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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box:
Lot: 1Mint MTH #20-3024-1 N&W Scale J Class Steam Engine and Tender w/Protosounds/OBMint OB
Lot: 2K-Line #K3685-2000 TCA 40th Anniversary GS-4 Engine and Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 320+ Assorted O Gauge/1:64/1:43 Scale Accessories/OPLike New Obs
Lot: 4K-Line/Lionel #8568 Preamble AA Units and 1990 Proctor & Gamble Train Set/OBsExc/LN 5 Obs
Lot: 5Mint Lionel #18053 Lionel Lines Century Anniversary Berkshire Engine & Tender/OBMintOB
Lot: 6Lionel #29430 Meadow River Lumber Skeleton Log Car Three-Pack #2/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 7MTH #20-2172-1 BNSF GE Dash-9 Diesel/OBLike New OB
Lot: 89 Lionel #52085/52062/52106/52143/52155/52191/5220/52250/52274 Assorted TCA Aluminum Passenger Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 9Mint MTH #30-1119-1 Southern Pacific Gs-4 Engine and Tender with Proto-sound/OBMint OB
Lot: 10Lionel #51000 The Hiawatha Passenger Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 11Lionel (5512/5517) Denver and Rio Grande #18221 SD-50 Engine and #18222 SD-5 Engine with Diesel Horn/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 1210 Assorted Engines, Tender and Freight Cars/OBs
Lot: 136 K-Line #K-44151 C&O Heavyweight Scale Passenger Set/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 14K-Line #6737A KCC Classic Ore Cars 2 Sets of 4/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 15Lionel #18314 (2332 Green) Century Club GG-1 Electric & Case/OBLike New OB
Lot: 16MTH #20-6518 Alaska 5-pack of Streamline Passenger Cars/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 1725 Assorted Lionel Containers and Diecast Metal Tractors/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 18Lionel TCA #1776 Bicentennial Passenger Set #2/OBLike newOb
Lot: 19Lionel #18582 (6250) Postwar Celebration Seaboard Diesel Switcher/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 206 Mint Williams Southern Pacific #STR72-13 4 Car Passenger Set, #STR72-13VD Vista Dome and #STR72-13C Coach/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 21Mint Lionel #52321 TCA Southern Pacific Trainmaster FM Locomotive/OBMint Ob
Lot: 22MTH #20-6514 Set of 5 N&W Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBLike NewObs
Lot: 2323 Assorted Lionel Burlington Northern Cars and Trailer Frames/BagsExcellent/LNSome Obs
Lot: 24Lionel #8406 NYC Die-Cast (783) Hudson W/ Tender/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 25Mint MTH #1604 C&O 2-6-6-6 Die Cast H-8 Steam Engine & Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 26Stoney Express #WTCA-1 Grizzly Flats/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 27Lionel/Williams #2351 Northern Pacific Engine, #7407 Engine, #8870 Amtrak RDC-1 Passenger Car, Burlington Northern Passenger Car and Frame/OB
Lot: 2810 K-Line #K691-1172A/K623-1011/K652-1011/K623-1251/K652-1251/K663-1011MC Assorted Car Sets/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 29MTH #MT-2107LP Electro Motive EMD SD-45 Diesel/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 30Lionel #18045 NYC Commodore Vanderbilt Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 31Mint Williams #2356 Southern F-3 AA Set/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 3215 Assorted Lionel Box Cars
Lot: 3325 Assorted 1:64 Scale Vehicles and Accessories/OBs15 Obs
Lot: 3410 Assorted Lionel Special/Club Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 35Mint MTH #MT-2128LP Alaska F-3 AA Diesel Setand #MT-2128LP EMD Non-power B-Unit Diesel/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 36Mint K-Line #K4471B New York Central 6 Car Passenger Set/OBsMintObs
Lot: 3713 Assorted Lionel Engines and Passenger Cars
Lot: 3815 Assorted Weaver Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 39Mint/Sealed Williams #2023Y Union Pacific Alco 0-27 AA Set, Luxury Lines #SRT-1464W 3 Car Set and #1464WAO 2 Car Add-On Set/OBsMint/SealedOBs
Lot: 40MTH #20-3024-1 N&W Scale J Class Steam Engine and Tender w/Protosounds/OBMint OB
Lot: 41Mint MTH #MT-2142LP EMD Demostrator GP-20 #5625 Diesel Engine with Proto-Sound/OBMintOb
Lot: 42Hallmark/Lionel #2333 New York Central F# AA Set with Display Case, 5 #746 Norfolk and Western Engines and Tenders with Track, #3356 Horse Car with Track and #726 Berkshire Display Case/OBsExcellent/BetterObs
Lot: 4310 Assorted MTH Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 44K-Line #K-3810-0913S Pennsylvania A5 Steam Switcher and Tender/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 45Lionel #8003 Chessie Special Berkshire & 6 Passenger Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 469 Assorted Lionel Accessories/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 4712 Assorted MTH Hoppers and Refrigerator Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 48MTH #MT-1105 N&W J Class Steam Engine & Tender /OBLike NewOb
Lot: 496 MTH #MT-6116 Santa Fe 60' Aluminum Sleeper/Diner Set and #MT-6016 Santa Fe Aluminum Passenger Car Set/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 50Lionel #18005 (700E) Scale NYC Hudson Engine & Tender/OB w/Case & Display Board/OBLike New OB
Lot: 51Mint Lionel #12948 Operating Bascule Bridge/OBMintOb
Lot: 52Mint MTH #RK-1113LP NYC Dreyfuss Hudson 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive & Tender with Proto-Sound/OBMintOB
Lot: 5315 MTH #RK-2503 Philadelphia Septa PCC Electric Street Car and 14 Assorted Cars/Accessories/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 54Lionel #8702 Southern Crescent Engine and Tender, #9530/9531/9534 Passenger Cars/OBsExcellent/LN 2 Obs
Lot: 55Lionel #32904 Hellgate Bridge/OBLike New OB
Lot: 56MTH #RK-1111LP Norfolk & Western 0-8-0 Switch Engine W/ Protosound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 577 MTH #20-6514 Norfolk and Western 5 Car Passenger Set and #20-6614 Sleeper/Diner Set/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 58Mint Lionel #18068 Century Club Auxiliary Pennsylvania Steam Turbine Tender/OBMintOb
Lot: 59Stoney Express #A004 Astoria Gap Freight Station/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 60MTH #20-5504-1 PA GG-1 Scale Green Five Stripe Electric Engine/OBLike New OB
Lot: 61Mint MTH #MT-2119LP EMD Demo SD-60 Diesel w/Protosounds/OBMintOb
Lot: 62MTH #RK-1109 Nickel Plate Road Berkshire 2-8-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 63Mint/Sealed Lionel #18178 (2333) Century Club New York Central F3-B Unit/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 64K-Line #K3388-2488IC Southern Pacific Semi-Scale Die-Cast Steam Engine & Vanderbilt Tender/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 65MTH #MT-2151LP Santa Fe EMD F-3 AA Diesel Set and #MT-2151B Santa Fe F-3 Diesel B-Unit/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 66K-Line #K2780-49121C KCC Exclusive PRR GG-1 Electric Locomotive/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 67K-Line #K2499-0053CC Virginian Blue & Yellow FM Command Control Trainmaster #53/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 68MTH #MT-2132LP Electric Motive Demo EMD BL-2 Diesel/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 69Lionel/Williams/MTH #NW-200 B&O NW-2 Switcher Locomotive & 8 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New/BetterOBs
Lot: 70Mint Lionel #18135 NYC F-3 AA Units and Display Case/OBMint OB
Lot: 71Mint MTH #20-3037 Southern Pacific GS-4 Daylight Auxiliary Water Tender/OBMintOb
Lot: 72 K-Line #K3380-3768IC PRR Torpedo Semi-Scale Die-Cast Streamlined Pacific Steam Engine & Die-Cast Tender/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 73Mint/Sealed Williams #1520W Texas Special Passenger Set/OBsMintObs
Lot: 74K-Line #2780-1776A PRR Patriotic GG-1 & NSC Caboose/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 75Mint/Sealed Lionel #18058 NYC 773 Hudson Steam Engine & Tender W/ Display Case/OBMint/Sealed OB
Lot: 76MTH #30-2172-1 TCA Alco ABA Units w/Protosounds/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 77Mint K-Line #K-2733-5018HC Great Northern EP-5 Electric Engine w/Digital Sound/Cruise Control/OBMintOB
Lot: 78MTH #30-2203-1 Galloping Goose and #30-2188-0 NASA SW-1500 Switcher/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 79Lionel #9278 Life Saver Tank Car and #9324 Tootsie Roll Tank Car/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 80Mint MTH #MT-2124LP Union Pacific Gas Turbine 3 Piece Engine Set with Protosound/OBMint OB
Lot: 81Lionel #18178 Century Club NYC F-3 B Unit/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 82Lionel #18840/8071/8160 Army/Burger King/Virginian Assorted Engines/OBsLike NewObs (7)
Lot: 8312 Assorted Weaver Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs (7)
Lot: 8413 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs (7)
Lot: 85Mint Lionel #18314 (2332 Green) Century Club GG-1 Electric & Case/OBMintOB
Lot: 86Mint MTH #20-90003 Pennsylvania 6 Car Freight Set and #20-90007 Burlington Northern Merger Series Set/OBsMintOBs (7)
Lot: 878 Assorted MTH Tank Cars/OBsLike NewObs (7)
Lot: 8812 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBs (Pittsburgh)Like NewObs
Lot: 898 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 90Mint/Sealed Lionel #18135 NYC F-3 AA Units and Display Case/OBMint OB
Lot: 91Mint/Sealed Lionel #18068 Century Club Auxiliary Pennsylvania Steam Turbine Tender/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 92Stoney Express #NTTM961 Ceramic Toy Train Museum/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 93Mint MTH #30-9119 Log Loader #787, #30-90026 Grainery Building and 2 #30-11039 Floodlight Tower Sets/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 94Lionel #18307 PA FM Trainmaster Engine/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 95Mint/Sealed Lionel #18053 726 Berkshire Century Club Engine & Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 9613 Assorted MTH Freight Cars and Lighted Billboard/OBs (Pittsburgh)Like NewObs
Lot: 97MTH #33-1016-1 Great Northern 2-8-0 Engine and Tender with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 9812 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBs (Pittsburgh)Like NewObs
Lot: 99Lionel Pennsylvania Green #8970 F3 AA Set and #8164 B Unit with Horn/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 100MTH #20-3032-1 Nickel Plate Road (765) Scale Berkshire Steam Engine and Tender w/Proto-Sound/OBLike New OB
Lot: 101Lionel #1070 Chessie Royal Limited Freight Set/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 102MTH #20-2186-1 Chessie EMD GP38-2 (3874) Diesel Engine with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 103MTH #30-2149-1 Pennsylvania SW-9 Diesel Switcher with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 104MTH #30-2954-1 Pennsylvania Aerotrain Diesel Passenger Set with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 105K-Line/MTH 4 Assorted Passenger and 13 Assorted Circus Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 106MTH #30-1129-1 UP Big Boy Steam Engine & Tender with Protosound/OBExcellent/LN OB
Lot: 107Lionel #11713 Santa Fe Limited Diesel Freight Set/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 108Mint MTH #40-1058 2 Track Steel Arch Bridge, 2 #40-1014 Girder Bridges and 2 #40-1034 8 Piece Elevate Trestle Systems/OBsMintObs
Lot: 10912 Assorted Lionel Freight Cars and Girder Bridge/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 110Mint MTH #20-3023-1 W.VP.&P. Shay Steam Engine and Tender with Protosound/OBMintOb
Lot: 1118 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 112MTH #20-90002 Nickel Plate Road 6 Car Freight Set/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 11322 Pieces of MTH Straight Fast TrackLike NewNone
Lot: 114Mint MTH #30-9040 Greyhound Station/OBMint OB
Lot: 115Lionel #1070 Chessie Royal Limited Freight Set/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 116Atlas Incomplete #6062 Full Curve Track (missing sixteen), 2 Straight Pieces and #6052 Straight Section/OB/Blister PackLike New OB
Lot: 117MTH #30-9110 Operating Transfer Dock, #30-9027 Oil Derrick and #30-9122 Saw Mill/OBsLike New OB
Lot: 118Mint MTH #20-93154 TCA York 2002 Box Car/OBMint OB
Lot: 11910 Assorted MTH Freight Cars and Jordan Spreader/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 120Mint/Sealed Lionel #18057 Pennsylvania 671 Century Club Turbine & Glass Case/Track/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 1219 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 122Stoney Expres #NTTM961 The National Toy Train Museum/OBLike New Minus OB
Lot: 12367 Pieces of MTH Straight/Curved Fast TrackLike new None
Lot: 12410 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 125Lionel #18058 NYC 773 Hudson Steam Engine & Tender W/ Display Case/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 126Mint/Sealed Lionel #1585 75th Anniversary Special Set/OBsMint Obs
Lot: 12712 Assorted MTH Buses, Cars and Accessories/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 12810 Assorted MTH Freight Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 129Lionel #1463 Coke Switcher Freight Set/OB Like New Ob
Lot: 130Lionel #18045 NYC Commodore Vanderbilt Engine & Tender/OBLike NewObs
Lot: 13110 Assorted Lionel/K-Line Freight Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 13221 K-Line #K-2252IC KCC MP-15 Engine, #K-2625-031 KCC Motorized Hand Car (Missing Trailer) and 19 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 13313 Assorted Lionel TCA/Club Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 134K-Line #K4688-2015IC SP TTOS Business Car and 8 Assorted Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 135K-Line #K2515-8012 C&O AA Units, #8506 C&O B Unit and 5 Assorted C&O Cars/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 1362 Mint Lionel #14083 Pedestrian Walkovers/OBsMint Obs
Lot: 137Mint MTH #20-6618 Alaska Diner/Sleeper Combo/OBMint OB
Lot: 13820 Assorted Lionel Toy Fair Box Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 13914 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 140MTH #20-3038-1 Pennsylvania 4-4-2 Atlantic Die-Cast Steam Locomotive W/ Protosound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 1415 Mint/Sealed IHC 1:48 Scale #300-14/15/16/17/18 Store Front Building Kits/OBsMint Obs
Lot: 142Lionel 3 #PH-1 Trainmaster Power House Supply and 5 #12914 Switch and Accessory Controllers/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 14318 Assorted Lionel Accessories/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 1446 Assorted Special Lionel Toy Fair/Seasons Greetings/Color Samples early 1970s Freight Cars/OBsLike New Some Obs
Lot: 14616 Assorted Lionel Special Freight Cars/OBs (inc. #5712 Lionel TOC Reefer)Like New Obs
Lot: 14712 Assorted Lionel Toy Fair Cars/OBs (1970s & early 1980s)Like New 11 Obs
Lot: 14814 Assorted Lionel Special Club Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 1499 Assorted K-Line Cars and Accessories/OBsLike New/Better~ Obs
Lot: 150Lionel #18057 Pennsylvania 671 Century Club Turbine/OB & Case/Display BoardLike New OB
Lot: 151Lionel #7807 1977 Toy Fair Box Car and #7704 1976 Toy Fair Box Car/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 152Lionel #9527/9528/9529 Presidential Campaign Cars and 15 Assorted Cars/OBsExcellent/LN 15 Obs
Lot: 1536 Assorted Lionel Cars from B&A Set/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 15419 Assorted K-Line KCC/PRR/Amtrak Passenger Cars and Sets/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 1568 K-Line #K-229107/K676-1251A/K623-1491A Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 157#7185 Genoa 4-4-0 Engine and Tender and 12 Assorted Cars and Accessories/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 158MTH #30-6170/30-6166 PA Aerotrain Coach Cars/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 1599 #RMT-4301/RMT-4302 Pitt & Lake Erie Complete Power Diesels, 6 Assorted Cars and Oil Pump/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 161Lionel #18212 SF Dash 8 40-B Diesel Engine, 2 Cars, 2 Trailer Truck and Trailers and Control Tower/OBsLike New Obs
Lot: 162Atlas #6058 Straight Track and 13 Additional pieces of Track/OBLike New OB
Lot: 163Williams #U209H/U33C Units and #1520 AO Texas Special 2-Car Add-On/OBs
Lot: 170LGB G Gauge: #2028D DSP & PRR Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 175LGB G Scale: #21872 Pennsylvania Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 180USA Trains G Gauge: #R22251 F3 EMD AB Set/OB
Lot: 190LGB G Gauge: #20192 Colorado and Southern Engine and Tender/OB
Lot: 200Aster G Gauge: #00264 Live Steam Denver & Rio Grande K-28 Engine & Tender/Wooden Case
Lot: 210USA Trains G Gauge: #R22251 Baltimore and Ohio F3 EMD AB Set/OB
Lot: 220LGB G Gauge: New York Central 2 #21570 AA Units and #21582 B Unit/OBs
Lot: 225USA Trains G Gauge: #R20042 Union Pacific Big Boy Engine and Tender with Wooden Cases/OBs
Lot: 2504 USA Trains 1:29 Gauge: #R310401/R310402/R31043/R31046 Assorted B&O Passenger Cars/OBs