yellow Virginian FM Diesel/Nice OB+Mint (SC)OB+/ (9)$1650.00
Lot: 471Great Lionel #6464-25 Great Northern/Scarce OS OBLike NewOS OB/ (8)(ii)$200.00
Lot: 472Scarce Lionel #6464-175 Silver Rock Island Over-Stamped BoxOriginal BoxOS OB/ (9)$90.00
Lot: 473Brick Lionel #2333P/T SF Diesel Original BoxesOriginal Boxes2 OBs+/ (9)$250.00
Lot: 474Great Lionel #1433W 221 1947 Freight Set/ObsLike New MinusObs/ (8-/8+)$780.00
Lot: 475Great Lionel #2507W New Haven F-3 Freight Set/Brick OBsLike NewOBs/ (9/8+)$3900.00
Lot: 476Mint Lionel #D-476 027 Dealer Layout/OBMintOB/ (9)$250.00
Lot: 477Rare Lionel #234W Pennsylvania Tender Shell/One Side LetteringExcellentNone$50.00
Lot: 478Nice Lionel #681 Steam Turbine w/#2046W-50 Pennsylvania TenderExc Plus/Like New MinusNone$160.00

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