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Private Auction, October 2, 2004:

Our Virtual Private Auction of October 2, 2004 has been concluded. All Prices and Bidder ID#s now shown on this WebSite are Official and have been Acccepted and Approved pursuant to the Terms and Conditions herein. The #5555 Bidder ID means that the Lot was sold on e-bay LIVE. Drew and Paul would like to thank our more than 800 Virtual Bidders for participating in one of the most successful Toy Train Auction ever held on the Internet. AmbroseBauer Trains sold on 10/2/04 more than $240,000.00 of Toy Trains to Bidders just on the Internet, either using our exclusive AuctionsBy™ On-Line Bidding System or by using e-Bay LIVE.

Our Private Auction is only open for attendance by members or applicants of the TCA, LCCA, TTOS or LOTS. Members of our Concierge Club are also welcomed. Membership cards, or ID and inclusion in the current membership books of any of the four Train Clubs, will be required for attendance. Please check the Terms & Conditions in the box to the left for terms applicable to bidding at our Private Auction.

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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box: Sold Price:
Lot: 1Rare Lionel Standard Gauge #352 Passenger Set/10 Mojave/Set Box OBExcellent MinusSet Box OB (8-)/3OBs (8+)$560.00
Lot: 2Nice Lionel #318 Dark Gray Standard Gauge EngineVery Good PlusNone$280.00
Lot: 3Great Lionel #89 Early Flagpole/Brick OBExcellent~Early OB/ (9)$170.00
Lot: 4Nice Lionel #402 (E on Door) Mojave Dual Motor Standard Gauge EngineVery Good PlusNone$360.00
Lot: 5Nice Lionel #276W Passenger Set/255E Gray Gunmetal Engine & #263WX Tender w/613/614/615 Red & Silver Passenger CarsExcellent Minus to VG+263W OB (9-)$2250.00
Lot: 6Nice Lionel #10E Peacock w/332/339/341 Passenger CarsVery Good PlusNone$400.00
Lot: 7Great Lionel #71 Accessory Set (Dk Gray Poles)/Yellow OB+ExcellentOB+/ (8)$700.00
Lot: 8Nice Lionel #8 Olive Green Set w/#337/338 Passenger CarsVery Good PlusOBs Engine (Fair)/ Cars (8s)$250.00
Lot: 9Nice Lionel #424/425/426 Stephen Girard CarsE-/VG+None$2000.00
Lot: 10Nice Lionel #408E Electric w/418/419/431/490 Mojave/6 Wheel TrucksVery Good PlusNone$2000.00
Lot: 11Rare Lionel #1701/1702/1703 Front Coach Passenger SetVery Good Plus1 Sleeve/ 2 OBs missing 1 End$300.00
Lot: 12Rare Macy's Lionel #8E Pea Green/Cream w/337/337/338 Passenger Cars 1932 SetVery Good PlusNone$1300.00
Lot: 13Nice Lionel #816 Dark Red/Nickel HopperVery Good PlusNone$160.00
Lot: 14Nice Lionel #140W 224 Green Passenger Set from 1939/40.Like New Minus ~None$540.00
Lot: 15Rare Lionel #97 Gray 251 Passenger Set/OBsExcellent MinusSet OB (7+) 251G OB (9-)$900.00
Lot: 16Rare Lionel-Ives #257 Steam Engine & TenderVery Good/VG+None$280.00
Lot: 17Great Lionel #716 Scale B&O Hopper CarExcellentNone$380.00
Lot: 18Rare Lionel #1103 Peter Rabbit Handcar/OBExcellent MinusFrom the Kughn Collection$780.00
Lot: 19Nice Lionel #715K Scale Shell Tank CarExcellent/E-None$320.00
Lot: 20Nice American Flyer Standard Gauge #4692 Passenger Set/Set OB & OBsVG/Excellent MinusSet OB/OBs (7+/8-)$560.00
Lot: 21Nice Lionel #714 Pennsylvania Scale Box CarExcellent/E-None$470.00
Lot: 22Great Lionel #717 Scale NYC CabooseExcellent/E+None$460.00
Lot: 23Nice Lionel #715 Scale Sunoco Tank CarExcellent/E-None$300.00
Lot: 24Nice Lionel #2810 Nickle Trim Operating Crane CarVery Good PlusNone$190.00
Lot: 25Very Nice Lionel #400E Blue Comet Passenger Set/BrassExcellent MinusNone$7500.00
Lot: 26Nice Lionel #2814 Cream & Maroon Box Car - NickelExcellent/E-None$180.00
Lot: 27Nice Lionel #820 Operating Searchlight Car (Late) Very Good PlusNone$150.00
Lot: 28Nice Lionel #814 Cream & Orange Box Car (Late) NickelVG+/E-None$85.00
Lot: 29Nice Lionel #2812 Terra Cotta RS GondolaExcellentNone$35.00
Lot: 30Brick Lionel #191W 226 Freight Set Original Set BoxSet Box OnlySet Box (9-)$470.00
Lot: 31Very Rare Lionel #817 Late Red Caboose w/NICKEL End-PiecesVery Good PlusNone$150.00
Lot: 32Nice Lionel #810 Operating Red/Yellow/Green Crane/Nickel/LatchVery Good PlusNone$110.00
Lot: 33Nice Lionel #93 Silver & Red Water Tank/Brick OBExcellent1940 OB/ (9-)(w)$80.00
Lot: 34Rare Lionel #792T Rail Chief Vestibules Original BoxBox OnlyBox (9)$240.00
Lot: 35Nice Lionel #252 Electric w/803/805/831/807 Early Freight CarsExcellent MinusNone$390.00
Lot: 36Lionel #817 Red Caboose with Painted Silver EndsVery Good PlusNone$65.00
Lot: 37Lionel #812 Mojave Gondola Very Good PlusNone$40.00
Lot: 38Nice Lionel #440N Red/Silver Signal BridgeExcellentNone$160.00
Lot: 39Nice Lionel #440C Red/Silver Panel Board/OBExcellentOB/ (9/9-)$100.00
Lot: 40Great Lionel #700K Scale Hudson & TenderLike New MinusNone$3500.00
Lot: 41Rare Lionel #1105 Santa Claus/Mickey Mouse Hand CarVG- Base/Exc FiguresNone$800.00
Lot: 42Nice Lionel #2954 Pennsylvania Semiscale Box Car/Nice OB+Excellent MinusOB+/ (8)~$290.00
Lot: 43Nice Lionel #815 Late Silver Sunoco Tank Car/Nice OBExcellent/E-OB/ (8/8+) (c)$95.00
Lot: 44Lionel #225E Gunmetal Engine w/Very Rare #2235W Gunmetal Diecast TenderVery GoodNone$1300.00
Lot: 45Great Lionel #763 Black Hudson/#2226W Diecast Whistle TenderExcellent PlusNone$1900.00
Lot: 46Great T-Reproductions #116 Double StationMintNone$210.00
Lot: 47Great T-Reproductions #129-B Terrace Platform/OBMintOB/ (8+)$270.00
Lot: 48Mint Lionel Classics #51000 Hiawatha Passenger Set/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$540.00
Lot: 49Mint Lionel Century Club II #51007/M-10000 UP City of Portland Streamline Set/OBMintOB+/ (9+)$460.00
Lot: 50Mintish Lionel #5452 Smithonian Dreyfuss Hudson/2 Rail/CaseMint BUTWooden Case/ (9)$1050.00
Lot: 51Mintish Lionel #21787 Scale Blue Comet Passenger Set/OB+Mint~ (TR)OBs+/ (9+)$780.00
Lot: 52Mint Lionel #14500 Kansas City Southern F-3 AA Diesels/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$360.00
Lot: 53Mint Lionel #19194 Kansas City Southern 4 Passenger Car Set/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$270.00
Lot: 54Mint Lionel #11711 Santa Fe F-3 ABA Silver/Red Diesels/OB+MintOB+/ (8+)$390.00
Lot: 55Mint Lionel #38176 Pennsylvania FA-2 AA Diesels/Brick OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$310.00
Lot: 56Mint Lionel LTI #24511 Burlington FT AA Diesels/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$150.00
Lot: 57Mint Lionel #39124 Amtrack Superliner Passenger Cars/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$270.00
Lot: 58Mint Lionel LTI #38147 Great Northern FA AA Diesels/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$360.00
Lot: 59Mint Lionel #38160 Pennsylvania FB-2 B-Unit Diesel/OBMintOB/ (9+)$75.00
Lot: 60Mintish Lionel 13 Piece Smithonian Dreyfuss Hudson Passenger CarsMint BUT13 OBs/ (8+/9-)$2850.00
Lot: 61Mint Lionel LTI #14512 EMD Demo F-3 ABA Diesels Set/OBMintOB/ (9+)$160.00
Lot: 62Mint Lionel #18116 Erie Lackawanna PA-1 AA Diesels Set/OBMintOB/ (9+)$240.00
Lot: 63Mint Lionel LionMaster #38085 J3A #5422 Hudson Steam Engine/TenderMintOB+/ (9+)$410.00
Lot: 64Mint 6 Piece Erie Lackawanna Streamline Passenger Cars (19131-19136)/OBsMintOBs/ (9+)$210.00
Lot: 65Mint K-Line #K3715-1601S C&O Allegheny w/TMCC/OBMintOB+/ (9+)$190.00
Lot: 66Mint/Sealed Lionel #21782 Pennsylvania GG1 Congressional Set/OBMintSealed OB/ (9+)$620.00
Lot: 67Mint Lionel #6-18303 Amtrack GG-1 Electric/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$180.00
Lot: 68Rare Lionel MPC #6-8020/8021 Santa Fe ABA Diesels in Separate Sale OBsLike NewSep. Sale OBs/ (9-)$170.00
Lot: 69Mint Lionel MPC #6-5520 O Gauge Crossing/Rare 1970 Banner BlisterMint1970 Banner Blister/ (9)$310.00
Lot: 70Rare Lionel #18056 763E Hudson Steam Engine/Oil Tender/OBLike NewOB+/ (9+)$500.00
Lot: 71Mint/Rare Lionel MPC #8022 Royal Blue Santa Fe Alco A/Separate Sale OBMintSep. Sale OB/ (9)$160.00
Lot: 72Great Lionel #6-8141 Pennsylvania Steam & Tender/Rare Sep. Sale OBLike New MinusSep. Sale OB+/ (9-)$100.00
Lot: 73Great Lionel #6-8142 C&O Steam & Tender/Rare Sep. Sale OB Like NewSep. Sale OB+/ (9-) $100.00
Lot: 74Mint Lionel #8111 DT&I Switcher/Rare Separate Sale BoxMintSep. Sale Box (9)$140.00
Lot: 75Rare Lionel LTI ZW Transformer PrototypeExcellentFrom the Kughn Collection$520.00
Lot: 76Mint/Rare Lionel MPC 1970 #6-5062 027 Curve Track/Banner BlisterMint/ (8+)Banner Blister/ (8+)$330.00
Lot: 77Mint Lionel #2909 Smoke Fluid Blister/Crisp MPC BannerMintMPC Banner Blister/ (9)$350.00
Lot: 78Rare Lionel #9141 Maroon Burlington Northern Gondola Like NewNone$50.00
Lot: 79Mint Lionel #9708 US Mail/1973 NY Toy Fair Box Car/OBMintOB (9)$80.00
Lot: 80Rare Lionel MPC Printer's Proof of Set Box Lid for the 6-1084 GT & W Freight SetSet Box Lid OnlySet Box Cover/ (8)$210.00
Lot: 81Mint Lionel #8010 ATSF Blue Switcher/Rare Separate Sale BoxMintSep. Sale Box (9)$100.00
Lot: 82Mint Lionel #6-38182 MKT Texas Special FA AA Diesels/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$180.00
Lot: 83Mint Lionel #38161 MKT Texas Special FA B Unit/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$80.00
Lot: 84Mint Lionel #14552 NYC F-3 AA Diesels/OBs+MintOBs+/ (9+)$280.00
Lot: 85Mint Lionel #14555 NYC F-3 Command B-Unit Diesel/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$85.00
Lot: 86Mint Lionel #8022 Santa Fe Alco AA Diesels/Brick OBMintSep. Sale OB (9)$290.00
Lot: 87Mint Lionel #9723 Western Pacific/1974 NY Toy Fair Box Car/OBMintOB (9)$80.00
Lot: 88Mint Lionel #18117 Santa Fe Blue & Yellow F-3 AA Diesels/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$220.00
Lot: 89Mint Lionel #38025 Pennsylvania K4/#1361Diecast Steam Engine/Tender/OB+ MintOB+/(9+)$310.00
Lot: 90Mint Lionel LTI #38100 Texas Special F-3 AB Post War Celebration Series/OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$470.00
Lot: 91Mint Lionel #18132/18133 Northern Pacific F-3 AB Diesels/OBsMintOBs+/ (9+)$200.00
Lot: 92Mintish Lionel #18023 Western Maryland Shay Engine & TenderMint~OB+/ (9)$360.00
Lot: 93Rare/Odd Lionel #645 Union Pacific 1970 MPC Switcher CabExcellent PlusNone$95.00
Lot: 94Very Rare Lionel MPC #9125 BLACK N&W Trailer Train Two-Tier Auto CarrierLike NewNone$30.00
Lot: 95Lionel #5022L 027 Manual Switch/Prototype MPC 1970 BoxMintFrom the Kughn Collection$270.00
Lot: 96Mint Lionel #6-38188 Southern F-3 ABA Diesels/OBMintOB+/ (9+)$290.00
Lot: 97Rare Lionel MPC #8469 CP/#8468 B&O B Unit Combined Test Shell (?)MintNone$500.00
Lot: 98Mint Lionel #6-28518 Post-War Series 2352 Pennsylvania Little Joe Electric/OB MintBrick OB+/ (9+)$220.00
Lot: 99Rare Lionel MPC #160 GREEN Dump TrayMintNone$70.00
Lot: 100Rare Lionel #2023 Union Pacific Alco AAs w/GRAY NOSES/OB+Excellent/Excellent Minus1950 OB+/(9)$5300.00
Lot: 101Mint Lionel #6014-85 Orange Frisco/Brick 1969 OBMint1969 Hagerstown/ (9)$95.00
Lot: 102Great Lionel #221 Gray Streamline Engine/#221T Gray Tender/OBsExcellent221 OB Sleeve+/221T (9-)$160.00
Lot: 103Rare Lionel #665LTS Master Carton from the 1960sMaster Box OnlyMaster Box/ (9-)$270.00
Lot: 104Rare.Mint Lionel #773W NYC Tender Shell/Closely-Spaced LetteringMintNone$210.00
Lot: 105Great Lionel #229 M&SL Alco AB Diesels/Brick OBs+Like New MinusOBs/(9)$220.00
Lot: 106Rare Lionel #3559 Dump Car/FS Trucks/OB+ SF-1ExcellentSF-1 OB/(8) w/Insert$45.00
Lot: 107Great Lionel #262 Crossing Signal & Gate/Very Rare 1969 Label BoxLike New MinusHillside 1969 Label/(9-)$160.00
Lot: 108Rare Lionel #3656 Black-Lettered Cattle Car/OBVery Good Plus55- OB/ (9-) $140.00
Lot: 109Great Lionel #2465 Sunoco Decal Tank Car/1946/Brick SF-1 OB+Excellent/Excellent PlusSF-1 OB/(9) w/Insert$60.00
Lot: 110Mint Lionel Service Station Decal 1960-61MintNone$800.00
Lot: 111Mint/Sealed Lionel #3927-59 Master Box of 24 Wipes (24x25)/Brick OBMint/SealedBrick Master Box/(9+)$520.00
Lot: 112Mint Lionel #450 Signal Bridge/Brick OB+MintOB/(9/9-) w/Insert$95.00
Lot: 113Mint Lionel #6419-(25) Gray DL&W Work Caboose/Brick OB+Mint55- OB/(9-) w/Insert$100.00
Lot: 114Mint Lionel #B76 Boulevard Lamps on BlisterMintCrisp Blister/(9-)$120.00
Lot: 115Very Rare Lionel #6315 Gulf Tank Car w/2 Built Dates from late 1960sLike New MinusNone$440.00
Lot: 116Rare Lionel #3650 Searchlight Extension Car/Factory Error/OBLike New Minus56+ OB/(9-) $170.00
Lot: 117Mint Lionel #2436 Mooseheart Observation Car/Brick OB+Mint56+ OB/(9-)$200.00
Lot: 118Mint Lionel #3530 Operating Generator Car Set/Short/Black/Black/Nice OB+MintOB+/(8/8+)$250.00
Lot: 119Nice Lionel #726/2426W Berkshire from 1946/OBsExcellent726 OB/(8)/SF1 AT (8-)$520.00
Lot: 120Incredible Lionel #2549W Northern Pacific GP-9 Space Set/OBsLike NewSet/Inner OBs/(9)$1850.00
Lot: 121Great Lionel #2461 Diecast Black Transformer Car/Nice OB+Like New MinusSF-1 Amer. Toy OB/(8+)$140.00
Lot: 122Mint Lionel #197 Operating Radar Tower/Gray Top/Nice OB w/sealed EnvMintOB (8) w/insert$200.00
Lot: 123Great Lionel #6445 Fort Knox Gold Mint Car/Brick OBLike NewPicture OB/(9-)$150.00
Lot: 124Rare Lionel #3854 Operating Pennsylvania Merchandise Car w/Brown Doors/OB~Excellent PlusSF-1 OB/(7)(1)(iv)$420.00
Lot: 125Rare Lionel #6414-25 Separate Sale Automobiles/Incredibly Brick OBMintSeparate Sale OB/(9/9+)$1200.00
Lot: 126Mint Lionel #C301 (6517-75) Erie Bay Window Caboose/Brick 66c OB+Mint1966c OB/(9-)$520.00
Lot: 127Mint/Sealed Lionel #45N Gateman/Label OBMint/SealedLabel OB(8/8+)(w)$250.00
Lot: 128Great Lionel #60 Blue Letters Trolley/Nice OB+Like New55- OB/(8/8+) w/Insert$170.00
Lot: 129Rare Lionel #2855 Black Sunoco Tank CarExcellent Plus/LN-None$200.00
Lot: 130Rare Lionel #516NA S&H Green Stamps Uncatalogued Set/OBsLike NewSet OB & Inners/ (9)$350.00
Lot: 131Scarce Lionel #6464-275 State of Maine Box Car/Red Doors/Brick OBLike New Minus55- OB/ (9-)$180.00
Lot: 132Rare/Nice Lionel #2460 Gray Crane Car/OB SF-1ExcellentOB SF-1 AT/Insert (8)$370.00
Lot: 133Mint/Sealed Lionel Master Box of 6 #111 Trestle Sets/Brick OB Mint/SealedMaster Box/(9+)$330.00
Lot: 134Very Rare Lionel #1666/2466T Steam Engine & Tender/"X" inside Cab/OBsExcellent1666 OB (8)/2466T (9) SF-1s$210.00
Lot: 135Mintish Lionel #6464-250 WP Box Car/Rare Factory Error/ BrickOBMint1966c OB/(9-)$2150.00
Lot: 136Great Lionel #2560 Operating Crane/1947/Brick OB+Excellent PlusSF-1 AT OB/(9-) w/Insert$160.00
Lot: 137Mint Lionel #B1122LH Switch/Brick BlisterMint/SealedBlister/OB (9)$170.00
Lot: 138Brick Lionel #2573 Berkshire TV Freight Set BoxSet Box OnlySet Box/ (9)$230.00
Lot: 139Great Lionel #2555 Sunoco Tank Car/Flying Shoe Trucks/Brick SF-1 OB+Like New Minus/E+SF-1 OB/ (9-) w/Insert$50.00
Lot: 140Great Lionel #11268 C&O Space Set/Brick OBsLike NewSet Box (9)/ OBs (9/9-)$1600.00
Lot: 141Rare #6014-150 Wix Box Car/Rare Original BoxExcellent (Cream)59 OB/ (8/8-)$640.00
Lot: 142Mint Lionel #197 Operating Radar Tower/Orange Platform/Nice OB+MintOB/(8+/9-)$230.00
Lot: 143Mint Lionel #350-50 Transfer Table Extension/Sealed Env/Brick OB+MintOB/ (9/9-) w/Inserts$500.00
Lot: 144Rare Lionel #6119 DL&W Red & Gray Work Caboose/BUILT BY LIONEL LetteringLike New Minus~None$65.00
Lot: 145Rare Lionel #6464-375 Central of Georgia Box Car/Factory Error/OBLike New56+ OB/ (9-)$520.00
Lot: 146Mint Lionel #12-703-10 Master Box of 12 Smoke Lamps/Brick OBMintMaster Box/Inners (9/9+)$840.00
Lot: 147Mint Lionel #6464-150 Missouri Pacific Box Car/Brick OBMint56+ OB/(9+)$250.00
Lot: 148Rare Lionel #2454 Pennsylvania Box Car w/Brown Doors/Nice SF-1 OB+Like New MinusSF-1 OB/(8+/8)$200.00
Lot: 149Mint Lionel #3494-1 NYC Pacemaker Operating Box Car/Nice OBMintOB 55-/(9)$140.00
Lot: 150Rare Lionel #6026T Blue "Boy's" Production Sample Tender ShellExcellent/Excellent MinusNone$3000.00
Lot: 151Mint Lionel #3530 Operating Generator Car Set/Long/Blue/Brick OB+MintOB+/ (9-)$260.00
Lot: 152Rare Lionel #3459 Operating Silver Ore Dump Car/Nice SF-1 OB+Excellent PlusSF-1 OB/ (8)(n)$310.00
Lot: 153Rare Lionel #6520 Green Generator Searchlight Car/Gray Hood/Nice OBExcellentSF-2 OB (8)$230.00
Lot: 154Very Rare #X834-10 Gifts Galore Instruction SheetLike NewNone$90.00
Lot: 155Very Rare Lionel #1060 Scout Original BoxBox OnlyOriginal Box/ (9-)$820.00
Lot: 156Brick Lionel #12730 #2383 Santa Fe Freight White Set BoxSet Box OnlyWhite Set Box/ (9-)$500.00
Lot: 157Mint Lionel #6464-725 Black New Haven Box Car/Hagerstown 1969 OBMintHagerstown 1969 OB/(8/8+)$260.00
Lot: 158Mint Lionel #1045 Operating Watchman/Brick OB+Mint55- OB/(9-) w/Insert$110.00
Lot: 159Mint Lionel #6464-900 NYC Green Box Car/Brick OBMintPicture OB/ (9-)$140.00
Lot: 160Great Lionel #11590 Santa Fe Passenger Set/BrickOB+Like New/Like New MinusSet Box/Insert (9-)$920.00
Lot: 161Brick Lionel #2356 Southern F-3 AA Master BoxBox OnlyMaster Box (9-)$640.00
Lot: 162Mint Lionel #3494-275 State of Maine Operating Box Car/Brick OBMint56+ OB/(9)$120.00
Lot: 163Very Rare Lionel #2046 Tender Original Box (no W!)Box OnlyOB 55-/ (8-) w/Insert$70.00
Lot: 164Mint Lionel #55 Tie-Jector Unit/Brick OB+MintOB/(9+) w/Insert$280.00
Lot: 165Very Rare #6142 Lionel Translucent Green Unstamped GondolaExcellent PlusNone$220.00
Lot: 166Great Lionel #2465 Sunoco Tank Car/Flying Shoe Trucks/Brick SF-1 OBExcellent PlusSF-1 OB/(9) w/Insert$50.00
Lot: 167Mint/Rare Lionel 1965 How To Sell Lionel Trains Salesman BookletMintNone$110.00
Lot: 168Mint Lionel #3494-150 Missouri Pacific Operating Box Car/Brick OBMint56+ OB/(9)$190.00
Lot: 169Nice Lionel #2420 Work Caboose w/Searchlight/1946/Nice SF-1 OB+Excellent Plus~SF-1 OB/(8) w/Insert$95.00
Lot: 170Mint Lionel #3434 Operating Poultry Car/Brick 1966c OB+MintVery Rare 1966c OB/(9)$760.00
Lot: 171Mint Lionel #3494-625 Operating Soo Line Box Car/Brick OBMint56+ OB/ (9)$760.00
Lot: 172Very Rare #910 Atomic Submarine Base Instruction SheetVery GoodNone$600.00
Lot: 173Nice Lionel #2560 Operating Crane/1946/Brick SF-1 OB+ExcellentSF-1 OB/(9-)(sc) w/Insert$120.00
Lot: 174Mint Lionel #6464-275 1959 State of Maine/Brick 59 OBMint59 OB/ (9)$350.00
Lot: 175Mint Lionel #2322 Virginian PAINTED BLUE FM/Brick OB+MintOB+/ (9+)$1950.00
Lot: 176Great Lionel #221 Gray Streamline Engine/#221W Gray Tender/OBsExcellent Plus221 OB (8+)(1)/221W (9)$310.00
Lot: 177Great Lionel #68 Executive Inspection Car/Brick OB+ Paper InsertLike NewOB+/ (9)$330.00
Lot: 178Mint Lionel HO #4454 SP Daylight/Rare Parker Bros. Canadian BoxMintParker Bros. OB/ (9)$100.00
Lot: 179Nice Lionel #3370 Sheriff & Outlaw Operating Box Car/OB+Like NewOB/ (9-)$230.00
Lot: 180Nice Lionel #2270W Jersey Central FM Passenger Set/Nice OBsExcellent Plus/LN-Set Box (8/8+)/OBs (9-)$5500.00
Lot: 181Great Lionel #671 Steam Turbine & 671W Whistle Tender/1947/OBsExcellent PlusOBs+ (8)$260.00
Lot: 182Great Lionel #352 Ice Depot Set/Red Platform/Brick OB+Like NewOB+ (9)$310.00
Lot: 183Great Lionel #6059 M&SL Caboose/Rare Label OBLike New MinusLabel OB (8/8+)$140.00
Lot: 184Mint Lionel #332 Trestle Bridge/Brick White BoxMintWhite OB+/ (9)$90.00
Lot: 185Very Rare Lionel #2346 B&M GP Original Box & Master BoxBoxes OnlyOB (9+)/ Master (8+)$400.00
Lot: 186Great #2442/2442/2443 Brown Metal Passenger Cars/OBsE+/LN-SF-1 AT OBs/ (8+)$300.00
Lot: 187Mintish Lionel #6162-110 RED Gondola w/Canisters/Label OBMint ButLabel OB/ (9-)$620.00
Lot: 188Great Lionel #6816 Bulldozer Car/Brick OB & INSERTLike NewOB (9-) w/INSERT$920.00
Lot: 189Mint Lionel #969 Plasticville Construction Set/OBMintPicture OB/ (8)$140.00
Lot: 190Brick Lionel #2245 Texas Special F-3 AB Master BoxBox OnlyMaster Box (9)$1000.00
Lot: 191Great #2430/2430/2431 Blue & Silver Metal Passenger Cars/OBsLike New MinusSF-1 OBs/ (8/8+)$520.00
Lot: 192Mint Lionel HO #0415 Cape Cod Plasticville Kit/OBMintOB (9)$65.00
Lot: 193Mint/Sealed Lionel #TW 175 Watt Transformer/Brick Brown OBMint/SealedBrown OB Sealed/ (9)$140.00
Lot: 194Mint Lionel #6468 Tuscan B&O Automobile Box Car/Brick OBMint6468 OB 55-/ (9-)$280.00
Lot: 195Rare/Brick Lionel #13108 SF 617 1963 Set BoxSet Box OnlySet Box (9)$520.00
Lot: 196Rare Lionel 1959 Great Locomotive Race Game BoardMintNone$720.00
Lot: 197Mint Lionel #6-48 Super O Insulated Straights/Brick OBMint56+ OB/ (9)$230.00
Lot: 198Rare Lionel #6468-25 White N New Haven Automobile Box Car/Brick OBMint56+ OB/ (9)$680.00
Lot: 199Mint/Unassembled #264 Forklift Original BoxBox OnlyUnassembled Box/ (9)$180.00
Lot: 200Rare Lionel #6464 Series Parker Kalon Box CarExcellent MinusNone$11000.00
Lot: 201Rare Lionel #6464-1 WP Box Car w/Ribbed Roof/Brick OBExcellent55- OB/ (9-)$560.00
Lot: 202Nice Lionel #2401 Maplewood Green/Gray/Yellow Pullman/OBLike New MinusSF-2 OB/ (8+)(1)$180.00
Lot: 203Mint Lionel #6376 White Lionel Lines Circus Car/Brick OBMintOB 56+/ (9/9-)$140.00
Lot: 204Very Rare Lionel #2037LTS Master Carton from the later 1950sBox OnlyMaster Box (9-)~$300.00
Lot: 205Rare Lionel #19394 CN Alco Freight Set/Set OB/The Set for the #908 Railroad StationExcellent/ Cars LNSet Box (9-)$900.00
Lot: 206Mint Lionel #970 Ticket Booth/Nice OBMintOB (9-)$180.00
Lot: 207Rare Lionel #1002 Silver GondolaVery Good PlusNone$190.00
Lot: 208Very Rare Lionel #212T Santa Fe 1966c Original BoxBox Only 1966c Box (9)$200.00
Lot: 209Rare/Mint/Odd Lionel #6424-11 Flat w/2 Cheapie AutomobilesMintNone$410.00
Lot: 210Rare Lionel #D186 Dealer Display LionLike NewNone$2050.00
Lot: 211Mintish Lionel #6130 ATSF Caboose/Slats Under Herald/Pix OBMintishPicture OB/ (9-/8+)$250.00
Lot: 212Very Rare Lionel #3656-150 Painted Yellow Cattle CorralVery GoodNone$780.00
Lot: 213Rare Lionel #6357-50 ATSF Father & Son Red CabooseExcellent Minus-None$740.00
Lot: 214Mint Lionel #3349 Turbo Missile Launcher/Brick OBMintPix OB/ (9-)$110.00
Lot: 215Very Rare Lionel #6828 Separate Sale P&H Truck Crane BoxBox OnlySep. Sale OB (8/8-)$500.00
Lot: 216Rare Lionel #262 Highway Crossing Gate/Nice 66c OBLike New Minus1966c OB+/ (8+/9-)$130.00
Lot: 217Mint Lionel #986 Super O Farm & Barnyard Set/Brick OBMintPix OB (9)$210.00
Lot: 218Rare Lionel #3376 Oper. Giraffe Car - Yellow LetteringExcellent PlusNone$290.00
Lot: 219Rare Lionel #1061 Steam Engine w/Paper Labels & TenderExcellent PlusNone$260.00
Lot: 220Mint/Never Out Of Box #19281 Rock Island Set/Brick OB+Mint/Never Out of BoxBrown Set Box/ (9++)$1050.00
Lot: 221Brick Lionel #2191W Santa Fe ABA F-3 1952 Set BoxSet Box OnlySet Box (9-)$230.00
Lot: 222Great Lionel #3672 Painted Bosco Milk Car Set/OB~Like New/LN-Picture OB+/ (7+)(ii)$600.00
Lot: 223Mint Lionel #6473-60 Rodeo Car/Brick 1969 OBMint1969 Hagerstown/OB (8+/9-)$75.00
Lot: 224Mint Lionel #D-476 027 Dealer Layout/OBMintOB/ (9)$310.00
Lot: 225Mint Lionel #634 Santa Fe Switcher/Rare 66c OB & Master Box+Mint1966c Box+ (9)/ Master (9)$1300.00
Lot: 226Mint Lionel #6482 Refrigerator/Brick OBMint56+ OB/ (9-)$85.00
Lot: 227Nice Lionel #2029LTS Master CartonBox OnlyMaster Carton (9-)$120.00
Lot: 228Great Lionel #6826 Flat Car with Christmas Trees/Brick OBLike NewOB/ (9)$210.00
Lot: 229Mint Lionel #6500 White over Red Bonanza Airplane Car/Brick OB+MintOB+/ (9/9+)$1150.00
Lot: 230Incredible/Mintish Lionel #2501W M&SL 1958 Freight Set/Brick OBsLN/MintSet Box (10)/OBs (10)$3100.00
Lot: 231Mint/Sealed Lionel #736 Berkshire Steam Engine & #736W Pa. Whistle Tender/OBsMint/SealedSealed 736 59OB/ (9)/ 736W OS OB/ (9-)$620.00
Lot: 232Mint Lionel #6446-25 Red Lehigh Valley Covered Hopper/Brick OBMintPicture OB (9)$410.00
Lot: 233Great Lionel #3362 Operating Helium Flat Car/Brick OBLike NewWhite Lion OB/ (9-)$120.00
Lot: 234Rare Lionel #6429 Work Caboose from 1963/OBLike NewOB/ (7+)$310.00
Lot: 235Rare/Mintish Lionel Cardboard Punchouts for 1963/64s Uncatalogued SetsMint ButNone$1250.00
Lot: 236Rare/Nice Lionel #13118 Berkshire 1963 Freight Set BoxSet Box OnlySet Box (8)$210.00
Lot: 237Rare Lionel #6315-50 Painted Orange LL Chemical TC/Brick OBLike NewPix OB/ (9)$620.00
Lot: 238Very Rare Lionel #3376 Giraffe Hagerstown 1969 Original BoxBox Only1969 OB/ (8+)$85.00
Lot: 239Rare Lionel #6257-100 Red Caboose w/StackExcellent PlusNone$90.00
Lot: 240Nice Lionel #2269W #2368 B&O F-3 AB Freight Set/Set OB/OBsExcellent to LN Set OB (8)/OBs (8/8+)$3300.00
Lot: 241Mint Lionel #195-75 Floodlight Heads/Glossy OBMintGlossy OB/ (9)$200.00
Lot: 242Nice Lionel #6465-110 Cities Service Tank Car/Rare OBExcellent59 OB/ (8/8+)$140.00
Lot: 243Great/Unbroken Lionel #6817 Flat Car w/Scraper/Brick OBLike NewOB/ (9)$940.00
Lot: 244Rare/Great Lionel #394 Dark Green Beacon/Brick OB+Like New MinusOB+/ (9)$260.00
Lot: 245Mint Lionel #19510 Uncatalogued 241 Freight Set/Brick OBMintFlat Set OB/ (9)$520.00
Lot: 246Nice Lionel #2472 Red Metal Pennsylvania Caboose/Flying Shoes/Nice OS OBExcellent PlusOS OB/ (8+)(c)$35.00
Lot: 247Nice Lionel #6512 Operating Cherry Picker Car/OBLike NewOB/ (8+/9-)$130.00
Lot: 248Great Lionel #6660 Oper. Boom Car/58OBLike New58 OB+/ (9-)$85.00
Lot: 249Mint Lionel #76 Boulevard Lamps/Brick Hillside OB+MintHillside OB+/ (9/9-)$130.00
Lot: 250Great Lionel #2296W Canadian Pacific Passenger Set/Brick OBsLike New/LN-Set Box(9)/ OBs (9)$7400.00
Lot: 251Great Lionel #6362 Rail Trucks Flat Car/Brick OBLike New56+ OB/ (9-)$55.00
Lot: 252Nice Lionel #2457 Red Pennsylvania Caboose/Flying Shoe Trucks/Nice OBExcellent PlusSF-1 OB/ (8/8+)$40.00
Lot: 253Mint Lionel #6844 Missile Flat Car/Brick OBMintOB/ (9+)$380.00
Lot: 254Brick Lionel #2554 CP Craig Manor Original BoxBox OnlyBox (9)$210.00
Lot: 255Great Lionel #11720 2024 C&O Alco 1969 Set/OB+Like NewSet Box/ (9-) & Inserts$260.00
Lot: 256Brick Lionel CP #2551/2552/2552/2552 Passenger BoxesBoxes Only4 Original Boxes/ (9)$410.00
Lot: 257Great Lionel #6562-50 Black Canister Car/Brick OBLike New Minus56+ OB/ (9-)$65.00
Lot: 258Mint Lionel #3656 Operating Cattle Car/Sep. Sale OBMint55- OB/ (9)$85.00
Lot: 259Rare Lionel #53 Correct A D&RG Snowplow/Brick OB+ExcellentOB+/ (9-/8+)$410.00
Lot: 260 Great Lionel #2234W Santa Fe F-3 1954 Passenger Set/Brick OBsExcellent/E+Set Box & OBs/ (9/9-)$1750.00
Lot: 261Mint Lionel #221W Black NYC Whistle Tender/Brick OB+MintSF-1 AT OB+/ (9)$190.00
Lot: 262Mintish Lionel #1640-110 Presidential Kit/Brick OBMintishOB/ (9)$190.00
Lot: 263Great Lionel #375 Operating Turntable/Brick OB+Like New MinusOB+/ (9)$260.00
Lot: 264Rare Lionel #614 Alaska Switcher w/Yellow Blt By LionelExcellent/E+None$820.00
Lot: 265Nice Lionel #11750 2029 Freight Set/1969OB/Pa TenderExcellent/E+Set Box (8/8-)$360.00
Lot: 266Rare/Great Lionel #395 Yellow Floodlight Tower/Brick OB+Excellent PlusOB+/ (9)$310.00
Lot: 267Great Lionel #58 Great Northern Snowblower/Brick OBLike NewOB/ (9-)$780.00
Lot: 268Great Lionel #2456 Black LV Hopper/Brick OBLike New Minus ~SF-1 AT OB/ (9-)$25.00
Lot: 269Rare Lionel #5D Test Set w/Factory Added HO TrackExcellent/E-None$1900.00
Lot: 270Lionel #6476-135 Yellow Hopper/Brick Rare 1966c BoxLike New -1966c OB/ (9)$900.00
Lot: 271Great Lionel #6262 Black Flat Car w/Wheels/Brick OBLike New MinusOB 56+/ (9-)(c)$60.00
Lot: 272Mintish Lionel #3330-100 Sep. Sale Submarine Kit/OBMintishGreen OB/ (9-)$310.00
Lot: 273Great Lionel #3424 Operating White Man Brakeman Set/Brick OBsLike NewOBs/ (9/9+)$140.00
Lot: 274Great Lionel #2440/40/41 Green Passenger Cars from 1946/Flying Shoe Trucks/OS OBsExcellent +/LN-OS OBs (8) (1)(i)$250.00
Lot: 275Rare Lionel Corn Products Company/Junior Achievement Post-War Box CarExcellentNone$3400.00
Lot: 276Mint Lionel #6464-650 Denver & Rio Grande Box Car/Brick 66c OBMint66c OB/ (9)$160.00
Lot: 277Great Lionel #3356 Operating Horse Car Set/Brick OB+Like New56+ OB+/ (8+/9-) $260.00
Lot: 278Great Lionel #6520 Orange Generator/Cracked Gray/Brick OBLike New Minus55- OB/ (9)$75.00
Lot: 279Great Lionel #6812 Yellow Track Maintenance Car/Brick OBLike New ~59 OB/ (9)$100.00
Lot: 280Mintish Lionel #12780 SF Presidential Set/White/Brick OBsMint/LN 2383PWhite Set OB/OBs (9)$3600.00
Lot: 281Rare Lionel #6059 Painted M&SL Caboose/Brick OBExcellent PlusPix OB/ (9-)$210.00
Lot: 282Mint Lionel #264 Oper. Forklift Platform/Brick OB+MintOB+/ (9) w/Inserts$520.00
Lot: 283Great Lionel #346 Manual Oper. Culvert UnloaderLike New-/E+OB+/ (9)$270.00
Lot: 284Great 1953 Lionel #2203WS 681 Freight Set/Brick OBsLike New MinusSet Box (8+)/OBs (9-) x681$580.00
Lot: 285Nice Lionel #11730 645 UP Freight Set/1969OBExcellent/Excellent PlusSet Box (8/8-)$240.00
Lot: 286Great Lionel #157 Station Platform/Brick OBLike New MInusOPS OB/ (9-) $70.00
Lot: 287Great Lionel #30 Oper. Water Tank/Double Wall/Brick OB+Like New Minus/E+OB+/ (9) Uncut Label$200.00
Lot: 288Minstish Lionel #410 Billboard Blinker/Brick OB+Mintish56+ OB+/ (9-)$75.00
Lot: 289Great Lionel #6463 Rocket Fuel Tank Car/Brick OBLike New MinusOB/ (9-/8+)$140.00
Lot: 290Mint Lionel #2531/32/33/34 Hex Heads Silver Dawn Passenger Cars/Brick OBsMint55- OBs+/ (9)$1150.00
Lot: 291Rare Lionel #6424-110 Flat w/2 Autos/Nubs/Brick 59 OBLike New59 OB/ (9/9+)$210.00
Lot: 292Mint Lionel #6414 AutoLoader with Red Cars/Brick 66c OBMint1966c OB/ (9-)$410.00
Lot: 293Mintish Lionel #334 Dispatching Station/Brick OB+Like New +OB/ (9) w/Inserts$310.00
Lot: 294Mint Lionel #138 Operating Water Tank/Brick OBMintOB/ (9)$120.00
Lot: 295Rare Lionel #19189/23-4483 Uncatalogued Set/OBLike New MinusSet Box (9-)$1050.00
Lot: 296Mint Lionel #415 Diesel Fueling Station/Brick OB+MintOB/ (9+) w/Inserts$260.00
Lot: 297Great Lionel #133 Station/Brick Brown OB+Like NewBrown OB+/ (9/9-)$260.00
Lot: 298Mint Lionel #902 Cardboard Trestle Set/Nice BagMintBag (9)$210.00
Lot: 299Rare Lionel Mid-1960s Service Station Decal & EnvelopeExcellent/UnusedEnvelope (8)$1200.00
Lot: 300Mintish Lionel #13150 Hudson 1966 Freight Set/Brick OBsMint/LNSet Box (9)/OBs (9/9-)$7300.00
Lot: 301Rare/Nice Lionel #2244W Wabash Passenger Set BoxSet Box OnlySet Box (8+/8)$800.00
Lot: 302Great Lionel #60 Black-Lettered Trolley/Brick Late OBLike NewLate OB/ (9)$140.00
Lot: 303Great Lionel #3469 Operating Ore Dump Car/Brick OB+Like New55- OB+/ (9+)$60.00
Lot: 304Mint Lionel #6014-100 Red Airex Box Car/Brick 59 OBMint59 OB/ (9)$130.00
Lot: 305Rare Lionel #19244 A&P Premium Freight Set/Set OBLike NewSet OB (9-)$260.00
Lot: 306Mint Lionel #6413 Mercury Capsule Carrying Car/Brick OBMintOB+/ (9-)$250.00
Lot: 307Odd Lionel #6428 US Mail Box Car/Factory Error/Brick OBMint59 OB/ (9)$360.00
Lot: 308Nice Lionel #50 Gang Car/Late Orange OBLike New Minus/E+Orange OB/ (9-)$75.00
Lot: 309Brick Lionel #2032 Erie Alco Original Box & InsertsBox OnlyMaster OB+/ (9/9-)$110.00
Lot: 310Great Lionel #2523W Santa Fe Freight Set 1958/Brick OBsLike New/LN-Set Box (9-)/ OBs (9)$1850.00
Lot: 311Great Lionel #6821 Flat Car w/Crates/Brick OBLike New59 OB/ (9+)$55.00
Lot: 312Rare Lionel #125 Whistling Station w/Light Green Base/Brick OBLike NewOB (9-)$320.00
Lot: 313Mintish Lionel #460 Piggyback Transportation Set/Brick OB+MintOB+/ (9)$230.00
Lot: 314Great Lionel #3461 Operating Log Car/Brick OB+Like New55- OB+/ (9)$45.00
Lot: 315Nice Lionel #9650 Sears Uncatalogued Set/OB+Like New MinusSet OB (9-)/Inserts$310.00
Lot: 316Mint Lionel #6464-375 Central of Georgia/Brick 66c OBMint66c OB/ (9)$130.00
Lot: 317Mint Lionel #6807 USMC Flat w/Duck/Brick OBMintOB/ (9+)$210.00
Lot: 318Rare Lionel #3364 Log Unloading Sep. Sale Picture BoxBox OnlyPix OB (9-)(c)$70.00
Lot: 319Mint Lionel #6414 AutoLoader w/Yellow Autos/Pix OBMintPix OB/ (8+)$700.00
Lot: 320Great Lionel #2576 Santa Fe Red Stripe Set/Rare Brown Set OBLike New/LN-Brown Set Box (8+)(w)/OBs (9-)$5300.00
Lot: 321Brick Lionel #2541 Hamilton Congressional Original 56+ BoxBox Only56+ OB/ (9)$110.00
Lot: 322Brick Lionel #2542 Betsy Ross Congressional 56+ Original BoxBox Only56+ OB/ (9/9-)$95.00
Lot: 323Brick Lionel #2543 William Penn Congressional Original 56+ BoxBox Only56+ OB/ (9/9-)$100.00
Lot: 324Mint Lionel #6440 Flat Car w/Gray No Plates Trailers/Brick OBMintPix OB/ (9-)$95.00
Lot: 325Rare Lionel #6417-50 Tuscan Lehigh Valley Caboose/OBExcellent Plus6417-1 56+ OB/ (9-/8+)$2650.00
Lot: 326Mint Lionel #6500 Red over White Bonanza Airplane Car/Brick OB+MintOB/ (9)$680.00
Lot: 327Mint Lionel #92 Circuit Breaker/Brick Black Lion OBMintBlack Lion Pix OB/ (9)$45.00
Lot: 328Mintish Lionel #943 Exploding Ammo Dump/Brick OBMintishOB/ (9)$45.00
Lot: 329Mint Lionel #460-150 Trailers/Brick 56+ OBMintSep. Sale 56+ OB/ (9/9+)$540.00
Lot: 330Great Lionel #1457 1949 6220 Freight Set/Nice OBsLike New MinusSet OB (8)/ OBs (9-)$960.00
Lot: 331Great Lionel #6572 REA Green Reefer/Brick 56+ OBLike New ~56+ OB/ (9+)$230.00
Lot: 332Mint Lionel #6175 Black Flat w/Rocket/Brick OBMint59 OB/ (9)$330.00
Lot: 333Mint Lionel #3619 Helicopter Reconnaissance Car/Brick OBMintPix OB/ (9)$210.00
Lot: 334Mint Lionel #3545 Operating TV Monitor Flat Car/Brick OBMintOB/ (9)$250.00
Lot: 335Great Lionel #209 New Haven Alco AA Diesels/Brick OBs+Like NewOBs (9) w/Coupler Rings$1350.00
Lot: 336Mint Lionel #6519 Allis-Chalmers Car/Medium Orange/Brick OBMint59 OB/ (9)$120.00
Lot: 337Great Lionel #3472 Operating Milk Car Set/Brick OB+Like New/E55- OB+/ (9)$130.00
Lot: 338Mint Lionel #6062 NYC Gondola w/Canisters/Brick Pix OBMintPix OB/ (9)$90.00
Lot: 339Rare/Mint Lionel #221 Olive Drab Green USMC Alco CabMintNone$460.00
Lot: 340Great Lionel #2144W 1949 GG-1 Passenger Set/Nice Set OB/OBsExcellent PlusSet OB (8)/ OBs (9-)$2850.00
Lot: 341Rare Lionel #193 Black-Structure Industrial Water Tank/Brick OB+Excellent MinusOB+/ (9-)$160.00
Lot: 342Mint Lionel #452 Gantry Signal Bridge/Brick OBMint66c OB+/ (9)$100.00
Lot: 343Mint Lionel #264-150 Separate Sale Envelope of TimbersMintEnvelope (9-)$85.00
Lot: 344Mint Lionel #3434 Operating Poultry Dispatch Car/Nice 59 OB+Mint59 OB+/ (8+)$170.00
Lot: 345Brick/Very Rare Lionel #11341 Premium Space Set BoxSet Box OnlySet Box/Insert (9-)$540.00
Lot: 346Great Lionel #156 Illuminated Platform/Brick Orange OB+Like New MinusSF-1 AT OB+/ (9-) (sc)$140.00
Lot: 347Mint/Sealed Lionel #364C Separate Sale EnvelopeMintEnvelope (9-)$190.00
Lot: 348Great Lionel #2037 Steam Engine/243W Tender/Nice 59 OBsLike New Minus59 OBs/ (9-/8+)$220.00
Lot: 349Mint Lionel #6424-85 Flat w/2 Autos/Rare Brick OBMint56+ OB/ (9)$430.00
Lot: 350Mint Lionel #13138 2360 GG-1 1963 "The Majestic" Freight Set/Brick OBsMintSet Box (9+)/OBs (9)$7900.00
Lot: 351Rare Lionel #614 Alaska Switcher Original Box & InsertsBox OnlyOB+/ (8/8+)$260.00
Lot: 352Nice Lionel #164 Operating Lumber Loader/Nice OBExcellent PlusOB+/ (9-)$250.00
Lot: 353Nice Lionel #2321 Maroon Top Lackawanna FM/Brick OB+ExcellentOB+/ (9+)$600.00
Lot: 354Mintish Lionel #234W Lionel Lines Tender/Rare White OBMint BUTWhite OB/ (8+)$75.00
Lot: 355Rare/Colorful Lionel Trains/Magnetraction 1950 Dealer DisplayExcellentNone$500.00
Lot: 356Rare Plasticville #6990-Type Bachmann Dealer DisplayExcellent~None$160.00
Lot: 357Rare Lionel Airex Apache #3 Pink (Girl's Train) Fishing ReelExcellent Minus/VG+None$220.00
Lot: 358Great Lionel #6828 P&H Crane/Brick Pix OBLike NewPix OB+/ (9)$310.00
Lot: 359Rare Lionel #2379 D&RG F-3 Master CartonMaster Carton OnlyMaster Carton (8-)$270.00
Lot: 360Great Lionel #2571 637 Space Set/Set Box/OBsLike NewSet Box (8)/OBs (9-)$620.00
Lot: 361Rare/Mint Plasticville #1304 Crossing Signals/Crisp BlisterMintBlister (9-)$170.00
Lot: 362Great Lionel #6517 Bay Window Caboose/Brick 56+ OBLike New56+ OB/ (9+)$80.00
Lot: 363Mint Lionel #161 Oper. Mail Pickup Set/Brick OBMintOB+/ (9)$100.00
Lot: 364Mint Lionel #6130 Red Painted Santa Fe Work Caboose/66c OBMint66c OB/ (8+)$65.00
Lot: 365Mint Lionel #11530 Santa Fe Freight Set/Rare Brown Set BoxMintBrown Set Box+/ (9)$940.00
Lot: 366Rare Lionel #773 Hudson 1960s Display Board w/Super O TrackLike New MinusNone$460.00
Lot: 367Very Very Rare Lionel #6014-410 Frisco 1969 Original BoxBox Only69 Hagerstown OB/ (8/8-)$95.00
Lot: 368Great Lionel #151 Semaphore/Brick 1969 OB++Like NewHillside OB+/ (9-)$80.00
Lot: 369Brick Lionel #6414 Auto Loader Original Picture BoxBox OnlyPix OB/ (9)$170.00
Lot: 370Lionel #239LTS Steam Engine/234W Whistle Tender/Very Rare Label Master CartonExcellent +/LNLabel Master Carton (8/8+)$760.00
Lot: 371Mint Lionel #6672 Santa Fe Blue Lettering Reefer/Brick OBMint55- OB/ (9-/8+)$120.00
Lot: 372Mint Lionel #3359 Twin Bin Dump Car/Brick OB+Mint56+ OB+/ (9/9-)$100.00
Lot: 373Great Lionel #6736-1 Detroit & Mackinac Hopper/Rare 66c OBLike New66c OB/ (8+)$80.00
Lot: 374Very Rare Lionel #6430-1 Sep. Sale Trailers/Label OBLike NewLabel OB/ (8)$460.00
Lot: 375Rare Lionel #3562-1 Red Lettered Barrel Car/Brick OB+Excellent Plus3562-25 OB+/ (9)$5100.00
Lot: 376Great Lionel #12512 The Enforcer Gift Set/Set Box+Like New MinusSet Box+/ (8/8+)$1850.00
Lot: 377Great Lionel #145 Automatic Gateman/Brick 66c OB+Like New66c OB+/ (9-)$130.00
Lot: 378Mint/Unassembled #TW Transformer Late 1950s Original BoxBox OnlyUnassembled OB (10)$55.00
Lot: 379Great Lionel #6636 Alaska Hopper/Brick 59 OBLike New59 OB/ (9)$120.00
Lot: 380Nice Lionel #2544W 1960 Santa Fe Redstripe Passenger Set/Set OB/OBsExc to LNSet Box (8)/OBs (9/9-)$4500.00
Lot: 381Mint Lionel #3474 Silver Operating Western Pacific Box Car/Brick OB+MintOB+/ (9)$210.00
Lot: 382Great Lionel #6012 Black Gondola/Rare Large 55- OBLike NewLarge 55- OB/ (9-)$75.00
Lot: 383Rare Lionel #1130 Diecast Steam Engine/Brick OB+Very Good Plus55- OB+/ (9-)$150.00
Lot: 384Mint Lionel #971 Box of Lychen/4 1/2 oz VariationMintOB/ (8/8+)$170.00
Lot: 385Rare Lionel #1862 General on a Display Board/Lionel Executive ItemExcellentNone$1550.00
Lot: 386Mintish Lionel #6416 Boat Loader/Nice OBMint but one Hull has CrackOB/ (8/8+)$220.00
Lot: 387Mintish Lionel #154 Automatic Road Crossing Signal/Brick OB+MintSF-1 AT OB/ (9-)$50.00
Lot: 388Great Lionel #6819 Flat Car w/Helicopter/59 OBLike New59 OB/ (8/8+)(sc)$95.00
Lot: 389Rare Lionel #2530 Shiny Baggage Car/Rare 59 OBExcellent59 OB/ (8/8+)$820.00
Lot: 390Mint Lionel Labmark Electronic Kit #3223 from the 1960s/OB Only 65 MadeMintOB/ (9-)$760.00
Lot: 391Mint Lionel #6556 MKT Red Cattle Car/Brick OBMint~56+ OB/ (9-)$410.00
Lot: 392Great Lionel #ST E Unit ViseLike New MinusNone$160.00
Lot: 393Mint Lionel #6464-825 Type III Alaska Box CarMintNone (See Lot 394)$660.00
Lot: 394Rare Lionel #6464-825 Alaska Box Car Original BoxBox Only59 OB/ (8/8-)(n)$310.00
Lot: 395Very Rare Lionel #19567-500 Uncatalogued Set Box/The One on the CoverSet Box OnlySet Box/ (8/8+)$210.00
Lot: 396Nice Lionel #2349 Northern Pacific GP-9/Brick OBExcellent~OB (9)/ Sleeve (8)$360.00
Lot: 397Mint Lionel #3361 Operating Log Car/Brick Sep. Sale OB+MintSep. Sale 56+ OB+/ (9-)$130.00
Lot: 398Great Lionel #6465-160 Orange & Black Tank Car/Rare Pix OBLike NewPix OB/ (9-)$300.00
Lot: 399Nice Lionel #2552/2552/2552/2551 Canadian Pacific Passenger Cars/OBsExcellent~OBs/ (8- to 9-)$1000.00
Lot: 400Great Lionel #2293W GG-1 Gradulated Vents Freight Set/Brick OBsLike NewSet Box/OBs/ (9)$6800.00
Lot: 401Mint Lionel #450 Signal Bridge/Brick OB+ MintOB/(9/9-) w/Insert $120.00
Lot: 402Great Lionel #3927 Operating Track Cleaning Car/Great OB+++Like NewOB+++/ (9-)$120.00
Lot: 403Mint Lionel #6464-50 M&SL Box Car/OBMint55- OB/ (9-)$200.00
Lot: 404Rare Lionel #1600 Burlington 027 Passenger Set Set BoxSet Box OnlySet Box/ (8+)$250.00
Lot: 405Rare Lionel #2055 Steam Engine/2046W Tender/Master OB & OBsLike New Minus~Master OB (8/8+)/ OBs (8+/9-)$360.00
Lot: 406Great Lionel #6464-25 Great Northern Box Car/OBLike New55- OB/ (8+/9-)$120.00
Lot: 407Great Lionel #6464-75 Green Rock Island Box Car/55- OBLike New55- OB/ (8+)$210.00
Lot: 408Mint Lionel #6464-225 Southern Pacific Box Car/OBMint55- OB/ (8/8+)(i)$240.00
Lot: 409Mintish Lionel #153 Automatic Block Signal/Sealed Env/Brick 56+ OBMint~56+ OB/ (9)$80.00
Lot: 410Rare Lionel/Montgomery Ward #19544 Uncatalogued Set/Set OBExcellentSet OB/ (8)$230.00
Lot: 411Rare Lionel #X-453 B&O 626 Central Cab Freight Set Set BoxSet Box OnlySet Box/ (8)$120.00
Lot: 412Great Lionel #214 Black Girder Bridge/Rare Hagerstown 1969 OBLike NewHagerstown 1969 OB/ (9)$210.00
Lot: 413Great Lionel #2408/2409 Santa Fe Passenger Cars/Rare 66c OBsLike New1966c OBs/ (9)$290.00
Lot: 414Great Lionel #210 Texas Special Alco AA Diesels/Brick OBsExcellent PlusOBs/ (9)$190.00
Lot: 415Nice Lionel #X629 Uncatalogued Steam Space Set/OBsLike New MinusSet OB (8)/ OBs (9-)$210.00
Lot: 416Great Lionel 1/32 #5205:500 Black XKE Jaguar Slot Car/Clear Blister Display Case & Sleeve Like NewClear Display/ (9-) & Sleeve $120.00
Lot: 417Brick Lionel #1619W Santa Fe Alco AB 1959 Set Box & InsertSet Box OnlySet Box/ (9)$100.00
Lot: 418Rare Lionel Super O #9683 1959 Sear's Set Box (3535 Gold/6817 Black)Set Box OnlySet Box (8+)$95.00
Lot: 419Great Lionel #165 Operating Magnetic Crane/Nice OB+Excellent/E+OB+/ (8/8+)$390.00
Lot: 420Mintish Lionel #12780 SF Presidential Set/Brown/Brick OBsMint BUTBrown Set OB/ (9-)/OBs (9-/8+)$5400.00
Lot: 421Mint Lionel #2523 President Garfield Pullman/66c OBMint66c OB/ (9-/8+)$210.00
Lot: 422Very Rare Lionel #3662 Oper. Milk Car Set White Original Box+Box OnlyOB+/ (8+)$160.00
Lot: 423Nice Lionel 1/32 #5213:600 Ford Galaxie Slot Car/Clear Blister Display Case & Sleeve Like New MinusClear Display/ (8+) & Sleeve$80.00
Lot: 424Very Rare (1 of 2) Lionel #6560-25 Picture Original BoxBox OnlyPix OB/ (8-)$210.00
Lot: 425Mint Lionel #909 Dealer Liquid Smoke Display/Nice OB & InsertMintOB+/ (8+)$3500.00
Lot: 426Brick/Rare Lionel #321-100 Bridge Original Box for Sear's 2347 GP SetBox OnlyOB/ (9+)$80.00
Lot: 427Rare Lionel 1957 Dealer 8 mm FilmLike New MinusNone$760.00
Lot: 428Nice Lionel #736 Berkshire & #736W Pennsylvania Tender736 Exc/736W LN-None$210.00
Lot: 429Mintish Lionel #6801-60 Blue Hull Boat/Separate Sale OBMintSep. Sale OB/ (9-)$100.00
Lot: 430Nice Lionel #773 Hudson 1964 Steam Engine & #773W NYC (R) Whistle TenderExcellentNone$520.00
Lot: 431Great Lionel 1/32 #5203:500 Red Corvette Sting Ray Slot Car/Clear Blister Display Case & SleeveLike NewClear Display/ (9-) & Sleeve$90.00
Lot: 432Great Lionel #163 Automatic Target Signal/Brick 1969 OB+Like NewHillside RS OB+/ (9)$85.00
Lot: 433Mint Lionel 1966 Abacus/SleeveMintSleeve/ (9)$270.00
Lot: 434Brick Lionel #13058 SF Space 1962 Set BoxSet Box OnlySet Box/ (9-)$220.00
Lot: 435Rare Lionel #2332 Black GG-1/RS Herald/Nice & Strong StripesExcellentNone$920.00
Lot: 436Nice Lionel #1573 #250 Pennsylvania Freight Set/OBExcellentSet OB (8+)/250 OB (9-)$250.00
Lot: 437Nice Lionel 1946 #726 Berkshire & #2426W Diecast TenderExcellent MinusNone$310.00
Lot: 438Great Lionel #419 Heliport Yellow HelicopterLike NewNone$95.00
Lot: 439Brick Lionel #3-2521 President McKinley x 3 Master Box & InsertMaster Box OnlyMaster OB+/ (9)$100.00
Lot: 440Nice Lionel #2190 1952 Santa Fe Streamline Passenger Set/SetOB/OBsExc/LN-Set Box (8/8+)/Inners OB (9-)(iii)$1550.00
Lot: 441Great Tootsietoy #207 Auto Transport/Brick OBExcellent PlusOB/ (9-)$150.00
Lot: 442Mintish Lionel #123 Lamp Assortment/Perfect Hinge/Brick OBMint/Missing 2 BulbsOB+/ (9)$660.00
Lot: 443Nice Tootsietoy #769 Greyhound Bus/OBExcellentOB/ (8)$150.00
Lot: 444Nice Lionel #773 1950 Hudson & #2426W Whistle TenderExcellentNone$820.00
Lot: 445Great American Flyer #652/653/654 Red Passenger Cars w/Six Wheel Trucks/Brick OBsExcellent PlusOBs/ (9)$400.00
Lot: 446Nice American Flyer #606 Sheet Metal Frame Wrecker/Brick OBExcellent PlusOB/ (9-)$40.00
Lot: 447Mint American Flyer #24023 B&O Box Car/Brick OBMintR&W OB/ (9)$160.00
Lot: 448Great American Flyer #734 Operating Box Car/Brick OB+Excellent PlusOB & Wrapper/ (9)$85.00
Lot: 449Great American Flyer #25044 Oper. Rocket Launcher/Brick OB+Like New MinusR&W OB/ (9-)(L)+$80.00
Lot: 450Rare American Flyer 1959 The Franklin S Gauge Desk DisplayLike NewNone$840.00
Lot: 451Mint AF S Gauge #24863 MP Eagle Creek Vista Dome/Brick OBMintSep. Sale Late OB/ (9)$330.00
Lot: 452Nice AF S Gauge #372 Union Pacific GP/Made By AF/OB+Excellent MinusOB+/ (9-) $180.00
Lot: 453Mint American Flyer S Gauge #24773 Red Stripe Baggage Car/Late OBMintSep. Sale Late OB/ (9)$170.00
Lot: 454Great American Flyer S Gauge #25057 TNT Car/Clearpack OBLike NewClearpack OB/ (8)~$190.00
Lot: 455Great American Flyer S Gauge #21004 Pennsylvania 0-6-0 Switcher & Tender/Brick OBsLike NewR&W OBs+/(9)$380.00
Lot: 456Great American Flyer S Gauge #787 Operating Log Loader/Nice OBExcellentOB/ (8+)$150.00
Lot: 457Great American Flyer S Gauge #732 Green Operating Baggage Car/OB+Like NewOB+/ (9-)$90.00
Lot: 458Great American Flyer S Gauge #750 Black Trestle Bridge/OBLike NewOB/ (9-)$55.00
Lot: 459Nice American Flyer #740 Operating Handcar/Brick OB+Excellent~OB+/ (9-)$70.00
Lot: 460Nice American Flyer #20620 Santa Fe "The Chief" Passenger Set/Display Set OBExcellent/E-Display Set OB+/ (8/8+)$450.00
Lot: 461Great American Flyer S Gauge #983 Missouri Pacific Box Car/Brick OBLike New MinusOB/ (9)$130.00
Lot: 462Great American Flyer #981 Central of Georgia Box Car/Brick OBLike New MinusOB/ (9)$150.00
Lot: 463Great American Flyer #947 Northern Pacific Reefer/Brick OBLike New MinusOB/ (9)$40.00
Lot: 464Nice American Flyer #715 Blue/Silver Manoil Coupe/Brick OB+Excellent/E+OB & Wrapper/ (9)$95.00
Lot: 465Nice American Flyer S Gauge #336 Challenger Steam Engine/Crisp WrapperExcellent/E-Wrapper/ (9)$540.00
Lot: 466Nice American Flyer #924 Jersey Central Lines Cement Car/Brick OBExcellent PlusOB/ (9)$30.00
Lot: 467Great American Flyer #607 Sheet Metal Frame Boom & Work Caboose/Brick OBExcellent PlusOB/ (9)$40.00
Lot: 468Great American Flyer #948 Track Cleaning Car/Brick OB+Like New MinusOB+/ (9)$35.00
Lot: 469Great American Flyer #916 D&H Canister Car/Brick OBLike New MinusOB/ (9)$30.00
Lot: 470Nice American Flyer #370 Silver GP Diesel/Brick OB+ExcellentOB+/ (9) w/Wrapper$180.00
Lot: 471Great American Flyer #922 GAEX (Decal) Box Car/Brick OBExcellent PlusOB/ (9)$30.00
Lot: 472Great American Flyer #911 C&O Gondola w/Pipes/ Brick OBLike New MinusOB/ (9)$30.00
Lot: 473Rare American Flyer #609 Sheet Metal Flat w/Girder/Brick OBExcellent PlusOB/ (9)$40.00
Lot: 474Nice American Flyer #755 Talking Station/Nice OBExcellent/E+OB+/ (9-)$130.00
Lot: 475Nice American Flyer #583 Electromatic Crane/Nice OBExcellent/E+OB/ (9-)$210.00
Lot: 476Great American Flyer #977 Action Caboose/Brick OBLike New MinusOB/ (9)$35.00
Lot: 477Two American Flyer #5300T Miner's Tipples (Blue & Green)/OBsLike New MinusWhite OBs/ (9)$65.00
Lot: 478Nice American Flyer #282 Steam Engine & Tender/Crisp WrapperLike New MinusWrapper/ (9-)$65.00
Lot: 479Nice American Flyer #720A Pair of Switches/Nice OBLike New MinusOB/ (8+)$25.00
Lot: 480Nice American Flyer #779 Operating Oil Drum Loader/Nice OBExcellent/E+OB/ (9-)$100.00
Lot: 481Nice American Flyer #772 Operating Water Tower/Brick OB+Excellent PlusOB+/ (9)$110.00
Lot: 482Nice American Flyer #300 Atlantic Engine & Tender/Nice WrapperExcellent PlusWrapper/ (9-)$50.00
Lot: 483Nice American Flyer #771 Operating Stock Car & Corral/OB+ExcellentOB+/ (9-)$140.00
Lot: 4842 Great American Flyer #760 Highway Flashers/OBsLike New MinusOBs/ (9-)$65.00

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