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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box:
Lot: 1Bolboa Precision Engineering HO Gauge: Made in Japan Brass #606/626/606 Pennsylvania Tuscan ABA PA-1/PB-1 Locomotives/OBsOBs
Lot: 2Athearn HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Engines and Kit/OBsOBs
Lot: 314 Assorted Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls/OBsOBs
Lot: 4O Gauge: Brass #77 War-Han Railways 2-6-2 Steam Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 5Alco/ROK-AM HO Gauge: #E-105M Pennsylvania P-5A Modified Electric/OBOB
Lot: 61987 by Antes PRR Class K4S Pacific Standard Passenger Locomotive of the World Picture in Wood FrameFramed
Lot: 78 Assorted Hess Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 810 Assorted Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls/OBsOBs
Lot: 9O Gauge: Brass #5278 NYC 4-6-4 Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 10Imperial Models HO Gauge: #IM-103 Pennsylvania Q-2 Duplex 4-4-6-4 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 11MEW HO Gauge: Made in Japan #20 2-6-0 Virginia & Truckee Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 1240 Assorted Britians/Other Lead FiguresNone
Lot: 1316 Assorted Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls/OBsOBs
Lot: 14O Gauge: 7 Assorted Passenger CarsNone
Lot: 15Max Grey HO Gauge :Made in Japan Brass #3712 Great Northern Y-1 1-C-C-1 Electric Locomotive/OBOB
Lot: 16Athearn HO Gauge: #3133/3034/3033 Amtrak ABA Units and #1789/1799/1819/1829 Amtrak Passenger Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 1717 Assorted Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls/OBsOBs
Lot: 188 Assorted Hess Vehicles and a 40TH Anniversary Booklet/OBsOBs
Lot: 19G Gauge: 8 Assorted Cars, Track, Power Unit and Walk Around Control System/OBsOBs
Lot: 20Olympia/Gem Models HO Gauge: Made in Japan #6200 Pennsylvania 6-8-6 Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 21United/Alco HO Gauge: Made in Japan #S-128 PRR K4S 4-6-2 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 229 Assorted Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls/OBsOBs
Lot: 23Tyco/Atlas HO Gauge: #247 Spirit of America Engine & Tender, #373A/373A/373B Spirit of America Passenger Cars, Freight Car and Track/OBsOBs
Lot: 24Samhongsa O Gauge: Brass #5439 Pennsylvania 0-6-0 Engine & Tender w/SoundNone
Lot: 25Wen-mac Corp 1953 Texaco North Dakota Ship w/Display Board and Ad (1961)None
Lot: 26Iron Horse Models/Precision Scale/D&D HO Gauge: #16806-1 Southern Tennessean J Class Steam Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 2730 Assorted Vehicles McDonalds Disney Characters, Lehmanns Gnomes and #936 Nunu Hedgehog/OBs21 OBs
Lot: 2817 Assorted Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls/OBsOBs
Lot: 29Walther N Gauge: 21 Assorted Building Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 30NKP/KMT HO Gauge: Made In Japan #4003 C&NW E-4 4-8-4 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 31NJ Custom Brass HO Gauge: Made in Japan The Milwaukee Rd Bi Polar EP-2 Gearless Electric Engine/OBOB
Lot: 32O Gauge: Brass Steam Two Trucks Shay Engine w/Coal BunkerNone
Lot: 3327 Assorted Scale Matchbox/Ertl/Franklin Mint Vehicles/OBs/Cases13 OBs
Lot: 34O Gauge: #12/13/14 Wood Montserrat Valley Passenger CarsNone
Lot: 35Oriential Limited HO Gauge: #8061 Pennsylvania 2-8-8-2 USRA Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 36G Gauge PACS (?): #1594/1708/1732/1839 Wooden Rio Grande Gondolas None
Lot: 37O Gauge: Brass #348 4-6-2 NPR Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 38REA G Gauge: 3 #31006 Southern Pacific Daylight Coach Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 39Atlas HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Engines/OBsOBs
Lot: 40Daiyoung Models/NJ Custom HO Gauge #ST-869 Union Pacific 4-6-2 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 41PFM HO Gauge: #6626 Missouri Pacific 4-6-2 P-73 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 4232 Assorted Scale Construction Vehicles, Hess Vehicles, Pick Up Trucks and Flat Car Containers/OBsOBs
Lot: 43O Gauge: 14 Assorted CarsNone
Lot: 442006 By Peter Lerro Jr. Holiday Merchandise Horseshoe Curve Picture in Wood FrameFramed
Lot: 45Tenshodo HO Gauge made in Japan: #3460 Blue Goose 4-6-4 Santa Fe Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 46Athearn HO Gauge: #5011 L&N Engine and 27 Assorted Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 4726 Assorted Vehicles and Boats/OBsOBs
Lot: 48O Gauge: 18 Assorted CarsNone
Lot: 49NJ Custom Brass HO Gauge Made In Japan: Brass Pennsylvania L-5 1-B-B-1 Electric/OBOB
Lot: 50Akane HO Gauge: Made in Japan Brass B&O Class EM-1 2-8-8-4 Baldwin Articulated Locomotive & Tender/OBsOBs
Lot: 51Dux Sun HO Gauge: #4501 4-8-2 Southern Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 52Athearn HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 5317 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 5412 Assorted Revell/AMT 1:25 Scale Vehicle Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 55Suydam/Electric Railway Equip HO Gauge Made In Japan: Brass #5001 Double Ended PCC Electric Trolley/OBOB
Lot: 56NJ Custom HO Gauge: Brass 4-10-4 Q-1 Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 5723 Assorted Scale Ertl Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 58Atlas/Rivarossi O Gauge: 8 Assorted Engines & TrolleyNone
Lot: 5912 Assorted 1:72 Scale Assorted Military Aircraft Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 60Overland Models/ROK-AM HO Gauge: #606 4-8-4 RF&P Railroad Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 61Alco/KMT/Tetsudo HO Gauge: Made in Japan Brass #6517 PRR Diesel Engine and #9611 PA Road Switcher/OB1 OB
Lot: 62Dept 56 #56.52508 Animated Perfect Putt and #52732 Loading the Sleigh/OBsOBs
Lot: 6318 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 64G Gauge PACS (?): #0503/0505 Wooden Rio Grande CaboosesNone
Lot: 65KMT HO Gauge: #60-B Union Pacific 4-4-4-4 Diesel Engine/OBOB?
Lot: 6616 Assorted AMT 1:25 Scale Vehicle Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 6710 Assorted O Gauge CarsNone
Lot: 68MRC Sound & Power 7000, Train Power 6200 Throttle Control and Control Master 20 TransformerNone
Lot: 6910 Assorted 1:72 Scale Military Aircrafts Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 70Overland Models/ROK-AM HO Gauge: #618 RF&P Railroad 4-8-4 James Madison Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 71KMT/NKP HO Gauge: Brass #100 Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 7290+ Assorted Accessories and Collectibles/Blister PacksOBs
Lot: 7315 Assorted O Gauge CarsNone
Lot: 74Tenshodo/Varney HO Gauge Brass Made In Japan: #5400 4-6-4 NYC Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 75NJ Custom HO Gauge made in Japan: Brass #EL-307 NYC P-2 Electric Engine/OBOB
Lot: 76DAE-HAN HO Gauge: Brass #6025 NYC Engine & Tender and #2024 Baltimore & Ohio Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 77LGB G Gauge: #4065 Rio Grande Black CabooseNone
Lot: 7813 Assorted Hess Trucks/OBsOBs
Lot: 79Athearns HO Gauge: #4001/4002 SW Switchers and 23 Assorted Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 80Precision Models/GEM Models HO Gauge: Made in Japan #RS-101 PRR S-2 6-8-6 Steam Turbine Locomotive & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 81HO Gauge: Made In Japan Brass #6849 2-10-4 Pennsylvania Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 82N Gauge: 31 Assorted Cars, Accessories and Building Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 8310 Assorted O Gauge Pola/Other Freight CarsNone
Lot: 84Dept 56 #56.55309/56.55053/56.55305/56.54972/54943 Assorted Buildings/OBsOBs
Lot: 85KMT HO Gauge: Made in Japan #60 4-4-4-4 Union Pacific DieselNone
Lot: 86N Gauge: 30 Assorted Kits and Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 878 Assorted Walthers/Other Freight Cars and Kit/OBs3 OBs
Lot: 8811 Assorted Hess Trucks/OBsOBs
Lot: 8916 Assorted 1:24/1:25 Scale Vehicle Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 90Sunset/Samhongsa HO Gauge: Norfolk & Western Class J Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 91FMPM HO Gauge: #1396 Die-Cast 4-6-2 Southern Crescent Limited Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 92N/HO Scale: 16 Kits and Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 9360+ Assorted Collectibles and Animals/OBs/PackagingOBs
Lot: 9419 Assorted Scale Ertl Die-cast Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 95HO Gauge: #5293 NYC 4-6-4 Hudson Engine & Tender/OBOB?
Lot: 968 Assorted Monkey Island Bears/Gearbox/On Mark International Ford Truck 1:25 Scale and Collectibles/OBsOBs
Lot: 97Ertl/Other Farm Country County Fair Kit and 34 Assorted Animals/OBOB
Lot: 98GarGraves 5 Right Hand Manual Switches and 5 Left Hand Manual Switches/OBsOBs
Lot: 99Corgi Toys/Maxwell #48 Jean Richard Circus Set and 5 Circus Vehicles/OBs5 OBs
Lot: 100Alco Models/KMT HO Gauge: Made in Japan #S-125 Pennsylvania S-2 6-8-6 Turbine Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 101Hobby Zone #HBZ3310 Zig Zag R/C Racer/OBOB
Lot: 1026 Assorted Power Monitors and Transmitters/OBs3 OBs
Lot: 103HO Scale: 17 Assorted Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 104LGB G Gauge: 7 Assorted Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 105E-Flite #EFLH1100 Blade CP R/C Helicopter/OBOB
Lot: 106Hobbyist Made Grain BuildingNone
Lot: 107Faller/Brawa HO Scale: 13 Assorted Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 10823 Assorted Clown Collectibles and Ornaments/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 1092 Vintage Outdoor Boats/OBOB
Lot: 110Imperial Models HO Gauge: #1M-104 Pennsylvania 4-4-4-4 T1 Duplex Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 111Mantua HO Gauge: #5314 Baltimore & Ohio Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 112#341 O Gauge Philadelphia & Reading Engine and Tender and # 3 Pennsylvania Engine and TenderNone
Lot: 11316 Assorted Scale Hess Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 11410 Assorted 1:43 Scale Circus Set and Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 115Alco Models HO Gauge: Made in Japan #E-105 Pennsylvania P-5A Electric/OBOB
Lot: 116Deko-Sonder #45292 Aircraft/OBOB
Lot: 11711 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 11811 Assorted Ertl/Avon Die-cast Coca-Cola Vehicles and Collectibles/OBsOBs
Lot: 119Gear Box Toys 1:18 Scale 2 #00101 Coca-Cola Bottling Trucks and 2 #00103 Heinz Delivery Trucks/OBsOBs
Lot: 120NWSL HO Gauge: Made In Japan #E-78 Milwaukee Rd EF-4 2-D-D-2 Little Joe Electric/OBOB
Lot: 121Mantua/Other HO Gauge: #357-022 NYC Atlantic Engine & Tender and #2 Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-4 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 122Revell HO Gauge: Dale Earnhardt Legendary Series Die-cast 20 Piece Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 123LGB G Gauge: Mickey Mouse Express Engine, 2 Mighty Casey Engines and 3 Freight CarsNone
Lot: 124Kuosho Jet Ranger Helicopter/OBOB
Lot: 125HO Gauge: Made in Japan Brass #5154 4-6-4 NYC Dryfuss Hudson Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 126Excalibur #9511-3-1 1:10 Scale Radio Controlled Nascar 3 Vehicle/OBOB
Lot: 12719 Assorted Scale Circus Vehicles and Clown FiguresNone
Lot: 12839 Assorted Scale Champions/Mattel/Other Racing Vehicles and Cards/OBs/Blister PacksOBs
Lot: 129Cox/21st Century Toys #9871 Piper J-3 Cub Plane, F81 Bearcat Plane and #10128 P-38 Lightning Interceptor/OBsOBs
Lot: 130NJ Custom HO Gauge: Brass #St-238 Lady Baltimore J-1 4-4-4 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 131Bachmann On30 Gauge: 17+ Piece McDonalds Engine and Tender and CarsNone
Lot: 132O Gauge Pola/Other Pennsylvania Switcher and 9 Assorted CarsNone
Lot: 133Atlas/Pola/Other 2 #1475A Union Pacific AA Engines and 10 Assorted CarsNone
Lot: 13438 Assorted Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 135Bachmann Spectrum G Scale: #81196 Pardee & Curtin Lumber Company 2 Ton 3 Trucks Shay/OBOB
Lot: 13622 Assorted Scale Automobiles and Automobile Workshops/OBs9 OBs
Lot: 137Dept 56 #56.55374 LaGhosti Movie Theatre, #56.35020 Haunted Tree, #56.56734 Santa Sleigh Launch and Animated Ski Mountain/OBsOBs
Lot: 138Vollmer/Preiser HO Scale: 8 Assorted Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 139LGB/Other G Gauge: #3687 D&RGW Box Car, #5502 D&RGW Stock Car and #4070 Budweiser ReeferNone
Lot: 140Imperial Models HO Gauge: Made in Japan #IM-103 PRR Class Q2 Duplex 4-4-6-4 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 141Athearn HO Gauge: #3624/3634 Amtrak FP-45 AA Units And #1789/1799/1809/1819/1829/1839 Amtrak Passenger Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 14227 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Helicopter/OBsOBs
Lot: 1438 Ink Well/Matchbox/Ertl 1:43 Scale Assorted Vehicles and Clown Figure/OBsOBs
Lot: 144Marx 1:18 Scale US Army WWII Canvas TruckNone
Lot: 145O Gauge TurntableNone
Lot: 14621st Century Toys 1:18 Scale #312 M4 Sherman Tank, Military Howitzer, Dodge WC51 and US Halftrack M16/OBsOBs
Lot: 14714 #TN929 Wood and Metal Station Platforms/OBsOBs
Lot: 148LGB/Other G Scale: 30 Assorted Accessories/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 149MPC Star Wars Kits #8917 Millennium Falcon, #8915 Star Destroyer and #8733 Shuttle Tydirium/OBsOBs
Lot: 150EDM/NJ Custom HO Gauge: Made In Japan Brass Pennsylvania #4715 Electric LocomotiveIncorrect OB
Lot: 15110 Assorted Revell/AMT 1:25 Vehicle Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 152LA LUZ Locomotive Works G Gauge: #283 Denver Rio Grande Western Passenger Car None
Lot: 15342 Assorted Vehicles, Aircraft and Accessories/OBs14 OBs
Lot: 154New Bright G Gauge: #380 Holiday Express Animated Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 15512 Assorted Avon/Ertl Collectible Famous Train Statues, Fire Trucks and Other TrucksOBs
Lot: 15611 Assorted Eastwood/Racing Champions/Hartoy 1:64 Scale Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 157Vintage Marx #4810 American Airline International Airport (1960's) w/ Planes and many AccessoriesNone
Lot: 158Lionel Large Scale #87109 Santa Fe Reefer, #87101 Pennsylvania Reefer, #87404 Baltimore and Ohio Gondola and #82104 Water Tower Wood Kit/OBsOBs
Lot: 159N Gauge: 19 Assorted Cars and Accessories/OBs15 OBs
Lot: 160Hallmark Models/Ajin HO Gauge: 4-6-4 Wabash P1 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 1618 Assorted Collectable Vintage Car/Train Telephones, Radios and VHS Winders/OBsOBs
Lot: 162Bachmann Large Gauge 2 #96229 A Frame Wood Style Bridges and (Home-made) Bare Wood Bridge/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 163Lionel/LGB G Gauge Box of #1008 Straight Track (12) and 39 Curved Track/OBOB
Lot: 1649 Assorted 1:18/1:24 Scale Die-cast/Metal Vehicles/OBs8 OBs
Lot: 165Atlantic Coast Line RR Metal Flair Box w/Caution FlagNone
Lot: 1668 Assorted 1:18 Scale Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 1678 Assorted Collectibles/OBsOBs
Lot: 168Lionel Large Gauge #82004 Curved Track (50 pieces)/OBOB
Lot: 169#STE 6004 P-47 Thunderbolt Kit, #302 Cessna Plane Kit, #807 Spirit of St. Louis Kit 2 Pom Pom Guns and 2 Unmarked Planes/OBsOBs
Lot: 170LMB Models HO Gauge: Made in Japan #1120 Pennsylvania 4-6-2 Engine & Tender/OBOB(?)
Lot: 171G Scale: Hobbyst Barn w/Farm workers & AnimalsNone
Lot: 172HO Gauge: 75+ Assorted Engine, Passenger Cars, Accessories and Parts/OBsOBs
Lot: 173O Gauge #2804 Chicago Northwestern 2-8-4 Engine & TenderNone
Lot: 17420 Assorted 1:72 Scale Military Aircraft Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 175Balboa Katsumi HO Gauge: Made in Japan Southern Pacific #4437 Daylight GS-4 4-8-4 Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 17611 Assorted Scale Revell/Other Boat and Submarine Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 177HO Gauge: 30+ Assorted Cars and PartsNone
Lot: 178HO Gauge: 36 Assorted Silver Streak Engine, Passenger Cars, Cabooses and Track/OBsOBs
Lot: 1798 Assorted Vehicles and Collectibles/OBs6 OBs
Lot: 180NKP HO Gauge: Made In Japan #6406 4-8-4 Grand Truck Western Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 181Vintage Erie RR Metal Water/Kerosene JugNone
Lot: 182HO Gauge : 50+ Assorted Chessie Engine/Other Engines Parts, Cars and Parts
Lot: 1836 Assorted Gearbox/Eastwood 1:32 Scale Airplanes/OBsOBs
Lot: 184Rivarossi HO Gauge: 24 Assorted Passenger CarsNone
Lot: 185Enesco/Mr Christmas Greatest Show on Earth, Tornado Roller Coaster, Notingham Ferris Wheel and Hot Air BalloonNone
Lot: 186Eldon 1:32 Scale wheel size Dodge Race Set/OBOB
Lot: 18737 Assorted Gauge/Scales Engines, Cars, Accessories /OBs/Nlister Packs16 OBs
Lot: 1888 pieces of Lionel Large Gauge of Straight TrackNone
Lot: 189Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #024 PRR J1 2-10-4 Engine & Tender/Sound/OBOB
Lot: 190Overland Models/Ajin HO Gauge: #OMI-5295 New Haven EP-5 Electric Locomotive/OBOB
Lot: 191G Gauge: 9 Assorted Engine & Tender, Single Engines, single Tenders and CarsNone
Lot: 19216 Assorted Vehicles and Tin ToyNone
Lot: 193Lionel/Bachmann/Rivarossi HO Gauge: Assorted Engines and TendersNone
Lot: 194HO Gauge: AHM/Others 12 Assorted Engines/OBsOBs
Lot: 195LGB G Gauge: #20701 Steam Train Passenger Set/OBOB
Lot: 196AHM HO Gauge: #5090B/L-5091/5111/5149/5075D5056 Assorted Engines and Tenders/OBsOBs
Lot: 19712 Assorted Ertl Die-Cast Farm Classics/OBsOBs
Lot: 198G Gauge TurntableNone
Lot: 19912 Assorted 1:24/1:25 Scale Vehicle Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 200Olympia/GEM Models HO Gauge: Made in Japan Brass #6200 Pennsylvania 6-8-6 Turbine Engine & Tender/OBOB
Lot: 201Assortment of #55450 Iron Diesel Train Set Toy, 2 Tin Toy NYC Engine & Tender, #83634 Battery Operated Train Set and Billboard & LCCA Pin/OBs/Blister Pack3 OBs
Lot: 202HO Gauge: 23 Assorted 4 Amp Rectifier, Passenger Cars and Transformer/OB1 OB
Lot: 203AF Erector #8 1/2 Giant Ferris Wheel Set/Original Metal BoxBox
Lot: 204Model Power HO Gauge: #1046A Tuxedo Junction Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 205Bachmann G Gauge #25 Rio Grande Southern Engine & Tender, #328 Gold Belt Gondola, #11050 Gramps Tank Car and two #625 Santa Fe CaboosesNone
Lot: 206Bassett Lowke Train Kit/OBOB
Lot: 20712 Assorted Ertl/Racing Champions Texaco Die-cast Vehicle Banks and Porcelain Collectibles/OBs/Plastic CaseOBs
Lot: 208Bachmann G Gauge: #9670 Liberty Bell Limited Train Set, #97490 Pennsylvania Baggage Car and #97290 Coach/OBsOBs
Lot: 2097 Assorted Lanterns and CollectiblesNone
Lot: 210LGB G Gauge #92430 Steam Premiere Freight Set/OBOB
Lot: 21120 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Collectibles/OBsOBs
Lot: 212Athearn/Model Power/Bowser HO: #135 Burlington Engine and 14 Assorted Freight CarsOBs
Lot: 21326 Assorted Ertl/Other Die-cast Vehicles/OBs23 OBs
Lot: 21421st Century/Motorworks 1:18 Scale #10127 Corsair Airplane and #10173 Spitfire Mk.I Plane/OBsOBs
Lot: 215Piko G Gauge: #G-G320 Straight Track 12 pieces/OBOB
Lot: 2168 Assorted Trucks and Collectibles/OBs7 OBs
Lot: 2177 Assorted Marx/Wyandore Ohio Arts Tin & Plastic ToysNone
Lot: 218AF HO Gauge: 3 NYC Engines & Tenders and 5 Single TendersNone
Lot: 21911 Assorted Pola/Westbrook/Other O Gauge Freight CarsNone
Lot: 220G Scale: Detailed Storefront StructureNone
Lot: 221Bachmann G Gauge #7 Holiday Express Engine & Tender and #9 Holiday Steam EngineNone
Lot: 22238 Assorted Manufacturers HO Gauge Trolleys, Engine, B Units, Freight Cars and Accessories/OBs9 OBs
Lot: 223Buddy L Made in Japan Coca Cola TruckNone
Lot: 224HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Passenger Cars and Throttle Pack Train Controllers/OBs7 OBs
Lot: 225Iron Horse/Precison Scale HO Gauge: #16956-2 Amtrak GG-1 Electric/OBOB
Lot: 226Marklin Mini-Club Z Gauge: #8822/8851/8854 Electric Engines and Display Case/OBsOBs
Lot: 2277 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 228HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Engines and TendersNone
Lot: 2296 Assorted 1:18 Scale Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 230G Scale: 3 Story Wood StationNone
Lot: 231European/Marklin Mini-Club Z Gauge: 4 Assorted Engines and Tender and Freight Car/Plastic CasesOBs
Lot: 2328 Assorted Anson/Road Legends/Maisto 1:18 Scale Die-cast Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 233HO Gauge: 66 Assorted Cars, Automobiles and PartsNone
Lot: 23421st Century Toys 1:18 Scale #10181 TBF-1 Avenger Aircraft/OBOB
Lot: 235Gil Reid Framed NYC Hudson PrintFramed
Lot: 23621st Century Toys 1:18 Scale #10100 Mustang P51-D Aircraft/OBOB
Lot: 23727 pieces of Lionel Curved G Gauge TrackNone
Lot: 238HO Gauge: 39 Assorted CarsNone
Lot: 23940+ Assorted Buildings, Accessories and Figures/OBsOBs
Lot: 24021 Assorted Manufactures Assorted Ornaments and Collectibles/OBsOBs
Lot: 241Marklin Mini-Club Z Gauge: #8809/8809 Southern Pacific Daylight AA Units and 9 Assorted Southern Pacific Passenger Cars/OBS/Plastic CasesOBs
Lot: 242Marx? Red Metal Engine, 2 Passenger Cars and Set of WheelNone
Lot: 243HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Engines, Inspection Car, Trolley and B UnitsNone
Lot: 244Remco #723 Mr. Kelly Motorized Car Wash/OBOB
Lot: 245Bruce Dicken Niagara at Cleveland 25x20 Framed Print and Industrial Switcher Train Framed 20x18 PrintFramed
Lot: 24621st Century Toys 1:18 Scale P-40B Tomahawk Aircraft/OBOB
Lot: 247Bachmann ON30 Gauge: Spirit of America Engine, Tender, 3 Passenger Cars, and TransformerNone
Lot: 248HO Gauge/1:18 Scale/Other: 3 Train Sets and 5 Assorted Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 249Remco #814 Showboat/OBOB
Lot: 250Oriental Limited HO Gauge: #8069 USRA 2-8-8-2 Clinchfield Engine & USRA Tender/OBOB
Lot: 25115 Assorted Hasbro Gi-Joe Platforms and AccessoriesNone
Lot: 25219 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs4 OBs
Lot: 253Yat Ming/Maisto/Signature Models 1:18 Scale Die-cast #18111 1955 Chrysler Imperial, #31348 1956 Chrysler 300B and #92748 1960 Chrysler 300F/OBsOBs
Lot: 2547 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Figure/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 2559 Assorted Franklin Mint Vehicles and Dale Earnhardt Pocket Watch/OBsOBs
Lot: 256NCE Corporation/American Models/Controllers & Other Accessories and ManualNone
Lot: 257HO Scale: 72 Assorted Passenger Cars and CarsNone
Lot: 2583 Assorted New Bright/Other Musical Mickey Mouse and Robots CollectiblesNone
Lot: 25923 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Aircraft/OBs/Blister PackOBs
Lot: 260150+ Assorted Manufactures Assorted Scale Collectibles, Train Parts and FiguresOBs
Lot: 261Piko G Gauge: New York Central #906 Engine, #50893 Hopper and #11063 CabooseNone
Lot: 26229 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Aircraft/OBs/Blister PacksOBs
Lot: 26332 Assorted Scale Accessories and Animals/OBs/Blister Packs9 OBs/10 Blisters
Lot: 26413 Assorted 1:18/1:24/1:25 Scale Vehicle Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 26512 Assorted Scale Franklin Mint/Other Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 266Kyosho #4090 Concept 30 Helicopter Kit/OBOB
Lot: 267Traffic Control Technologies The Southern Signal LampNone
Lot: 26813 Assorted 1:24/1:25 Scale Vehicle Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 269N Gauge: 32 Assorted Parts and Kits/Plastic PackagingOBs
Lot: 27024 Assorted Manufactures Assorted Scales Assorted Plastic & Die-Cast Vehicles9 OBs
Lot: 271Starr-Tec Transponder Sound AnimatorNone
Lot: 2729 Assorted Scale Spacecraft Kits/OBsOBs
Lot: 273HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Engines and Cars/OBs15 OBs
Lot: 274Marklin Z Gauge: #81860 Train Set/OBOB
Lot: 275Bachmann N Gauge #51-610-27 Trolley, Chessie Engine & Caboose and 7 Freight Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 27615 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 277Marklin N/Z Gauge: #100 Santa Fe Engine, #4817 Pennsylvania GG-1, 3 #8860 Santa Fe Engines, #305/305/305 Amtrak Passenger Cars/OBs/Plasstic CasesOBs
Lot: 27824 Assorted Manufactures Kits and Accessories (mainly O Gauge)OBs
Lot: 279Great Remco Mobile Radio Loudspeaker/OBOB
Lot: 28015 ERTL Assorted Vehicles Banks/OBsOBs
Lot: 281G Scale Detailed Union Station (Wood)None
Lot: 28216 Assorted 1:72 Scale Aircraft Kits and Tires/OBsOBs
Lot: 283Rivarossi HO Gauge: 4 Texas Special Passenger CarsNone
Lot: 284Mantua HO Gauge: #5301 Baltimore and Ohio 4-6-2 Green/Silver Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 28512 Assorted Ertl/Gearbox Texaco Truck and Boat Banks/OBsOBs
Lot: 286Mantua HO Gauge #345-026 Sierra 2-6-6-2 Logger Engine and Tender/OBOB
Lot: 287Rivarossi HO Gauge: Chicago and Northwestern #432/726/930/6953/Pullman/Roomette Passenger CarsNone
Lot: 2889 Assorted Hess Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 28911 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Airplanes/OBsOBs
Lot: 290G Gauge: 28 Assorted LGB Train PartsNone
Lot: 291Gilbert AF HO: #31035 Erie 0-6-0 Steam Switcher and TenderNone
Lot: 292Rivarossi HO Gauge: 9 Northern Pacific #103/203/350/353/367/393/453/553/584 Passenger CarsNone
Lot: 293Marklin/Micro Machines Z Gauge: 13 Assorted Track, Cars and Accessories/OBS/Blister PackOBs
Lot: 294Tyco/Hobbyline/AF #T210A Western and Atlantic Engine and Tender, #1860 Central Pacific Passenger Car, 2 Freight Cars and 2 Power Packs/5 OBsOBs
Lot: 29511 Assorted Manufacturers Various Scales Vehicles/OBs8 OBs
Lot: 296N Gauge: 80+ Assorted Engines and Tenders, Cars and Track/OBOB
Lot: 297Rivarossi HO Gauge: 12 Milwaukee Road #106/123/234/345/412/456/645/650/2712/5143/Pullman/Observation Passenger CarsNone
Lot: 29825 Assorted Kits and Accessories/Plasticville/OBs/Plastic PackageOBs
Lot: 299Suydam/Model Hobbies HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 300MEW HO Gauge: Made In Japan #1050 Cleveland Union Terminal Electric Locomotive/OBOB
Lot: 30116 Assorted Hasbro Gi-Joe Vehicles, Aircraft and AccessoriesNone
Lot: 3029 Assorted Publishers Train BooksNone
Lot: 303N Gauge: 45 Assorted Kits, Accessories and Vehicles/OBs/Blister PacksOBs
Lot: 304Marx Tin House and Tin Barn plus 20 pieces of Plastic FurnitureNone
Lot: 3056 HO Steam Engines/Tenders and DieselsNone
Lot: 30627 Assorted Scale Vehicles, Trolley and Airplane/OBsOBs
Lot: 30757 Assorted Scale VehiclesNone
Lot: 30825 Assorted Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments/OBsOBs
Lot: 309Bachmann/Tyco HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Freight Cars/OBsOBs
Lot: 31048 pieces of G Gauge 3 Foot 2 Rail Straight Wood TrackNone
Lot: 3117 Assorted Manufactures Collectibles and Tractor Trailer/OBsOBs
Lot: 312Athearn/ATT HO Gauge: #3306 Southern Paciifc PA-1 Diesel Locomotive and #65 Stephenson's Rocket & Tender/OB/Plastic BoxOBs
Lot: 313Tonka #3907 Mighty Tonka Dozer and #T-9 Mighty Tonka Dozer/OBOB
Lot: 31418 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 315G Scale: 1950s Cardboard White ChurchNone
Lot: 3169 Hess Assorted Trucks/OBOBs
Lot: 31736 Assorted Circus Vehicles, Accessories and Collectibles/OBs7 OBs
Lot: 31875+ Assorted Circus Accessories, Vehicles and Misc Items/OBs/Plastic PackagingOBs
Lot: 31945 Assorted Coca-Cola and Christmas Items/OBs/Blister Packs15 OBs
Lot: 32013 Assorted Manufacturers O Gauge Assorted Plasticville (8 Sealed), Accessories, and Lionelville Mack Truck/OBs11 OBs
Lot: 321Classic Cars of The Fifties Display Wood Wall Shelf.OB
Lot: 32226 Assorted Commodore Christmas Village Paper-Based Buildings/Plastic Packaging7 Bags
Lot: 32365+ Assorted Circus Accessories, Animals and other Misc Items/Plastic Bags/Blister PacksOBs
Lot: 32416 Assorted Ertl 1:25/1:30/1:38 Scale Vehicle Banks/OBsOBs
Lot: 325Rare Ameriican Flyer HO gauge Frontiersman 35099 4 Piece SetNone
Lot: 326Exley O Gauge #9710 Passenger Car and #97 Dining CarNone
Lot: 327Framed Imperial Tobacco Train Cards, Framed Pennsylvania RR Letter (3/5/1891) and Framed Pennsylvania RR Letter (2/9/1891)5
Lot: 32850+ Assorted Circus Vehicles, Tents and Other Misc Items/OBsOBs
Lot: 329N Gauge: 2 #1180 Train Sets, #3068 Train Set, The General Engine and Tender, Pa GG-1, #9725 SP Engine and Tank Car/OBs/Plastic PacksOBs
Lot: 330Lionel Large Scale #5114 North Pole Railroad Engine and 34 Curved Track PiecesNone
Lot: 331Walthers/Lionel The Palace Theater Plastic Building and 5 Coal Bags.5 Bags
Lot: 332HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Engines, Tenders, Cabs and CaboosesNone
Lot: 333Pulse Master Power Pack, 2 Train Control Systems and AC Power Adapter/OBs/Blister Pack2 OBs
Lot: 334HO Gauge: #307 Santa Fe Train Set and 9 Accessories/OBsOBs
Lot: 33520 Racing Champions/Matchbox 1:64 Scale Assorted Nascar Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 3367 Assorted First Gear 1:34 Scale Die-cast Trucks/OBsOBs
Lot: 337HO Gauge: 34 Assorted Freight CarsNone
Lot: 338HO Gauge: 36 Assorted Freight CarsNone
Lot: 33921 Assorted Ertl 1:25 Scale Vehicle Banks/OBsOBs
Lot: 34012 Assorted Manufacturers Layout Landscaping, Scenery Sheets, Ginger Bread House, and Mold Cast. OBs
Lot: 341G Scale: Wood detailed Mobil Gas Tank and Welding Shop BuildingsNone
Lot: 34250+ Assorted Trolley Set, Skating Rink and Assorted Holiday Accessories/OBs/Blister PacksOBs
Lot: 34310 Walthers 24 x 36 Instant Horizons Background Scenes/OBsOBs
Lot: 3449 Assorted Scale Motorcycles, Ceramic Texaco, Hess, and Other Vehicles/OBsOBs
Lot: 34523 Assorted Manufactures Assorted Scale Vehicles and Girder Bridge/OBs5 OBs
Lot: 34615 Assorted Hess Vehicles and 40th Anniversary Catalog/OBs14 OBs
Lot: 347HO Scale: 60 Assorted Freight CarsNone
Lot: 348HO Scale: 19 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 349Athearn/Spectrum HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engines and Cars/OBs4 OBs
Lot: 350Atlas HO Gauge #709 Roundhouse/OBOB
Lot: 35136 LGB Assorted Plastic Toys (10 are Pull Backs Toys)/OB1 OB
Lot: 35245+ Assorted Scale Metal and Plastic VehiclesNone
Lot: 353McDonnell Douglas #AV-8B, F/-18 Navy, #F4-D Camouflage, #F15 USAF and #F-4E Aircraft with Stands/OBsOBs
Lot: 354Heathkit #T-3 Visual-Aural Signal Tracer and #V-6 Vacuum Tube VoltmeterNone
Lot: 35510 Unknown Manufacture Cast Iron #60 Engine and Tender, St. Louis & OR Engine and Tender and 6 Assorted Passenger Cars . None
Lot: 356Eldon Orange Plastic Dump Truck and Cement Mixer TruckNone
Lot: 357Cast Iron St Louis and OR Passenger Train Set, #50 Engine and Tender, #402 Passenger Car and #404 CabooseNone
Lot: 358Truck w/Greyvan Trailer and Truck (Repainted)None
Lot: 35945 Assorted Manufacturers HO Gauge Freight CarsNone
Lot: 360 50+ Assorted Vehicles, Telephone Poles, People (metal/plastic) and other Accessories.None
Lot: 3616 Dept 56/Holiday Time Ceramic Buildings, Bridge and Village Snow Fence/OBs2 OBs
Lot: 362Assorted Old Transmitters and BNC ConnectorsNone