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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box:
Lot: 1United/Atlas Japan HO Gauge Brass Denver & Salt Lake 2-6-0 Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 2HO Gauge: Brass #474 North East Central Baggage Car, 4 Tenders, Engine Cab and Frame with Moto
Lot: 3HO Gauge: Plastic/Die-Cast Assorted Engines and Tenders
Lot: 43 Smitty Toys/Tonka/Unknown Metal Vehicles
Lot: 5Sunset Models HO Gauge: Brass #H-6SB PRR 2-8-0 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 6Keystone Metal American Railway Express Packard Delivery Truck
Lot: 7HO Gauge: 65+ Assorted Accessories and Parts/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 8HO Gauge: 15 Engines and Engine Cabs, 2 Frames with Motors, Trucks and Decals
Lot: 9SIG Manufacturing 71 Inch Wingspan Astro-Hog Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 10LGB G Gauge: #2081 D Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 11Pola LGB G Gauge: Passenger Station
Lot: 12HO Gauge: 32 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 13HO Gauge: Union Pacific #1480/1467B AB Units, 3 #605 Engines, #824/926/DS1059 Engines and #2237 Baggage Car/OBs
Lot: 14HO Gauge: 75+ Assorted Accessories and Parts/OBs
Lot: 15Trix Express HO Gauge: Passenger Train Set/OB
Lot: 16Nylint Fire Truck/OB
Lot: 17HO Gauge: 15 Assorted Kits and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 18Tonka #950-6 Metal Suburban Pumper and Figures/OB
Lot: 1918 Assorted Scale Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 20Alco Models HO Gauge: Brass #S-121 MA & PA 4-4-0 American Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 21Great Planes #GARO Giant Aeromaster 73 Inch Wingspan Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 22Structo SFD Fire Truck
Lot: 23Girard/Metal Craft Wind-up Car and Tow Truck
Lot: 246 Assorted Motors/OBs
Lot: 25PFM/Samhongsa Made in Korea HO Gauge Brass Great Northern G-3 4-8-0 Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 26SIG Manufacturing 104 Inch Wingspan Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 2715 Assorted Scale Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 287 Assorted Scale Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 29M&P #1000 Quaker Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 30Sunset Models HO Gauge: Brass #H-9 PRR 2-8-0 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 31SIG Manufacturing 66 Inch Wingspan Aircraft Ki/OB
Lot: 3215 Assorted 1:48 Scale Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 3314 Assorted Scale Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 34HO Gauge: 29 Assorted Hopper, Buildings and Accessory Kits/OBs
Lot: 35Lionel HO Gauge: Sealed #5-1480 B&O Freight Set, #5-1481 UP Freight Set and #5-1482 Great Northern Freight Set/OBs
Lot: 36PICA 72 Inch Wingspan WACO-YMF Golden Age Biplane Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 376 Assorted Wingspans Model Aircraft Kits/OBs
Lot: 38HO Gauge: 45+ Assorted Trailers, Accessories and Parts
Lot: 39HO Gauge: 22 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 40Gem Models HO Gauge: Brass #DT-103 Long Distance Tender w/Dog House/OB
Lot: 41Global Quality Kits 59 Inch Wingspan #232221 Sport Flyer 40L Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 42HO Gauge: 32 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs/Plastic Cases
Lot: 43Roundhouse/Athearn HO Gauge: 30 Assorted Cars and Kit/OBs
Lot: 44HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Engines/OB
Lot: 45USA Trains G Gauge: #1124 New Haven GP Diesel Locomotive
Lot: 46Dynaflite #CHPC Chipmunk 89 Inch Wingspan Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 47HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Engines/OB
Lot: 48HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Engines and Tenders
Lot: 49Sterling Models 70 Inch Wingspan #FS13 P63 King Cobra Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 50Overland Models/MSM Korean HO Gauge Brass #OMI-1508 MA & PA 2-8-0 Engine & Tender w/Elesco/OB
Lot: 517 Assorted Futaba/JR Sport/Spektrum Remote Controllers
Lot: 52Varney/Other HO Gauge: Die-cast 2 Engines and Tenders, 2 Single Engines, AB Units, AB Cabs, Motor Frame and Parts
Lot: 53HO Gauge: 28 Assorted Figure Sets, Vehicles and Accessories/Plastic Cases/Pkg
Lot: 54HO Gauge: 20 Assorted 1860s Engines, Tenders and Assorted Cars
Lot: 55USA Trains G Gauge: #R-22110 Pennsylvania GP-9 Locomotive/OB
Lot: 5615 Assorted Scale Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 57N Gauge: 70+ Assorted Incomplete Sets, Engines, Cars and Track/OBs/Plastic Case
Lot: 58HO Gauge: #23A The Milwaukee Road Engine (Non Powered) and 23 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 59Birdi 102 Inch Wingspan Baby Ace Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 60Sunset Models HO Gauge: Brass #H-10 PRR 2-8-0 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 617 Assorted Futaba/JR Sport/Spektrum Remote Controllers
Lot: 62HO Gauge: 45 Assorted Cars/OB
Lot: 63HO Gauge: 23 Assorted Cars
Lot: 64Simcoe 74 Inch Wingspan Deweyville Special Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 65USA Trains G Gauge: #22104 Reading Locomotive/OB
Lot: 666 Assorted Motors for Modeling/OBs
Lot: 67Varney HO Scale: 21 Assorted Cars
Lot: 6811 Assorted Scale Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 69Pola LGB G Gauge: Building
Lot: 70Hallmark HO Gauge: #5916 Pennsylvania Baldwin VO-100 Diesel Switcher/OB
Lot: 71SIG Manufacturing 71 Inch Wingspan Astro-Hog Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 72Pola LGB G Gauge: Passenger Station Building
Lot: 73LGB G Gauge: #2036/3600 Trolleys/OBs
Lot: 74LGB G Gauge: #4061/4073 Gondolas, #4066 Log Car and #5060 Bridge, Coal Bag/OBs
Lot: 75HO Train Co. HO Gauge: Brass PRR 2-10-4 J-1A Locomotive & Tender/OB
Lot: 76LGB G Gauge: #3080/3081 Denver & Rio Grande Western Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 77Pola LGB G Gauge: Building with Operating Water Wheel
Lot: 78Rail Works Ltd./Woo Sung HO Gauge: Brass #F-31 PRR 62 ft Flat Car/OB
Lot: 79Top Flight 63 Inch Wingspan #TOPA0145 P-39 Airacorbra Tank Buster Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 80Olympia HO Gauge: Shay Brass Steam Engine
Lot: 8190+ Assorted Lead Figures and Accessories
Lot: 82Pica Products 60 Inch Wingspan WACO-YMF.3 Golden Age Biplane Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 83Sterling Models 56 Inch Wingspan #FS34 WACO S.R.E Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 8455+ Assorted Lead Animals
Lot: 85USA Trains G Gauge: #629/724 Union Pacific Colorful Diesels
Lot: 86Pilot/OK Model 57 Inch Wingspan DeHavilland Tiger Moth Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 87Pica Products 65 Inch Wingspan T-28B North American Low-Wing Trainer Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 88Bridi (Wingspan Not Provided) Reawin Speedster Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 89L.A.R.K/Pola-LGB/Hobbyist Plastic and two Wood Stations and Fishing Store
Lot: 90LGB G Gauge: #21232 Southern Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 9150+ Assorted Lead Figures
Lot: 92Top Flight 60 Inch Wingspan P-47 Thunderbolt Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 93Pola-LGB Cottage Building
Lot: 94Great Planes 55 Inch Wingspan #US40 Ultra-Sport Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 95USA Trains G Gauge: #R22106 UP GP-9 Engine and #R22202 Lehigh Valley GP38-2 Engine/OBs
Lot: 962 Marx #3436R Sears Service Centers/30 Year Commemorative Edition/OBs
Lot: 97Bridi 1/4 Scale Canopy, Cowling and Wheel Parts for Aircraft Kit/OB
Lot: 9816 Assorted Manufacturer 1:32/1:48 Scale Model Air Plane Kits/OBs
Lot: 99USA Trains G Gauge: #R22009 Conrail NW-2 Engine and #R22060 PA Mighty Joe 20 Ton Engine/OBs
Lot: 100United HO Gauge: Brass #1376 Pennsylvania L-1 2-8-2 Engine & Tender
Lot: 101USA Trains G Gauge: #R22027 Erie Lackawanna NW-2 Engine and #R22156 Erie Lackawanna 44 Ton Switcher/OBs
Lot: 102Aerodome Models/Great Planes 56/78 Inch Wingspan Fly Baby and Spectra Aircraft Kits/OBs
Lot: 103Pola-LGB G Gauge: Residental Building
Lot: 104Tech 3/Model Rectifiers #9500 Power Command, #3/500 Throttle Packs, #550 Transformer and #100 Rheostat
Lot: 105USA Trains G Gauge: 2 #R22033 Jersey Central NW2 Switcher Engines/OBs
Lot: 10660+ Assorted Metal Vehicles and Airplanes
Lot: 10713 Assorted Monogram 1:48/1:72 Scale Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 108Pola-LGB G Gauge: Passenger Station
Lot: 1093 Marx #3436R Sears Service Centers/30 Year Commemorative Edition/OBs
Lot: 110USA Trains G Gauge #R22001 Rio Grande NW-2 Engine and #101 Reading NW-2 Engine/OB
Lot: 111N Gauge: #4731 Baltimore and Ohio 0-4-0 Switcher and 13 Assorted Cars/Plastic Cases
Lot: 11290+ Assorted Plastic and Metal Circus Figures, Wagons, Animals, Vehicles, Mickey Mouse Figures in Vehicles and Merry-Go-Round
Lot: 11310 Assorted Monogram 1:48/1:72 Scale Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 11410 Assorted Dept. 56 Ceramic Buildings
Lot: 115Aristo Craft #1 Gauge: #9564 Union Pacific Engine
Lot: 116#200 Transmitter, Pro Max Charger, 3 Controllers and Case/OBs
Lot: 11733 Assorted Winter Sports Figures, Wagon and Horses
Lot: 1188 Assorted Vintage Cars and Accessories
Lot: 119Marx #3534R Davey Crocket at the Alamo and #WB Fort Apache Play Set/OBs
Lot: 120Sunset Models HO Gauge: Brass #H-69 PRR 2-8-0 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 12150+ Assorted Aircraft Parts and Accessories/Pkgs
Lot: 122Cast Iron Fire Wagon with Horses, Carriage with Horses, Railroad Spikes and Trolley
Lot: 12350+ Assorted Lead Figures
Lot: 124USA Trains G Gauge: #R22153 New Haven 44 Ton Switcher/OB
Lot: 125MEW HO Gauge: Brass Colorado Midland 4-6-0 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 126USA Trains G Gauge: 2 #R22007 UP NW-2 Calf Switchers/OBs
Lot: 12711 Assorted Aircraft Motors and Parts
Lot: 128Marx 3 Tinplate Buildings, 3 Tinplate Construction Vehicles and 2 Signals
Lot: 12917 Propellers, 2 Mufflers, Hand Lapped Engine and 3 Accessories/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 130Ken Kidder HO Gauge: Brass #3538 NYC & Hudson River RR 4-4-0 Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 131Aristo Craft #1 Gauge: #ART23376S2 Pittsburgh Trolley, #ART-41407 Norfolk Southern Hopper and #ART-41413 Southern Railroad Hopper/OBs
Lot: 13216 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Trailer/OBs
Lot: 13316 Assorted Remote Controllers, Engines and Parts/Pkg
Lot: 134New Bright Standard Gauge: Incomplete #55A Western Rail Road Silver Rail Express Train Set
Lot: 135AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: #433 PA and #31031 B&O Engines and Tenders
Lot: 136HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Accessories/Buildings/OBs
Lot: 13710 Assorted Dept. 56 Ceramic Buildings
Lot: 13810 Assorted Dept. 56 Ceramic Buildings
Lot: 139USA Trains G Gauge: #R22557 PA S4 Switcher and #R22153 New Haven 44 Ton Switcher/OBs
Lot: 140Lionel HO Gauge: Nice 12 Assorted 1950s/60s Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 141USA Trains G Gauge: #R22120 Alaska Railroad GP9 Engine/OB
Lot: 142HO Gauge: 90+ Assorted Accessories and Parts/Pkg
Lot: 143#DLE-55 Airplane Model Engine, E-Flite Remote, Ni-Cd Focus SS Transmitter and Battery Pack Charge/OB
Lot: 144USA Trains G Gauge: #R22159 Great Northern 44 Ton Switcher and #R22151 Burlington 44 Ton Switcher/OBs
Lot: 145Bachmann G Gauge: Incomplete #90088 King Coal Reading Passenger Train Set/OB
Lot: 146Varney/Manuta HO Gauge: Streamliner Talgo Engine and Passenger Cars/Kits
Lot: 1477 Assorted Dept. 56 Ceramic Buildings
Lot: 148Chooch/Other HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Accessories/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 149USA Trains G Gauge: #R22558 Reading Locomotive and #R22568 Western Maryland Engine/OBs
Lot: 150Oriental Ltd/Samhongsa HO Gauge: #8051 Columbia River Belt RY/OB
Lot: 151USA Trains G Gauge: #22042 Bethlehem Steel NW-2 and #3390 CNW Route of 400 NW-2/OBs
Lot: 152Assorted 1:24/? Scale 2 7537/7529/380 Vehicle Kits and #90805 Smithsonian Motor-Works/OBs
Lot: 153HO Scale: 60+ Assorted Figures, Accessories and Landscape Material/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 154USA G Gauge: #R12012/R12052/R12059/R12115/R12117 Assorted Cabooses/OBs
Lot: 155AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: #430 C&O Alco Locomotive and 2 #31022 C&O Locomotives
Lot: 156Roco Miniatures HO Gauge: 60+ Assorted Military Vehicles/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 157Life-Like/Magnuson Models/Walthers HO Scale: 8 Assorted Building Kits/OBs
Lot: 158Hallmark/Other HO Gauge: Engines and Tenders and Kits/OBs
Lot: 159USA Trains G Gauge: #5066 Baltimore and Ohio and #8755 New York Central NW Switchers
Lot: 160Scarce Lionel HO Gauge: #0561 MSTL Snowblower/OB
Lot: 161Aristo Craft/LGB #1/G Gauge: #0802 New Haven Switcher and #42433 New Haven Custom Painted Caboose
Lot: 16227 Assorted Scale Matchbox/Corgi Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 16322 Assorted Hallmark Holiday Ornaments/OBs
Lot: 164Rail Works Ltd./Woo Sung HO Gauge: Brass #P-58 PRR Steel Coach/OB
Lot: 165Lionel/Rivarossi HO Gauge: Chicago & North Western AB Alco Units
Lot: 16650+ Assorted Model Aircraft Parts
Lot: 16750+ Assorted Model Aircraft Parts
Lot: 168Walthers HO Gauge: Sealed #931-840 Santa Fe Trainline Wayfreight Train Set/OB
Lot: 169USA G Gauge: #R19056A/R1434/R1434/R1447A/R1447B Assorted Box Cars/OBs
Lot: 170AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: #31010/31011/424 Northern Pacific ABA Units and #541/542/33540/33543 Passenger Cars
Lot: 171USA Trains G Gauge: #22032 Boston & Maine NW-2 (missing parts) and #R22567 Christmas S4 Switcher/OBs
Lot: 17220+ Assorted Model Aircraft Parts
Lot: 17350+ Assorted Aircraft Parts and Accessories/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 174Bachmann G Gauge: 5 Assorted Emmett Kelly Jr Circus Cars/OBs
Lot: 175Life-Like HO Gauge #23330 Undecorated 2-8-8-2 Steam E&T/OB
Lot: 176LGB G Gauge: #41365/43353/4065/4065/3006 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 17750+ Assorted Model Aircraft Parts, Accessories and HO Parts/OB
Lot: 178Crown Custom Imports HO Gauge: Brass #CCI-259P PA X-30 Box Car w/Early Oxide Red-Ball Keystone/OB
Lot: 179Hobbyist Assembled Wood Pennsylvania Engine House and Paoli Passenger Station
Lot: 180AF HO Gauge: #31045 Wabash Hudson Engine and Tender and #31005 NYC Hudson Engine and Tender
Lot: 181LGB G Gauge: #4070 Budwieser Reefer, #4072 Miller High Life Reefer and #4074 Pabst Reefer/OBs
Lot: 182O/HO Gauge: Turntable
Lot: 1839 Assorted Pine Creek Village Wood Buildings and 14 Accessories
Lot: 184Homemade Wood Morton Salt Building
Lot: 185United/PFM HO Gauge: Brass #8 2-8-0 Engine & Tender
Lot: 18620 Assorted Indian Figures and Accessories
Lot: 187HO Gauge: Assorted Engines, Train Sets, Cars and Buildings
Lot: 18812 Assorted Pine Creek Collection Accessories
Lot: 189O Gauge/Assorted Scale: 14 Assorted Vehicles and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 190Lionel/Rivarossi HO Gauge: Wabash ABA Units
Lot: 191Aristo Craft #1 Gauge Assorted Cars and Kit/OBs
Lot: 192Bowser HO Gauge: Die-Cast #98 PA Switcher, Unmarked Engine and Unmarked Engine and Tender
Lot: 1934 Assorted Framed Train Artwork
Lot: 19450+ Assorted Scale Vehicles and Accessories/Packages
Lot: 195Lionel/Athearn HO Gauge: #0591 New Haven Electric Engine and Virginan Electric Engine
Lot: 196N Gauge: 50+ Assorted Engines, Cars, Track and Buildings
Lot: 19712 Assorted Christmas Village/Accessories/OB
Lot: 198Assorted Scale Cast Iron Engines, Tenders and Cars
Lot: 199USA Trains G Gauge: #1218 Santa Fe NW-2 Engine
Lot: 200Sunset Models Korean HO Gauge Brass #2 PRR 2-10-0 I-1 Stea, Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 201Bachmann G Gauge: #11397 West Side Lumber 0-4-0 Porter Side Tank Engine/OB
Lot: 2023 Antique Swords, Photographs and 3 Books
Lot: 203Marklin HO Gauge: #2907 Steam Freight Train Set/OB
Lot: 204Piko G Gauge: 2 #38828 B&O Box Cars/OBs
Lot: 205AF HO Gauge: 2 #443 NYC Hudson Steam Engines & Tenders
Lot: 206HO Gauge #10000B EMD E-7 B Unit Engine Kit and 20 Assorted Accessories, Kits and Parts/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 207Cast Iron #X516 St Louis and Ohio River Railroad Train Set (O gauge), Engine and Tender, 2 Passenger Cars and Observation Car
Lot: 20860+ Assorted Model Aircraft Parts, Accessories and HO Parts/Pkg
Lot: 209Bachmann G Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 210Nickel Plate Products HO Guage Brass PA H30A Covered Hopper/OB
Lot: 211Bachmann G Gauge: #98372/98374/98385/98385/98385 Assorted Circus Cars/OBs
Lot: 212Bachmann G Gauge: #90021 Emmitt Kelly Circus Train Set/OB
Lot: 213Bachmann E-Z Track HO Gauge 13 Straight Pieces, 55 Assorted Curve Pieces and 45+ Assorted Short Pieces/Pkg
Lot: 214N/HO/O Gauge: Incomplete Set and Cars/OBs
Lot: 215AF HO Gauge: #31004 Pennsylvania 0-6-0 Steam Engine & Tender
Lot: 216Bachmann G Gauge: #93127/93114/93820/93820/93820 Assorted Cabooses/OBs
Lot: 217Life-Like N Gauge: #S321G 34 x 27 Inches Styrofoam Train Platform/OB
Lot: 218USA Trains G Gauge: Curved Track Full Circle #R81600 16 Pieces and 4 #R81100 12 Pieces Each/OBs
Lot: 219Aristo Craft #1 Gauge: 5 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 220Tenshodo HO Gauge: Brass #152 Great Northern NW-2 Diesel Switcher
Lot: 221LGB G Gauge: 5 Assorted Denver & Rio Grande Western Passenger & Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 222USA Trains/Aristo Craft G/#1 Gauge: 4 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 223Bachmann/Delton Large/G Gauge: #4258C Carnation Milk Reefer and 2 #98917 Bobber Cabooses Kits/OBs
Lot: 224G Gauge: #1191 Union Pacific Locomotive and #25201 Union Pacific Caboose
Lot: 225Sunset Models Korean HO Gauge Brass PRR 0-6-0 B6Sb Steam Switcher & Tender/OB
Lot: 226HO Gauge: 23 Assorted Passenger and Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 227Bachmann G Gauge: 5 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 228Bachmann G Gauge: #93436 Quaker State, American, Mobilgas, Sunoco and Esso Assorted Tank Cars/OB
Lot: 2299 Assorted Scale Kits and 1 Silver Rail Spike/OBs
Lot: 230United/Other HO Gauge: 2 Brass Engines & Tenders
Lot: 231USA Trains G Gauge: #R16204A/R16204C/R16204D/R16221 Assorted Alaska Refrigerator Cars/OBs
Lot: 232Bachmann G Gauge: #98229/93253/98171/98172 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 2337 Assorted Framed Train Pictures and 1 Calendar
Lot: 234LGB G Gauge: #4291 Coca-Cola Box Car, #4068 Rio Grande Stock Car, Campbells Soup Box Car, 2 #4067 State of Maine Box Cars/OBs
Lot: 235Tyco HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Engines and Tenders and Engine and Tender Kits/OBs
Lot: 236USA Trains G Gauge: #1061 Jersey Central NW-2 Engine
Lot: 237Bachmann G Gauge: 5 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 238G Gauge: 5 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 239Bachmann G Gauge: 4 Assorted Circus Cars
Lot: 240Austin/CP Huntington HO Gauge: General 4-2-0 Steam Locomotive/OB
Lot: 241Silver Streak HO Gauge: 30+ Assorted Wood Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 2428 Mattel #66207 Hunchback of Notre Dame Playlets/OBs
Lot: 243Bachmann G Gauge: #96221 Timber Trestles and 6 #94358 90 Degree Crossings/OBs
Lot: 244G Gauge: 5 #675345 Pennsylvania Hoppers w Coal Loads
Lot: 2456 Bowser/Roundhouse HO Gauge Die-Cast Engine and Tender Kits and Part/Obs
Lot: 246Ulrich/Binkley HO Gauge: 30+ Assorted Freight Car Kits and Accessory Kit/OBs
Lot: 24719 Assorted Christmas Collectable Figures and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 2488 Lindberg/Revell/Monogram 1:48 Scale Assorted Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 249Marx HO Gauge: New Haven #64888 Train Set and Engine with 3 Cars, Track and Power Pack/OB
Lot: 250Alco/Kobra HO Gauge: Brass #S-119 PRR N-2SA 2-10-2 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 251Marx HO Gauge: #20/6096/6875 New York Central Train Sets/OBs
Lot: 25210 Porcelain Buildings, 10 Santa Figures and 1 Angel/OBs
Lot: 25320 Assorted Scale Testors/NewRay Model Airplane and Vehicle Kits/OBs
Lot: 25418 Assorted Novelino/RSVP International/AMC Christmas Decorations/OBs
Lot: 255GEM Models/Samhongsa HO Gauge: Brass #SH-701 Reading 4-Wheel Caboose/OB
Lot: 25619 Assorted RSVP International Country Kitchen Spice Jars/OBs
Lot: 25720 Assorted Norman Rockwell Museum, Inc. Assorted Porcelain Tankards/OBs
Lot: 258Bachmann G Gauge: 6 Assorted Passenger & Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 25913 Assorted Novelino Gift Collections Ceramic A Christmas Carol Figurines/OBs
Lot: 260International Model Product/Tenshedo HO Gauge: Brass GP-9 Diesel Locomotive/OB
Lot: 261Revell/Ulrich HO Gauge: #T-7051 Santa Fe Train Set, #T-6100:695 Operating Hopper Set and #CY2 Coal Yard Accessory Kit/OBs
Lot: 262Varney/Athearn HO Gauge: #3P7 Pennsylvania Train Set, #32 Aerotrain Train Set and Hustler Industrial Switcher Train Set/OBs
Lot: 26310 Revell/Lindberg 1:48 Scale Assorted Model Airplane Kits/OBs
Lot: 26410 Assorted World Bazaars Ceramic Teapots/OBs
Lot: 265Front Range Products HO Gauge: 40+ Assorted Parts/Pkgs
Lot: 266RO/Bachmann G Gauge: 4 #62082 Lehigh Valley Box Cars and Lehigh Valley Caboose
Lot: 2679 World Bazaar Carved Look Christmas Figures/OBs
Lot: 2689 World Bazaar Carved Look Christmas Figures/OBs
Lot: 269HO Gauge: 60+ pieces of Track/OBs
Lot: 270Lionel HO Gauge: #0595 Santa Fe AB Units, #0596/0598 NYC Engines/OBs
Lot: 271Bachmann/Life-Like HO Gauge: Incomplete #0280 Auto Train Train Set and 14 Assorted State Cars/OBs
Lot: 27211 Assorted Christmas Decorations, Baseball Collectibles and Ceramic Buildings/OBs
Lot: 273LGB/Other G Gauge: 7 Assorted Tank Cars
Lot: 274Bachmann G Gauge: 2 #417 Pennsylvania Coal Hoppers
Lot: 275Ho Brass: Fujiyama Passenger Car Older-Style Set/OB
Lot: 276Lionel HO Gauge: Sealed #2587 American Freedom Also A Train Set/OB
Lot: 277HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Engines, Cars and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 278HO Gauge: 200+ Assorted Parts
Lot: 279N Gauge: 25+ Assorted Steam Engines & Tenders, Single Engines and Cars/OBs
Lot: 280Hallmark Models HO Gauge: Brass FM H-12-44 Diesel Locomotive/OB
Lot: 281Bachmann G Gauge: #9660 Lackawanna 4-6-0 Engine and Tender and #9660 Pennsylvania 4-6-0 Engine and Tender
Lot: 282USA Trains G Gauge: #R22160 PRR 44 Ton Switcher and #8522 C&O Switcher/OB
Lot: 283ERTL/KovAp #F900 1940 Grumann Goose Texaco Airplane Bank, #B223 1932 Northrop Gamma Texaco Airplane Bank and #00436 Crane/OBs
Lot: 284Tyco HO Gauge: #7847M Spirit of 76 Train Set/OB
Lot: 285Lionel HO Gauge: #14300 Southern Pacific Freight Train Set/OB
Lot: 286HO Gauge: 19 Assorted Engines and Cars
Lot: 287Roundhouse HO Gauge: 39 Assorted Passenger Cars and Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 2888 Assorted New Bright/Korber/Other Buildings
Lot: 289HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Engines and Cars/OBs
Lot: 290Sunset Models HO Gauge: Brass #510 PA Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 291HO Gauge: 29 Assorted Passenger Cars and Trucks/OBs
Lot: 292Peco/Atlas/AHM HO Gauge: 90+ Assorted Track, Switch Track & Wheels/OBs
Lot: 2936 Assorted Wooden Buildings
Lot: 294HO Gauge: 17 Assorted Engines, Cars and Kits/OBs
Lot: 295HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Some Brass Single Engines, E&Ts and Tender
Lot: 296HO Gauge: #50614 Pennsylvania Engine and Tender, 2 #2654 Santa Fe Engines and 31 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 297HO Gauge: 190+ Assorted Parts
Lot: 29810 Assorted K's Collection Ceramic Buildings
Lot: 299Lionel HO Gauge: #5759 Santa Fe Twin Diesel Passenger Set/OB
Lot: 300Westside Models/Katsumi Mokeiten HO Gauge: Brass #M-1a Pennsylvania 4-8-2 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 301Tyco HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Santa Fe & Disneyland E&T and Cars/OBs
Lot: 302G Gauge: 7 Assorted Cabooses
Lot: 303Faller G Gauge: 10 Assorted Cars, Trolleys and Accessories/OBS
Lot: 3046 Assorted Wooden Bird Houses
Lot: 305HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Die-Cast Engine and Tender and Engine and Tender Kits (brass parts)
Lot: 306Bachmann G Gauge: 6 Assorted Cabooses
Lot: 307Charles Ro/USA Trains G Gauge: New Hampshire 4 #30775 Box Cars and #C-543 Caboose
Lot: 3088 Assorted Wooden Bird Houses and Barrels
Lot: 309Roundhouse/Westerfield HO Gauge: 34 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs25 OBs
Lot: 310Aristo-Craft/New One Model HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engines & Tenders/OBs
Lot: 311Tyco HO Gauge: #283 B&O AB Alcos, #9418 NewHaven AA Alcos and #4015 Santa Fe AB Alcos plus Extra B Unit
Lot: 312Charles Ro/Bachmann/Other G Gauge: 5 Assorted Jersey Central Cars
Lot: 313Charles Ro/Other G Gauge: 6 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 314Charles Ro/Other G Gauge: 10 Assorted Cars
Lot: 3158 pieces BCW HO Gauge Die-Cast Assorted Engines and Kits/Obs
Lot: 316Con-Cor HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Christmas Passenger and Freight Cars Kits/OBs
Lot: 317Aristo Craft/Other #1/G Gauge: 5 Assorted Freight Car
Lot: 318Bachmann HO Gauge: 25 Assorted Santa Fe Engines and Cabs
Lot: 319Athearn HO Gauge: 27 Assorted Engines and Cars/OBs
Lot: 320Westside Model/Katsumi HO Gauge: Brass PA G-5 4-6-0 Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 321Accurail HO Gauge: 35 Assorted Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 322Bachmann HO Gauge: #1361 PA 4-6-2 Engine and Tender
Lot: 323USA Trains/Other G Gauge: #8594 New York Central and #9245 Conrail Switcher Engines
Lot: 324Lionel HO 1970s Gauge: 13 Assorted Freight Car/OBs
Lot: 325Olympia/GEM HO Gauge: Brass PRR F3 2-6-0 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 326Marx/Allstate HO Gauge: 2 #9962 NYC Hudson Electric Train Sets/OBs
Lot: 327Aristo Craft G Gauge: 2 #4111 Erie Lackawanna and 3 Seashore Line Gondolas with Covers
Lot: 328Charles Ro G Gauge: Borden/Tropicana/Heinz/John Deere Reefers and WP & YR Box Car
Lot: 329AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: 14 Assorted Engines and Cars
Lot: 330United/Atlas HO Gauge: Brass I-1 Pennsy Power 2-10-1 Decapod Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 331Roundhouse/Cliff Line HO Gauge: 35 Assorted Wood & Metal Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 332Charles Ro G Gauge: 5 Assorted Christmas Reefer Cars
Lot: 333Bachmann G Gauge: PA Stock Car/Coal Hopper/Caboose, LO&S Gondola w/Load and SJGRS Hopper w/Coal
Lot: 334HO Gauge: 32 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs
Lot: 335HO Gauge: 20 Assorted Diesel Engines
Lot: 336Lionel 1970s HO Gauge: #2682 The Burlington 181 Set and #2780 Norfolk & Western Freight Empire Set/OBs
Lot: 337Bachmann/Other G Gauge: 5 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 338Charles Ro/Bachmann G Gauge: 2 Lackawanna Box Cars/Caboose, Conrail Box Car and Reading Hopper
Lot: 339Lionel HO Gauge: Santa Fe #0535/0565/0575 ABA Units, #0712 Combo, #0714 Vista Dome and #0715 Observation Car
Lot: 340Sunset Models Made in Korea HO Gauge Brass Pennsylvania Tender/OB
Lot: 341G Gauge: 60+ Assorted Wheels and Accessories/Pkgs
Lot: 34220 Assorted Buildings and Accessories
Lot: 343Bachmann G Gauge: 5 Assorted Passenger Cars
Lot: 344Lionel 1957/58 HO Gauge: #104/5104/502/50656/15412 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 345Lionel HO Gauge: #0845 Fort Knox Mint Car, #0370 Wells Fargo Sheriff and Hobo Car and #0330 Maroon Base Rocket Launcher
Lot: 346Lionel HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Cars
Lot: 347Charles Ro/Lionel G/Large Gauge: 5 Assorted Cars
Lot: 3486 Wooden Buildings and Ceramic Barn
Lot: 349AF HO Gauge: 2 #420 Lackawanna AA Alco Diesels
Lot: 350HO Brass: United/Atlas Made In Japan HO Gauge #43 Maryland and PA Modern 2-8-0 E&T/OB
Lot: 351Lionel 1960s HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engines & Gang Cars
Lot: 352Bachmann/LGB G Gauge: 65+ pieces Track and Track Clips
Lot: 3538 Assorted G Scale Buildings
Lot: 354AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 355Lionel HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Husky Diesel Switchers
Lot: 356AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Hoppers
Lot: 357Bachmann G Gauge: 40+ Straight and 15 Curved pieces of Track
Lot: 358Lionel HO Gauge: Sealed #4551 Pickle Factory Kit and #4554 Passenger Station Kit/OBs
Lot: 359AF/Lionel/Marx HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Track Cleaner, Tie Car and Cabooses
Lot: 360Tenshodo HO Gauge: Brass #223 GP-7 Diesel Switcher/OB
Lot: 361United Made In Japan HO Gauge Brass Frisco Russian 2-10-0 E&T/OB
Lot: 36260+ Assorted Figures and Accessories/Pkgs
Lot: 363100+ Assorted Figures and Accessories
Lot: 364Lionel HO Gauge: #0602/0605 Pennsylvania Engines & Tenders
Lot: 365Lionel HO Gauge: Incomplete #2586 American Freedom Electric Steam Train Set/OB
Lot: 366Lionel HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Cars
Lot: 367Bachmann G Gauge: 35+ pieces of Track, Track Clips & Controller
Lot: 368Charles Ro/Bachmann G Gauge: Santa Fe #27080 Box Car, 2 #3494 Reefers and #202 Caboose
Lot: 369Walthers HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Pennsylvania Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 370Overland Models/Other HO Gauge: 2 Brass #370000 B&O M-53A Box Cars, N&W Hopper and 3 Dome Tank Car/OBs
Lot: 371Bowser HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Single Engine and Engine and Tender Kits/OBs
Lot: 372HO Gauge: 40+ Assorted Freight Cars and Trucks
Lot: 373HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 374HO Gauge: 20 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 375Lambert HO Gauge: #3021 PRR H-6sb 2-8-0 Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 376Varney/Athearn/Walthers HO Gauge: 29 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 377HO Gauge: 22 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 378Tyco HO Gauge: 14 Assorted AB Units
Lot: 379Accurail HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 380AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: #30705 Santa Fe Alco Electric Train Set/OB
Lot: 381Globe HO Gauge: Santa Fe Alco and 29 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 382Walthers HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Pennsylvania Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 383HO Gauge: 170+ pieces of Track, Turntable and other related items/OBs
Lot: 384Tyco HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Passenger Cars
Lot: 385Lionel Post-War HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engine and Tender, Single Engine, Tender and Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 386HO Gauge: 28 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 387HO Gauge: Mostly Tyco 30 Assorted Cars
Lot: 388HO Gauge: 32 Assorted Cars/OB
Lot: 389Life-Like/Bowser HO Gauge: 22 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs
Lot: 390AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: Hudson Engine and Tender, #421/31009 B&O AA Units and #35710 Block Signal/OBs
Lot: 391Central Valley HO Gauge: 29 Car and Kits/OBs
Lot: 392HO Gauge: 32 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 393HO Gauge: 46 Assorted Cars and 8 Cabs
Lot: 394HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Engines and Cabs
Lot: 395AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 396Roundhouse HO Gauge: 42 Assorted Passenger and Rolling Stock Cars/OBs
Lot: 397HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Cars
Lot: 398Ulrich/Penn Line/Other HO Gauge: 15 Assorted Cars, Vehicles and Kit/OBs
Lot: 399A-C Models/LW Models HO Gauge: 31 Assorted Wood Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 400HO Brass: United Made In Japan UP 0-6-0 Steam Switcher E&T/OB
Lot: 401Nickel Plate Products HO Gauge: 2 Brass Freight Cars
Lot: 402Tyco/Mantua HO Gauge: 23 Assorted Engine and Tender, Cars, Passenger Cars and Kits/OBs
Lot: 403HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Die-Cast & Plastic Engines & Tenders, Single Engines and Parts
Lot: 404Bowser HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 405HO Gauge: Brass #2910 Santa Fe Diesel Balwin Switcher Locomotive
Lot: 406Life-Like HO Gauge: #8097/8098 PRR SD-7 Locomotive w/Dynamic Brake, #23618 PRR GP-9 and #23565 PRR GP-7/OBs
Lot: 407Lionel HO Gauge: #6500 Southern Pacific Daylight Engine and Tender and #6502 Western Pacific Engine and Tender/OBs
Lot: 408Pittman HO Gauge: #600 Powered Bride and Groom 2 Car Multiple Unit Electric Train Kit/OB
Lot: 409Blue Line/JC Models/American Beauty HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Passenger Cars and Kits/OBs
Lot: 410Mehano HO Gauge: 4 Assorted Steam Engines & Tenders/OBs
Lot: 411Bowser HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engines and Tenders and Engine and Tender Kits/OBs
Lot: 412Athearn HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Engines, Cars and Kits/OBs
Lot: 413Mantua/Varney HO Gauge: 4 Assorted Die-Cast Engines and Tenders/OBs
Lot: 414Silver Streak/Central Valley HO Gauge: 30 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs
Lot: 415Life-Like/Walthers HO Gauge: #920-31442/920-31472 SW8 Undecorated Engines and #8116/21007 Pennsylvania Engines Kits/OBs
Lot: 416Roundhouse HO Gauge: 33 Assorted Kits and Cars/OBs
Lot: 417HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Steam Engines & Tenders and Alco Engines w/Parts
Lot: 418Penn Line HO Gauge: 14 Assorted Engine & Tender, Single Engines and Cars/OBs
Lot: 419Nickel Plate Products HO Gauge: Dispatchers Special R50 Express Reefer & P50 Modified Coach/OB
Lot: 420Aristo-Craft/New One Model HO Gauge: Brass C&O 4-8-2 Mountain Type Engine & Tender and Frisco 2-8-2 Mikado Engine & Tender/OBs
Lot: 421Bachmann HO Gauge: 4 Assorted Pennsylvania Engines/OBs
Lot: 422Kar-Line HO Gauge: 28 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 423Life-Like HO Gauge: PRR 2 #31598 C-Liner A/B Units, #23990 C-Liner A Unit and 2 Erie Built A/B Unit/OBs
Lot: 424HO Gauge: Brass Geared Shay Locomotive
Lot: 425Broadway Limited Imports/Precision Craft Models HO Gauge: #089 PRR I-1 SA 2-10-0 Engine & Tender w/QSI Sound/OB
Lot: 426Iron Horse/Precision Scale Co. HO Gauge: Brass #15596 PRR Stock Car/OB
Lot: 427Life-Like HO Gauge: 3 Limited Edition PRR Locomotives/OBs
Lot: 428HO Gauge: 30 Assorted Cars/KIts/OBs
Lot: 429Kato HO Gauge: Brass #37-02A/#37-029 Pennsylvania GP-35's Phase IA/OBs
Lot: 430Bachmann HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Steam Engines & Tenders/OBs
Lot: 431Ambroid Heritage HO Gauge: 34 Assorted Wood Passenger Cars and Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 432Bowser HO Gauge: 31 Assorted Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 433Broadway Limited Imports HO Gauge: #662 PRR EMD SW-7 Phase II Switcher and #638 PRR EMD NW-2 Phase V Switcher/OB
Lot: 434Atlas HO Gauge: #8213 GP-7 Diesel, #8060 Alco C-424 Phase I, #7012 SD-35 Diesel, #8073 Alco S-2 and #8035 Alco C-424 Assorted Engines/OBs
Lot: 435Aristo-Craft/General Hobbie Co HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Engines & Tenders/OBs
Lot: 436Con-Cor HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Pennsylvania Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 437Lionel 1970s HO Gauge: 33 Assorted Engines, Cars and Building Kits/OBs
Lot: 438Con-Cor HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Pennsylvania Passenger Cars and Passenger Set/OBs
Lot: 4394 Assorted Manufacturers HO Gauge Die-Cast Engines/OB
Lot: 440Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #2320 PRR H-10s 2-8-0 Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 441Varney HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Engines and Engine Kits/OBs
Lot: 442Lionel Post-War HO Gauge: 14 Assorted Accessories and Track/OBs
Lot: 443Bowser HO Gauge: 31 Assorted Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 444Life-Like/Walthers HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Engines & Tank Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 445Rivarossi HO Gauge: #5887 Pennsylvania AA Diesel Locomotives
Lot: 446Silver Streak HO Gauge: 35 Assorted Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 447Athearn/Other HO Gauge: 48 Assorted Cars, Kits and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 448Tichy Train Group HO Gauge: 32 Assorted Car Kits and Water Tank Kit/OBs
Lot: 449Broadway Limited HO Gauge: #308 PRR H-H Alco RSD-15 Locomotive/OB
Lot: 450Broadway Limited Imports HO Gauge #322 PRR K4S E&T/OB
Lot: 451Rail Works Limited/Woosung HO Gauge: Brass Pennsylvania #ND 4 Wheel Caboose and #NDa 8 Wheel Caboose/OBs
Lot: 452United/Unknown HO Gauge: Brass #5362 Engine and Tender and Undecorated Engine and Tender
Lot: 453Oriental Limited Brass HO Gauge: Pennsylvania 2-8-2 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 454Oriental Limited/Samhongsa HO Gauge: Brass #8005 Pennsylvania USRA 2-8-2 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 45522 Assorted Manufacturers N Gauge Assorted Engines and Steam Engines & Tenders/Cases
Lot: 456Alco Models HO Gauge: 2 PA #X-104 N-5C Cabooses/OBs
Lot: 457Great Athearn HO Gauge: #6205 Baltimore and Ohio RDC Budd Passenger Train Set/OB
Lot: 458Tyco HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 459Mantua HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Engine & Tender, Passenger and Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 460IHC HO Gauge: #23409 PRR 2-10-2 Santa FE Locomotive & Tender/OB
Lot: 461Manta HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 462Varney HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Cars/Kits and Platforms/OBs
Lot: 463Varney HO Gauge: 24 Assorted Passenger Cars, Tenders and Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 464Early 1950s Mantua HO Gauge: #904 Shifter Train Set and #216 B Unit Kit/OBs
Lot: 465Broadway Limited Made in Korea HO Gauge #328 Pennsylvania K4s Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 466English HO Gauge #2000 Die-Cast Yard Bird Switcher & Tender, #789 Crippled Creek Railroad 2-8-2 E&T and #1752 PA 2-8-2 E&T/OB
Lot: 467Brass Trains HO Gauge: #BTB-18S Die-Cast Engine and Tender
Lot: 468Hallmark HO Gauge: Brass EMD GP-18 Engine/OB
Lot: 469Tenshodo/Other HO Gauge: Brass #982 DT&I Engine and #32174 NYC Caboose
Lot: 470Broadway Limited Imports HO Gauge #023 PRR J-1 Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 471KATO HO Gauge: #37-107/37-108 PA EMD NW2 Phase I Engines/OBs
Lot: 472Accurail HO Gauge: 34 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 473Tenhodo HO Gauge: Brass #142 SP 4-6-2 Class P-5 Engine and #T-142 SP Tender/OBs
Lot: 474Toby HO Game: Brass #27 Great Northern 2-6-2 Switcher Locomotive
Lot: 475Broadway Limited Imports HO Gauge #623 Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric/OB
Lot: 476Tenshodo HO Gauge: Brass USRA 0-8-0 Locomotive & Tender and MKT 0-8-0 Locomotive & Tender
Lot: 477Lionel HO Gauge: #0567/0577 Alaska RR AB Alco Units
Lot: 478Lionel HO Gauge: 7 Assorted 1970s Engines/OBs
Lot: 479Alco/Ajin/United HO Gauge: Brass NYC Wood Caboose and Pacific Electric Caboose/OBs
Lot: 480Bowser HO Gauge #527 PRR I-1 Decapod E&T/OB
Lot: 481Bowser HO Gauge: 31 Assorted Pennsylvania Caboose and Hopper Kits/OBs
Lot: 482Bowser HO Gauge: #528 PRR B-6 0-6-0 E&T and #100570 PRR A-5 Shifter 0-4-0 E&T/OBs
Lot: 483HO Gauge: Brass #6901 Chessie B&O Diesel Engine
Lot: 4842-8-2 HO Gauge: #5511 Die-Cast PA 4-4-4-4 Engine & Tender and Die-Cast 2-8-2 Engine & Tender
Lot: 485Hallmark Made In Japan HO Gauge Brass B&O HH-1000 Diesel Switcher Engine/OB
Lot: 486Bachmann HO Gauge: #81701/82302/82302/83401 Assorted Engines and Tenders/OBs
Lot: 487Accurail/Tichy Train Group HO Gauge: 35 Assorted Freight Car Kits and Milk Station Kit with Cans/OBs
Lot: 488AHM HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engines and Engines & Tenders/OBs
Lot: 489Athearn/Con-Cor HO Gauge: 31 Assorted Cars and Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 490Life-Like HO Gauge #30221 PRR USRA 0-6-0 Steam E&T/OB
Lot: 491Modern Athearn HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Engine and Tender and Cars/OBs
Lot: 492Lindberg/Atlas HO Gauge: #7821/1101:895/9530/6039 Assorted Locomotives/OBs
Lot: 493Varney HO Gauge: 27 Assorted Engines, Tenders Passenger/Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 494Atlas HO Gauge: 22 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 495Oriental Limited/Samhongsa Made In Korea HO Gauge Brass EMDSW-1 600 HP Phase II Diesel Switcher Engine/OB
Lot: 496Athearn HO Gauge: 34 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 497Funaro & Camerlengo HO Gauge: 23 Assorted Resin Kits/OBs
Lot: 498Alco HO Gauge: #478290/477503/477879 Brass Cabooses
Lot: 499HO Gauge: Brass Trolley and 0-4-0 Steam Engine
Lot: 500United/Atlas Made In Japan HO Gauge Brass #1978 Santa Fe 2-8-0 E&T/OB
Lot: 501GEM Models HO Gauge: Brass #2KT-101 Maryland & Pennsylvania Gas-Electric Engine/OB
Lot: 502AHM HO Gauge: 18 Assorted General Engines and Tenders, Passenger Cars and Cars/OBs
Lot: 503Bachmann HO Gauge: #81802/84014/84114/41-0804-14 Assorted Pennsylvania Engines and Tenders/OBs
Lot: 504Varney HO Gauge: 30 Assorted E&Ts, Engine, Tenders, Water Car and Freight Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 505Overland Models HO Gauge: Brass PRR B-6 0-6-0 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 506Bachmann HO Gauge: #89300 PRR Pre-War Heavyweight 4 Car Passenger Set and #89240 PRR Post-War Heavyweight 4 Car Passenger Set/OBs
Lot: 507Bachmann HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 508Bachmann HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Engines and Tenders/OBs
Lot: 509Bachmann HO Gauge: 2 #81402 Unlettered EMC Gas Electric Doodlebugs and #81406 PA EMC Gas Electric Doodlebug/OBs
Lot: 510FM/Samhongsa Made In Korea HO Gauge Brass Southern Railroad MS-4 2-8-2 w/Worthington FWH/OB
Lot: 511Bowser HO Gauge: 31 Assorted Freight Car Kit/OBs
Lot: 512Rivarossi HO Gauge: #HR2532 PA GE U25C Phase IIIB Engine, #4879 PRR GG1 and #4902 American Railroads GG1/OB/Plastic Cases
Lot: 513Branchline Trains/Train-Miniature HO Gauge: 31 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 514Broadway Limited Imports/Kadee HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Freight Car/Plastic Cases
Lot: 515GEM/TKD Made In Japan HO Gauge Brass SH-IIIS Ma & Pa 3 Car Passenger Set/OB
Lot: 516Broadway Limited Imports HO Gauge: #4044 PRR L1S 2-8-2 Paragon 3 Sound/DC/DCC E&T/OB
Lot: 517Walthers/Con-Cor HO Gauge: #910-9201 B&M EMD SW-1 Engine and 19 Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 518Bachmann HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Engine, Passenger Cars and Cars/OBs
Lot: 519Broadway Limited Imports HO Gauge: #2696 Series PRR S2 Steam Turbine Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 520Gem Models/TKD HO Gauge: Brass #SH-111S MA& PA Passenger Car Set/OB
Lot: 521Train Miniatures HO Gauge: 33 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 522HO Gauge: 23 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 523Mehana/Front Range Products HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Engine and Tenders and Engine Kits/OBs
Lot: 524Varney HO Gauge: 28 Assorted Engine, Passenger Cars, Kits and Cars/OBs
Lot: 525Broadway Imports HO Gauge: #010 Pennsylvania M1b Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 526Roundhouse HO Gauge: 28 Assorted Engines, Passenger/Freight Cars and Cars w/Accessories/OBs
Lot: 527AHM HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 528United HO Gauge: Brass Santa Fe 4-8-4 Engine & Tender/OB
Lot: 529AHM HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 530Broadway Imports HO Gauge: #006 Pennsylvania M1a Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 531Westerfield HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 532Central Valley HO Gauge: Trucks w/wheels (34 sets) and 6 Bags of Coal/Gravel/Plastic Cases
Lot: 533Life-Like/Stewart Hobbies HO Gauge: 15 Assorted Freight Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 534HO Gauge: 22 Assorted Cars, Kits and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 535Broadway Imports HO Gauge: #088 PRR I-1SA 2-10-0 Engine & Tender/OB