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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box:
Lot: 1AF/Lionel S Gauge: #8251/8252 Erie Diesel ABA Locomotives and #9504/9505/9506/9507 Erie Passenger Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 2American Models S Gauge: #TM-2 Train Master Fairbanks Morse Locomotive/OBsLike NewOB
Lot: 3Showcase Line S Gauge: #01840 PRR Box Car, #01333 Milwaukee Rd Reefer, #00543 Atlantic Coast Line Box Car and #01286 MKT Box Car/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 4Showcase Line S Gauge: #00375 Southern F-3 AB Diesel Locomotive Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 5AF/Lionel S Gauge: #48047 Union Pacific 4-8-4 Northern 800 Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 6AF S Gauge: #20610 The Dispatcher Train Set/OBExcellentOB
Lot: 7Lionel/AF S Gauge: 2 #49835 Semaphore Block Signals, #49833 Block Signal and #49832 Blinking Signal/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 8Showcase Line S Gauge: #00497 PGE Christmas Reefer, #02045 Eat More Cranberries Reefer, and #00495 Merchants Dispatch Reefer/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 9AF/Lionel S Gauge: #48063 Union Pacific Dockside Switcher/OBLike New OB
Lot: 10AF/Lionel S Gauge: #48108 Norfolk & Western 2-8-8-2 Y3 (2020) Legacy Steam Locomotive & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 11American Models S Gauge: #4920 PRR Brunswick Green 5 Stripe GG-1 Locomotive/OBLike New OB
Lot: 12AF S Gauge: #21099 4-6-2 Locomotive & #XA15N105Y Pacific Tender/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 13American Models S Gauge: 6 Pennsylvania Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 14Showcase Line S Gauge: #01650/01651/01652/01653 USRA Waddell Coal Cars/OBsLike New ~OBs
Lot: 15Rare AF S Gauge: #625 Orange Shell Tank CarVery Good Plus None
Lot: 16Lionel/American Flyer S Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars and Tractor Trailer/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 17Showvase Line S Gauge: #01202/01178/00998/01178 Assorted 3 Hopper Sets/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 18AF/Lionel S Gauge #49011/48425/48724/48724 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 19Showcase Line S Gauge: #01552 Florida East Coast SW-9 Diesel Switcher w/Tsunami Sound/OBLike New OB
Lot: 20AF S Gauge: Scarce #24413 Chicago & North Western ReeferExcellent None
Lot: 21AF S Gauge: #21813 M&St Baldwin Diesel ExcellentNone
Lot: 22Showcase Line S Gauge: #02070/01442/01816/01825 Assorted Flat Cars with Loads/OBsLike New Minus~OBs
Lot: 23AF/Lionel S Gauge: #49808 Animated Trac Gang, #49805 Gabe the Lamplighter and #49844 Animated Billboard/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 24Showcase Line S Gauge: #01064 Southern 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive & Tender w/Sound/OBLike New OB
Lot: 25AF/Lionel S Gauge: #48070 Union Pacific Big Boy 4-8-8-4 Legacy Steam Locomotive & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 26Scarce AF S Gauge: #24419 CNR Refrigerator Car/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 27AF/Lionel S Gauge: #48034 Seaboard Baldwin Switcher/OBLike New OB
Lot: 28Showcase Line S Gauge: #00451 Seaboard SW-1 Locomotive/OBLike New OB
Lot: 29AF S Gauge: #21561 New Haven Alco A EngineExcellent None
Lot: 32American Models S Gauge: #21917 Seaboard Baldwin Leventon Special Locomotive/OBLike New OB
Lot: 33Showcase Line S Gauge 2 #00771 Clinchfield Hoppers, #00770 Clinchfield Hopper 3-Pack, and #01853 C&O Hopper/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 34AF/Lionel S Gauge: #48039 B&O Dockside Switcher/OBLike New OB
Lot: 35AF S Gauge: #484/485/486 Santa Fe ABA Blue/Black/Yellow DieselsExcellent None
Lot: 36AF S Gauge: #25049 D&RGW Walking Brakeman Car/OBLike New Minus OB
Lot: 37Showcase Line S Gauge: #01286 MKT Track Cleaning Car/OBLike New OB
Lot: 38Showcase Line S Gauge: #00804 Swift SRLX 3 Car Reefer Set and #00695 FGE 3 Car Reefer Set/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 39AF S Gauge: #466 Comet Alco Engine Excellent None
Lot: 40Lionel/AF S Gauge: #48084 Union Pacific Challenger Legacy Command Engine and Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 41AF S Gauge: #(21)234 C&O Engine w/Bell - Two Steps VariationExcellent None
Lot: 43Showcase Line S Gauge: 7 Assorted Freight Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 44AF S Gauge: #24316 Mobile Gas Tank Car and 2 #925 Gulf Tank Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 45AF S Gauge: #494/495 New Haven Diesel AA Alco LocomotivesExcellent PlusNone
Lot: 46AF/Showcase Line S Gauge: 7 Assorted Freight Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 47AF S Gauge: #24216 UP Hopper and #24109 Pipe Car/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 48Showcase Line S Gauge: 9 Assorted Freight Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 49AF S Gauge: #21542/21544/21720 Santa Fe Alco ABA BoxesOriginal Boxes
Lot: 50Rare AF S Gauge: #C1001 WSX Whites Discount Center Box CarExcellentNone
Lot: 51AF S Gauge: 2 #643 Circus Flat Car w/ Original Animal CagesExcellent None
Lot: 52AF S Gauge: #24316 Mobil Gas Tank Car and #25035 Deluxe Action Caboose/OBsExcellent Plus OBs
Lot: 53Showcase Line S Gauge: #02087/01852/02086 C&O Hopper and #00781 Virginian Hopper/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 54AF/Lionel S Gauge: #48245 40Th Anniversary TTOS Passenger Car and 7 other TTOS/TCA Fright Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 55AF S Gauge: #353 Circus Engine & Tender #649 Circus Pullman Car, 2 #643 Circus Flat Cars w/Animal Cages/OBVery Good Plus/Excellent 1 OB
Lot: 56American Models S Gauge: #2002 Streamline Observation, #2003 Diner, #2004 Combine and #2006 RPO Assorted TCA Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 57Showcase Line S Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 58AF S Gauge :#24023 B&O Box Car, #24065 NYC Box Car and #639 Yellow Reefer/OBExcellent 1 OB
Lot: 59AF S Gauge: #484/485/486 Santa Fe ABA Blue/Yellow/Black Alco Engines (repainted)Excellent~None
Lot: 60American Flyer HO Gauge #33812 USAF Rocket Launcher Car w/ Remote Button/Clearpack OBExcellent OB
Lot: 61AF S Gauge: #(21)812 Texas & Pacific EngineExcellent Plus None
Lot: 62Showcase Line S Gauge: #02054/01728 Christmas Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 63AF S Gauge American Flyer Lines #960/1/2/3 Satin Passenger Set/OBsExcellent 3 OBs
Lot: 64AF S Gauge: #652/652/653/653/954 Green Heavyweight Passenger Cars (repainted)Excellent None
Lot: 65Rare AF S Gauge: #21139 Union Pacific Challenger Engine and TenderExcellent Plus None
Lot: 66AF S Gauge: #25515 US AF Flat Car w/Rocket CarExcellent Plus None
Lot: 67Showcase Line S Gauge: #00183 Seaboard Flat Car w/Trailer, 2 #00307-6 Flat Car w/Carolina Trailer and #00306-9 PRR Flat Car w/TOFC Trailer/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 68AF S Gauge: #925 Tank Car, #928 Flat Car, #929 Cattle Car, #930 Caboose, and #561 Diesel Horn/OBsExcellent 4 OBs
Lot: 69AF S Gauge : #332 Union Pacific 4-8-4 Challenger Steam Engine & TenderExcellent None
Lot: 70Mint American Flyer 10 x 10 Authorized Service Station Window DecalMint None
Lot: 71AF S Gauge :#21831 Texas & Pacific GP DieselExcellent Plus None
Lot: 72Showcase Line S Gauge: #01817/01878/01872/01162/01811 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 73AF S Gauge: #960/961/962/963 American Flyer Lines Satin Silver Passenger CarsVery Good Plus None
Lot: 74AF S Gauge: #370 & 371 General Motors Silver GP Engines Very Good Plus None
Lot: 75AF S Gauge: #312 Brass PRR K-4 Steam Locomotive & Tender/Marked PrototypeVery Good Plus None
Lot: 76AF S Gauge: #372 Union Pacific Engine/Made by American FlyerExcellentNone
Lot: 77AF/Lionel S Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New 5 OBs
Lot: 78AF/Lionel S Gauge: #48983 Union Pacific Heavyweight Passenger 2-Pac, #48925 Northern Pacific Passenger Car and #49940 Santa Fe Full Vista Dome Car/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 79S Gauge: 8 Assorted Modern Freight Cars/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 80AF S Gauge: #978(A) Operating Grand Canyon Observation CarExcellentNone
Lot: 85AF S Gauge: #23780 Gabe the LamplighterExcellentNone
Lot: 86AF S Gauge: #(21)234 C&O Engine w/Bell - Three Steps VariationExcellent MinusNone
Lot: 94AF S Gauge: Chrome #471 Santa Fe B Unit and #661 Passenger CarExcellent Minus/VG+None
Lot: 99AF S Gauge: #24566 New Haven Flat Car w/Tractor Trailer Auto Carrier/Rare colorsExcellentNone