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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box:
Lot: 1Vintage Voltamp #2100 Baltimore & Ohio 4-4-0 Steam Engine and #2102 TenderVery GoodNone
Lot: 2Vintage Voltamp Early 1900s #2109 B&O Flat Car w/WoodVery GoodNone
Lot: 3Mint Lionel #3357 Hobo Car/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 4Lionel #1593 Union Pacific Diesel Switcher Outfit/OBsExcellent OBs
Lot: 5Vintage Voltamp Early 1900s #2113 B&O Tank CarVery GoodNone
Lot: 62 Vintage Voltamp Motor/Relay itemsExcellent MinusNone
Lot: 7Lionel #3535 Security Car w/rotating searchlight/OBLike New OB
Lot: 8Airex #705 Deluxe Spinner Kit/OBLike New OB+
Lot: 9Lionel #2351 Milwaukee Road EP-5 Electric LocomotiveExcellent Plus None
Lot: 10Vintage Voltamp Standard Gauge Early 1900s #2018 B&O Box CarVery GoodNone
Lot: 11Lionel 2503WS Five Car 665 Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 12Lionel #6825 Flat Car w/Trestle, #6802 Flat Car w/Girders and #6821 Flat Car w/Crates/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 13Lionel #223P/218C Santa Fe Diesel AB Units/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 14Lionel #3470 Aerial Target Launching Car/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 15Lionel #801 (2257WS) Five Car 665 Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 16Mint Lionel World War II #TL-95/TLN103 Taffrail Log Complete/OBMintOB
Lot: 17Lionel HO Gauge #8546 Raceway Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 18Lionel HO/1-32 Gauge Assorted Raceway Track and Accessories/OBsLike New/Mint OBs
Lot: 19Lionel #2358 Great Northern EP-5 Electric Locomotive/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 20Vintage Voltamp Early 1900s #2110 B&O CabooseVery Good None
Lot: 21 Lionel #2501W 2348 MStL GP 1958 Freight Set/OBsExcellent/E+OBs
Lot: 22Lionel #6557 Illuminated Smoke Caboose/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 23Lionel #68 Executive Inspection Car/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 24Lionel 3 #6044/6014 Variations of Airex Box Cars (inc. Purple)Excellent Plus None
Lot: 2550+ Vintage Voltamp Track/Roadbed inc. SwitchesVery GoodNone
Lot: 26Lionel #212 Santa Fe Twin Alco Engines/OBs/Late Master BoxExcellentOBs
Lot: 27Lionel #348 Operaring Culvert Unloader/OB+Excellent Plus OB+
Lot: 2822 Assorted Life-Like 1950s Layout Material & Ground Covering/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 29Lionel #1001 610 Erie Switcher Three Car Freight Set/OBsExcellent OBs
Lot: 30Lionel 1954 #2221WS 646 Steam Diamond Express Freight Set.OBsExcellent PlusOBs
Lot: 31Scarce Lionel #11252 Texas Special AA Alco Military Outfit/OBExcellent PlusOB
Lot: 32Lionel HO Gauge #9544 Relay Racing Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 33Lionel #6445 Fort Knox Gold Bullion Transport Car/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 34Lionel #700 627 LV Three Car Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB+
Lot: 35Lionel #209P/209T New Haven Diesel AA Units/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 36Lionel #2350 New Haven EP-5 Electric Locomotive/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 37Lionel #3619 Reconnaissance Copter Car/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 38Lionel #11314 Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB+
Lot: 39Scarce Lionel #1105 The Texas Special Alco A Freight Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 40Lionel 1956 #2263W 2350 New Haven 5 Car Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 41RARE Lionel #X-601 Double Boxed Six Car Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 42Lionel #9957 Race Master Power Pack and #5420 Car Lane Control Kit/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 43Gilbert #49-16067 Remote Control Powerline Erector Set/Odd OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 44Lionel #41 Army Switcher/OBLike New OB
Lot: 45Lionel #12800 Boston Maine GP Freight Se/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 46Lionel #1613S Four Car B&O Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 47Mint/Sealed Lionel #16700 STD 1/32 Raceway Big Double Y/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 48Marx #1077A 1956 US Army Jeep w/Searchlight Trailer includes 4 Army Figures/OBLike New OB
Lot: 49Lionel #2522/2522/2521/2523 Presidential Passenger Cars/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 50 Vintage Lionel #192 Villa Assortment Set/Yellow Master OBExcellent OB
Lot: 51Odd Lionel #6464-25 Great Northern Box Car with Decal/OBExcellent PlusOB
Lot: 52Airex/Lionel/Bache Brown #730 (Very Scarce)Vagabond Tackle Box, #315 Spinster Reel, Luxor Reel and Master Reel/OBsLike New Minus OBs
Lot: 53Very Scarce Lionel/Linex 1954 Stereo Camera w/CaseLike New Case
Lot: 54Mint Lionel #B151 Automatic Semaphore and #B262 Automatic Crossing Gate/Display OBsMint OBs
Lot: 55Lionel #2352 Pennsylvania Tuscan Red EP-5 Electric Locomotive/OBLike New OB
Lot: 56Lionel #19350 (6P-4811) Green Stamp 242 Steam R-T-R Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 57Lionel #971 Lichen/OB - no oz. variationLike New OB
Lot: 58Mint Lionel #B5107 Curved Roadway For Standard Speedway 45 Degree Section 2-Pack (6 Packs)/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 59Lionel #1542 027 Three Car 520 Electric Freight Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 60Lionel #12840 665 Seven Unit Steam Freight Set/White Set Box/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 61Lionel Super O #2509WS 665 Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 62Lionel #243/243W 2-4-2 Steam Engine & Tender/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 63Lionel #2412/2414/2416 Santa Fe Blue Stripe Passenger Cars/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 64Lionel #19910 Promotional Release Type II B (Uncatalogued Set)/OBLike New OB
Lot: 65Lionel #1626W Four Car Santa Fe Diesel Passenger Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 66 Lionel #2333P/2333T NYC Diesel F-3 AA Units/OBs+Excellent OBs+
Lot: 67VERY SCARCE Lionel #149 2018 Steam Gifts Galore Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 68Lionel #3540 Operating Radar Scanning Scope Car and #3545 Operating TV Monitor Car/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 69Mint Lionel #B154 Automatic Highway Signal and #B163 Single Automatic Target Block Signal/Display OBsMint OBs
Lot: 70Lionel #12730 Seven Unit 2383 SF Diesel Freight Set/White Set Box/OBsExcellent Plus/LNObs
Lot: 71Lionel #1585W 602 Seaboard Nine Car Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 72Lionel #6440 Flat Car w/Piggy Back Vans and #6343 Barrel Ramp Car/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 73Kenners 1960 #8 The Construction Motorized Girder, Panel, Bridge & Turnpike/OBLike New OB
Lot: 74Lionel #6464-325 B&O Sentinel Box CarLike New Minus None
Lot: 75Lionel #460P Platform/Seperate Sale/RARE OBLike New OB
Lot: 76Lionel Service #14697 US Navy Azimuth Circle I MOD 2 Unit/Wood Box/KeyExcellent Plus Box
Lot: 77Lionel #205 Missouri Pacific AA Alco UnitsLike New None
Lot: 78Lionel #247/247T Baltimore & Ohio Steam Engine & Tender/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 79Lionel #229P/229C Minneapolis & St Louis Diesel AB Units/SCARCE OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 80Lionel 1957 #815 2339 Wabash GP Four Car Freight Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 81Lionel #11490 5 Unit AA SF Diesel Passenger Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 82Lionel #220P/220T Santa Fe Diesel Alco AA Units/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 83Lionel #249/250T Pennsylvania 2-4-2 Engine & Tender/OBsLike New Minus OBs
Lot: 84Lionel #1573 Five Car 250 Steam Type Freight Set/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 85Lionel #1800 The General Frontiers Set /OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 86Lionel #11460 Seven Unit 237 Steam Freight Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 87Lionel #204P/204T Santa Fe Blue & Yellow Diesel Alco AA Units/OBExcellent PlusOb
Lot: 88Lionel #B1122LH Left Hand Remote Control Switch and #B140 Automatic Banjo/Framed OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 89Lionel #19325 Sears 9813 Allstate 5-Car Electric Train Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 90Lionel #1553W 2338 Milwaukee GP Five Car Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 91Top of the Line Lionel #1607 2037 Steam 6 Car Trouble Shooter Work Set/OBsExcellent~OBs
Lot: 92Lionel #616 Santa Fe Diesel Switcher/OBExcellentOB
Lot: 933 Lionel #332 Trestle Bridge/OBs (White/Orange/Yellow)Like NewOBs
Lot: 94SCARCE Lionel #11201 Fast Starter SteamFreight Set/OBExcellent Plus/LNOB
Lot: 95Lionel 1956 #1557W 621 Jersey Central Five Car Work Train Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 96Lionel #226P/226C Boston & Maine Alco AB Units/SCARCE OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 97 Lionel 1969 #2041 Rock Island Twin Diesel AA Alco Units and #2024 Chesapeake & Ohio Twin Diesel AA UnitsLike NewNone
Lot: 98Mint Lionel #461 Platform w/Truck & Trailer/OBMintOB
Lot: 99Mint Lionel #B1013 Curved 027 Track 4-Pack/Blister PackMintOB
Lot: 100Great Lionel #2240P/C Wabash F-3 Diesel AB Units/Brick OBs+Like NewOBs+
Lot: 101Lionel Libby Pre-Production Set Magazine Clipping from Sunset 1963 Excellent None
Lot: 102Mint Lionel #920 Scenic Set/OBMint OB
Lot: 103Lionel #6822 Night Crew Searchlight Car, #6343 Barrel Ramp Car, and #6361 Log Car/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 104Lionel #462 Derrick Platform Set/OBLike New Minus OB
Lot: 105Lionel #1551W Jersey Central 4 Car Freight Set/OBsExcellenr Plus OBs
Lot: 106Lionel #502 (1527) 1615 Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus
Lot: 107Lionel #3672 Bosco Operating Milk Car/Original EnvelopeExcellent Plus None
Lot: 108Lionel #231P Rock Island Diesel A Unit and #225P C&O Diesel A Unit/OBsExcellentOBs
Lot: 109Lionel #11470 7 Unit Steam Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 110Lionel #2521/2522/2523/2523 Presidential Passenger Cars/Pref Picture OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 111Lionel #1635WS Five Car 2037 Steam Heavy Duty Special Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 112Lionel #6826 Flat Car w/Christmas Trees/OBLike New OB
Lot: 113Lionel #2029 1968 Hagerstown Steam Engine and #234W TenderLike New None
Lot: 114Lionel #2023 Union Pacific Yellow/Gray Twin Diesel Locomotives/OBExcellentOB
Lot: 115Lionel #6250 Seaboard Diesel Switcher (Wide Space RS Letters)/OBExcellent PlusOBs
Lot: 116Lionel #352 Ice Depot Set/OB (Brown Platform)Like New OB
Lot: 117Lionel #464 Lumber Mill and #356 Operating Freight Station/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 118Lionel #6440 Flat Car Piggy Back Trailer/OBExcellentOB
Lot: 119Lionel #505 (same as 1531W) 2328 Burlington Four Car Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 120Lionel #12850 Eight Unit Virginian FM Diesel Freight Set/Painted Blue Roof/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 121Lionel #X600 Quaker Oats Coupon Train Set/Yellow Auto/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 122Lionel #6431 Flat Car w/White Trailers & Midge Truck/ Original BoxLike New OB
Lot: 123Mint Lionel #262 Highway Crossing Gate/OBMint OB
Lot: 124Lionel #108 Trestle Set/RARE OBLike New OB
Lot: 125Lionel #2527 Super O Missile Launching Outfit/OBsExcellent/Like New OBs
Lot: 126Lionel #19557 Sears SR 9808 Steam Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 127Lionel #350 Transfer Table and #350-50 Transfer Extension/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 128Lionel #6736 Hopper, #6428 Post Office Box Car and #6415 Tank Car/66c OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 129Lionel #19244 A&P Premium Freight Set/Yellow Auto/Set OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 130Lionel #12710 736 Berkshire Seven Unit Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent/LNOBs
Lot: 131Lionel #11580 Steam Freight Train Set/Pasted Label OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 13215 Assorted Life-Like Landscape Items/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 133Lionel #6464-725 New Haven Box Car, #6464-525 M&ST L Box Car and #6464-900 NYC Box Car/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 134Mint Lionel #299 Code Transmitter Set /OBMint OB
Lot: 135Lionel #11590 Santa Fe AA Alco Diesel Passenger Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 136Lionel #455 Oil Derrick & Pump/OBLike New Minus
Lot: 137Lionel #11450 6 Unit 242 Steam Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 138Lionel #11430 5 Unit 1062 Steam Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 139Lionel #1609 Three Car Steam Freight Outfit/Display Insert/OBLike New OB
Lot: 140Lionel #1601W Five Car 2337 Wabash GP Diesel Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 141Lionel 1965 #19440-502 635 UP Uncatalogued Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 142Lionel #19437 JC Pennys Freight Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 143Lionel #970 Ticket Office/OBLike New OB
Lot: 144Lionel #419 Heliport (Repro Radar/broken Copter Tail)/OBExcellentOB
Lot: 145Lionel 1956 #2255W 601 Seaboard Four Car Work Train Set/OBsExcellent/Excellent Plus OBs
Lot: 146Lionel #404 Powered B&O BUDD Car/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 147Lionel Advance Catalog Texas Special Alco Outfit #1107/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 148Lionel #1-D 476 027 Dealer Display/OBExcellent PlusOB
Lot: 149Great Lionel #6828 Flat Car w/Crane and #6436-110 Lehigh Valley Hopper/Brick OBsExcellent PlusObs
Lot: 150Great Vintage Lionel #239E 260E Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent/E-OBs
Lot: 151Rare Vintage Life-Like #LL53 Tun.L.Rama/OBLike New OB
Lot: 152Lionel #6844 Missile Carrying Car, #6512 Cherry Piacker and #3519 Automatic Satellite Launching Car/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 153Scarce Lionel #216P/213T M&SL Diesel Alco AA UnitsLike New None
Lot: 154Lionel #114 Newsstand w/Horn and #118 Newsstand w/Whistle/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 155Lionel 1956 #1549 1615 Steam 3-Car Work Train Set/OBsExcellent PlusObs
Lot: 156Lionel #11530 5 Unit 634 Santa Fe Diesel Freight Set/Picture Label OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 157Lionel #211P/211T Texas Special F-3 Diesel AA Units/Scarce OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 158Lionel #2031 Rock Island Twin Diesel AA Units/OB+Excellent PlusOB+
Lot: 159Lionel #9642 Sears 2037 Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 160Lionel #1559W 2338 Milwaukee GP Five Car Freight Set/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 161Lionel 1959 #X573NA 243 Steam Freight Train Set w/464 Sawmill/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 162Lionel #6014-85 Frisco Orange/Blue Box Car/Hagerstown Original BoxLike New OB
Lot: 163Lionel 4 #1111/ 2 #110 Trestle Sets/SCARCE OBsExcellent Plus/LN OBs
Lot: 164Lionel #973 Landscape Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 165Lionel #2259W 2350 New Haven Five Car Freight Set/OBsExcellent PlusOBs
Lot: 166Lionel #19444 215 SF AA Alco Diesel Uncatalogued Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 167Lionel #6736-1 Detroit & Mackinac Hopper, #6436-1959 TCA Hopper and #6436 Lehigh Valley Hopper/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 168Scarce Lionel #19446 Sears 9833 Allstate Steam Freight Train Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 169Lionel #128 Animated Newsstand/OBLike New OB
Lot: 170Lionel #2570 Super O 616 Santa Fe Five Car Husky Diesel Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 171Lionel 1952 #2183WS 726RR Berkshire Four Car Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 172Lionel #213P/213P/213T Minneapolis & St Louis Alco Diesel A UnitsExcellent PlusNone
Lot: 173Lionel #11560 7-Unit Texas Special Alco AA Diesel Freight Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 174Rare Lionel #19555 Richie Premium Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 175Great Lionel #2350 New Haven EP-5 Electric Locomotive/Brick OBLike NewOB+
Lot: 176Very Scarce Lionel 1959 #X-837 WIX Steam Freight Set/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 177Lionel-Porter #22122 Microcraft Microscope Lab/OBLike New OB/Case
Lot: 178Lionel #1583WS 6-Car 2037 Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 179Lionel #11550 239 Steam Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 180Lionel #2289WS Super O 736 Berkshire Five Car Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 181 Great Lionel 1955 #1529 2028 Pennsylvania GP 3-Car Freight Set/OBsExcellent PlusOBs
Lot: 182Lionel-Porter #3201 Electronics-Lab Mark II/OBLike New OB
Lot: 183Lionel #11321 5-Unit 221 D&RG Diesel Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 184Lionel #1123 Freight Set/Yellow Auto/OBExcellent PlusOB
Lot: 185Lionel 1953 #2205W 736 Lionel Lines Steam 5-Car Freight Set/OBs Excellent Plus OBs
Lot: 1862 Great Lionel #6361 Log Cars/Picture OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 187Lionel #1569 4-Car 202 UP Alco Diesel Freight Set/OB+Excellent Plus OB+
Lot: 188Lionel 1/32 Scale #16130 Raceway Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 189Great Lionel #6436-25 Lehigh Valley Hoper and #6446-25 N&W Covered Hopper/Brick OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 190Lionel 1956 #2261WS 646 Steam Freight Hauler Set/OBsExcellent PlusOBs
Lot: 191Lionel 1962 #11378 2037 Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 1923 Lionel #195 Floodlight Towers/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 193Lionel #9651 Sears 246 Steam 1960 Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 194Lionel #1545 628 Northern Pacific Diesel Freight Set/OBExcellentOB
Lot: 195Lionel #2239W Illinois Central F-3 AB Diesel Freight Set/OBsExcellent/E-Obs
Lot: 196Lionel #6417-50 Lehigh Valley NC5 Caboose/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 197Lionel-Porter Microcraft Microscope-Lab/Tin CaseLike New Case
Lot: 198Lionel #9641 Sears 611 JC Switcher Freight Train Set/OBsExcellent Plus Obs
Lot: 199Lionel 1961/62 #19185/36J-5278 Spiegel Freight Set/Rare Set BoxExcellentOB
Lot: 200Great Lionel #2351 Milwaukee Road Electric/Brick OBLike NewOB
Lot: 201Lionel #342 Culvert Loader and #345 Culvert Unloader/OBsExcellentOBs
Lot: 202Lionel #175 Rocket Launcher/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 203Lionel #1619W Five Car Santa Fe Alco AA Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 204Great Lionel #197 Rotating Radar Antenna/Nice Cellophane OB+Like NewOB+
Lot: 205Lionel 1953 #2201WS 685 Lionel Lines Steam 4-Car Freight Set/OBsExcellent OBs
Lot: 206Great Lionel #6376 Circus Car and 6477 Miscellaneous Car/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 207Lionel #257 Station w/Horn and #356 Freight Station/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 208Lionel #264 Operating Fork Lift/OBLike New OB
Lot: 2094 Nice Lionel 1960 Trackside Accessories/OBsLike New/MintObs
Lot: 210Great Lionel 1959 #1625WS 2037 Steam Five Car Action King Steam Freight Set/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 211Great Lionel #375 Motorized Turntable/OBLike New OB+
Lot: 212Lionel #145 Automatic Gateman/66c OB+Excellent Plus OB+
Lot: 213Porter Chemical Microcraft The Original Microscope Set/Wood BoxLike New Box
Lot: 214Lionel #11011 222 Alco Freight Set (Advance Catalog)/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 215Nice Lionel #6807 Flat Car with Rocket Excellent None
Lot: 216Great Lionel #3650 Searchlight Extension Car and #6362 Rail Truck Car/Nice OBsExcellent PlusObs
Lot: 217Lionel #313 Bascule Bridge/OBExcellentOB
Lot: 2182 Lionel #157 Illuminated Station Platforms/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 2192 Scarce Lionel #6029 Remote Control Track/Brick OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 220Lionel #113 Illuminated Station (Early Colors)Very Good Plus OB
Lot: 22119 Vintage 1950s Life-Like Assorted Layout Material Items/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 222Mint Lionel #6428 US Mail Box Car/Brick Cellophane OBMinOB
Lot: 2232 Lionel #470 Missile Launching Platform w/Exploding Target Car/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 224Lionel Early 1960s #46599 Movie Projector w/30 Film Strips/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 225 Lionel 1954 #2217WS Pennsylvania 682 Turbine Freight Master Set/OBsExcellent PlusOBs
Lot: 226Large Vintage Life-Like S-172-G Scene O Rama/OBLike New OB
Lot: 227Lionel #11520-500 Bronco Model Craft #5 242 Steam Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 228Lionel #42000 Spear-Tone Electric Phonograph (Style 600)/Original Carrying CaseLike New Case
Lot: 229Nice Lionel #6801 Flat Car w/Yellow BoatLike New OB
Lot: 23015 Bachman Assorted Rarer Plasticville Kits/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 231Lionel #345 Operating Culvert Unloader/OBExcellent PlusOB
Lot: 232Nice Lionel #65 Motorized Hand CarExcellent Plus None
Lot: 233Lionel HO Gauge #17999 CLC Raceway Set/Label OBLike New/Mint OB & Blisters
Lot: 234Lionel 1957 #725 (Same as #1569) Union Pacific Alco 4-Car Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 235Rare Lionel #1957-500 Freight Set/44 Piece Railroad Accessory Set/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 236Lionel #637 2-6-4 Steam Engine and #243 Whistle Tender w/Green Whistle Housing/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 237Lionel #1047 Switchman w/Flag/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 238Lionel #5160 Official Viewing Stand For Speedway/White OBLike New OB
Lot: 239 Lionel 1961 #X600 Quaker Oats 246 Steam Promotional Set/OBExcellent PlusOB
Lot: 240Large Lionel #7013 Set BoxSet BoxSet
Lot: 2412 Lionel #3530 Operating Generator Sets/ObsExcellent PlusObs
Lot: 242Great Lionel #3482 Operating Milk Car (w/Scarce 3472 lettering)/Brick OB+Like NewOB+
Lot: 243Lionel #712A Azimuth Circle Negus Nautical Instrument/Original Wood CaseExcellent Plus Box
Lot: 244Lionel #19142-100 Van Camps Pork & Beans Freight Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 245 Lionel 1960 #1631WS 4-Car 243 Steam Industrial Steam Freight Set/OBExcellent~OB
Lot: 246Lionel #2065 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive and #6026W Whistle Tender/OBsExcellent OBs+
Lot: 24713 Assorted Lionel 1:87/1:32 Scale Raceway Accessories/Blisters OBsLike New/Mint OBs
Lot: 248Service #8628/Contract #33431 US Navy Azimuth Circle Mark 3 MOD 2/Wooden BoxExcellent Plus Box
Lot: 249Lionel #1214 Electric Fence Control Very GoodNone
Lot: 250Lionel Large Early 1930s #NF-343 Complete Model Railroad Shipping BoxOriginal BoxOB
Lot: 251Vintage Lionel #119-L Tunnel/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 252Lionel O Gauge #108 2 Center Spans w/Approaches/OBExcellentOB
Lot: 2538 Vintage Lionel O/Standard Gauges Prewar Accessories/OBsExcellent 7 OBs