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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box:
Lot: 1Great Lionel #2549W Northern Pacific GP-9 Super O Outfit/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 2Lionel #345 Operating Culvert Unloader/Brick OB/Rare PaperLike New PlusOB+
Lot: 3Mint Lionel #193 Red Water Tower w/Blinking Light/OB/Red StructureMintOB+
Lot: 4Mint Lionel #11560 7-Unit Texas Special Alco AA Diesel Freight Set/OBMintOB
Lot: 5Lionel #6464-100 Orange/Blue Feather Western Pacific Box Car/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 6Mint Lionel #39-25 Super-O Packed EnvelopeMint/SealedEnvelope
Lot: 7Mint/Sealed Lionel #11740 7 Unit Rock Island Diesel 1969 Freight Set/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 8Mint Lionel Separate Sale #6801-60 Boat/OBMint OB
Lot: 9Mint Lionel #462 Derrick Platform Set/OBMintOB+
Lot: 10Great Lionel #2501W 2348 MStL GP 1958 Freight Set/Brick Set Box/OBsLike New Set OB/OBs
Lot: 11Mint Lionel #11590 Santa Fe AA Alco Diesel Passenger Set/OB/Shipping SleeveMintOB
Lot: 12Scarce Lionel #6414-25 Separate Sale 1955 Automobiles/OBMint OB+
Lot: 13Lionel #76 Boulevard Street Lamps Set/Hagerstown OBLike New OB
Lot: 14Mint Lionel #11530 5 Unit 634 SF Diesel Switcher Freight Set/OBMint OB
Lot: 15Lionel Master Carton 12 #71 Lamp Posts/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 16Lionel #634 Santa Fe Diesel Switcher/Very Rare OBLike New OB
Lot: 17Lionel #310-type Billboard w/Rare Celanese Advertisement/OBMint OB
Lot: 18Brick Master Lionel #SP-12 Smoke Pellets/OBLike New OBs
Lot: 19RARE Seperate-Sale Lionel #111-100 Trestle Bents/EnvelopeMint OB
Lot: 20Lionel #2340 Pennsylvania Green 5 Stripe GG-1 Electric Locomotive/Brick OB+Like New OB+
Lot: 21Lionel #12800 B&M 6 Unit GP-9 Diesel Freight Set w/Horn/OBLike New OB
Lot: 222 Lionel #76 Sets of Three Boulevard Street Lamps/Cellophane OBsLike New2 66c OBs
Lot: 23Lionel #76 Boulevard Street Set of 3 Lamps/Hillside OBLike New Hillside OB
Lot: 24Mint Lionel #714K Scale Model Box Car Kit/OBMint OB
Lot: 25Great Lionel #2239W Illinois Central F-3 AB 1955 Freight Set/Brick Set Box/ObsLike New/MintSet OB/OBs
Lot: 26Mint Lionel #716K Scale Model B&O Hopper Car Kit/OB+Mint OB+
Lot: 27Mint Lionel #B76 Set-of-Three Boulevard Street Lamps/Crisp Blister CardMint Blister
Lot: 28Lionel #0209 Barrel Set and #161 Baggage Truck/Brick OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 29Lionel #11710 Rare Paper Number Labels Steam Freight Set/1969 OBLike New OB
Lot: 30Mintish Lionel #12730 2383 SF F-3 Freight Set/Brick White Set Box/OBsMint/LNSet Box/OBs
Lot: 31Lionel #2360 Pennsylvania GG-1 (1963) Electric Locomotive/OBLike New OB
Lot: 32Scarce 5 Lionel #362-78 Red BarrelsLike New None
Lot: 33Lionel #B310 Billboard Set/Original Blister PackMint Blister
Lot: 34Production Samples Lionel #2344P/C F-3 NYC AB Diesel Locomotive Cabs (ONLY)Like New None
Lot: 35Great Lionel #6464-300 Rutland Split-Door Box CarLike New None
Lot: 36Rare Lionel #3376 Operating Yellow Lettering Giraffe Car/Hagerstown OBLike New~OB
Lot: 37Sererate Sale Lionel #6800-60 Yellow/Black Airplane/Brick OBLike New OB
Lot: 38Mint Lionel #6736-1 Detroit & Mackinac Hopper/Cellaphane OBMint 66c OB
Lot: 39Lionel #6357-25 Tuscan Caboose (Rare Painted Stack)/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 40Outstanding Lionel #2358 Great Northern EP-5 Electric Locomotive/OBLike New OB & Sleeve
Lot: 41Great Lionel #11750 Pennsylvania Steam Freight Set/1969 OBLike NewSet OB+
Lot: 42Mint Lionel #B260 Illuminated Red Bumper/Original Blister PackMint Blister
Lot: 43Production Sample Lionel #2356C Southern B Unit CabLike New None
Lot: 44Mint Lionel #6315 Gulf Chemical Tank Car/Scarce Hagerstown 1969 OBMint 69 OB
Lot: 45Mint/Sealed Lionel #352 Ice Depot Set/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 46Scarce Lionel Orange Glenn Uhl #6464-500 Timken Box Car/9200 Numbers BoardLike New None
Lot: 47Separate Sale Lionel #3530-50 Transformer Pole/Brick OBLike New OB
Lot: 48Mint Lionel #6736 Detroit & Mackinac Hopper/Brick 59 OBMint 59 OB
Lot: 49Mint Lionel #715K Scale Model Tank Car Kit/OB+Mint OB+
Lot: 50Mintish Lionel #12840 665 Seven Unit Steam Freight Set/Brick White Set Box/Shipping Box/OBsMintishSet OB/OBs
Lot: 51Lionel #11720 5 Unit Chesapeake & Ohio 1969 Diesel Freight Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 52Lionel #2346 B&M Diesel Box & Instructions (ONLY)OB
Lot: 53Mint Lionel #195 Floodlight Tower/Brick Hillside OBMint Hillside OB+
Lot: 54Lionel #3435 Aquarium Car/Brick OBLike New OB
Lot: 55Brick Lionel #2297WS 746 N&W 1957 Suitcase Set Box (ONLY)Set OB
Lot: 56Great Lionel Uncataloged #19263 Libbys Freight Set/Brick OB+Like New OB+
Lot: 57Lionel #397 Operating Coal Loader/Brick Early OB+Like New PlusOB+
Lot: 5820 Assorted Publishers Train BooksLike New None
Lot: 59Lionel #127 Ivory/Red Station/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 60Neil Young Collection/Lionel #0000 Prototype PA Electric EP-5 LocomotiveExcellentNone
Lot: 61Lionel #2521/2522/2522/2523 Presidential Passenger Cars/Picture Perf OBsLike New Picture/Perfs OBs
Lot: 62Great Lionel #68 Executive Inspection Car/Brick OB+Like New PlusOB+
Lot: 63Lionel #B163 Automatic Single Target Block Signal/Blister OBMint Blister OB
Lot: 64Odd Lionel #9723 Western Pacific 1974 Toy Fair Box Car w/2 Black Doors/OBLike New Plus OB
Lot: 65Lionel #350 Transfer Table and #350-50 Transfer Extension/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 66Great Lionel #264 Operating Fork Lift Platform & Car/OBMintish OB
Lot: 67Scarce Bachmann Complete #5608-498 Plasticville Railroad Center/OBMint OB
Lot: 68Hertz 1944 Riding Tinplate Rails Hardback Book and 1950 Messrs Ives of Bridgeport Hardback BookExcellentNone
Lot: 69Lionel #2357 Redish Caboose (Rare Painted Stack)/OBLike new OB
Lot: 70Brick Lionel #2291W 1957 D&GR F-3 AB Freight Set BoxOB
Lot: 71Scarce Lionel 1965 #11530 Freight Set in Brown Set Box/OBsLike New Set Ob/OBs
Lot: 72Mint Lionel #128 Animated Newsstand/OBMint OB+
Lot: 73Lionel #6465 Black Gulf Tank Car/OBLike New OB
Lot: 74Mint Lionel #6415 Sunoco 3-Dome Tank Car/Rare Label OBMint Label OB
Lot: 75Lionel #2517W Rio Grande F-3 Super O Freight Set/OBsLike New Brick Set OB/OBs
Lot: 76Mint Lionel #6315 LL Chemical Tank Car/Incredibly Rare Cellophane OBMint 66c OB
Lot: 772 Lionel #6343 Barrel Ramp Cars/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 78Lionel #2461 Black Transformer Car/OBLike New OB+
Lot: 79Lionel #6416 Boat Transport Car/OBLike New OB
Lot: 80D11 Lionel Trains Magne Traction Wood SignExcellentNone
Lot: 81Great Lionel #3434 Oper. Chicken Sweeper Car/Brick Cellophane BoxLike New 66c OB
Lot: 82Lionel #6464-25 Great Northern Box Car/Brick OBLike New Plus OB
Lot: 83Lionel #6464-475 Rare Purple BM Box Car/OBMint OB
Lot: 84Mint Lionel #6464-725 New Haven Box Car/Cellophane OBMint66c OB
Lot: 85Great Lionel HO Gauge 20 Assorted Cars and Accessories/Brick OBsLike New/Mint OBs
Lot: 86Lionel #BSP Smoke Pellets/Blister PackMint Blister
Lot: 87Lionel #6424-60 Automobile Flat Car/OBLike New OB
Lot: 88Mint Lionel #6463 Rocket Fuel Tank Car/Brick OBMint OB
Lot: 89Scarce Lionel Separate-Sale #40-50 Cable Reel w/EnvelopeMintEnvelope
Lot: 90Amazing Lionel #2292WS 1957 Super-O Passenger Set/Brick Set OB/OBsLike New Set Ob/OBs
Lot: 91Outstanding Bing Live Steam 5 Piece Maroon/Black O Gauge Steam #2631 Passenger SetVery Good Plus/Excellent MinusNone
Lot: 92Lionel #6464-500 Timken Box Car/1969 OBLike New Hillside OB
Lot: 93Mint Lionel #415 Diesel Fueling Station/OB+Mint OB+
Lot: 94Mint Lionel #6464-650 DRGW Box Car/Cellophane OBMint 66c OB
Lot: 95Mintish Lionel #52 Fire Fighting Car/Brick OB+Mint~OB+
Lot: 96Lionel #60 Late Trolley and #55 Gang Car/Brown OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 97Lionel #6445 Fort Knox Gold Bullion Transport Car/OBLike New OB
Lot: 98Lionel #6017-185 Gray ATSF Caboose/OBMint 59 OB
Lot: 99Scarce Lionel #6428 Mail Car/Label OBLike New Label OB
Lot: 100Great Lionel Standard Gauge #366W 1835E Steam Passenger Train Set/Brick Set Box/OBsExcellent PlusSet OB/OBs
Lot: 101Great Lionel #2955 Black Sunoco Semi-Scale Tank Car/Brick OB+Like New Minus OB+
Lot: 102Marx HO Gauge #17870 Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 103Amerrican Flyer HO Gauge: #30064 Minneapolis & St Louis F Unit Diesel Freight Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 104American Flyer HO Gauge #30730 The Cannon Ball Hudson Freight Train Set /OBLike New Minus OB
Lot: 105Lionel HO Gauge #14320 R-T-R 5 Unit Santa Fe AB Diesel Passenger Car Set/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 106American Flyer HO Gauge #30710 The Rambler Erie 0-6-0 Switcher Electric Freight Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 107Great Lionel #6437 Pennsylvania N5C Caboose/Brick Cellophane OBLike New 66c OB
Lot: 108Production Samples/Lionel Unstamped Short Gondola & Unstamped Black Long GondolaLike New None
Lot: 109Mint Lionel #193 Black Water Tower w/Blinking Light/Black Structure/OBMint OB
Lot: 110Lionel #55 Tie Jector (Rare Slot)/Brick OBLike New MinusLike New Minus
Lot: 111Lionel HO Gauge #5767 Vaise Pack Set/Leather CaseExcellent~Case
Lot: 112Mint Lionel #60 Black Lettering Trolley/Brick OBMint 55- OB+
Lot: 113Mint Lionel #465 Sound Dispatching Station/OB/EnvelopeMintOB+
Lot: 114Marx HO Gauge #17527 NYC Steam Electric Train Set /OBLike New Minus~OB
Lot: 115Mint/Sealed Lionel #350 Engine Transfer Table/Brick OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 116Mint Lionel 1:32 Scale #5215:500 Buick Riviera State Police Slot Car/Plastic OB/SleeveMint OB/Sleeve
Lot: 117Mint Lionel #6014-85 Frisco Box Car/Brick Hagerstown OBMint 69 OB
Lot: 118Great Lionel #55 Tie Jector Car/Brick OBLike New PlusOB+
Lot: 119Lionel #6415 Sunoco 3-Dome Tank Car/Cellophane OB Like New 66c OB
Lot: 120Lionel #1047 Switchman w/Flag/Rare Cellophane OBLike New 66c OB+
Lot: 121Mint Lionel #464 Lumber Mill/Brick OB+Mint OB+
Lot: 122Mint Lionel #6436-110 Lehigh Valley Hopper/Cellophane OBMint 66c OB
Lot: 123Mint Lionel #6428 US Mail Car/Cellophane OBMint 66c OB
Lot: 124Lionel #3459 Automatic Dumping Ore Car/OBLike New OB+
Lot: 125Mintish Lionel #13150 Hudson 1966 Freight Set/Set Box/Brick OBsLike New/MintSet OB/OBs
Lot: 126Lionel #3512 Fireman & Ladder Car/Brick OBLike New Plus OB
Lot: 127Mint/Sealed Lionel #362 Barrel Loader/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 128Mint/Sealed Lionel #460 Piggy Back Transportation Set/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 129Lionel #3356 Operating Horse Car & Corral/OBLike New Plus OB+
Lot: 130Mint Gilbert/AF #19750 James Bond 007 Road Race/OBMint OB
Lot: 131Mint Lionel #6572 Railway Express Agency Car/Brick Picture OBMint OB
Lot: 132Lionel #6130 Work Caboose and #6119-100 Work Caboose/OBsLike New Plus 59 1OB/66c OB
Lot: 133Mint Lionel #6427-1 Caboose and #6517 Caboose/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 134Mint Lionel #6464-75 Rock Island Box Car/Brick 1969 OBMint 69 OB
Lot: 135Early Lionel Super Short & Long BLACK Track SamplesLike New None
Lot: 136Lionel Separate Sale #479 Truck and #364C On/Off Switch/Original EnvelopesMint Envelopes
Lot: 137Lionel Separate Sale #464-150 Timbers/Original EnvelopeMint Envelope
Lot: 138Production Sample/Lionel HO Gauge #0605 Steam Engine Cab/StickerExcellentNone
Lot: 139Lionel #6844 Super Structure on Molding SprueLike New None
Lot: 140Separate Sale Lionel #48 Insulated Straight Track (6)/OBMint OB
Lot: 141Lionel #6657 Rio Grande Caboose/Brick OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 142Lionel #634 Santa Fe Switcher/Safety StripesLike NewNone
Lot: 143Mint Lionel #262 Highway Crossing Gate/Scarce 68 OBMintish Hillside OB
Lot: 144Mint Lionel #163 Automatic Block Signal/Nice Hillside OBMint Hillside OB+