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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box:
Lot: 1Sealed Marx/HAS #4502/12 Fort Apache Play Sets/OBs
Lot: 2Marklin #1 Gauge: #54821 Freight Car Set/OB
Lot: 3LGB G Gauge: #4136/3125/4040/4049 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 4USA Trains G Gauge: #R17100/R14124/R15180/R15174 Cars/OBs
Lot: 5Marklin Z Gauge: #81862 30th Anniversary Mini-Club Started Train Set/OB
Lot: 6LGB G Gauge: #30570 Santa Fe Streamlined Passenger Car/OB
Lot: 7LGB G Gauge: #44030/4103/4103/4003/4069 Assorted Flat Cars with Containers/OBs
Lot: 8USA G Gauge: #R-1412/R19061B/R19044D/359025/36040 Assorted Box Cars/OBs
Lot: 9Piko G Gauge: #37750 German Flat Car w/Containers and #38835 Santa Fe Covered Hoper/OBs
Lot: 10Marklin HO Gauge: Engine and 4 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 11Genesis HO Gauge: Pa Railroad, #G62697/G62915 PA GP9 Phase II & #G22344A/G22342 FP7 Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 125 LGB G Scale Passenger Cars, Circus & Flats/OBsVery GoodNone
Lot: 13USA G Gauge: #5323/R1766/R14002/14077/3604o Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 14USA Trains G Gauge: #R31124 Southern Streamlined Sleeper Car
Lot: 15Marklin HO Gauge: #30050 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 16LGB G Gauge: #4075 Denver and Rio Grand Caboose, Denver, South Park and Pacific #3181 Combo and 2 #3180 Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 17LGB G Gauge: #3020/3050/3050/3081/38845 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 18LGB G Gauge: #3061/3163/32805/32843/3080 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 19LGB G Gauge: #3184 Mail Car, #3163 Passenger Car and Denver Rio Grande Box Car/OBs
Lot: 20Lemax #34618/14325/64046/55026 Assorted Rides and Building/OB
Lot: 21LGB G Gauge: #2036/2060/20601/69576 Assorted Engines and Tender
Lot: 22REA G Gauge: #REA-46102/REA-46103/REA-46011/REA-46009 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 23REA G Gauge: #REA-46007/REA-46601/REA-46003/REA-46101 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 24LGB G Gauge: #45352/4291/42911CM/42912/2912 Assorted Coca-Cola Cars/OBs
Lot: 252 Marx #3H36R Sears Service Center Vintage Collectible/ 30th Year Commemorative Edition Sets/OBs
Lot: 26Marklin HO Gauge: #3054/3059 Electric Engine/OBs
Lot: 27Aristo Craft 1 Gauge: #ART-31701 Pennsylvania Passenger Car and #ART-31401 Pennsylvania Observation Car/OBs
Lot: 28Aristo Craft #1 Gauge: #ART-22502/ART-46066/ART-41495/ART-41495 Assorted Engine and Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 29Aristo Craft #1 Gauge: #ART-41307/ART-46097/ART-46097/ART-46601/ART-46099 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 30Marklin Z Gauge: #81331 Engine and Tender and Passenger Cars Set/OB
Lot: 31LGB G Gauge: 4 #4042 Matra Crane Wagons/OBs
Lot: 32New Bright #1 Gauge: #380 Holiday Express Animated Train Set/OB
Lot: 33LGB G Gauge: 3 #50960 Semaphore Signals, 2 #1961 Street Lamps and 2003 Catalog/OBs
Lot: 34Marklin 1 Gauge: #54530 Union Pacific Railroad Steam Locomotive & Tender/OB
Lot: 35G Gauge: 6 Assorted Amtrak Passenger Cars
Lot: 36Aristo Craft #1 Gauge: Blue Comet #1302 Coach and 2 #ART-31402 Observation Cars/OBs
Lot: 37Aristo Craft #1 Scale: #ART-41602/ART-41612/ART-41302/ART-42109 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 38 Aristo Craft #1 Gauge: 5 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 39USA Trains G Gauge: #R19406A/R19419A/R19311A/R17605 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 40Conrad/Terex 1:50 Scale #2744/0 Superlift 3800 Crawler Crane/OB
Lot: 4119 Assorted Matchbox 1:43/1:64 Scale Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 42Bachmann G Gauge: #90071 LumberJack R-T-R Set/OB
Lot: 43USA Trains G Gauge: #R22662/R19202B/R19209A/R1860 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 44Delton G Gauge #2225 Denver Rio Grande Locomotive & Tender and #53/26/3/5 Passenger Cars
Lot: 45Marklin HO Gauge: #30080 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 46Delton/Piko/Kalamazoo G Gauge: 5 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 47LGB G Gauge: #2072 Steam Locomotive
Lot: 48Bachmann G Gauge: #90024 Liberty Bell Limited R-T-R Set/OB
Lot: 49Marklin HO Gauge: #4517 Flat Car with Cover, #94263 Flat Car with Crate and Passenger Car/OB/Tin Case
Lot: 50REA/Aristo-Craft G Gauge: #REA-31151 Combo Car, 2 #REA-31051 Passanger Car, #ART-11100 Curved Track and #ART-11000 Straight Track/OBs
Lot: 51Marklin HO Gauge: 4 #4063 Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 52LGB G Gauge: #110 White Pass Engine
Lot: 53Bachmann G Gauge: #90022 Gold Rush R-T-R Set/OB
Lot: 54Aristo Craft/Bachmann G/1 Gauge: #ART-46520/9814/98120/ART-46014/46097 Assorted Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 55Marklin HO Gauge: #3357/39573 Electric Engines/OBs
Lot: 56LGB G Gauge: 40+ pieces Assorted Track/OBs
Lot: 57MDC/Train/Precision Scale G Scale: #757-5803 Passenger Car, #G4203 Hopper and Brass Unmarked Box Car/OBs
Lot: 58Aristo Craft G Gauge: #ART-28296 1996 Collector Edition R-T-R RC Express Freight Set/OB
Lot: 59LGB/HLW/Bruder #1/G Gauge: 7 Assorted Cars and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 602 Marx #4521 Cape Canaveral Missile Bases/30 Year Commemorative Edition/OBs
Lot: 61Marklin HO Gauge: 3 #4036 Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 62Aristo Craft/LGB/Other G/#1 Gauge: 6 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 63Aristo Craft #1 Gauge: #ART-22805 Amtrak Rail Budd Unit/OB
Lot: 64LGB/Aristo Craft/MTH G Scale: 6 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 65Marklin HO Gauge: #3756/39579 Electric Engines/OBs
Lot: 66 Aristo Craft 1 Gauge: #ART-46950/ART-43750/ART-42104/ART-86404 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 67Aristo Craft/REA/USA Trains G/#1 Gauge: #ART-21301/ART-41620/REA-12106/R19099B Assorted Tender and Cars/OBs
Lot: 68Bachmann/LGB G Gauge: 11 Assorted Engines, Cranes and Freight Cars/OB
Lot: 69LGB G Gauge: #69872/4067/43710 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 70Tyco HO Gauge: #T6509 Western Conqueror Set/OB
Lot: 71LGB G Gauge: #33224 Amtrak Food Service Car/OB
Lot: 72Aristo Craft G Gauge: #46002RC RC Cola Train Set/OB
Lot: 73LGB G Gauge: 15 Assorted Cars, Containers and Bridge/OBs
Lot: 74Roco/Primex HO Gauge: #69749 Electric Engine and #33005 Engine and Tender/OBs
Lot: 7540 1960s Assorted Dell/Gold Key Publishing Co. Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck Comic Books
Lot: 76N Gauge: 50+ Assorted Engines & Tenders and Passenger/Freight Cars/Plastic Cases
Lot: 77G Gauge: 7 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 78LGB G Gauge: #21130 Santa Claus Locomotive and 5 Assorted Passenger/Freight Cars
Lot: 79LGB/USA Trains G Gauge: 6 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 802 Marx #4113 Battle Ground Play Sets/30 Year Commemorative Edition/OBs
Lot: 81HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Engines and Tenders
Lot: 82Bachmann G Gauge: #3 Weil-McLain Contractor Collection Train Set/OB
Lot: 83LGB G Gauge: 21 pieces #1000 and 3 pieces #10610 Straight Track/OB
Lot: 84LGB G Gauge: 12 Assorted Accessories/OBs
Lot: 85Marklin HO Gauge: #3233 Train Set/OB
Lot: 86 Aristo Craft/Piko/Bachmann G Gauge: 7 Assorted Engines, Tenders and a Eggliner
Lot: 87LGB G Gauge: 13 Assorted Passenger & Freight Cars
Lot: 88Lionel Large Gauge: Silver Bell Express Set
Lot: 8940+ Assorted 1:43/1:24/1:18 Scales Die-Cast/Plastic Vehicles
Lot: 90Dept. 56 #55222/56757/56774/58937 Assorted Buildings/OBs
Lot: 91LGB/Aristo Craft G Gauge: 19 Pieces of Track/OB
Lot: 92G Gauge: Cottage and Covered Walkway
Lot: 93Life-Like/Other G Gauge: #1930 Curved-Straight Tunnel and Plastic Straight Tunnel
Lot: 94LGB/Aristo Craft G Gauge: 50+ Assorted Track and Parts/OB
Lot: 95HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Electronic and Car Parts/OBs
Lot: 96Lionel Large Scale: #85103 ATSF 4-4-2 Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 9724 Assorted Playmobil/Habermaass Plastic Play Toy Scenes and Figures/OBs/Packaging
Lot: 98Aristo Craft/LGB Assorted G Gauge: 49 Assorted Pieces of Track
Lot: 99LGB G Gauge: 100 Anniversary Train Set/OB
Lot: 1002 Marx #4521 The Marx Atomic Cape Canaveral Missile Bases/30 Year Commemorative Edition/OBs
Lot: 101Bowser HO Gauge: 2 Die-Cast Challengers and Hudson Engines and Tenders
Lot: 102N Gauge: Assorted Track, Couplers and other Parts
Lot: 1039 Assorted 1:35 Scale Assorted Military Tank Model Kits/OBs
Lot: 10410 Assorted 1:35 Scale Assorted Military Vehicle Model Kits/OBs
Lot: 105Marklin HO Gauge: #3067 DSB Engine and #3035 Electric Engine/OBs
Lot: 106Aristo-Craft HO Gauge: #753/335/507 Assorted Engines and Tenders/OBs
Lot: 1078 Assorted Scale Ship Model Kits/OBs
Lot: 108Revell/UPC/Monogram #5019 Naval Trainer, #5621 C.S.S. Alabama Ship and #3702 Susquehanna Ship Model Kits/OBs
Lot: 109HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Track, Buildings and Bridge/OBs
Lot: 110Bachmann G Gauge: #91114/98230/98114/93827 Engine, Tender and 3 Cars/OBs
Lot: 111HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Engines & Tenders
Lot: 112Bachmann G Gauge: White Pass and Yukon #9 Engine and Tender and 5 Assorted Passenger Cars
Lot: 1138 Assorted Games and Puzzles/OBs
Lot: 114Bachmann/Model Power G/O Gauge: #90011 Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Big Haulers Electric Train Set and #3808 E Train Passenger Cars Train Set/OBs
Lot: 115Scarce Tyco HO Gauge: #TC66 Blue & Grey US Military Centennial Military Set
Lot: 116HO Gauge: 2 #6096 NYC and #638/6096/705 Santa Fe Assorted Engines and Tenders
Lot: 117G Gauge: 6 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 118G Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars
Lot: 119Aristo Craft/Hartland Locomotive G Gauge: #ART-22700-01 Eggliner Engine, 2 Ore Cars, Gondola and Tank Car/Plastic Cases
Lot: 120Delton/Charles Ro/Other G Gauge: 6 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 121Marklin Z Gauge: #81412 Passenger Car Train Set and #8854 Electric Engine/OBs
Lot: 122G Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars
Lot: 123Charles Ro/Bachmann/Other G Gauge: Well Car with Containers and 5 Flat Cars Some with Assorted Loads
Lot: 124Marklin HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 125AHM HO Gauge: #68888 Polaroid FM and 6 Cars Train Set/OBs
Lot: 12632 Assorted Hess Miniature Vehicles and Helicopters/OBs
Lot: 127G Gauge: 6 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 128G Gauge: #518/46009/46035/46008/42099 Assorted Box Cars
Lot: 129HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Diapet (Japanese) Motive Power Engines (3 Powered/4Non-Powered)/OB
Lot: 1302 Marx #3436R Sears Service Centers/30 Year Commemorative Edition/OBs
Lot: 131Marklin HO Gauge: #TK800 89 DB Tank Loco/Tin Case
Lot: 132G Gauge: 6 Assorted Hoppers
Lot: 133G Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars
Lot: 134Athearn HO Gauge: 30 Assorted Passenger and Freight Car Kits (9 not built)/OBs
Lot: 135Marklin Z Gauge: #86306 Hoppers Set of 20/OB/Cases
Lot: 136Marklin HO Gauge: #89 006 Shay Engine, 7 Passenger Cars, 3 Freight Cars and 7 Accessorie/OBs
Lot: 137Bachmann/LGB G Gauge: #96201 Hand Car with Trailer, #1100 Curved Track 12 Pieces and #1000 Straight Track 7 Pieces/OBs
Lot: 138Athearn HO Gauge: 15 Assorted Engines/OBs
Lot: 139Athearn HO Gauge: 30 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs
Lot: 140Nice Tyco HO Gauge: #T5912 Golden West 1860 Freight Train Set/OB
Lot: 141Athearn HO Gauge: #G9000 USRA 2-8-2 Undecorated Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 142Roundhouse HO Gauge: 25 Assorted Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 143HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Engines and Trolleys/OBs
Lot: 144AHM HO Gauge: Unusual #63930 Santa Fe/Scotties Train Set/OB
Lot: 145HO Gauge: 14 Assorted Engines and Caboose
Lot: 146HO Gauge: #8391/5082-E/M9517/205 Assorted Engines/OBs
Lot: 147Athearn/AHM HO Gauge: #14 Southern Pacific Train Set and Incomplete #605B New Haven Train Set/OB
Lot: 148HO Gauge: 19 Assorted Alco GM E & F Types, Shay and Huskies Engines
Lot: 149Bachmann/Other HO Gauge: 12 Assorted Engines (issues)/OB
Lot: 150HO Gauge: White Big Top Tent
Lot: 151Marklin Z Gauge: #88062 Engine, #88053 Engine and Tender, #BR120 Electric Engine/OBs
Lot: 152HO Gauge: #4035/9506 Engines and 22 Assorted Passenger Cars/OB
Lot: 153HO Gauge: European Engine and Tender, 5 Passenger Cars, 4 Freight Cars and 4 Accessories
Lot: 154Athearn HO Gauge: 14 Assorted Engines and B Units/OBs
Lot: 155Mantua/Tyco/Bachmann HO Gauge: 6 Engines & Tenders and Single Engine
Lot: 156HO Gauge: #5308 GT Engine, #2178 Baltimore and Ohio Vista Dome, #2132 Santa Fe Vista Dome and 20 Assorted Cars and Kits/OBs
Lot: 157HO Gauge: 23 Assorted Car/OBs
Lot: 158Revell/Atlas Assorted Racing Track/OBs
Lot: 159300+ Assorted Slot Car Race Parts/OBs/ 1:32 Scale
Lot: 160AF HO Gauge: 3 #31004 Pennsylvania 0-6-0 Steam Switcher Engines and Tenders
Lot: 1615 Assorted Ceramic Buildings and 5 Accessories/OBs
Lot: 162HO Gauge: 20 Assorted Cars
Lot: 1633 Structo Toys/NY-Lint & Tools Co./Wyandotte Toys Unusual Vehicles
Lot: 164Marx/Tyco/Other HO gauge: 31 Assorted Cars
Lot: 165Athearn/Bachmann HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Engines/OBs
Lot: 166Dept 56/GE 6 Accessories, 18 Assorted Trees and String Lights/OBs
Lot: 167Baggage Car and Truck w/ Flat Bed Trailer
Lot: 168100+ Assorted Slot Car Racing Car Molds and Parts
Lot: 16917 Assorted Ceramic Buildings and 4 Accessories
Lot: 170AF HO Gauge: 2 #31045 Wabash Engines and Tenders
Lot: 171Marklin Z Gauge: #81442 Electric Engine and Passenger Cars Set/OBs
Lot: 172AF/Other 22 Slot Car Track Pieces, 10 Accessories and Newspaper
Lot: 1738 Assorted Ceramic Buildings
Lot: 174Marklin Z Gauge: #81436 Passenger Set/OB
Lot: 175Reproduction 1939 Green Truck Pedal Car
Lot: 176Marklin Z Gauge: #81176 Passanger Set/OB
Lot: 177Marklin Z Gauge: #81522 Christmas Starter Train Set, #8198 Catenary Set, #82362 Flat Car with Crates and Instruction CD/OBs
Lot: 178Marklin Z Gauge: #81175 Passanger Set/OB
Lot: 179Marklin Z Gauge: #87846/87847 Passenger Cars Set of 6/OBs
Lot: 180AF HO Gauge: Pennsylvania #155 Engine and Tender and 3 #433 0-6-0 Steam Switcher Engines and Tenders
Lot: 181Marklin Z Gauge: #88081/88480 Electric Engines, #88783 Engine and 3 Tank Cars/OBs
Lot: 182Marklin Z Gauge: #8723/8725/8727/8736/8738 and 3 #8724 Passenger Cars/Plastic Cases
Lot: 183Bachmann HO Gauge: Sealed #00651 Irish Railway Passenger Train Set/OB
Lot: 184Marklin HO Gauge: #4210 Engine and 4 Assorted Cars
Lot: 185Athearn/Life-Like/Bachmann HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Engines/OBs
Lot: 186Mantua HO Gauge: Electric Train Set/OB
Lot: 187Bachmann HO Gauge #00624 McKinley Explorer Train Set/OB
Lot: 1885 Assorted Fiber Optic/CBOC/Other Accessories/OBs
Lot: 1899 Assorted Buildings, Kissing Booth and 2 Accessories/Plastic Packaging
Lot: 190Tyco HO Gauge: Blue & Gray Confederate #TC 77-1860 Georgia Central Centennial Train Set/OB
Lot: 191Marklin O/OO Scale: Tinplate Station
Lot: 193Tyco HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Passenger and Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 194N Gauge: 21 Assorted Cars and Mack Truck/OB/Plastic Cases
Lot: 195Bachmann/Mantua/Other HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Engines and Tenders/OBs
Lot: 196Atherns HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Engines and B Units/OBs
Lot: 197Life-Like HO Gauge: #8919 Chessie w/o Dynamic Brake SD7 Engine and #30796 B&O E8/9 Engine w/o Mars Light/OBs
Lot: 198BachmanN/Scene Master/Life Like HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Engine, Passenger and Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 19928 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs/Blister Packs
Lot: 2007 Assorted DC Comic Books
Lot: 201N Gauge: 14 Assorted Engines and Cars/OB/Plastic Cases
Lot: 202HO Gauge: 39 Assorted Cars and Passenger Cars - some Marx
Lot: 203N Gauge: 25 Assorted Cars/Plastic Cases
Lot: 204Walthers/Revell/Kibri HO Gauge: #933-3043/933-3121/B-9691/B-9696/T-9036:298 Assorted Kits/OBs
Lot: 205Tyco HO Gauge: #T6502B:1698 Santa Fe Freight Hustler Train Set/OB
Lot: 206HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Engines and B Units/OBs
Lot: 207HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Engines
Lot: 208HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Engines/OB
Lot: 209Arnold N Gauge: #073 ST Union Pacific Train Set and #075 UT Southern Pacific Train Set/OBs
Lot: 210MTH HO Gauge: Die-cast #80-3128-1 Pennsylvania 4-6-2 K-4s Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 211 Mantua HO Gauge: #99 Santa FE, #24 PA, #99 PA, #50 Erie, #2584 PA Assorted steam switchers Engines and Tenders
Lot: 212HO Gauge: 31 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 213HO/O Gauge: 11 Assorted Wood/Metal Engine and Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 214Mantua HO Gauge: 4 #4073 Union Pacific Engines and Tenders
Lot: 215Revell/Gilbert AF #R-3001 1:32 Scale Enduro Home Raceway and #19092 Race Car Set/OBs
Lot: 216ERTL #3381 Typhoon Aerial Hook & Ladder/OB
Lot: 2177 Assorted Lumar/Marx Farm/Construction Equipment
Lot: 218Bachmann/Model Power/Other HO Gauge: #50746 Seaboard USRA 0-6-0 Engine and Tender, #1962 EDM GP-30 Engine and 7 Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 219Tyco HO Gauge: 2 Baltimore and Ohio F Engines and 4 Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 220AF HO Gauge: 2 #310109 and 2 #31031 Baltimore and Ohio 0-6-0 Steam Switcher Engines and Tender
Lot: 221AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Cars
Lot: 222Penn Line HO Gauge: #6185-3495 Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric Passenger Train Set with Extra Car/OBs
Lot: 223Mantua HO Gauge #376-164 Baltimore and Ohio 0-6-0 Alco Switcher Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 22424 Assorted Revell/Other Race Cars and Raceway Accessories/OBs - 1:32
Lot: 22518 Assorted Comic Books/Disney Uncle Scrooge
Lot: 226Tyco/Mantua HO Gauge: 2 The General W.& A.R.R. Engine and Tender and C.P. RR. Engine and Tender
Lot: 227AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: 2 #443 New York Central Hudson Engines and Tenders/OBs
Lot: 228AF/Gilbert HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 229Bachmann O Narrow Gauge: #25003 Narrow Gauge Express Set/OB
Lot: 230Nice Tyco HO Gauge: #T5911 Dixie Bell Passenger Set/OB
Lot: 231Lionel/Lemax/Living Home #64488 Crazy Cars, #21012 Lionel Train Ornaments Set of 14 and Musical Tree Village/OBs
Lot: 232Bachmann/Lemax #25017 Village Street Car Set and #14671A Classic Car Set/OBs
Lot: 233#382041 Winter Valley Revolving Reindeer and Sleigh, #M78 Ferris Wheel, Heartland Valley Village House and Fiber Optic House/OBs
Lot: 234HO Gauge: 16 Accessories, 3 Power Packs and 21 Loose Curved Track/OBs
Lot: 235AF HO Gauge: #443/446 New York Central Steam Hudson Engines and Tenders
Lot: 236HO Gauge: New York Central Engine and Tender, 27 Cars, and 2 Accessories/OB
Lot: 237Hubley/Tootsie Toys/Unknown 4 Metal Pistols and 4 Jeeps (2 for AF)
Lot: 238Cast Iron #44 Pennsylvania Passenger Car, #98 Michigan Central Passenger Car and Stock Ca
Lot: 239Janex Batman Talking Clock
Lot: 2407 Assorted DC & Batman Comic Books
Lot: 241K-Line 2 #21149 Motorized Trolley Super Street Sets and 4 Assorted Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 24250 Assorted K-Line Track Accessories and 45 pieces of Track
Lot: 243Bachmann HO Gauge: 41 Assorted Pieces Fast-Track
Lot: 244HO Gauge: 5 Assorted Engines and Tenders
Lot: 245AF HO Gauge: 3 #31005 New York Central Hudson Steam Engines and Tenders
Lot: 24684 Assorted People and Accessories/OBs/PKgs
Lot: 24711 Assorted Scale Trucks and Boat/OBs
Lot: 24891 Assorted Scale Vehicles
Lot: 249HO Gauge: #362 Montour Engine and Tender, #4190/No # B&O Engines and Tenders, Pa #5255/No # Engines and Tenders
Lot: 2503 Marvel Spiderman & Daredevil Comic Group Books
Lot: 251HO Gauge: #314 Lehigh Valley Engine, 2 Pennsylvania Engines, 1 Unmarked Engine and 2 #4828 Pennsylvania GG-1 Engines
Lot: 25249 Assorted Scale Vehicles
Lot: 253HO/N Gauge: 11 Assorted Engines and Cars/OBs/Plastic Case
Lot: 254HO Gauge: 37 Assorted Cars
Lot: 255Marklin HO Gauge: 2 #89028 Shay Engines, 2 #24058 Engines and Tenders and Unmarked Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 256HO Gauge: Assorted Engines and Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 257Marklin HO Gauge: 2 #327, #3291/4000/4040, 3 #2 Passenger Cars and 12 Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 258HO Gauge: 13 Assorted Engines and Cars/OBs/Plastic Case
Lot: 259490 Assorted Size Bulbs and 3 Smoke and Wick Assembly/OBs/Pkgs
Lot: 2602 Sealed Marx #3534R Davy Crockett at the Alamo/30 Year Commemorative Edition/OBs
Lot: 261HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Engines
Lot: 262Bachmann/Atlas/Kato HO Gauge: Assorted Track 30 Curved, 6 Straight and 13 Accessories/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 2636 Marx/Buddy L/Hubley School Bus, Dump Truck, Half Truck, 2 Freight Cars and Jeep
Lot: 264Marx Pick Up Truck (repainted)
Lot: 265British HO Gauge: Assorted Engines, Tenders and Cars/OBs
Lot: 2666 Assorted Tin Toys
Lot: 267Arcade Cast Iron Automobile, Farm Tractor and Wheelbarrow
Lot: 268Revell/Marx Assorted Car Racing Track 12 Straight Pieces, 7 Curved and 60 Accessories/OBs - 1:32
Lot: 269HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Engines and Tenders
Lot: 27017 Assorted Special Headline Newspapers from 40s/50s/60s
Lot: 271HO Gauge: 17 Assorted Engines and AB Units
Lot: 272HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Engines (Clearshell A)
Lot: 273Tyco/Athearn HO Gauge: Hustler Industrial Switcher Set, #4015 Sante FE Engine, #339E BN Box Car and #342D GN Skid Flat Car/OBs
Lot: 274Tyco HO Gauge: #T618 Dixie Belle 1860 Passanger Train Set and 4 Passenger Cars/OB
Lot: 275Marklin Z Gauge: 19 Assorted Mini-Club Cars/Plastic Cases
Lot: 276Tyco HO Gauge: 2 #T6203B Transcontinental West Sets/OBs
Lot: 277HO Gauge: 24 Assorted Circus Passenger and Stock Cars (R)
Lot: 278HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Passenger Cars
Lot: 279HO Gauge: #44130 Circus Set and 11 Assorted Passanger Cars/OB
Lot: 28036 Assorted Publishers Old Comic Books
Lot: 281Lima/Con-Cor HO Gauge: #0001-00908 Royal American Shows Coach Car and 26 Assorted Freight Circus Cars/OBs
Lot: 282Mantua/Tyco HO Gauge: US Military Train Set, The General Engine and 15 Freight Cars
Lot: 283HO Gauge: Tyco/Mantua General 17 Assorted Passenger Cars
Lot: 28411 Assorted Lionel/TM/TCA Reference Train Books and Manual
Lot: 285Reproduction Chevy Pedal Car, Teal and White
Lot: 2868 Assorted Accessories/OBs/Package
Lot: 28740 Assorted O Gauge Accessories/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 2884 Assorted Railroad Lanterns, 2 Oil Cans and Shop Sign
Lot: 289Bachmann HO Gauge: Sealed #40-0185 Oriental Express/OB
Lot: 2906 Assorted Dept. 56 Heritage Village Collection Porcelain Buildings/OBs
Lot: 29137 Assorted Die-cast Vehicles and Figures
Lot: 292HO Gauge: 20 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 293HO Gauge: 36 Assorted Cars/OB
Lot: 294HO/N Gauge: 20 Assorted Engines, Tenders, Cars and Couplers/OBs/Pkg/Plastic Container
Lot: 295AF HO Gauge: #41004 PA E&T, #443 NYC E&T, #3003 Santa Fe Alco and #503 NY/NH&H Transformer Special Car
Lot: 2962 Marx #2569 Marx Plastic Wreckers/OBs
Lot: 297HO Gauge: 28 Assorted Royal American Shows Flat Car Kits
Lot: 298N Gauge: 34 Assorted Engines, Tenders, Passenger and Freight Cars
Lot: 299HO Gauge: 17 Assorted Flat Cars
Lot: 300Marklin Z Gauge: #81415 Mini-Club Freight Car Set/OB
Lot: 301HO Gauge: #25 Baltimore and Ohio Shay Engine, #6205 Santa Fe Passenger Car, #6405 Southern Pacific Vista Dome Car, #301/L Snow Plow and 2 Refrigerated Cars/OBs
Lot: 302Buddy L/Dunwell Toys Tow Truck and Kroger Truck,
Lot: 303HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Circus and Freight Cars
Lot: 304BMC Toys #40003 Gettysburg Action Figures and Playset and 10 Assorted Civil War Accessories/OB/Pkg
Lot: 3052 BMC Toys Action Figures and Playsets, #40007 Battle of Little Big Horn and #40011 The Rough Riders Charge Up San Juan Hill/OBs
Lot: 306Highway Miniatures HO Gauge: Assorted Circus Animal Cars & Accessories/OBs
Lot: 307Pirates of the Revolution Card Game
Lot: 308Assorted Miscellaneous Circus Memorabilia
Lot: 309Marx HO Gauge: 46 Assorted Track some w/ Road Bed
Lot: 310Dept. 56 #5534-4/5961-7/5972-2/5778-1/6285-5 Assorted Buildings/OBs
Lot: 311Marklin HO Gauge: 230+ Freight Cars and Assorted Pieces of Track/OB
Lot: 312Bachmann HO Gauge: 80+ Assorted pieces of Track and Spectrum Magnum Controller
Lot: 313HO Gauge: 23 Assorted Cars, Vehicles and Accessories/Obs/Pkg
Lot: 314Marx Super Circus Big Top Tin Tent w/ 2 side show scenes
Lot: 3158 Pieces of Live Steam Equipment
Lot: 316P.P& L Brass Container and Adlake Brass Union Pacific Padlock w/PRR Key
Lot: 3172 Live Steam Items
Lot: 318Gabriel/Halsam Products #30060 Motorized Tinkertoy Construction Set, #725/735 Plastic Brick Building Kits and #825 American Logs/Canisters
Lot: 31922 Assorted Military Figure Sets and Case Iron Cannons/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 3206 Assorted Dept 56 Ceramic Buildings and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 3217 Assorted Circus and Wild West Books and Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Picture
Lot: 322Dept. 56 #5404-6 Gothic Farmhouse, #5446-1 Dairy Barn, #5962-5 Cathedral and #5973-0 Ritz Hotel/OBs
Lot: 323Lionel/Bachmann #2202 Lionel Electric Train Shop and Village Street Car Set/OB
Lot: 324Lionel #1100 Happy Huff n Puff Train Set, #YB211D Tumbling Loco Set, 3D Puzzle and 3 Military Kits/OBs
Lot: 32525 Assorted Dept. 56 Accessories/OBs
Lot: 326International Hobbies Corp 1:45 Scale #001 2 Stall Engine House/OB
Lot: 327Lionel HO #0500 C&NW FM Unit/OB
Lot: 32828 Assorted Scale Lionel/Ertl/Others Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 32916 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 330Marklin Z Gauge: Mini-Club #8884 Engine and Tender and #8866 Engine/OBs
Lot: 331Marklin Z Gauge: #8201/#8210 Mini-Club Freight Car Sets/OBs
Lot: 332Bachmann G Gauge: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Golden Classic Train Set/OB
Lot: 333Enesco/Lionel/Aristo Craft Large/#1/G Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 334Bachmann G Gauge: #93938/97205/97206/98371/97171 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 335Rokuhan/Plastruct Z Gauge: 25 Assorted Track, Accessories and Controller/OBs
Lot: 33612 Assorted MAD Magazines
Lot: 337Bachmann/New Bright G Gauge: 2 Engines and Tenders and 9 Assorted Cars
Lot: 33885 Assorted Trees and Landscaping Material
Lot: 33965 Assorted Trees/Pkgs
Lot: 340Bachmann G Gauge: Spectrum #762 Southern Shay Engine/OB
Lot: 341Bachmann/Echo Toys G Gauge: 2 Engines and Tenders, 5 Assorted Cars and Assorted Track/OB
Lot: 342Lemax/Dept. 56/Four Star #81012A/45117KM/35883M/56.06148/15974 Buildings and Mountain/OBs
Lot: 34318 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 34425 Assorted Trees and Lamp Post/Pkg
Lot: 345HO Gauge: 54 Assorted Engines, Cars and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 34643 Assorted 1:64/1:144/HO Scale Assorted Vehicles/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 3476 Assorted 1:72 Scale Military Figures/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 3489 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs/Pkg
Lot: 349HO Gauge: 80+ Assorted Circus Car Kits and Other Circus Accessories & Miscellaneous Items/OBs/Plastic Containers
Lot: 350Lemax/Holiday Time #45735/45052/59199/00955 Buildings and Ride/OBs
Lot: 351Original 1989 Circus Ring Master Cabbage Patch Doll w/original Cloths
Lot: 352Kato N Scale: #20-864-1 Inner Oval Set and #20-865-1 Outer Oval Set/OBs
Lot: 353Bachmann HO Gauge: 7 Assorted Trolleys
Lot: 35439 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 35517 Assorted Circus Banners
Lot: 356100+ Assorted 1:64 Scale/Smaller Vehicles
Lot: 35750+ Assorted Micro Miniatures/Others Circus Vehicles/Trailers and 16 #2014 Trucks
Lot: 358Bachmann ON30 Gauge: #27214 PRR Gondola, #26414 PRR Baggage Car, #27514 Stock Car and #27014 PRR Box Car/OBs
Lot: 35915 Assorted Lionel/Hallmark Holiday Ornaments/OBs
Lot: 360G/1 Gauge: #60076/39709 Sets and #ARI7106/1969/1969 Accessories/OBs
Lot: 3611000+ Assorted Books, Pins, Pictures and many Postcards
Lot: 362NyLint 24 Inch Sealed Power Trailer Truck
Lot: 3633 Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus Stuffed Elephants
Lot: 364Sealed Marx #4710 Castle of the Noble Knight Medieval Play Set/OB
Lot: 365LGB/Bachmann/Unknown G Gauge: #56 Colorado and Southern Passenger Car, Emmitt Kelly Jr. Circus Performers Car, #1063 NY, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Combo Car and #2 Caboose