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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box:
Lot: 1Spectrum G Gauge #83194 Rio Grande C-19 (345) 2-8-0 Locomotive & Short Tender/OBOB
Lot: 2Westside Model Co HO Gauge: #T-3A B&O 4-8-2 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 3Bachmann HO Gauge: #43-1290 Norfolk & Western 6 Unit Deluxe Streamlined Passenger Set/OBsOB
Lot: 4Bachmann Pro Series HO Gauge: #8118/8119 B&O E8/9 Locomotives, #8377 B&O FA2 Locomotive, #8379 B&O FB2 Locomotive/OBsOBs
Lot: 5LGB G Gauge #2100 100 Year Anniversary Jahre Bernina Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 6Riverissi HO Gauge: #5104 Plattaforma Girevole (Turntable)/OBOB
Lot: 7Riverissi HO Gauge: 14 Assorted B&O & National Limited Assorted Passenger Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 8Athearn HO Gauge: 17 Special Edition Hopper Cars/OBs13 OBs
Lot: 9Piko G Gauge: #37640 Abteilwaken VM DB Ep III and #37641 Speisewagen VM DB EP III Passenger Coaches/OBsOBs
Lot: 10LGB G Gauge #24402 Blue/Silver Rh B 0-8-8-0 Swiss Crocodile Electric Engine/OBOB
Lot: 11Lionel Large Gauge #85003 Burlington Northern GP-20 Engine/OBOB
Lot: 12Dept 56 Christmas in the City Series #5538-7/5544-1/58882/5536-0 Assorted Buildings/OBsOBs
Lot: 13Rivarossi HO Gauge: 4 #15103 Tren Hobby Locomotive House Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 14Walthers/Bachmann/Roundhouse HO Gauge: 20 B&O F-9 ABA Diesels and Assorted Freight Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 15LGB G Gauge #28005 0-8-0 Green/Black Steam Engine/OBOB
Lot: 166 LGB G Gauge #1061 1200MM Straight Tracks/OBOB
Lot: 17HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Buildings, Accessories and Miniatures/OBsOBs
Lot: 18Athearn HO Gauge: 15 Assorted Engines and Freight Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 19Ertl #F121 1931 Stearman Biplane, 2 #3801 1929 Lockheed Air Express, and 2 #B223 1932 Northrop Gamma/OBsOBs
Lot: 20LGB G Gauge #23450 Green/Silver 2-4-2 Swiss Electric Engine/OBOB
Lot: 21Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge:#21360 New Haven S-1 Engine, #21367 SR S-1 Engine, #23733 NYC S-1 Engine, and #30082 B&M SW8 Engine/OBsOBs
Lot: 22Bachmann Spectrum HO Gauge: B&O 4-6-2 Engine & Tender and 7 Streamlined Passenger Car/OBsOBs
Lot: 236 Dietz Vintage Railroad LanternsNone
Lot: 24LGB/Marklin G Gauge #20062 Yellow/Black Enclosed Gang Car/OBOB
Lot: 25LGB/Marklin G Gauge: #24440 Brown/Silver 2-4-2 Electric Engine/OBOB
Lot: 26LGB G Gauge: #20061 Yellow/Green Enclosed Gang Car/OBOB
Lot: 27G Scale Lehmann Rigi Electric #900E Ski Lift/OBOB
Lot: 285 Dietz Vintage Railroad Lanterns/ItemsNone
Lot: 29SEALED N Gauge Deluxe: #B52 Engine and Tender, Renfe 242 Confederation Engine and Tender, LNER Class A1 Flying Scotsman Engine and Tender and LNER Class A4 Mallard Engine and Tender/Plastic CasesOBs
Lot: 30LGB G Gauge: #99233 Disney Limited Edition Starter Set/OBOB
Lot: 31Kalamazoo G Gauge: 1988 Christmas Special Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 327 Assorted Lionel/Model Rectifier Corp/Troller Transformers, Power Packs, and Sound MachinesNone
Lot: 33Dept 56 #5881-5 Brokerage House, #5534-4 Dept Store, and #5565-4 Town Tree/OBsOBs
Lot: 34Dept 56 #56.53186 Winter Sled Ride, #56.52600 22 Piece Village Landscape and 2 #56.52590 Village Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 35Scarce Les Soldats De Plomb #CAVG Lead Solider Mignot Soldiers/OBOB
Lot: 36LGB/Marklin G Gauge: #20060 Oraange/Black Enclosed Gang Car/OBOB
Lot: 3712 Assorted Dept 56 Ceramic Village Collection Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 3815 Assorted Hess/Others Scale Vehicles and Collectibles/OBs/Blister Pack14 OBs
Lot: 39LGB G Gauge: #1061 1200mm 6 Straight Tracks/OBOB
Lot: 40LGB G Gauge: #2018D (12) 2-6-0 Steam Engine & Tender (repainted)/OBOB
Lot: 41Marlin 1 (G) Gauge #54402 W&ARR Freight Set/OBOB
Lot: 4214 Assorted Scale Die-Cast Vehicles and Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 43Dept 56 #56.55001 Champsfield Stadium, #55502 Gazebo Music Box, #56,52845 Stadium Lights, and 20 Figures and Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 44LGB/Marklin G Gauge: #25500 (102) OEG Steam Loco Road Non-Powered Unit/OBOB
Lot: 45Bachmann G Gauge #81180 (6) Pardee & Curtin Lumber Co Climax Steam Engine/OBOB
Lot: 46LGB/Marklin G Gauge: #42268 Beer Car/OBOB
Lot: 47Wayne James Products B&O Capital Round Sign None
Lot: 48LGB/Marklin G Gauge: #42262 Club Car/OBOB
Lot: 49Piko G Gauge: #37813 Christmas Bear Car and #30045/30046 Buffalo Hoppers/OBsOBs
Lot: 50Lionel HO Gauge: Die-cast #58000 Union Pacific (3985) Challenger 4-6-6-4 DDC Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 51LGB G Gauge: #39073 Passenger Car and #41229/42229 Gondolas with Teddy-Bears/OBsOBs
Lot: 52Ertl #12700052 Walt Disney Monorail and #4443 Farm Country Kit/OBsOBs
Lot: 53Piko G Gauge: #30050 BTOC 40TH Anniversary Reefer 1 and #30049 BTOC 40TH Anniversary Reefer 2/OBsOBs
Lot: 545 Assorted Vintage Winross Tractor Trailer Trucks/OBsOBs
Lot: 55BLW G Gauge: #6 Rio Grande Southern Work Goose/OBOB
Lot: 56LGB G Gauge: #41229 Gondola with Teddy-Bear/OBOB
Lot: 57HO Gauge: 48 Assorted Chattanooga Engine & Tender, Plastic People, Accessories and Other Items/OBs/Blister PacksSome
Lot: 5840 Assorted Vintage Scale Metal and Plastic Vehicles and HelicoptersNone
Lot: 59LGB G Gauge: #35731 DR 2nd Class Red/Cream Passenger Car/OBOB
Lot: 60LGB G Gauge: #70685 Orient Express 0-6-6-0 Steam Passenger Set/OBOB
Lot: 61SEALED Bachmann N Gauge: #24010 McKinley Explorer Passenger Train Set/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 62Atlas O Gauge: #6923 Deck Girder Bridge Kit/OBOB
Lot: 63Lemax/Heartland Valley Village #75607 Engine Company 33, Grocery Store and Bookstore/OBsOBs
Lot: 64LGB G Gauge #1100 Curved Track/OBsOBs
Lot: 65Delton G Gauge: #2225HL CL-01 D&RG C-16 2-8-0 Steam Engine & Tender w/Sound/OB
Lot: 66Lionel Large Gauge: #87800/87107/87702/7706 Assorted Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 6725 Assorted Scale VehiclesNone
Lot: 68Walthers/Micro Engineering HO/O Gauge: 8 Assorted Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 69500+ Assorted Screws, Washers, Other Train Parts in 2 Metal ContainersDrawers
Lot: 70MTH HO Gauge: #20-80006H PRR 4-6-2 K-4 (5409) Steam Engine & Tender w/Proto-Sound 3/OBOB
Lot: 71LGB G Gauge: #31655/31655/32650 Deluxe Passenger Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 7214 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Airplane Bank/OBs13 OBs
Lot: 7345+ Assorted Lemax/Other Figures and Accessories/Blister PacksOBs
Lot: 74HLW G Gauge: #20-BTOGUNDSETGR Two Car Gondola Set, #16TOWOODYETSL BTOC Woody Convention Set and #18-BTOSPKOFF 40th Anniversary Sparky/Bobber Set/OBsOBs
Lot: 75Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge: #21630 PA Locomotive and 2 #21092 Wabash E-7 Locomotives/OBsOBs
Lot: 76HLW G Gauge: 2013 Santa Fe 35th Anniversary Combine/Passenger Set/OBsOBs
Lot: 77Dept 56 2 #53.53328 Frosted Sisal Tree, #53.53328 Village Fence, #56.52512 Village Animated Hockey Player, and #56.53329 Clothesline in the YardOBs
Lot: 787 Assorted Danbury Mint/Franklin Mint Collectable Automobiles/OBsOBs
Lot: 79LGB G Gauge: #36017 Christmas Passenger Car with Sound and #43610 Worlds Greatest Dad Gondola w/Golf Balls/OBsOBs
Lot: 80Scarce Tyco HO Gauge: #T-8 Western and Atlantic The General Train Set/Blue Boxes/OBsOBs
Lot: 81Mantua HO Gauge: #357-520 Pennsylvania 4-4-2 Atlantic Engine and Tender and #349-503 Union Pacific 4-6-2 Lt. Engine and Tender/OBsOBs
Lot: 8211 Assorted Publishers Assorted Hardcover and Paperback Train BooksNone
Lot: 8327 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 84Aristo Craft/Piko/USA G Gauge #ART-46113 SP Stock Car, #ART-46118 NYC Stock Car, #38817 PRR Caboose and #BTOC2012 Puggy Back Flat Car Club Car/OBsOBs
Lot: 85Atlas HO Gauge: #8438 Wabash EMD GP-7, #8439 Wabash EMD GP-7, and #9349 Wabash Alco C-424 Phase 2 Locomotive/OBsOBs
Lot: 86LGB/Aristo Craft G Gauge: #4065 Rio Grande Caboose and #ART-20/4040 Asphalt Tank Car/OBsOBs
Lot: 87Mr Christmas St Nicholas Square #05525 Newspapers for Sale, #37016 Snow Angels, #32697 Xmas Trees For Sale, #37008 Ski Hill, and #36759 Ski Hill/OBsOBs
Lot: 88Brass Passenger SignNone
Lot: 8918 Assorted Railroad Magazines (arrange from 1942-1949)None
Lot: 90Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge: #30657/30574/30575 New Haven DL-109 Diesel Locomotives/OBsOBs
Lot: 91Extensive Bachmann HO Gauge: Elvis Train SetAs Shown
Lot: 92Mr Christmas/Lemax/Dept 56 #37013 Flying Santa, #75503 Barber Shop, #33374 Ralphie's House, and #08682 Country Stable/OBsOBs
Lot: 93Gilbert AF HO Gauge: #19060 Stock Car Race Set/OBOB
Lot: 946 Lemax Table Accents/OBsOBs
Lot: 95Marklin HO Gauge: #29156 Starter Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 96N Gauge: Alaska AA Diesel Engine Units, #106-3015 Alaska Passenger Cars Set of 2, and 10 Alaska Car/OB/Plastic CasesObs as shown
Lot: 975 Assorted Lemax Carole Towne Collectables/OBsOBs
Lot: 98Athearn N Gauge: #8033 Diesel Alaska F-7 AB Set, #72341 Alaska Hopper, #73183 Alaska Tank Car/OBsOBs
Lot: 99Bachmann HO Gauge #11305 New York Central Niagara 4-8-4 Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 100Lionel HO Gauge: Die-cast #58000 Union Pacific (3985) Challenger 4-6-6-4 DDC Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 1018 Assorted Dinky Military Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 102Bachmann/Lionel G/Large Gauge: #4255W/93248/87406/96201/96421 Assorted Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 1036 Lemax Carole Towne Collection/OBsOBs
Lot: 104Marklin Mini-Club Z Gauge: #8819 Alaska ABA Set and #8686/8687 Alaska Freight Car Sets/OBsOBs
Lot: 105MTH HO Gauge: #80-3104-1 Pennsylvania K-4s 4-6-2 (1361) Steam Engine and Tender w/Protosound 3.0/OBOB
Lot: 106Delton G Gauge: Box Car, Reefer Car, and Lumber Car/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 10711 Assorted Lemax/Carole Towne Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 108Tonka Bull Dozer, Tonka Farm Truck w/Horse Trailer, Dump Truck, and JeepNone
Lot: 109HO Gauge #9944 Alaska MP-15DC Engine, 13 Cars Kits, and 2 Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 110MTH HO Gauge: #80-3104-1 Pennsylvania K-4s 4-6-2 (1361) Steam Engine and Tender w/Protosound/OBOB
Lot: 111Atlas HO Gauge: #9527/9552 New Haven H16-44 Engines/OBsOBs
Lot: 112Lemax #85759 Daily Gazette, #75516 Albees Pharmacy, #03834 Tim Christmas Tree Farm and #9203704 Lookout Tower/OBsOBs
Lot: 113Lionel/AF HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Passenger and Freight CarsNone
Lot: 114#25037 Metal Wind Up Musical EngineNone
Lot: 115MTH HO Gauge: #80-3101-1 Pennsylvania K-4s 4-6-2 (1737) Steam Engine and Tender w/Protosound 3.0 /OBOB
Lot: 116Exoto 1:18 Scale Thunder Trax AM General Hummer and Grand Prix Classic Lotus Ford 72D/OBsOBs
Lot: 117Lemax/Other #84852 Saucer Fun, #75562 S&H Green Stamps Store, Church and Mayfield and Sons Music Shop/OBsOBs
Lot: 118St Nicholas Square Main Street Movie Theatre, Ski Chalet, Skating Scene, and Winter Wonderland Half Pipe/OBsOBs
Lot: 1198 Assorted Dinky Military Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 120Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge: 2 #8198 Wabash E8/9 Locomotives, and 3 #8197 Wabash E8/9 Locomotives/OBsOBs
Lot: 121Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge: #6688 (powered)/6634/6539/6550 New York City Blue Stripe R17 Subway Cars and #6604 (powered)/6513/6529/6619 New York City Red Bird R17 Subway Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 1226 Lemax/Dept 56 Assorted Buildings and Accessorie/OBsOBs
Lot: 123Tonka/Buddy L Texaco Oil Tanker Truck, #5 Fire Truck and Cement Mixer TruckNone
Lot: 124Vintage Dinky #32AB Truck, #32C Fuel Truck, #50 Safety Crane, #340 Land Rover,#70 Trailer, Trailer, and White Car/OBs5 OBs
Lot: 1254 Exoto 1:18 Scale Racing Legends, Cobra Daytona Coupe and 3 Corvette Grand Sport/OBsOBs
Lot: 126LGB G Gauge: #4075 D&RG Caboose, #4065 G01 C&S Caboose, #43650 C&S Caboose, and #4174 Reefer Car/OBsOBs
Lot: 127Bachmann/Tyco HO Gauge: #0680 Santa Fe EMD Engine, 5 Cars and Power Pack/OBsOBs
Lot: 128Life-Like/LGB O/G Gauge: #1414 Bobbys Garage, and #1964 Operating Crossing Gate/OBsOBs
Lot: 129Dept 56 #53400 Grandview Shores Hotel, #54946 Farmers Co-op Granary, and #56.55080 Village Legion Hall/OBsOBs
Lot: 130Con-Cor HO Gauge: #0015-002340/002341/002420 Blue Wabash EMD E-7A Engines/OBsOBs
Lot: 131Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #217 New York Central/P&LE H-9D (9513) 2-8-2 Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 13220 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Circus Kits/OBs/Plastic Packaging9 OBs
Lot: 1336 Assorted Lemax/St. Nicholas Square Buildings and Collectibles/OBsOBs
Lot: 134American Model Supply G Gauge: #12015 Southern Box Car and #AM33-015 RGS Short Caboose/OsOBs
Lot: 135Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #072 New York Central J1e 40604 (5330) Hudson Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 136Tyco HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 137Mr Christmas #17182 St Nicolas Square Twilight Slopes, #37543 St Nicholas Square School Play Ground, #07791 St Nicolas Square Wishing Well, #567-2597 Santa Workbench Collection Santa W/Camera, and #567-2654 Santa Workbench Collection Wreath Seller/OBsOBs
Lot: 138Lionel Large (G) Gauge #87803 Seaboard Box Car and 2 #87802 Contrail Box Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 139USA Trains G Gauge: #R-16065 Nevada County Reefer Car and C&S Kitchen Car/OBsOBs
Lot: 140Broadway Limited HO Gauge: Paragon Series #071 NYC J1-E 4-6-4 (5324) Hudson Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 141Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #023 Pennsylvania J1 (6170) 2-10-4 Steam Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 142Delton G Gauge: #4254 D&RGW Box Car and 2 DSP & PRR Box Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 1435 Assorted Lemax Table Accents/OBsOBs
Lot: 144Lemax #55228 Engine House No. 8, #9574187 Village Dairy Farm, #15568 Terminal Train and #05503 Lighted House/OBsOBs
Lot: 145Con-Cor HO Gauge: #910 Wabash EMD E-8 AA Diesel Units/OBOB
Lot: 146Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge: #30322 New York, New Haven and Hartford RS11 Engine and #23986 New York Central C-Liner Engine/OBsOBs
Lot: 147Vintage Buddy L Horse Academy Horse Carrier Truck, Tow ruck and Auto Carrier TruckNone
Lot: 148Danbury Mint #2919 Pewter Santa Fe Northern Steam Engine and Tender CollectibleNone
Lot: 14921 Assorted Scale Ertl-Lionel Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 150Lionel HO Gauge: Die-cast #58004 Union Pacific (3976) Challenger 4-6-6-4 Gray/Black Steam Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 151LGB G Gauge: 4 Assorted Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 152 HO Gauge: #740 Baltimore and Ohio Engine, Missouri Pacific Engine, #5038 MKT Engine, Unmarked Engine and Tender and 14 Assorted Cars/OBs10 OBs
Lot: 153Vintage Tonka/Others Green Shovel (Repainted), 2 Dump Trucks, Delivery Truck and a Pontoon PlaneNone
Lot: 154Ideal Toy U.S. Royal Giant Tire Operating Toy Ferris Wheel/1964-65 NYC World's Fair/OBOB
Lot: 155Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge: #8842 Nickel Plate GP-18 Diesel Engine, #23465-0424 New Haven FA1 Diesel Engine, and #23465-0464 New Haven FB1 Diesel Engine/OBsOBs
Lot: 156LGB G Gauge #3181 Passenger Car and Unmarked Passenger Car/OBsOBs
Lot: 1574 Assorted Artists Framed Artwork/Photographs
Lot: 1586 Assorted Dept 56/Hallmark Buildings and Musical TrainNone
Lot: 159Bachmann/Spectrum HO Gauge:#81605 New York, New Haven & Hartford (3304) USRA Light 4-8-2 Mountain Engine and Tender and #82404 New Haven GE E33 Flywheel Drive Engine and Tender/OBsOBs
Lot: 160Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge: #21144 Wabash SW-9/1200 Locomotive and 2 #21145 Wabash SW-9/1200 Locomotives/OBsOBs
Lot: 161Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #002 New York Central (5343) Hudson 4-6-4 Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 162Dept 56 #52644 Village Waterfall and #52645 Animated Sledding Hill/OBsOBs
Lot: 163 Assorted Scale #06386T Battery Operated Rocky Mountain Engine, #025 Battery Operated Double Quick Choo Choo Train Set, #50022 Battery Operated Western Train Set, and 9 Collectibles/OBsOBs
Lot: 164Stewart Hobbies HO Gauge: #5212 F3 New York Central F3 Phase II AB Assembled Kit Engines/OBsOBs
Lot: 165Sealed Bachmann Spectrum HO Gauge: #82404 New Haven (300) GE E33 Electric/OBMint/sealedOB
Lot: 166Sealed Bachmann Spectrum HO Gauge: #82404 New Haven GE E33 (300) Electric Engine/OBOB
Lot: 16710 Assorted Scale Vehicles, Display Cases and Car Wax/OBs/CanistersOBs, as shown
Lot: 16810 Assorted Collectibles and Accessories/OBs9 OBs
Lot: 169Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #647 New York Central (8835) EMD Switcher/OB
Lot: 1704 Racing Models: GMP 1:18 Scale #12002 Sunoco Lola Spyder, #1101 1965, Shelby GT350 Mustang, #12003 Sunoco T70 Lola Couple, and #12004-1 1967 Team 7 Surtees Lola Spyder, OBsOB
Lot: 171Bachmann Spectrum HO Gauge: #84013 Pennsylvania K4 4-6-2 (3750) Pacific Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 17224 Assorted Die-Cast/Plastic 1:43/Other Scale Vehicles/OBs19 OBs
Lot: 1739 Assorted Railroad Locks and CollectiblesNone
Lot: 174Piko HO Gauge: #5/0728 Steam Engine 5pc Freight Set/OBOB
Lot: 175Cor-Cor Toy Metal Red/Black Floor Vintage Train w/Wood WheelsNone
Lot: 176Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge:New York City Transit #30020/30020 R-17 Red Bird Powered Subway Cars, and #30021/30021/30022/30022/30023/30023 R-17 Red Bird Subway Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 1778 Assorted Artists Framed Artwork and PhotographsNone
Lot: 178Dept 56/Other #56.52867 Windmill by the Chicken Coup and 2 Porcelain Lighted Houses/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 179Athearn HO Gauge: Genesis #G9000 Undecorated USRA 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 18033 Athearn/Ertl/Tichy Train HO Gauge items/OBsOBs
Lot: 181Sealed Bachmann Spectrum HO Gauge: #82404 New Haven GE E33 (300) Electric - Flywheel Drive/OBOB
Lot: 182#500/501/650/CB62A 1795 Power Packs for HO Gauge/OBsOBs
Lot: 183Life-Like/K-Line/Walthers #1964 Crossing Gate, #K633-9013 Yuengling Anniversary Riveted Tank Car with Display Track, and #933-3304 Phoenix Fuel Oil Corporation Kit/OBsOBs
Lot: 184Aristo Craft G Gauge: #ART-46950 Track Cleaning Car, #ART-50110 Curved Track, #ART-11500 Curved Track, 3#11200 Right Switch Track, 3 #11210 Left Switch Track and 8 extra pieces/OBs8 OBs
Lot: 185Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #2894 Wabash USRA Heavy Mikado (2732) 2-8-2 Steam Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 186USA Trains G Gauge: 6 Assorted Freight Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 18730+ Assorted Collectibles/OBs/Blister Packs/OBs3 OBs
Lot: 188Lemax #35836CV Post Office, #25644A Apartment Building, #05505 Lighted House, and #14618A Wooden Bridge/OBsOBs
Lot: 189Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge: #8056/8057 Pennsylvania E8/9 AA Engines/OBs OBs
Lot: 1907 HO Gauge: #0697/0187 Wabash F7 Engine, #0015-002014 Wabash EMD GP-38 Diesel, #543 Wabash GP-9, #931-219/931-269 Wabash FA-1/FB-1 AB Alcos, and Wabash EMD F7 Lighted Diesel/OBsOBs
Lot: 191Penn Line HO Gauge: #5796-A/6012 Pennsylvania AB Units and 3 Pennsylvania Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 19250+ Assorted Trees and Accessories/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 193Lionel Large Scale #81001 Thunder Mountain Express Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 194Bachmann G Gauge: #833 Blue Comet Atlantic City Express Steam Train SetLid
Lot: 195Sealed Atlas/Branchline HO Gauge: 8 Wabash Freight Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 19619 Assorted Scale Die-cast Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 19750+ Assorted Scale VehiclesNone
Lot: 1986 Assorted Dietz/Hope LanternsNone
Lot: 199Athearn HO Gauge: #94009 New Haven RS-3 Diesel Engine, #92431/92432 New Haven Box Cars, and #71439 6-Car Steel Reefer Set/OBsOBs
Lot: 200Lionel HO Gauge: Die-cast #58000 Union Pacific (3985) Challenger 4-6-6-4 DDC Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 201Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge: 3 #21093 Wabash E7 A Unit Locomotives w/Mars Lights/OBsOBs
Lot: 202N Gauge: #215 Santa Fe Train Set, #4326/86243 Enjay Reefers and #70105 AHM Transformer/OBsOBs
Lot: 203Vintage Weyersberg Kirschbaum Sollingen #N7096 Bayonet and #R0916 Bayonet (21" long) None
Lot: 204USA Trains/Delton G Gauge #R-1925 Colorado Midland Box Car, #4275 Denver and Rio Grande Caboose and 2 #9201 Log Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 205Bachmann Spectrum HO Gauge: #11417 Baldwin Locomotive Works (9700) 2-8-0 Consolidation Steam Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 206HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engines, Tenders and Cab/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 207Tyco HO Gauge: #212D-30.00 Union Pacific Engine and Tender, 6 Cars, Track and Operating Crossing Gate/OBsOBs
Lot: 208Dept 56/Lemax #56.52505/56.55604/14330/5810-6 Assorted Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 20913 Large Assorted Modern Corgi 1:48/1:50 Scale Die-Cast Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 210LGB G Gauge: 28 Pieces of TrackNone
Lot: 211Modern Athearn HO Gauge: #91759 Wabash GP-35, 2 #91760 Wabash GP-35 Diesels, #91262 Youngstown 50PD, and #74006 Wabash Cupola Caboose/OBsOBs
Lot: 212LGB/Marklin G Gauge: #49191 Flat Car for Gang Car, #5060 Bridge, and #1100 Track 7 Curved Pieces/OBsOBs
Lot: 2134 Hemingray #42 Greenish Glass RR InsulatorsNone
Lot: 214Life-Like HO Gauge: #21445 Armed Forces Express Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 215 HO Gauge Brass Steam 0-4-4-0 Switcher Engine (made in Japan)None
Lot: 21624 Assorted Vintage Lead FiguresNone
Lot: 2177 Assorted Model Power/DPM O Gauge Buildings and Kits/OBs/Plastic PackagingOBs
Lot: 218G/O Gauge #57 Pennsylvania Engine, Holiday Express Tender, 7 Cars, 5 Accessories, 12 O Gauge Track and 12 G Gauge Track/OB1 OB
Lot: 21921 Assorted Lead FiguresNone
Lot: 220Life-Like/Atherans #8667 Proto 2000 BL2 Monon Diesel Engine and #6113 Wabash 5 Pack Hoppers/OBsOBs
Lot: 221Athearn HO Gauge: #4724 CSX GP-40 Non Powered Engine, #4009 Baltimore and Ohio SW7 Engine, #4402 Chessie SD40-2 Engine, #3444 Chessie U3 Engine, #8411 Winchester and Western Non Powered Engine and 3 #4208 Chessie GP-35 Engines/OBs7 OBs
Lot: 222Walthers/Harley Davidson Collectibles HO Gauge: #933-3312 Krazy Ken Car Town Kit, and #99262-002 Harley Davidson Corporation Headquarters Kit/OBsOB
Lot: 223HO Gauge: 39 Assorted Engines, Cars and AccessoriesNone
Lot: 224Life-Like Proto 2000 Series HO Gauge: #30387 B&M BUDD Car, #30576 Milwaukee DL-109 Engine, #30572 Southern DL-109 Engine, #31279 New Haven RS-2 Engine, #23987 NYC C-Liner Engine, and #23944 PC Box Car/OBsOBs
Lot: 225Hobbico/MRC #9000 Tech III Power Command, #AH100 Tech II Train Power 027, Tech II Railmaster 2400, #HCAP0260 Accu-cycle and #HCAP100 R/C Multi-charger/OBs4 OBs
Lot: 226Athearn HO Gauge: 17 Assorted Engine, Passenger Cars & Freight Cars/OBs/Blister PacksOBs
Lot: 227AMS Narrow Gauge: #AM20-111 Iron Mt. Coal Car and #AM32-110 Flat Cars Set of 2/OBsOBs
Lot: 2282 Mattel Miniature Cars (matchbox) Carrying Cases with CarsCases
Lot: 229G Gauge: 17 Assorted Cars and Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 230Lionel HO Power Passers #9540 High Bank Curve, and 8 #9520 16 1/2 Inch Straight Track 2 Piece SetsOBs
Lot: 231HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Wabash RR Engines & Tenders and Passenger Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 23213 Assorted Dinky Carts and VehiclesNone
Lot: 233Dept 56/Cavanagh/Unknown #53402 Chapel on the Hill, #E234259 Cracker Barrel Store and 2 Coca Cola Buildings/OBsOBs
Lot: 23413 Assorted Publishers Train BooksNone
Lot: 235CNH Farmall Bar Stool - Must be Picked upNone
Lot: 23650 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OB1 OB
Lot: 23732 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OB/Plastic CasesOBs as shown
Lot: 238G Gauge: #ART-11600 Curved Track Set of 16, #REA-11060 Straight Track Set of 12, #980 Gooseneck Lamp, and #1002 O Rerailer/OBsOBs
Lot: 239Life-Like HO Gauge: #1982 Campbell Soup Company Train Set/OBsOBs
Lot: 24025 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Accessories/OBs13 OBs
Lot: 241Walthers HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Wabash Freight Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 242Danbury Mint #556001000017 Santa 24kt electroplated Santa Gold Christmas Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 243Oakland Filling Station, Tys Gas Station, Eckerd Pharmacy, Musical Lighthouse, and Lighted House/OBsOBs
Lot: 244Riverissi HO Gauge: #1871 L&N C420 Alco Diesel Engine and 2 #6992 6-Car Freight Sets/OBsOBs
Lot: 245HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Engine & Tenders and Locomotives/OBsOBs
Lot: 246HO Gauge: 14 Assorted Buildings & Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 247Delton G Gauge: #9510D/9510D/9511D/9512D Denver and Rio Grande Passenger Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 24823 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Accessories (3)/OBsOBs
Lot: 249Penn Line HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Pennsylvania Engine & Tender and Passenger Cars/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 250Railroad Oil Lantern and NYC/St Louis Oil CansNone
Lot: 251Mantua/Penn Line HO Gauge: #68 Engine & Tender, #4073 Engine & Tender, #501 Kit and #? Engine & Tender/OBsOBs
Lot: 25225 pieces of Aristo Craft G Gauge Track/OB1 OB
Lot: 253N Gauge: Assorted Santa Fe 420 Alco Engine, 6 Cars and Track/Plastic CasesCases
Lot: 25450 Assorted Scale Die-cast and Plastic VehiclesNone
Lot: 255N Gauge: 28 Assorted Buildings and Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 256HO Gauge 3 Freight Cars, 11 Accessories and 3 Kits/OBs/Blister PacksOBs
Lot: 257Delton G Gauge: #3060 Denver and Rio Grande Box Car and Unmarked ComboNone
Lot: 25870+ Assorted Scale Accessories and PartsNone
Lot: 25912 Assorted Die-Cast Sports CarsNone
Lot: 2603 Lionel/Airex Fishing NetsNone
Lot: 2611952 Structo Red Metal Fire TruckNone
Lot: 262HO Gauge: Great Northern AA Units, 5 Passenger Cars and 15 Cars and Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 26340+ Assorted Train Related Items, including a Trolley, Figures & Trees, Posters and other Miscallaneous items/OBsObs
Lot: 264Vector Zone #8101 J3-Cub Yellow Aircraft/OBOB
Lot: 2655 Assorted Train PicturesNone
Lot: 266HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engines/OBsOBs
Lot: 26720 Assorted 1:43/1:48 Scale Assorted Vehicles/OBs19 OBs
Lot: 26810 Assorted Publishers Train BooksNone
Lot: 269Roundhouse HO Gauge: #5011/5043/5047 Ringling Brothers Passenger Cars and 16 Assorted Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 270Marx 29 Inch Freight TerminalNone
Lot: 271G (Large) Scale: 7 Lionel 36 Inch Straight TracksNone
Lot: 272Walt Disney World Monorail Set w/4 Extra Tracks/OBsOBs
Lot: 273G Gauge: New Bright #186 Battery Operated Gold Rush Express Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 274Tyco HO Gauge: 10 Assorted 1960s Engines, Tenders and Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 275Aladdin 23 inch Oil Lantern
Lot: 276Athearn HO Gauge: 24 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 277Accurail HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Wabash Freight Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 278IHC HO Gauge: Sealed #50034 New Haven The Patriot 8 Car Passenger Set/OBOBs
Lot: 279Roundhouse/Accurail HO Gauge: 17 Assorted Wabash Freight Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 280Lemax Buildings #45767 Books and Beans Booksellers, #45768 Nicks Vintage Sports Cars, #VH08005 Phils Pharmacy and #VH09001 Daisy Florals and Gifts/OBsOBs
Lot: 281Tyco HO Gauge: #5314 Pennsylvania Steam Passenger Train Set/OBsOBs
Lot: 282N Gauge: 13 Assorterd Engines, Freight Cars and Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 283Bachmann Spectrum HO Gauge:#80026 Santa Fe 44 Ton Diesel, #81412 NYC Gas Electric Doodlebug, and #80010 GN 44 Ton DieselOBs
Lot: 284Bachmann Spectrum HO Gauge: #11322 Southern Pacific 4-8-4 Steam Engine & Tender, #31204 NYC F7A Diesel, #M9911 Erie 4-6-2 Steam Engine & Tender, and #16149 Crane & Boom Tender/OBsOBs
Lot: 285Tyco HO Gauge: #7565 Santa Fe True Value Electric Freight Train Set/OBsOBs
Lot: 286Marklin HO Gauge #2955 Steam 0-6-0 Passenger Train Set/OBsOBs
Lot: 287Lionel HO Gauge: #181 Burlington Engine, 10 Assorted Cars, Track and Power Pack/OBsOBs
Lot: 288Penn Line/AHM/Other HO Gauge: #5067/6236 Virginia & Truckee Passenger Cars, #500/3406 Santa Fe Passenger Cars, #101/101/103? Union Pacific Passenger Cars and Unmarked Passenger Cab with Wheels/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 289Tyco HO Gauge: #T6113 Santa Fe ABA Freight Train Set/OBsOBs
Lot: 2906 Assorted Train Framed PicturesNone
Lot: 29112 Assorted Assorted Aircrafts/OBsOBs
Lot: 292Model Power/Hobby Zone #6401 Travel Air 4000 BiPlane and HBZ4800 Act II Mini Super Cub/OBsOBs
Lot: 293HO Gauge: 17 Assorted Freight Cars and Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 29412 Assorted Collectibles and Accessories/OBs/Blister PackOps as shown
Lot: 295CNH Farmall Bar Stool - Must be picked upNone
Lot: 296Fly Dragon Aircraft Models #HX237 Radio Controlled Airplane/OBOB
Lot: 2975 Assorted Framed Train PicturesNone
Lot: 2987 Assorted Publishers Hardback and Paperback RR Books None
Lot: 299RCZ Britian/Unknown #41149 Britian King George V & Earl Kitchener and 12 Knight Lead Figures/OBNone
Lot: 300 42 Inch Train Station - Must be Picked UpNone
Lot: 301HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Engines and Freight CarsNone
Lot: 30213 Assorted Train & Railroad BooksNone
Lot: 303Lionel/AF/Marx HO Gauge: #0494 Rotating Beacon, #0319 Flat Launching Helicopter Car, Bordens Flat Car, Power Pack and Tower/OB1 OB
Lot: 304HO Gauge: 22 Assorted Freight Cars and Crossing Gate SignalsNone
Lot: 3057 Assorted Scale Tractor Trailers, Hot Air Balloon, Blimp and Boat (Kit)/OBs5 OBs
Lot: 30612 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs/Blister Packs11 OBs
Lot: 307HO Gauge: 20 Assorted Freight Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 3088 Assorted Publishers Train BooksNone
Lot: 309New Bright G Gauge: Battery Powered Gold Rush Express Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 310New Bright G Gauge: Battery Operated #189 Timberland Wolf & Redwood Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 3112 Travel N' Train Storage and Transport Case Cases
Lot: 312Nice Sisco Solid Hard Wood Utility Case w/DrawersNone
Lot: 31314 Assorted Lanscaping Material/OBs/Plastic PackagingOBs as shown
Lot: 3144 Assorted Marx Metal BuildingsNone
Lot: 315LGB G Gauge: 19 #1000 Straight Tracks, 8 #1100 Curved Tracks, and 12 #110 Curved TracksNone
Lot: 316Hunter Manufacturing Nascar Rouch Racing Stool - Must be picked upNone
Lot: 3173 Framed Pictures Great Race by Howard Fogg, Parallel Lives by Christina Altfeld and Western Maryland TrainNone
Lot: 31812 Assorted Publishers Train BooksNone
Lot: 319HO Gauge: 14 Assorted Engines, Cars and Kits/OBs